[B18] Set-Up Camp v2.1 - B18 Update

Started by Nandonalt, January 02, 2017, 05:13:21 PM

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Nice! Can you add a mod setting to enable/disable raids for camps? Since raids can already happen while the caravan is moving, it seem natural that they should be allowed when the camp is setup as well.

thanks for the great mod!


Is there anything that this mod would be incompatible with? Since the new update it ruined the world map for my current save and gives an error message whenever I try to make a new one (I don't have it at present).


Nandoalt straight killing it with all his mod releases.


Recently ended up staying long-term in a camp because everyone in my tribe died except for one tender who was incapable of violence. I left the old colony instead of abandoning it in hopes of taking it back one day.

What I found is that camps tend to be really safe.

Events just don't happen at camps both good and bad. All the solar flares, eclipses, escapees, mad animals, cargo drops, etc happened at the empty 'colony' rather than the camp. The only danger in the camp was the predators(a lone timber wolf) and dry lightning storms.

It took about a season for the wolf to eat all the small rats and raccoons and target my colonist. By then, she had tamed and trained enough animals to easy kill the lone wolf.

And after that, there was literally nothing that could threaten my colonist. Nothing. The three tamed muffalo would kill any predator that wandered in, stone walls prevented all fires, and there where berry bushes everywhere, that, coupled with a small farm, gave all the food needed.

I just stayed at the camp for days making hundreds of dining chairs. At the end of it, what started with one pawn running for their life with a handful of pemmican evolved into a relatively wealthy trader with 6 pack animals, enough food to last half a year, and 1200$ in silver alone.


Hey quick question, does this mod adjust the biome settings when it generates maps?
Basically I enjoy playing on Rainforest maps but I want to get into the caravan for those fat profits and components, but Rainforsts spawn without Muffalos or Camels, so I was planning on setting up camps in the nearby Arid Brushland, taming the Muffalos, and bringing them home, but after a week of trekking around the map I haven't found any.
I'm hoping they aren't disabled on camping maps, but maybe I'm just unlucky



Unfortunately Nandonalt has stated (On Steam, I think?) that he's taking a break from modding to focus on school and other things for a while. He's said he's not gone for good, but it's probably going be a thirsty period for those of us who want his mods on A17.

For the record, Camping Stuff seems to work fine, but Set Up Camp breaks map trading, and possibly other map-related things. I was trying out some of the other A16 mods on A17, but after another mod completely broke the game, I haven't gone back to testing.


I couldn't deploy his tents when I tried them in A17. If anyone has had success, please let me know how you fixed it. Thanks! :)


Mod updated for A17! The other ones will be updated on June :)


Yay! I'd given up hope on seeing these any time soon, since you said you were stepping away to focus on other things.

Looking forward to the rest being updated.


Squee! I can live without tents till June. Can't live without Set-Up Camp! :D

BTW, please add double sleeping bags to the Camping Gear. If you need textures, I can help out! :)


Thank you for updating this gem, I've got a suggestion /request /question, would it be possible to add a function to check or mark tiles? As in already visited/ camped in, just a visual thing, to avoid going back into it, allowing  us to explore without forgetting which tiles were cleared, mostly to avoid going to the same ones twice, even if it's regenerated


I'm about to start a new colony and I just keep finding new mods I need to add to it... Thank you for this one!
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I haven't tried it out yet but holy shit this seems revolutionary for me since I spend most of my time running caravans all around the world.