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Started by milon, January 13, 2017, 11:13:01 AM

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Attention all modders!

  • Have YOU created a mod?
  • Is it bug free?
  • Does it match the style of RimWorld?
  • Do you want it to officially be a part of RimWorld?   8)
If you answered Yes to all these questions, this thread is for YOU!  Ludeon is looking for great mods to include in RimWorld to make it a better experience for everyone.  What makes a mod great?  I'm glad you asked!  Tynan will tell you exactly what makes a mod a great candidate to become a part of RimWorld:

Quote from: Tynan on May 19, 2015, 12:15:50 PM
In each case, they're content additions to fill out the game without changing its core mechanics or breaking any fiction.

-New items. We have neurotrainers and artillery shells. You could add a special one-use item that does something cool, for the player to find in ancient tunnels or buy from traders?
-New GenSteps for map generation. Can you write a GenStep that generates a complex ancient temple underground? Or a devious pirate base?
-New incidents.
-New animals. I'd love to beef up the animal diversity in the existing biomes.
-New art description content. I wish there was more diversity in the writing there!

The best mods for RimWorld are ones that add new content without a lot of new systems or mechanics.  Does your mod fit?  Post a link to your mod with a quick description of what it is and why it should be included.

Here's the rules:

  • Only the mod's author can post. If that's not you, you can contact the mod author and encourage them to post here.
  • No discussion of mods or their merits - this thread is ONLY to suggest your mod to become a part of RimWorld
  • Any posts that violate the above rules will be silently deleted
That's it!  Now post!  ;D

(Yes, this is basically a repeat of the older thread.  So many people didn't actually read what it was about that the thread became useless.  We're trying again though!)


Well, I guess I'll go first.

I'd submit my mod Taiga Creatures- it's a fully functional animal mod that adds some variety primarily to the Boreal Forests of the game. I still plan to add three or four more animals before I'm done with it, though.


Submitting Travel Rations: MREs, a result of modders' Discord chatter.

It adds recipes and items for ready-to-eat meals, both simple and fine, specially cooked and packaged to travel well and last a long time. Intended for caravans, but probably useful for panic rooms and winter, too.
Tam's tiny mods: forum thread: Kitchen Counters and other shelving *** Smoked meat *** Travel rations: MREs *** Pygmy Muffalo


I feel that Revolvers on the Rim will be perfect for this purpose, as it should fill that little gap in vanilla regarding the Western theme which RimWorld is somewhat based on. It does have stats somewhat balanced and in-line with other vanilla weapons, and has a slight effect on social chat impact (much like the cowboy hat, but to a lesser degree).

Edit: Plant Cutting is for Growers: It's the world's smallest change which makes plant cutting only count as plant work as opposed to plant work and dumb labour, but also makes it so that the relevant skill for Plant Cutting is 'Growing'; seeing as growing skill does determine plant cutting efficiency. This one was actually demand-based!

Edit 2: Better Shooting Skill - changes the shooting skill per level and post-process curve, and also aiming time is somewhat affected by shooting skill and health. It also buffs the personal shield's max energy from 1.1 to 1.25, and adds a new trait called 'Proficient fighter'. The main idea was to make higher shooting levels feel less underwhelming than they are, but this mod also makes 'Careful shooter' less overpowered in the regard that it normally transforms a level 1+ shooter into a dead-on accurate marksman, but they're still decent.

All three of these mods are XML based and will be very easy to implement.


MORE MENTAL BREAKS - Adds more mental breaks to the game

Thread: https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=24164.0

SYNTHMEAT - Genetically engineered plant that grows a meat substitute

Thread: https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=25056.0



Vanilla doesn't make sense without seeds! How can you become a drug lord at day 1 from landing?!


