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How you relate for the full removing automatic turrets?

Positive. It's realistic. Fight with killboxes continues.
Negative. Make a button to kill all enemies in one click.


At first would like to thank the creator of the game and all modders whose mods i used.

The idea to create this project, appeared after using other modpacks, in which I didn't like a game balance. Some of its mods greatly simplify the gameplay, making it soon not interesting.
The main idea of the Rimworld to overcome difficulties that you'll encounter when landing on the planet... The more problems you will have, the more interesting it will be your story... You have a goal, a heavy goal - to survive. It make Rimworld worth replaying again and again...

Main focus based on the growing complexity of the gameplay. Trying to achieve greater..Maximally immerse the player into gameplay and stay there for a long time. More than 100 research are waiting. When you start playing, you immediately understand everything... Campfire welcomes you.

Join us! Our discord channel:  https://discord.gg/FMPRSKr

Hardcore SK  can be loaded with only 4 activated mods after CORE (minimal comfortable start), in the following order:
Core, Hugslib, AlienRaces, Combat Extended, Core_SK, ResearchPal

All other mods may be removed, but some of them require other, like Misc. mods require Misc. core.
It makes easy to update project and improved opportunities for players to switch off available mods.

User guide for correct install.
1. Delete or transfer to another place all mods in Rimworld mods folder, except main "Core".
2. Go to: 
For Windows users:
C:\Users\your user name\AppData\LocalLow\Ludeon Studios\RimWorld\Config
windows button + R -> the Run dialog will appear
type %APPDATA%\..\LocalLow -> this will open the appdata folder
For Linux users:
/home/your user name/.config/unity3d/Ludeon Studios/RimWorld/Config
For Mac users:
/Users/your user name/Library/Application Support/RimWorld/Config
Delete all the files that exist in that folder.
And copy new "ModsConfig.xml", which at the root of the archive modpack.
3. Copy other mods into Rimworld Mods directory.
4. Check mods in the game. Play!

Our team:
Co-ordinator - Rhyssia
Artists - Abhay, Qwe, EtherDreamer, Arai, Owlchemist
Coders - NotFood, FelGoblin
XMLs modders - Sidfu, Owlchemist, Freijie
Guide Writers - Murdantiks, Adenia, Soyaman
Translators - Rey, Ivanzyfer, FaHT1k, mora145, totobrother

Special Thanks to:
SpoonShortage, Mrofa, Fluffy, Zhentar, Brrainz, Dubwise, Erdelf, Fotos, Greeny, Hunt3rKill3r, Lambert2191, Vursteen, Tuvia, Dunkhan, jnkyacc,  Jalordon, Varmonger, funs777, olizit, Quelling, pongvin, zachary-foster, funs777, lex1975, evgeny-k, Moon.
And to anyone else we might have missed!

If you would like to show your support for the original work and content provided by the SK Project Team you can find our Patreon at the following LINK. We would like to stress that this Patreon is only for our efforts and contributions and is no way affiliated with the Mods or Mod Authors used in our pack. We thank you for your consideration in supporting our work.

Any use of the code or textures in this pack requires the permission of the respective mod creators. Project contains SK team works, before using any of submitted сontent, please request and I'll tell you the author of the mod or any other content.

With best regards,

Download latest version on Github!
Here you can find always the latest version. Currently: 7.0, Code name: Sunrise for 1.0.

Download all versions from Nexusmods

Previous versions:

Hardcore SK A17 v.6: Endevour Final Release (21.12.17)

Hardcore SK A16 v.5.1: Jewel Final Release (07.06.17)



