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Started by Tynan, October 09, 2013, 12:17:07 AM

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Extending that last idea, I think closets and the like are great for everything. So you can have a linen closet, a weapon rack, a personal fridge. A way to improve a colonist's room and give it a reason for it to be big.

Although I'm not sure this is 'cheap', since probably it will require new behaviour for them to use all these. Correct me if I'm wrong, but currently the weapon racks have no actual use?

What probably is cheap is to add a burrow. Just like the home region, but you can tell the colonists to only stay inside the burrow during raids. This prevents micromanagement. In the long run this will make sure you can have a military and can 'forget' about the others during a fight.


I'd really like to see an option to aim at specific body parts when shooting, for example only at the legs so you can incapacitate raiders more easily.


Possibility to have weapons shot from pawns hands ala fallout 3 / vegas. Enemies would then need to pick it up, or if destroyed, resort to melee

Also make incapacitated / dead pawns a viable food source for meat eating animals, with each meal taking more and more health from the dying colonist / corpse till there's nothing. Could also resolve body issues since you could let distant corpses get picked clean till they turned to dust.
Why to people worry about following their heart? Its lodged in your chest, you won't accidentally leave it behind.


Its bad because reasons, and if you don't know the reasons, you are horrible. You cannot ask what the reasons are or else you doubt it. But the reasons are irrefutable. Logic.


It would be nice to have animal husbandry for some of the animals :D


Need for water

This might not be ultra cheap, but I think def worth it and not to system changing, yet very game-changing (does that make sense?)
- Add rain water catchers
- Add tanks with tabs connected with water pipes where they can have a drink
- For the start, add water packs for survival (like packed lunch)

- Bonus: This makes rainfall actually make a difference, now it's easy to ignore it.
- Later on pipes and water storage can be used for other systems, like showers or watering indoor plants or whatever.

- Events could include acid rain or something where you need to empty the tank out or have a filter installed...

- and various related mood effects.

4 Hours? don't think so, but not tooo expensive either as far as I know :-)


trait - Afraid of darkness
The character gets increased penalty from being in the dark, and IS bother by dark bedrooms. Maybe the fear should be higher for being outdoors in the dark ?("What was that noise ? Can someone check it out ?")
trait - Outdoorsman (is less bothered by sleeping / working outdoors and in the weather. Gets a mood penalty for being indoors.)


Harder Research
The first few things you want are usually pretty hard since the colony isn't yet established, and you don't have a good and/or full time researcher yet.  However, by the 4th or 5th tech usually I find research outstrips my need for the things researched, or my ability to construct them. With 5-7 Colonists, it's not too hard to devote somebody to research most of the time.
And finally all research topics are completed long before I have the resources or time to build the ship.

The following experiences are from playing 100% difficulty +/- one difficulty level.


Legendary quality weapons get a legendary looking texture



As soon as a disease pops up for the first time, you can research it via research table and after that is done, produce some kind of expensive vaccine  (maybe made out of a few herbal medicines and normal medicines). Once a colonist is vaccinated, they can no longer get infected with the disease.

P.S.: maybe this has been suggested before, I didn't read the entire thread :P


How about produce your own modern Weapons/armor which requires a second skillcheck. Like: First make (for exemple) Pistol-parts at the machine table (require crafting skill 5 and only steel) and then made the whole Weapon at the Smithing-table with a materia you like (for exemple:granite increase life and aiming time, wood reduce aiming time and health) or  Helmet-Part(s) at a Smithing-table and finish it at the Tailor-bench

The quality of the Product cannot be better then the first skillcheck but worsen (not much) ("normal" Pistol parts can become "shoddy" but not "good" and "masterpiece" not worser then "normal")

Not every modern weapon/armoe shall be produceable , only: Pistol( skill 5) ,Survival-Gun (skill 10), Assault (skill 15)  Helmet ( the normal one not kevlar or power armor skill 7) and Armor-Vest ( skill 12)


Snorring, more likely at old people. Causing lack of sleep ( making it take longer to rest fully ) if they sleep in same room.


 What if people who didn't have the cannibal trait got upset by wearing human leather clothes?


Forbidden Item stockpile... A zone where we can designate that things stored on it become automatically forbidden would be nice. That way I don't have to remember to forbid things once they get there, this would help me keep like human flesh from being eaten as it is added on a regular basis when butchered.


"snoring" trait sounds like a fun idea ! Worst offenders would need more than 1 tile of wall to isolate !

* Glutton trait. Eats twice as much, but can carry 50% more (steel, potatoes, stone blocks...)


I would like to suggest that people would be animated to crawl. I like the new change that makes it possible for people to build and walk over furniture such as the Research Bench, but when they build the floor they should be animated to go under the table but still a visible name