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Creative Rewards / No email...
January 02, 2021, 06:50:23 PM
After purchasing the name in game pack off of steam, I was redirected, had to give some info and sign into steam. "A new activation email has been sent to l*************[email protected]. Follow the instructions in the email to activate your account." Popped up after. I have yet to receive the email mentioned.
During a recent visit to my colony, I noticed one of the visitors mining through my cooler in my kitchen for no apparent reason. The little guy mined through my kitchen, and my embrasure wall even though there was an open door to the front of my base. anyone else run into this problem?
You can just go into the game configs, and change the cost, amount produced, and the time taken to make, i have my component assembly bench taking 50 steel and producing 5 components, but at a cost of more power and it still requires a person and 3000 time to make ;) good mod though.
Looks like a great mod, will surely use this in my playthrough
anyone know if this unofficial update works with the mai robots?
any new progress?
Thank you for the update Justin, this mod is well worth the wait, it could be next release when the a13 version comes out and people will still love it the same :) keep up the hard work and keep your head up.
any news, breakthroughs, or updates?
I've had 3 colonists sick with sensory mechanites for like 3 seasons and still going...
Can't wait for the a13 update, hopefully it works as well or better than the a11 version
would it be possible to make a seperate splinter mod, just for the nuclear power plant?
Will this mod be updated to [A12]?