Mod consists:
Core_SK - this is the main project core, which consists of:
- SK Mods (A lot of new features, textures and retextures specially for Hardcore SK.) by SK team
- Jabbamonkey's Graphic Overhaul (Graphic replacements for many items in RimWorld.) by Jabbamonkey
- Floor Lights (Adds Lights lamps that are integraded into the ground.) by Temeez
- Better Tribals (adds new hats.) by The13thRonin
- Animu Hair (Adds new hair animestyle) by Shinzy
- MoreFloors from T's Mods (Adds overhauled stone and wooden floor textures) by Telkir
- USCM (Introduces new weapons and armors.) by Hiztaar
- Vegetable Garden (Adds various fruits, vegetables, and plants.) by dismar
- Neuffs Texture Pack (Adds new textures) by neuffs
- Rimbeast (Adds new faction and raptor) by rooki1
- Cats! (Adds some domestic cats.) by Fluffy
- High Caliber (Adds some new amazing weapons.) by eatKenny
- AllowTool (Now you can claim all those raid goodies with one swipe of your mouse.) by UnlimitedHugs
- BlastDoors (Adds Fallout style blast door.) by beany_for_ever
- TTM Custom Events (Reworked & updated from A7.) by Minami26
- RIM WARS (Adds phase set) by damibonf
- Advanced Power Armor (Adds retexture for PA from Fallout series.) by van_tarkin
- VeinMiner (Nice helper to mine veins) by JuliaEllie
- New animals  by A Friend
- Ish's Medieval Mods (Added some medieval Defenses) by IshOfTheWoods
- Silage (Add a meal for your animals.) by Loki88
- Hydroponic room (Allows you to modify the grown plant of all hydroponic basins of a same room with one button.) by Rikiki
- Realistic Gun Sounds (Adds more realistic sounds to most of the vanilla guns) by eatKenny
- Wild Rim (Adds bandit mask) by Kyos
- Powerless! (Adds small features for a starting colony, or one without power.) by cuproPanda
- Extra Floors (Adds a variety of floors. Some are free, some require stone, and some require metal.) by cuproPanda
- Quarry (Adds a quarry for collecting resources in flat terrain..) by cuproPanda
- Xeva's Hair (Adds several very nice hair styles) by Orion
- Area Rugs (adds different area rug models to the game.) by Fisty
- Rimsenal_Feral (adds new faction to the game.) by Rooki
- HaulPriority (adds two designators that allow players to have acute control over the order in which things are hauled.) by Renzo471
- DE Surgeries (Adds new surgeries.) by DarknessEyes
- Adaptation Refusal (Adds some new slug armors.) by milon
- More Furniture (Adds more furniture that fits the style of the game.) by Anonemous2
- More Traits (Adds some new traits.) by TheFlameTouched
- End Table with Lamp (Add nice table with lamp.) by TLHeart
- Storage Search (Adds search UI mod for storage.) by meonester
- AdditionalJoyObjects (Adds new objects and activities that bring joy to colonists.) by cuproPanda
- Apparello (Adds a huge amount of new awesome clothes.) by Shinzy
- Factions (Adds a new faction, the Norbals into the game and some new apparel) by Shinzy
- EPOE (Expanded Prosthetics and Organ Engineering gives you the ability to craft your own prostheses and artificial organs.) by Ykara
- Fish Industry (Adds a aquaponics.) by Rikiki
- Caveworld Flora (In the caves are now growing mushrooms. Added new recipes for cooking food with mushrooms, as well as the ability to make a tincture on mushrooms!) by Rikiki
- M&Co Mining helmet (Adds helmets with a light!) by Rikiki
- Dermal Regenerator (Add a machine that allows the fixing of scars.) by skullywag

All the project heavily modified + consists of a large number of patches to other mods for the perfect working them together and some of my own mods.
Full game rebalance, new features, chains of production, all waiting for you here.

Other mods:
- Community Core Library (included some part of  CCL) by 1000101
- Edb Prepare Carefully (Customize your RimWorld colonists.) by EdB
- Miscellaneous (Modified. Collection of small mostly independend items of various kinds.) by Haplo
- Hospitality (Allows your colonists to convince visitors to join your faction!) by Orion
- RT Fusebox from RT Mods (Mod provides assorted ways to prevent certain negative events.) by Ratys
- PowerSwitch (Expands the available power switch with a few automatic functions.) by Haplo
- Infused (Adds ability to enchant weapon & apparel.) by notfood
- MedicalInfo (Adds medicine GUI.) by Fluffy
- DoorMat from Latta's small mods (A collection of door mats to prevent dust.) by Latta
- Enhanced Tabs (Adds new  UI tabs.) by Fluffy
- Numbers! (Adds customizable overview stat tab.) by koisama
- Colony manager (Adds manager tab.) by Fluffy
- Miscellaneous -TrainingFacility (Adds new training devices for colonists.) by Haplo
- Fluffy Relations (Replaces factions tab with an overview of colony and faction relations.) by Fluffy (l2032)
- Fluffy Breakdowns (Replaces random breakdowns with an actual game mechanic.) by Fluffy (l2032)


