[A18] Don't Tempt Me! (remove Dev mode)

Started by KeenKrozzy, June 04, 2017, 03:02:12 AM

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Don't Tempt Me!
version 2.1.19

WARNING: As of version 1.2 this mod creates unique save game files. This mod shouldn't break any existing save games, but just in case, you have been warned.

This mod removes the option to turn on developer mode. If you currently have developer mode turned on at the time the mod loads, then it will turn it off.

NEW! version 1.2
Don't Tempt Me! save games can only be loaded with when this mod is active. Also, when this mod is active only games saved with Don't Tempt Me! active can be loaded.

New with version 2.1.19
Works with alpha 18
Removes option to change Story Teller. (No more temptation to go peaceful mode!)
New options to view the debug log and debug log menu under the Mod Options

Download from GitHub: https://github.com/keenkrozzy/DontTemptMe/releases
Download from Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1186514547

How to install:
- Unzip the contents and place them in your RimWorld/Mods folder.
- Activate the mod in the mod menu in the game.

QuoteCan modpack makers include your mod in their modpack?

QuoteCan other modders make derivative mods based on yours?

Ideas for the future
- Game can only be saved every 24 hours (in-game time).
- Save/Load tracking.
- Events disable Saving for x hours (in-game time).


Mod request : Tempt Me HARDER!

Add option to activate dev mod along side time change UI and shortcut i.e. alt+d to activate.


Mod request: Make me completely impossible to tempt

Make it so that the only way to turn on dev mode is pressing alt + F4


Mod request: make it impossible to remove the mod once activate ! :-)


This mod looks like my savior. Not sure if I want it tho....

Jakub k.

Mod request:
make a virus that prevents the deletion of this file and automatic download on any new device. make new AI that auto-updates this to the new rimworld and fixes all exploits found in the game. This virus sucks out £50 from your bank account when you cheat and if you don't have a bank account it sends microbots to incinerate £50 from your pocket/wallet.



Quote from: KeenKrozzy on June 04, 2017, 03:02:12 AM

Don't Tempt Me!
version 1.1

This mod removes the option to turn on developer mode. If you currently have developer mode turned on at the time the mod loads, then it will turn it off.

Download from GitHub: https://github.com/keenkrozzy/DontTemptMe/releases

I cannot tell you how much I need this. I'm very prone to cheating.


I am very prone to cheating as well. so ima try this out. also, I read the title of the mod in Po from kung fu panda's voice from the first movie. lol



I don't get this like at all. I mean FTW? This is single player game, for relax, not competitive, and if somebody want to turn dev mode why not? You try to cheat yourself or what? Sometimes dev mode is usefull to jump over bug, or debug something. If someone using dev mode i feel it is like - Creative Mode in Minecraft.

I'm not flaming you! Great job you did mod! Make it better, make more of them. Just don't get the idea :P I'm restricted.

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Because sometimes when you use dev mode to remove problems. You may potentially miss out on the chaotic fun of trying to get yourself out of the situation that the problem made.
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Looks like I'm hardcore, watching my precious colony burn to ash while that devmode-bar on top shines ever so brightly, oh and I play permadeath btw.


Quote from: SURU on June 06, 2017, 04:22:54 AMIf somebody want to turn dev mode why not? .... If someone using dev mode i feel it is like - Creative Mode in Minecraft.

Some players think "creative mode" is just fine, but others consider it to be cheating, since it lets you do things too easily. Some who consider it cheating can play the game with the "cheat" button right in front of them, and never even think of using it, but others lack the self discipline, and can't resist the urge to cheat "just a little," but then hate themselves for having done so.  ;)

And besides, let's be serious, here.... Don't you think it's just a *little* odd that RimWorld puts access to dev mode RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU the whole time you're playing the game? I don't know off the top of my head of any other games that do that. :D
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I may have to install this, though there is one thing I'd miss from Devmode; X4 speed. I know there are separate mods for that, but I like having it without a specific mod.


So I just want to make something clear. There is nothing wrong with using the Developer Mode. Hell, this is ALPHA still, you are almost encouraged to play with the Dev tools.

With that being said, there is many ways to get enjoyment out of Rimworld. One of those ways is to be challenged. Many, like myself, enjoy testing our limits of planning and strategy. 

Sometimes, something might happen in the game that doesn't seem logical or may seem unfair. So it's easy to justify a "little harmless use of the Dev mode" in the grand scheme of things. The problem is when one thing leads to another and before we realise it, we have been doing a lot of "little harmless use of the Dev mode". For players like myself, that's the precise moment when things get boring. And we do it to ourselves. 

Many of us can eat healthy even when there's some junk-food in the pantry. But for the rest of us, we have to clean out our cupboards and make a strict grocery list. If you don't understand it; that's fine. But, if this annoys you, then maybe you should write some clever posts and start passive-aggressive arguments because I think that stuff is entertaining. (I'm only being honest, don't judge me.)