One small feature from Zhentar's Vanilla Tweaks that I think should be in Vanilla: the roof overlay with a distinct color for overhead mountain tiles:

edit 1/25:
And a second one, meal meat overlays:


Submiting feature from Clutter Mod, windows

Fragile wall pice with ability to act as embrasure, they also provide a growing light during day for pants to grow in 2 tiles from them
All i do is clutter all around.


From my mods for A15 (update soon!) I recommend to put in game (or a part of these, in some other form):
"wolf and fox comfortable temperature fixes" - change to literally 5-6 numbers in one xml file.

"double sleeping spot" - adds slightly changed duplicate of literally 10-15 lines in one xml file.

There's also some fixes that actually overwrite in game content, like "cloth sandbags" (instead of steel), "vitals monitor cost fix".

When it comes to art description content I have a mod that does it "Additional art descriptions and name generator options", that basically doubles the content. It's in english only. I'm sure around 80% of it's content is ready to be copy and pasted into game xmls anytime.

For details, click True Mods in my signature.

I got a list of other people's mods there, but obviously it was removed as they weren't mine, so instead I messaged all mod owners from this list and encouraged to post there, hope they'll do it, as there's tons of vanilla friendly mods that feel like they should be in game. I'm glad stonecutting tweaks is in game now! One mod from the list that made it.

- my vanilla friendly balanced mods and game fixes.


Seeing as TrueDestroyer and milon both suggested I post here, I guess I should.

You can find all of my mods (including source code on GitHub) here.

I would recommend:

  • Hand Me That Brick
  • Cooks Can Refuel
  • Autoclose Event Notifications (if you can merge its menu into the game's options menu)

Hand Me That Brick makes construction better because haulers will help carry materials, freeing builders to actively build and gain XP / produce better results.

Cooks Can Refuel "fixes" a vanilla behaviour that I think is wrong. Cooks can't refuel stoves, so they won't make meals unless a hauler refuels for them.

Autoclose Event Notifications closes the notification boxes (letters) after X in-game hours and users can configure the timer / which event boxes it should close.


Prisoner Ransom

If enemy factions can demand money to give back their prisoners of our colonies, why can't we ?
This mod basically fills that hole and adds an appropriate solution through the comm console.

Source code is available on github

O Negative

Wild Healroot

Helps ease the early-game frustration associated with playing in the rainforest biome, without making the game too easy.
It also offers newer players a better introduction to healroot than the standard "You can't grow this until you have a grower at lvl 8."
Yields the same healroot that domesticated/cultivated healroot plants do.

Feedback on the Steam Workshop is available if you're interested.


Stockpile Efficiency

Adds a new WorkGiver for hauling that tries to stack as many items as possible.
Helps remove those piles of less-than-full stuff!

Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=857055488
Github: https://github.com/llaughlin/RimworldMods/releases

@Tynan: I really think something like this should be in Rimworld. Perhaps not this mod exactly, but having a bunch of half-full piles of stuff taking up valuable storage cells and preventing colonists from hauling actually important things is a bit of a bummer.


I'd like to suggest my wildlife tab. Similar to the Animals tab it contains a list of all known wild creatures. Hunting and taming designations can be made and icons indicate if a creature is dangerous.


I don't think combing through the desert in search of animals does improve gameplay. I understand that hunting should not be a scalable, highly reliable way of obtaining food, my mod respects that. You should still check out the surrounds of animals you decide to hunt or you'd not be aware there's a boomalope herd lurking nearby, just waiting for a stray bullet to cause a massacre...


I have a quality of life mod here: https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=29320.0
I created this mod because I found it very annoying to assign conduits to be deconstructed if they were inside a wall or under furniture. With this mod (Conduit Deconstruct) the player is able to assign mass amounts of conduits to be deconstructed at one time. This mod adds a simple designation tool under the 'Power' tab called "Deconstruct Conduit" It works just like the "Deconstruct" tool but only affects power conduits. It also highlights the power conduits in blue just like when selecting the "Construct Conduit" tool.

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T2LjiaS3NfU&t=4s