New in Hell Effect A14e
- ExtendedMedicine (Adds awesome medical table tex.) by skullywag
- Area Unlocker (Removes arbitrary area limit.) by Fluffy
- RT Quantum Storage (Adds new upgradeable storage solutions based around the concept of "quantum stockpiles".) by Ratys
- Clutter Furniture (Adds some new stuff and amazing graphics.) by mrofa
- Clutter Structure (Add new structure's.) by mrofa
- Orassans (Add new kitty race.) by Diana Winters
- Clutter Misc Hands (Add hands graphics.) by mrofa
- Zoom to mouse (When you zoom in, the map centers towards the mouse..) by Fluffy
- Follow me (Gives the camera tracking capabilities) by Fluffy
- Toxic protection suit (Gives ABC-Suit capabilities to protect toxin & radiation) by Chaia
- Metro Armory, Ushanka! (Adds some of nice apparel) by Dark_Inquisitor
- Rimworld Ascension (Used some of arts, new features. With personal permission.) by Wivex
- MELTDOWN (Adds new mental breaks to the game and tweaks the Berserk trait.) by twoski
- medicaddons (Advance medical care) by sulusdacor
- bridges (Adds terraforming and bridges) by sulusdacor
- Blackgold (Used some of ideas of WIP mod.) by lost_RD
- Enlighten (Adds dark & light throughs.) by Notfood
- Asaris of the Rimworlds (Add one of the most loved alien races from the Mass Effect Universe.) by iWilliBlecha
- Spoons Hair Mod (Additional hairstyles for your pawns.) by spoonshortage
- Medieval Times (Additions to medieval content.) by Vindar
- Trading Spot (Add trade spot to trader caravans.) by theubie
- Animal pack (Add some new animals) by Coercion
- Enhanced Crafting (Allows you to make crafting bills that pause themselves once they're complete) by AlcoholV
- MasterDihtung's Archaic Weaponry (Using some of weapon textures.) by MasterDihtung
- JTCopyBills (Add opp. to copy bills from production tables.) by Jamestec
- Skynet SK (adds new type mechs.) by skyarkhangel
- RIMkea (Add new furniture, art stuff.) by spoonshortage
- Medieval Asian Weapons (Using some of awesome textures.) by eatKenny
- Primitive Floors (Add new starting floors.) by Hydromancerx
- Tiny Table (Add beatiful tea table.) by AlcoholV
- Hunting Alert (Gives you a warning when an animal is hunting a member of your colony.) by Britnoth
- New Zone Tools (Rich zone tool is now uniform grow tool. Selects a grow zone in an area matching the fertility of the initially selected tile.) by Britnoth
- Auto Flick Designation Sun Lamps (Adds an "Auto Flick" option to Sun Lamps and Switches.) by Zhentar
- Time-of-Day Switches (Enables power switches to be configured to be on or off.) by merthsoft
- Animal Hoods (Adds 2 animal hats) by Diana Winters
- Mechanoid terraformer (Adds mech event) by Rikiki
- Isekawa's Moe Gears (Adds some of stuff...) by duduluu
- Humanoid Alien Races (Enable humanoid alien races with unique graphics.) by erdelf

New in Jewel A16a
- Set-Up Camp (Adds ability to establish a temporary camp.) by Nandonalt
- Moody (A colonist mood dashboard.) by GiantSpaceHamster
- Rim Disorders (Adds mental illness.) by Several Puffins
- Pests! (Replaces the vamilla "Blight" event with a new "Pests!" event.) by Nandonalt
- Camping Stuff (Adds deplyable tents.) by Nandonalt
- Cooks can refuel (Allows cooks to refuel any fuel-powered food production workstation.) by Dingo
- Hand me that brick (Colonists assigned to Hauling will deliver resources to blueprints & construction frames.) by Dingo
- Trading Outpost (Adds a new dogbreed, the German Shepherd.) by forestfey
- Taiga Creatures (Adds new animals for cold biomes.) by Thirite
- MeerkatMod (Adds meerkats to the game..) by apk
- Temperature Gauge (Adds a simple buildable thermometer that displays the current ambient temperature and can be configured to provide temperature based alerts.) by Aeryl
- Fantasy Animals (Adds some awesome fantasy animals.) by Tammabanana
- Conduit Deconstruct (Allows you remove conduits) by TheWireLord
- Immersive Human Sounds (Adds pain and death sounds to human pawns.) by Ricky
- Rimkit (Adds medkit accessory which allows the wearer to treat their own injuries) by dubwise56
- Caravan Spot (Add spot like the party sport where caravans will form..) by Hatti
- ColonistBar (Advance colonist bar UI) by KillFace
- Dubs Bad Hygiene (Adds a sewage system, toilets, showers, wash basins. And hygiene related needs and moods) by dubwise56
- Minimap (Adds minimap) by maurojunior2011
- Colony Leadership and Teaching (Add leaders and teaching to RimWorld. ) by Nandonalt
- A Dog Said (Add Animal Surgery) by spoonshortage
- RuntimeGC In-Game Cleaner (A magic game optimization mod) by user19990313
- SeedsPlease! (Adds gameplay surrounding planting crops.  For most of the basic crops, you now need seeds) by notfood

