[A13] Small Walls (1.9.1) Halfwalls, Curbs, Stairs, and Hedges

Started by Kirid, April 12, 2014, 04:22:24 PM

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Small Walls
Halfwalls, Curbs, and Stairs
(and Hedges)

HalfWalls: They are similar to sandbags. Can be shot over. Decorational or can provide cover to colonist or turrets. Transmit Power. Uses Custom1 LinkType
Curbs: Can be shot over, do not transmit power.
Stairs: Slows people down as they traverse the stairs. Can shoot while on stairs.

You can remove any unwanted items by deleting the respective xml from the def folder.

I give my permission to include this in any modpacks. Contact me if you plan to use or alter the code or art. Please give me credit in either case.

How to install:
- Unzip the contents and place them in your RimWorld/Mods folder.
- Activate desired mod in the mod menu in game.

Change Log:

7/8/14 - Version 1.2
   Updated and rewritten for Alpha5
   Removed Solid Halfwalls(Meshing issues) and Hedges(Unnecessary Huge Texture).
   Reorganized walls into one download.
8/13/14 - Version 1.3
   Updated for Alpha 6
   Reduced health and metal cost.
10/9/14 -Version 1.4
   Update for Alpha 7
   Now uses stuff system, Consolidated curb, added Stair and Lamps.
12/10/2014 - Version 1.5
   Update for Alpha 8
   Removed Lamps
2/19/15 - Version 1.6
   Update for Alpha 9
    Added Hedges 1.0 (remake)
4/15/15- Version 1.7
   Update for Alpha 10
   Hedges 1.1
6/11/15- Version 1.8
   Update for Alpha 11
   Hedges to version 1.8 to prevent confusion
4/14/16- Version 1.9
   Update for Alpha 13
4/26/16- Version 1.9.1 - Base_Building fixed. Mods combined.

CURRENT VERSION: 1.9.1 for alpha 13

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Woot larger sleeping rooms now 50% larger :p if u woud add a wall version it's a hit ;)
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Well I've added a wall version now. "Solid Half Wall" It will support roofs and can build rooms, looks fine with doors, and not too bad when connecting to walls. It currently connects corners, unlike the other half-wall version. Works fine, but graphically I don't like it.
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Updated! New mod-Curbs. Halfwalls and Solid Halfwalls have several changes. Hedges is hasnt changed.
New screenshot shows differences and uses with the different walls.
I have made some fences, I'm not pleased enough with them to release, but I'm working on it. Getting the posts to line up is the tricky part  ;)
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now that this mod has curbs i'm so going to use it thanks for the awesome walls


Thanks :D They're all seperate mods so use whichever you like.
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Updated for Alpha 5, Would be nice if were moved to current mods.
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Precise after i moved the topic xD Sending word for moving it back :)


Update for Alpha 6. Only a slight balance change due to being stronger yet cheaper than normal metal walls.
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Dr. Z

IS the solid half wall still in it? Because it isn't in the OP.
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Quote from: Dr. Z on August 14, 2014, 09:17:13 AM
IS the solid half wall still in it? Because it isn't in the OP.
No, I removed it after alpha 3. I know people like it, but to me it was a broken glitchy item and I don't support it as-is. It doesn't mesh with other walls very well, has shadow issues, and the new door graphics made it look even worse. I don't like uploading mods unless they blend with the game well, which it doesn't.
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Dr. Z

Ok, I understand that. I guess the half walls don't support rooms.
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Updated.. New stairs should add a bit of fun. I included two lamps that feel out of place anywhere else, but unused.
One is shown in the main screenshot, here's the other:

Mod should be bug-free and balanced, enjoy!
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Well, this is certainly a mod with possibilities and implications for gameplay! I can't wait to give this a try.