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Started by notfood, August 16, 2016, 01:39:39 AM

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Found that pawns don't receive XP for skill "growing", when "harvesting" plants, however, when they "cut" the plant, the experience added.


EDIT: In another matter, i am getting this error when harvesting haygrass:
Spawned thing with 0 stackCount: SeedHaygrass3245610
AlienRace.GenSpawnAlien:SpawnModded(Thing, IntVec3, Map, Rot4)
Verse.GenSpawn:Spawn(Thing, IntVec3, Map)
Verse.GenPlace:TryPlaceDirect(Thing, IntVec3, Map, Thing&, Action`2)
Verse.GenPlace:TryPlaceThing(Thing, IntVec3, Map, ThingPlaceMode, Thing&, Action`2)
Verse.GenPlace:TryPlaceThing(Thing, IntVec3, Map, ThingPlaceMode, Action`2)

Sometimes it doesn't spawn seeds.

Hey, When harvesting haygrass i found that i had this issue aswell. Did you find a fix for it ?
While looking in debug mode i also found this.

Got ThingsListAt out of bounds: (325, 0, 313)
Verse.Log:ErrorOnce(String, Int32)
Verse.GridsUtility:GetPlant(IntVec3, Map)
WM.SyncGrowth.GroupsUtils:_Iterate(Plant, List`1)

They both happen at the same so i presume they are related.

Aswell does any one know what the number behind haygrass means?
Spawned thing with 0 stackCount: SeedHaygrass460423

Just tried to spawn a new colony with haygrass and i get the ThingsListAt out of bounds: error.


Thank you for this awesome mod !
im new to rimworld but i found this mod together with vegetable garden a great addition already !
i downloaded seedsplease with the newest commits, the balance changes make more sense now.

are there balance changes for the vegetable garden addon tho ? couldnt find any.


Quote from: burnsieslife on February 22, 2017, 06:09:22 PM

Aswell does any one know what the number behind haygrass means?
Spawned thing with 0 stackCount: SeedHaygrass460423

I'm getting the same error.
@notfood is there any ad hoc fix for this?



Quote from: Gauln on February 19, 2017, 11:02:35 AM
Found that pawns don't receive XP for skill "growing", when "harvesting" plants, however, when they "cut" the plant, the experience added.

This, its a bit of a big deal. Im not a modder but I looked into the xml files to see if its something I can fix but I could not.  Could anyone maybe point me in a direction to look?


I remember XP being only given when harvesting in vanilla. Otherwise you could cheat your way to max skill in minutes, I guess now that you need seeds, it'd be good to get xp when planting. I'll do so.


The problem is were only getting XP when using the cut command. Were not getting it for harvesting wood and or plants.


can t download MFO without loggin in :(
can t write a comment without loggin in either :D


Hi, NotFood.

First off, I love this mod. Now, I have Version 16.1.1, and I've noticed that mushrooms don't have seeds. I've checked the items seed core.xml file and it isn't in there. I tried putting it there myself, but it doesn't seem to do anything. If I create a growing field for mushrooms, my spawns will plant them even though I have no seeds.

I haven't seen anyone else mentioning them, so am I simply missing the mod that includes mushrooms? I do have the vegetable Garden addon, I got it from the Steam workshop.


Ok, I feel like an idiot, but I am going to ask. I really want to play A16 with this mod, but I don't understand how I am suppose to install it into my game. Can someone please help me?



Figured it out, here is a repost of an article I found:
Here's how it's done for Macs. What you need to to first is open up Steam, and then navigate to your library tab once Steam is up and running. Then, on the list that's on the left where all your games are listed, right click the game that you want to apply the mod to. A mini menu will pop up showing a list of options. At the very bottom there is an option called "properties." Click that, and Steam will open up a separate window showing the properties of your selected game. In that window are five tabs. General, updates, local files, betas, and DLC. In this scenario, you want to go to the local files tab. In that tab there are four buttons. Browse local files, back up game files, delete local game content, and verify integrity of game cache. Click "browse local files" and Finder will open up a window that shows the game's own dedicated folder with all of its files needed to play. If any ONE of those files are missing, the game might not play properly, so be careful. Finally, drag what ever mod you want to add and you're done. Only thing left to do now is to boot the game up and see if it worked. I tried this with the uncensored mod for HuniePop, and it worked splendidly. HOWEVER!! Be warned that if the mod does not function properly or at all, the reason is most likely because it is incompatible with the current version of the game, if it gets any updates that is. In this scenario, I would suggest giving the developer a heads up. Not the developer of the game itself, but the specific mod. Chances are they'll try to fix it to make it compatible with the updates. Hope this helps!



If you have two different plants that are technically the same thing, one the "cultivated" version and one the "wild" version, as with healroot in a17, can things be defined such that they both drop the same seed? Or will "Seeds Please" have no choice but to treat them as two distinct plants?

I'm hoping that they can be grouped, not only because it matters for healroot now, but also because if that's the case, it'll make it much easier for me to update my "Wild Cultivation" mod in a way that can't possibly conflict with "Vegetable Garden."  :D
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I love the idea of this mod, but it hasn't been that great on this playthrough I've tried it with.

The issue is that seeds just seem to cost too much for me. Early on I have no hope of buying them due to the price.

Every now and then I'll get a trader who will have some seeds, but I'm looking at least 1k for like 9 corn seeds or whatever.

Is there a way I can change the seed prices to be lower overall?


Will this mod work well with MarsX? I already have a huge successful agridomes, so no worries on getting seeds. I just wanna make it a little bit harder.