New in Endevour A17b
- Combat Extended (Makes game's combat more realistic and more tactical and engaging.) updated by NoImageAvailable
- Mending (Allows you to completely repair the durability of weapons, clothes and armor..) by notfood
- ResearchPal and HelpTab (Alternative Research Tab and Help system) by notfood
- AntiAutoUnload-Keeps your inventory! (Disable some annoying features in vanilla game.) by user19990313
- Pawns Are Capable! (No more disabled work!) by Rimrue
- Rainbeau's Fertile Fields (A terraforming mod that lets you fertilize and plow your soil, create farmland.) by dburgdorf
- Universal Fermenter (It behaves like a vanilla fermenting barrel but with customizable properties such as an input resource, output resouce, temperature ranges and fermentation speed.) by Kubouch
- Industrial Rollers (Setup automated rollers to transfer items to stockpiles and free hauler's time.) by historic_os
- Mod Medicine Patch (A patch to enable modded medicine options in the pawn health tab.) by Antaios
- Diseases overhauled (Overhaul of all existing diseases and adding new ones.) by PhileasFogg
- Arachnophobia (Adds spiders to RimWorld.) by jecrell
- Death Rattle (Makes it so that people will no longer instantly die when their vital capacities reach zero.) by Linq
- Lightning Rod (Adds a lightning rod that can attract lightning strikes to its pole using an ion beam emitter.) by Spdskatr
- Notifications Archiver (Adds the "Archive" tab. Logs notifications and lets you re-open them at will.) by Dingo
- Prison Labor (Expands the use of prisoners.) by Avius
- More Planning (A new option in the "Architect" menu, called "Planning", with more options for planning.) by rhaks
- More Sculpture (Changes vanilla statues and add some new.) by Bichang
- Tech Advancing (Advances the Techlevel of your Colony. Once certain conditions (mentioned below) are fulfilled, your Techlevel gets improved.) by GHXX
- Better Workbench Management (Improves the workbench interface to help fine tune and reduce micromanagement of your production, with filters and copy/paste/link functionality.) by falconne

