[1.0 - 1.1] Alpha Animals - 2.08 (16/03/20)

Started by SargBjornson, October 18, 2018, 03:28:58 AM

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How did I acquire Sentient Plant Skin? I am in the desert biome and that skin is absolutely prefect for this biome. I can not seem to find any information on this leather type.

Thanks, A


i notice its compatible with a dog said animal prosthetics but given the alphas seem plenty strong how is the balance if i were to add bionics to them?


Which animals are considered a pack animal that can be used in caravans weight system?


I'm having an issue with disabled creatures still spawning into maps. Might be another mod causing some interference, I have animals logic, Vanilla animals overhaul reloaded, and wild animal sex. I think a couple of them have some effect on wild spawning but I don't know if they're just randomly taking an animal from this pack when they decide to spawn something.


Yeah, peopel have reported it is Wild Animal Sex


Unstable version (for 1.1) available at GitHub: https://github.com/juanosarg/AlphaAnimals/releases

I'll wait until 1.1 is stable to update it on Steam, since at the moment multiversion support for 1.0 gives a stupid red error due to change of tags in about.xml


For some reason in my game, a Charged feralisk egg (fert.) has no nutrition value?? I can't eat it? Anyone seen this before?
It's selectable under "foods" at the cooking stove and wiki says it should have a value of 0.25 nutrition.


Hi Sarg, thank you for the great mod, I just wanna ask if v2.402 compatible with rimworld 1.0 ? If not could you show me the specific version that goes with 1.0, thank you very much.


if you look inside the mod folder and you see a 1.0 folder that mod should be working at 1.0, even when you get some error msg. about packageID.



Yeah, the current version on Steam is 1.0 compatible. Of course it lacks a LOT of things that I have added in the last months!