[1.3] Lighter than fast - Crystals - Lanius - Clone bay - Teleporters

Started by ethouiche, December 27, 2017, 09:04:25 PM

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It's not as smart as What the hack, but it has some ideas. I still have a lot of work to do on it.

I updated my mind control mod https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2049822320
- Added a mod setting to multiply the radius of the mind control bench
- Added some visual effects (motes when the mastermind is working)
- Made slugs immune to bad thoughts when using the bench
- Added translation files
- Made activation sounds work again


Lighter than fast 1.2 update

  • Merged all the updates from stand alone mods (Engi, Mantis, Rockman, Slug, Zoltan).
  • Added a tribal scenario where you can start with all the 6 races.
  • Buffed humans with a +5% global learning factor to follow the FTL balance and still make them useful to have.

Any feedback is appreciated. Have fun.


Beam me up Scotty 1.2 update

  • Updated the visual effects upon teleportation
  • Updated the gizmo icons
  • Added visual effects on the teleport workstation
  • Updated the descriptions and wording

Remember you can travel from a map to another if you uninstall a linked teleport catcher and bring it to your destination.


QuoteRemember you can travel from a map to another if you uninstall a linked teleport catcher and bring it to your destination.
Neat feature, so you just need to send out 1 pawn attack caravans, place the catcher and call reinforcement. I hope they can teleport back too :-)
Another idea would be that the catcher could be mobile on a caravan, so you would have remove access to your homebase.
Or you could modify a transport pod with integrated catcher. You could direct use after the pod "land" at the destination map (encounter only).

And a last idea for the TP bench, they normaly need to be operate with a pawn, a further research to use a AI core so it auto. operate, maybe at a lower efficience then when a pawn would do it.


That's some nice ideas you have. For the moment, there is no job associated to the mod. Only the link between spots/catchers requires a pawn. I feel the real next step to this mod would be to allow the pawn natural pathfinding to use teleporters. I just updated it because I had some bugs. I am pretty sure there are still many because there are so many cases, that it's a bit hard to handle.

I also uploaded a new scenario :
Mantis cruiser B
You will start with :
- 2 mantises
- medbay, teleport setup, vanometric power cell, batteries
- 1 megaspider, 2 chinchillas



After finaly playing with the Zoltan now (LTF full mod) i want to give some more feedback ! :-)
- I think you should increase the charge abilty of the zoltan's to 2 tiles.
Currently i placed next to common interaction spots of workbenches a (ugly) 1x1 battery. With 2 tile range i could use the wall batteries.
And it would be useful at bedrooms too, so the battery don't need to be next to the bed.
- What's about the idea to combine the Zoltan battery and bed ? Basicly they just need to put a mattress on the battery and some sheets over it :-)
Non-zoltan races would get mood malus when they sleep in it, because they are geting very light electro shocks when they sleep. Or they get energized.
- The new extra zoltan abilities are nice but i think they are too common.
Only 10-50 percent of all newly created zoltan's should get such an ability by default.
An extra research to awake zoltan abilties should be added. A casket they need to enter to awake a random ability but then the same pawn could enter the casket multiple times to gain additional abilties. Or you could select what ability the pawn get (then you could change existing abilties).


Battery in the wall:
you can't place a blueprint/move when there are is conduit allready there. Not even with the Replace mod.
Same goes for other pipe like from dub's hygiene.
The wall need to be complete empty.

When i deconstruct the wall with a battery, the battery still remain. They should be at last be minified since it is moveable.


Thank you once again for the feedback Canute. I will try to keep all that in mind when I work again on zoltans. The battery in a wall has a specific buildplaceworker(I cant remember the exact name), and that must be what makes it incompatible with the other mod.

Mantis race major update:

  • Updated all the textures(huge thanks to Moronic and Shauaputa)
  • Added 2 new claw bionics - toxiclaws and overclaws (balance feedbacks are appreciated)
  • Added thoughts when mantis butcher humanlikes and when they get butchered, made them immune to bad thoughts when eating insect/human meat
  • Added eyes and antennas bodyparts
  • Added 5 new hair styles, 8 antennas variations, 3 eyes variations(+bionic and archotech), 7 mustaches variations
  • Added in built compatibility with Blood and stains
  • Added a secondary color channel
  • Added fleshtype insectoid for proper wound color


    Lanius update:


  • Chromanders : Elemental reptiles made of metal, that trigger explosions when hurt. Butchered, they will give some metal depending on their nature. They have the colors of your modlist metals. Their elemental nature and current life stage will condition the nature of the explosion they trigger.
  • Quantic void observatory: Unlocks advanced lanius research projects. Up to 3 of them can be connected to a high its speed.
  • Void grenades : Come with an implosion that will suck pawns in range towards its center. Dissipate smoke gas, extinguish fires and inflict asphyxia.
  • Polarising grenades : Polarized pawns deal more damage to inverted polarized pawns, but less to same kind. Random chance to stun victims in range. Generate a projectile blocking field. Triggers explosive projectiles.
  • Heatshock grenades : Lead to an explosion that pushes away pawns in range. Trigger fires, cause burns, inflict heatstrokes.
  • Freezing gas grenades : Freezing gas will slow down pawns that cross it up. Explosion inflicts Hypothermia, generates snow and occasionaly creates ice walls that can be mined for ice blocks and will transform into freezing gas.
  • Gravity well grenades : Deal damage over time. Pulls victims towards its center, Decomposes buildings, plants, corpses to their raw components.
  • All the grenades have their mortar shells and ied traps counterparts.
  • Bionic lanius lungs : Allow any pawn to drain oxygen and survive oxygen lack; they are more powerful when the pawn is a genuine Lanius, but any race can now suffocate their room hosts.
  • Power breath mask. Power armor helmet that gives the same advantage as the regular breath mask : immunity to oxygen deprivation.
  • Aloemuffin : Made of out aloenius - grants temporary immunity to oxygen deprivation, boosts system immunity and cooking quality at some sociability cost
  • Ice cream : Delicacies that come in 4 flavours. Will lower heatstroke levels and occasionnaly brain freeze its consumer.

2 new resources used for lanius technologies completion:

  • Ice cubes, gathered from an ice wall which appear when an ice chromander triggers its explosion(also from freezing gas grenades).
  • Void oil, gathered upon chromander butchery or by smelting lanius lungs

  • 18 lanius themed sculptures
  • Thoughts and motes when victims get asphyxia impacted or survive it.Flee behavior when asphyxia victims determine potentially lethal situation and for victim allies in range. They will also try to eat aloemuffin if they have some in their inventory.
  • Changed the draining value to match the number of oxygen draining lungs
  • New research items to match the available technologies
  • Crystals are now 50% less vulnerable to asphyxia than regular races.
Visuals Update:

  • Head and body textures, normalized male body to fit vanilla apparels, new thin and hulk bodies
  • Breathing masks textures
  • Settlement and faction icons
  • Regular and bionic lanius lungs.
  • Aloenius plants
  • Lanius eyes are now bodyAddons, allowing variations for bionic or archotech eyes, missing or when the lanius is sleeping.

  • Made lanius oxygen depriving capacity tweakable for other modders : Any race can be invulnerable or less vulnerable to oxygen deprivation. Hediffs or apparels can also be added through a patch.
  • Compatibility with Save our ship 2 : Lanius are now immune to space void decompression/space void; SOS2 apparels that protect from space void also prevent asphyxia effects.
  • Added translatable key strings to allow translation.



All the stand alone mods are updated. I need to update the main mod that compiles everything. I want to take my time to add a few more things to each race.