New in Sunrise B18
- Centralized Climate Control (Adds central air cooling/heating. Replaced RedistHeat.) updated by coldtoad
- Expanded Roofing (Adds customizable roofing, with transparent greenhouse roofing and photovoltaic solar roofing.) updated by The Salad Spinner of Woe
- Holy washer (Adds washer which removes worn by corpse effect from any clothes.) by sma342
- ExtendedInspectData (Adds some basic information to the inspect window for the current selected item or zone.) by Varisha
- Mass Graves (adds a new structure buildable through the Misc menu.) by NoImageAvailable
- Reverse Commands (Reverses the context menu in RimWorld so that you can select something to interact with first, followed by selecting the action and the colonist that should execute that action.) by pardeike
- Damage Indicators (Throws a mote of the damage taken.) by Spdskatr
- Animal Range Attack (Unlocks range attack for animals.) by BrokenValkyrie
- Rumours & Deception (Adds new traits, interactions, events.) by Several Puffins
- Archipelagos (Adds archipelago (island chain) biomes to the world map.) by dburgdorf
- Snap Out (Calm down your mental break pawns.) by Neonspec
- My Little Planet (Enable generating smaller worlds.) by Oblitus
- Architect Icons (Adds visual cues to the Arrchitect Tab.) by marcin212
- Nature's Pretty Sweet (Special HSK version.) by tkkntkkn
- SeasonalWeather (Extends weather to change based on season. Special HSK version.) by The Salad Spinner of Woe!!
- StackMerger (Tidy up your stockpiles.) by Fluffy
- Inspiration (Make colonists skills level up a bit faster by giving them moments of inspiration.) by Nitrodev
- GM's Winter Hats (Added some cute hats.) by Gerrymon
- Military Kit (Using some military apparel.) by Chicken Plucker
- Facial Stuff (Mod aims to provide more visual individuality for your colonists.) by Killface
- AlienFaces (Adds support for the Humanoid Alien Framework by erdelf to Facial Stuff.) by Killface
- dianne's defaults (Graphic replacement for facial stuff.) by diannetea
- Camera+ (Allows you to zoom into the game closer.) by Brrainz
- dianne's Weapons (Graphic replacement for weapons.) by diannetea
- Kantai Collection (Add hairstyles.) by 史莱姆派
- Locks (Adds new locking door system.) by Avius
- Tend Wherever (Allows medical experts to tend to colonists without beds.) by AgentBlac
- Hyena! (Adds a cute hyena to some biomes) by Blackie
- Just Ignore Me Passing (Makes that construction isn't any longer interrupted by pawns passing through the blueprint/unfinished thing that is under construction.) by Brrainz
- Share The Load (Multiple people can deliver resources to a blueprint now.) by Uuugggg
- dianne's defaults - Animals (Animal default replacements. Colors and textures have variation.) by diannetea
- Dismiss Trader (Get rid of loitering traders that have overstayed their welcome with the click of a button.) by Mehni
- Cold Desert Nights (Provides a way to configure the temperature difference between day and night for each biome.) by Taryn Winterblade
- Rimworld Search Agency (Allows to search by name in various filters.) by KillFace & DoctorVanGogh

New in 1.0
- RPG Style Inventory (Fully adapted to CE version.) by Ashen & Sandy
- Recipe icons (Adds icons for the "Add bill" menu.) by AUTOMATIC
- While You're Up (Adds opportunistic hauling to pawns at the start of a job.) by kevlou
- Where is my weapon? (Pawns re-equip the weapon that equiped before downed when recovering from downed.) by tammybee
- Real Ruins (Generates ruins on your map.) by MR. TETEREW
- Hunt for Me (Add hunting training to tamed animals.) by aRandomKiwi
- Realistic Planets (Allows to create a wider variety of planets.) by Rainbeau Flambe
- Androids (Add a race of humanlike robots.) by ChJees
- ZiTools (Ads various tools, to search things on the map.) by MaxZiCode
- The Drow Race (Using some of data and texture for Dova race.) by Big Great Otto
- [SYR] Terrain (Using some of  terrain textures.) by Syrchalis


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Rimworld Hardcore SK presented by Rey & skyarkhangel.

Trouble starting

Q. When i load savegame, i have a black screen or multicolored flashing menu.
А1. Try before load game change language. There is a bug in A11 version.
A2. You casually turn on or off any mod. Check the mods with which you start the game with this savegame.
A3. Possibly damaged files, it happens when computer  shut down not properly. Don't be afraid to reinstall rimworld and modpack. For saves, no matter where game located, no matter removed the game or reinstall. Saves need that version of the rimworld and that mods that you first start playing!

Q. Can I install modpack over old version?
А. NEVER reinstall mod pack over previous version! You hear me?! NEVER. You must  DELETE all from Mods folder except Core folder,  then pack off new version of HС SK with rewrite of Core folder, after – repack ModsConfig to ....\AppData\LocalLow\Ludeon Studios\RimWorld\Config.

And after you run RimWorld – you MUST check your mods queue, add CrashLanding, if you need it, then CREATE NEW WORLD, and then CREATE NEW SETTLE! Every new version requires this steps. You must understand, that with new version of modpack you must start new colony – no old saves and worlds.

Q.  If i run savegame from old version modpack, will this break my save?
А. When i made new version, this means that automatically old version savegames not compatible. If i made a,b,c subversion - this means - savegame compatible to "A" version. But sometimes there are exceptions, because A11 compared with A10 less stable to changes.


Q. How to choose different material for buildings?
A. Right click on icon with building in menu and choose suitable.

Q.  Can't choose materials for buildings.
A.  So you have no needed materials for this building- you need right amount of them in your storage.

