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I second this, it can take a lot of time to setup a religion, and sometimes you may want to replay, adjust, or create a new one using the previous ideology as a foundation in a future game.
This is a duplicate of this topic:

Though,  the suggestion of having a choice between using what's immediately available (at least when it comes to stopping bleeding), or sticking to the prescribed medicine (if better and available), is agreeable and would be welcome in regards to improved control and reduced micro.
General Discussion / Re: Warg can't haul in 1.3
July 17, 2021, 09:17:55 PM
From my tests it is possible, though I dunno how the faction thing work for them or if it even matter anymore, it seems to work the same whether or not you've destroyed the hives beforehand. Though it's a huge pain either way because they will attack you during the taming process whether or not it'll succeed or fail, so you need to do it with an armored pawn and preferably one that have acquired a state of inspired taming.
General Discussion / Re: Warg can't haul in 1.3
July 17, 2021, 07:13:05 AM
Those who've claimed to tame them would destroy all the hives before any downed insects woke up from coma, in which case the downed insects would wake up in a docile state. If there are any hives left on the map they would wake up aggressive. I haven't tried this myself though, so can't confirm anything.
The issue persist in 1.3.3062, and 1.3.3063

I have now checked every animal and found that it also affects Yorkshire Terriers.

I believe the issue happens when an animal have a longer name than what the game normally permits, which is 15 characters, as the primary thing both animals have in common are default names that are much longer than that limit. Hope this helps. :3
Are there any other possible factors? No mods?

I tried to reproduce the issue by doing this:
a. Have a colony with at least two pawns
b. Activate the Development Mode on the options menu
c. Activate God Mode and create a fenced in area
d. Send one pawn inside the fenced in area, and keep one pawn outside of it
e. On the Debug Actions menu choose Do Incident (Map)... > ToxicFallout [NO]
f. Wait a min or two until the pawn outside the fence have built up toxic fallout
g. Check other pawn for toxic fallout build-up

Doing this the pawn inside the fenced area did receive toxic buildup as intended on my end.

I performed the test with an without a wooden pen marker, as well as having a purely fenced area and a fence connect to a building. I tested this on version 1.3.3061 so it might already gotten patched, but if you saved a backup of the incident and still experience this issue on that save then it would be helpful if you could upload it. :3

Moderator Note:
I also can not reproduce this issue.  If you continue to have this error, repost your bug and follow the steps in our 'how to post a bug' sticky topic.  A save would be crucial to this.  Also report if you are using mods.
1. Tamed and tried to rename a Labrador Retriever, trying to rename the dog proved more difficult than other animals.

2. When trying to rename any Labrador Retriever the backspace behaved like the left-arrow key instead, while the delete key doesn't do anything, this means the animals current name (e.g. "labrador retriever X") cannot be replaced the normal way. Instead the player must mouse-click and drag to mark the entire name, before pressing the backspace or delete key.

Uncertain if other animals are affected, but the backspace and delete keys behaved normally and as intended when trying to rename the following animals: Boomalope, Husky, and Pig.

3. I expected that it would be possible to clear the Labrador Retrievers current name by backspacing or deleting the letters in the renaming window before typing in a new name.

4. To reproduce:
a. Activate Development Mode in the options
b. On the Debug Actions menu choose to Spawn Pawn > LabradorRetriever
c. Tame the animal (Debug Actions > T: Tame Animal)
d. On the Labrador Retrievers Training menu choose the Rename Animal Button
e. Try to clear the name with the backspace or delete key without mouse-marking anything
f. Fail to clear any letters
General Discussion / Re: Warg can't haul in 1.3
July 15, 2021, 09:37:24 AM
Bugs are omnivorous so they won't replace Wargs in regards to diet, also, with a wildness of 95% they are almost as bad to tame and train as a Thrumbo. Even if their minimum handling skill is 9 you need a handling skill of at least 16 to overcome their wildness. Perhaps one of the ideology features allows you to make a colony that has an animal friendship bonus that makes them able to train animals with a higher wildness easier, but we'll have to see about that.
General Discussion / Re: Animals won't fight
July 15, 2021, 01:31:52 AM
Please see this topic (where I also provided the full list of trainability changes):

But yes, can't disagree with your observation on the theme. :3 And well, even if horses can be trained IRL, it's not exactly in regards to fetch and attack. Combat training for horses rather involves remaining calm despite being surrounded by chaos and death. I will agree it was a bit of an overnerf to make them unable to even Guard though. We'll see if Ludeon keeps it that way. Personally I only used dogs for hauling and emergency defense anyway.
In previous versions, if a caravan animal were designated to a zone then they would go to that zone after coming back from a trip. A pen is basically like a zone in that regard.
General Discussion / Re: Warg can't haul in 1.3
July 12, 2021, 09:56:17 PM
Yeah, there's a lot of animals that have been nerfed in regards to trainability, not just Boomalopes.

Animals that could be trained to guard and attack before, but cannot be trained at all anymore include:
Alpaca, Alphabeaver, Boomalope, Boomrat, Capybara, Caribou, Cassowary, Cobra, Cow, Deer, Elk, Emu, Gazelle, Ibex, Lynx, Ostrich, Raccon, Tortoise, and Wild Boar

Bison, Dromedary, and Muffalo could be trained to guard before, but cannot be trained at all anymore.

Donkey, Horse, and Pig was possible to fully train before, but cannot be trained at all anymore.

Arctic-, Fennec-, and Red Foxes were all able to be trained to haul before, only incapable of rescue, but can now only be trained to guard and attack.

Warg could be fully trained before, but can only be trained to guard and attack now.

Megaspider and Spelopede could only be trained in guard and attack before, but are now also able to learn rescue and haul.

Other animals remain unchanged in regards to trainability, which means regular wolves (Arctic and Timber) are still fully trainable. I assume the logic behind the change for the Wargs are that they are too aggressive to be trained for manual tasks.
It's an old issue that can be classified as an oversight. A pacifist committing murder isn't unheard of though, especially in a fit of anger, but considering how Rimworld pacifists have a saint-like self-control in every other life and death scenario it would be more logically consistent if they were also unable to have violent mental breaks.
Pretty sure it's intended for simplicity sake, and it was like this in previous versions too I believe. It's probably based on the assumption their bloodied wounds would have dried up by the time a corpse rots, though this assumption doesn't apply well to scaria corpses which insta-rot. The solution seems simple enough though, either by adding a timer to a corpse for the blood effect, or making the blood effect its own entity that times out (which prevents the timer from lingering with the corpse after the blood effect is gone). However, complicating this could lead to each corpse needing more processing power. Whether that is negligible or not the devs will know better though, lol, but some people already have performance issues after big raids.
Quote from: Suresh on July 11, 2021, 11:09:27 AM
Can I regain old stats by turning back to an elder version or are they no longer supported?
To play 1.3 preview on steam you would had to have selected that option in the games beta tab; you should be able to get the latest 1.2 again by choosing "none" in the beta tab at the moment, alternatively there's the option for an older 1.2 version in there too. The 1.2 option will also become available there when the 1.3 update officially releases. If you're on GOG or something then I'm not sure, but it should probably be something similar.
Quote from: codyo on July 08, 2021, 11:27:45 AM
It seems that a lot of people are planning on dominatrix-amazonian slave trader colonies :P

There's more than me? xD Well, I can imagine the slaver feature is going to be all-around popular among various people for various reasons. As for a domina/amazonian colony, I dunno about others, but for me it's just normal mode as I'm a bit of a domina myself in real life. Similarly, as I'm ideologically a technocrat in real life too, I easily end up leaning towards technology obsessed factions in games.