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Started by Tynan, October 09, 2013, 12:17:07 AM

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Adding Fishing ability to area with water to make a different food souce. Safer than Hunting. "minigun hunting accident"  ;) Also maybe the ability to move to different spots on the map or raid other AI colonies.


Urgent! Pls add mechanical vents to the game that colonists can go and open and close, that take no power to use to allow for temperature transfer, and make closed vents, walls and doors insulate and not transfer heat!


Let us store clothes and food on storage racks, I mean what kind of savage keeps their khakis and packed lunches on the floor?


just saw the thread about the clothing detioration system...

add two colonist traits:
careful - reduces deterioration rate on worn equipment
careless - increases deterioration rate on worn equipment

(btw. the trait list is quite large already. How about a fourth trait for the colonists?  ;) )


Barrels/crates/shelves that increase the maximum stack size of an item stored on/in them - help with clutter management.


Butchers human corpses Increase medical skill.


QuoteButchers human corpses Increase medical skill.

+1! :o


A few ideas:

  • "Charity" bonus as temporary mood booster after rescuing an outsider. For added effect, characters with psychopath/sociopath trait or are incapable of caring do not receive the bonus.
  • "Drenched" penalty as a temporary mood downer after being in the rain for too long.
  • "Attracted" bonus as a proximity mood booster based on a character's proximity with an "Attractive" character.
  • Ability to name an animal; alternatively, have a random event where a colonist names an animal within proximity.
  • Ability to name a weapon; alternatively, have a random event where a colonist names a weapon he is equipped with and as an added effect, gets a mood boost when using it.
  • Animal inside of cyro pod instead of a human.

On a different note, do we have a master list? I used the search function to try to find if my ideas have been suggested, but it's not exactly ideal and with over 100 pages to read, it's not exactly ideal for every new comer to be scrolling through all of it.


Swap the skill list and background/traits part when selecting a colonist, so the skill list is visible when the the overview is opened.


different icons for events. right now everything is either a blue, red or yellow mail icon.
Would love to see things like a trader in range, could be represented by an icon of a ship.
Items falling from space, could be indicated by an icon that looks like... things falling from space.

Basically the idea here is that I don't want to have to click on every icon to see what the event is. I would like to just quickly glance and see if the event requires my attention now or can it wait until later.


Bionic Eyes could reduce the aim penalties from Darkness.


Quote from: shade88 on January 30, 2015, 05:24:24 PM
Backpacks. We need backpacks. Not quite sure if this fits in as a cheap idea, but...
On a quick search this comes up a lot.
I would really like to see some sort of transportation capacity increase. It could be a backpack, trolly, or even a wheel barrow.


Quote from: Tynan on October 09, 2013, 12:17:07 AM
I love the ideas I see around here, but often they tend to be on the complex side. Often, assembling a lot of simple systems and letting them interact is better than designing a big complex system. I want to hear your ideas for full systems and modules, but I'd also really like to have the suggestion stream be balanced between big and small ideas.

So I'm making this thread to specifically ask: what ideas do you have for the game that are really cheap to implement? Ideally these are things I could do in less than half a day. Try to think of things that re-use already-existing systems with minor tweaks to create new variations.

Here are some examples:
Barbed wire: A building that slows down movement.
Molotov cocktails: Grenades that start fires.
Assassin: A raid from one super-powerful raider.
Weaponbuyer: A story event where a trader offers to buy all of your weapons for a high price.
Potatoeater: A muffalo gets a taste for human crops and starts eating them exclusively.

None of these, by themselves, will set the world on fire. But put into the simulation together, they can create new stories. And I can afford to do a lot of them. So, have at it! What are your cheapest ideas?

An idea is cheap if a developer could sit down today and have the feature finished in four hours or less.

If your idea is at all complicated or uses game systems or AI behaviors that are not already in the game, it is not cheap and should be posted elsewhere.
I think I have an idea. It would be bombers. It would be a bunch of raiders that would use balloons and drop bombs, more like mortars but a bit more precise. Only mortars could take them down. To make it fair, there would only be 1 or 2 people and you should make mortars have be like 10-20% more precise


I don't know how easy it would be but how about being able to adjust the size of the icons in the building menu.


refridgerator; Take the exsisting 1X2 weapon rack and mode it to hold two 10 stacks of food(defaults to finished meals, can be manualy set for raw food). Would require power to run and be too space inefficient to replace cooler based walk-in freezers for long term storage while allowing cooked meals to be stored near the eating table. This would allow more flexablity for any cook pawns and shorter trips for everyone to get food to eat.