Q.  I have walls from logs, but no from planks.
A. Choose another icon in build menu and right click on it for materials selecting, cause wall from logs have own icon.

Q.  My building vanishing after construction.
A. Just try reinstall game and modpack (with full clearing AppData and game folder!)

Q.  How can I use air conditioning system?  I have Industrial Cooler  in room, but it shows me only blue(cold) direction.. I can't figure out what Duct Opening I need to use and how.
A.  In coolers blue cell is target. Duct Openings allow you to withdraw hot air from cooler system, so you  need to build them close to your cooler from another side to blue cells in suitable directions. So after that you just need to select proper temperature in cooler.
Vents with two red cells allow you to equalize temperature between rooms.

Q.  How can I use Communication Relay?
A. In fact, the Communication Relay summons random events , such as arrival trader or attack . It stores energy to 10k and then sends a signal, though the signal cannot reach the destination, reflected by the atmosphere or by calling the "white noise".

Q.  Did you mess up with Plasma Reactors? It provides 1200W is despite the fact that a bunch of resources needs to be charged + long study. And the issue turns even less than one solar generator!
A. The beauty of the plasma generator in an infinite clock work and the development of useful and useless temperature (but in large quantities).

Q.  Nutrient paste dispenser eating resources, but does not produce a paste.
A. The dispenser gives out food only when colonist comes to get it , and it appears in the hands of the colonist.

Q.  Where can I find hoppers for soylent machines and dispensers? I can't put food direct in them, and there is no hoppers for food at all, just generator hopper only.
A. You can find it in Architect menu "Misc" named Hopper/Refrigerated Hopper (Hot key H).

Q.  Where can I find Comms Console? I have only Orbital Trade Beacon.
A. You need special research for it now. Called Advanced Communications in version 1.10 or higher.


Q.  Where can I produce plasteel bars?
A. You need to build Electric Smelter.

Q.  Where can I find mulch?
A. You need to build Composter, there you also can produce some seeds for crops if  there is some amount of fresh food (like seeds of coffee or potato)

Q.  Can't figure out where I can make some cloth from cotton...
A. There is Tailor's Loom in "Production", it's bigger than normal work bench – 2x3 cells.

Q.  Where can I make sulphates?
A. In Petrochemical Plant when refining crude oil.

Q.  What do I need to make some synthetic materials?
A.  Firs you need to build Drilling Rig, then Mine Extractor, choose there Crude Oil. Then you will need Petrochemical Plant. Search on Assembling Workbench what exact resources you need to produce in Plant for synthetic materials.

Q.  Where can I find synthread cloth?
A. On Tailor's Loom, you will need some cotton and syntetic fibres (v1.11).

Q. And what about synthetic materials?
A. On Assembling Workbench, where you also can produce some spare parts etc.

Q.  How can I recycle Aloe?
A. On Canningstove you can make some Herb Med Kit from it.

Q. And what about raw xergium? 
A.  On Medical Table – Herb medicine.

Q.  Where can I craft Vancidium?
A. In it's own building – Vancidium Refinery,  you need to research Construction lvl 4.

Q.  Where can I find weapon components?
A. You can earn them by smelting needless weapon on Weapon Crafting Workbench or by them from trader.


Q.  I have lots of corpses/cloth/weapons littering ground, what can I do?
A. 1. You can use Slate crematorium to burn down corpses and cloth, needed to research
2. Burn down all this stuff with Firegun/Molotov cocktails.
3. Human corpses can be refined in biomatter in Bio Refinery or in Organ Vat. Armor and weapons can be mend on Mending Table and sold to traders.

Q.  Colonists somehow began to take time off from work, most of the day meditating and praying diverted mainly for food and sleep. If forced to point out the matter, they do it and go back to meditating. Some may get stuck at work to exhaustion and did not produce anything.
A. 1. In the Overview, there is a function of the schedule in Restrictions tab, where you can set the time for sleep? work and time for lunch/rest.
2. Check equipping new guns on the colonists (such as RPG, minigun etc.), if there is any of them-unequipp.
3. Try several times to restart the last save.
4. Check the absence of the prisoners legs \ feet \ thighs and put the prosthesis. If everything is OK, try to disable interaction with them. If this does not help - free / kill them.

Q.  There is no seed drops from pants!
A. You must wait until they are fully grown and then harvest them.

Q.  How can I treat colonists Torso (scars, cuts, bites, etc.)?
A. The scars, cuts, bites can be treated with biomatter, if the spine is damaged it can be replaced.
You need to produce some biomatter in Organ Vat or by it from traders, then click colonist menu "Health"- "operation" and there should be able operations with the biomaterial .

Q.  Where can I find AI persona core?
A. You can buy it from a trader or drop at the destruction of shipwrecks (mechanoids event).

Q.  Why do I need AI persona core?
A. To create droids.

Q.  The guns fired through the embrasure?
A. Yes, if you have enough of the affected area of weapons.

Q.  How to understand what clothes need? Especially in hot bioms.
A. By the terms of the heat in armor description you need "+", then it will be better insulation, and cold "-". I.e. +6 on armor stat to +26 basic colonist stat, so our colonist now can handle +32 temperature without any dangerous effect. With cold – same.

Q.  How to force the colonists to carry weapons and armor of one quality on one storage, and other quality – on another?
A. Under the button "Remove all" and "Allow all" setting in the warehouse has 2 sliders. One adjusts the integrity and quality of the second.

Q.  What about the quality of weapons? How it works?
A. The quality of weapons does not affect the range and damage, but significantly affect the accuracy. For the colonists with a low shooting parameter is rather important aspect.

Q.  Maybe someone already gained experience, which weapon in what situations is better to use?
A. It depends on the type of defense:
1. If it is close range – than plasmagun or flamethrower
2. if you can stop the opponent in the pile away from the RPG itself (knocks on the area)
3. if you have a defense deep (60 meters to zero) the sense sniper rifles and close turrets.
4. If you love the farm (you have many settlers) then I would advise tactical rifle (you need to minimize the time to recharge)
5. Do not forget about the turrets and their use can also not bad on the defensive, and in the hands of the settlers just give things that do not slow down work time (still standing arms gives debuff on speed, but all kinds of chips such as chainsaws -no).

Q. Can I craft details of the weapons parts and heavy weapons, or I can just buy them from the traders?
A. You can get them at dismantling weapons in the tables and buying them from traders. When it comes to the boxes that unfold in the turrets, howitzers, etc., then they just bought, or they can be grabbed at sieges events. Their production is not possible.


hardcore modpak?

Challenge accepted


In 3-4 days a new version 1.2, in which a lot of new features. Some of them you have never seen before. I wrote a new mod "Chemical industry" with supplementing mod "industrialisation" +combined MD-Industry. There are about 10+ new resources.. and  it now works just ***ing awesome. Why so long? because it completely changes the entire economic system. Balancing...


Thank you!!!
I like this harder research tree. Textures and icons are ,also cool!
Keep up the good work!
I'm waiting the next update!  ;D
(Auto Switch research files are missing) No autodetect........


Quote from: pajok on May 13, 2015, 05:44:29 PM
Thank you!!!
I like this harder research tree. Textures and icons are ,also cool!
Keep up the good work!
I'm waiting the next update!  ;D
(Auto Switch research files are missing) No autodetect........

Thank you. They are not missing.. they are "dublicate", already fixed in future update.


I like they way you are going with this. :)

Keep it up!


love it but to have to pay to download it from a website kinda sucks couldnt you host it somewhere else to download?


I want to try it too as my own mod mix looks a lot like yours (but your is better as i haven't modified any files) but like Thelostmerc i don't  have/want a Nexus account. Is it possible to provide another link please (With skyarkhangel authorization ofc)?


Quote from: kaptain_kavern on May 14, 2015, 11:22:51 AM
I want to try it too as my own mod mix looks a lot like yours (but your is better as i haven't modified any files) but like Thelostmerc i don't  have/want a Nexus account. Is it possible to provide another link please (With skyarkhangel authorization ofc)?

Quote from: Thelostmerc on May 14, 2015, 09:06:26 AM
love it but to have to pay to download it from a website kinda sucks couldnt you host it somewhere else to download?

Add alternative link.



agree awsome :D now time to get sucked into rimworld again and restart my yt series :D make sure to give you a shout sky :D


90% of the mods in this pack i had anyway, but to know the are all compatible and have new elements to them make this pack one of the best i've played yet.
not too hard or easy.

great mod on my book. on par with TTM. keep up the good work.
you'll go places ;)