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I can't say I have, like I said haven't done any rimworld modding in a long while. But looking through the coding in other mods it does seem like the exact thing I was looking for.
I'm planning to make a food overhaul addon for VGP, which would require disabling the vanilla and VGP recipes(specifically the fine and lavish meal recipes need to go, the other recipes can just be overwritten) to make it possible to re-balance the food.
Now I know it's possible to overwrite the recipe with one that I will use(though I'd like to avoid that for sanity's sake, having to refer to stewed meat with veggies as mealfine is going to cause coding mistakes), or I could edit the workbenches that pull the recipes(which just seems like a bad idea and an unnecessary source of compatibility issues).

So with me having been out of rimworld modding for a long while I wondered if there was a way to disable recipes in other mods without having to overwrite them or having to muck around modifying other files that would definitely lead to compatibility issues?
Ideas / Re: Multilayer support
September 22, 2016, 09:28:20 AM
Z-levels ain't happening any time soon if at all. The thing is the game was a set up as a 2-d game, adding z-levels would mean a rewrite of loads of code that suddenly does not suffice anymore when you add another dimension to the equation.(which also mean making a mod that does this is an equally daunting challenge)

And for the love of god please visit the frequently suggestions thread before you come with a suggestion to see if you should even bother posting your idea. This idea has been suggested and discussed many times and doesn't need to be brought up again.
General Discussion / Re: Animal Rescue doesn't work?
September 18, 2016, 12:45:18 PM
Probably a draft problem, since the animals stick to their master when the master is drafted(which adds some annoying micro when a colonist has bonded with a quick to die animal). Was the colonist still drafted at the time of the rescues being done?
Well not every predator, I mean if you make sure your pawns don't work themselves into a dead end you have little to fear from bears(since they are slower than slowpoke colonists). Anything that's faster than your colonists can be a problem if you send them halfway across the map without back up or panic shelters(3x3 with doors on all 4 sides) nearby.
Quote from: Ltp0wer on September 09, 2016, 04:20:35 PM
I think it makes sense.

If a fellow colonist died in the line of duty, it wouldn't affect my work ethic as much as knowing someone in the colony is killing our prisoners or letting them die.

That's work ethic, not state of mind. If one of your direct colleagues died that'd affect you more than when some dude who tried to rob and murder your family in your own home, and got locked into prison died for whatever reason. You might even feel happy/relieved the guy isn't alive anymore and can never do something like that again.

Also that's talking about killing them or letting them die, not releasing them with a clean bill of health then finding out he got eaten by a timber wolf at the edge of the map when you notice a negative thought on all your pawns. Even more annoying when a prisoner dies after having done everything in your power to save said prisoner and getting the negative thought as if you had mercilessly starved or tortured the guy to death. Or the worst case getting the thought when a prisoner who up until recently had tried to kill your asses(so nowhere near innocent from the get go) escapes, grabs a weapon and then dies as the colonists fight for their lives against the guy, the guy was trying to murder them(again) there's nothing innocent about that.
It's not explicitly mentioned, but given the terms use you could have figured out that it has an effect on both healing quality and on the surgery success chance, since it mentions medical potency rather than something containing healing quality. Also you can put people under anesthetic without actually using up the medicine and people under anesthetic still need medicine for the operation, so that should have been a good clue that the meds aren't for the anesthetic only.

Also the quality of the hospital bed(at least not within the normal to legendary part, haven't actually looked at the stats of a low quality hospital bed) doesn't influence the healing/surgery chances, it just increases the rest and comfort values(granted comfort is important if you have someone with sleeping sickness or some other slow disease that keeps them bed bound to not die).
Ideas / Re: Scar Rework [Small]
September 17, 2016, 05:09:05 AM
The scars I have don't hurt as well, I mean I don't have any particularly large scars, but I have plenty of scars to go around. So yeah, having scars hurt as much as they do currently makes no sense to me. You could even have a bullet lodged inside of you and it wouldn't necessarily hurt or be noticeable at all.

Personally I would also love to see scars like slowly fading over time(like 1 point of damage per year), to mimic real life a bit more while not disrupting the game flow too much.
Ideas / Re: Raid Balance
September 17, 2016, 04:52:55 AM
Quote from: kuledude on September 11, 2016, 12:12:47 PM
My raid expirence:
First raid- 1 melee guy
Second raid-1~3 melee guys
Third raid-3 weak ranged guys
Fourth raid-7 heavily armoured and heavily armed guys(power helmets, good kevlars, Snipers, M4's)

The jump is real.
Im guessing exploiting and cheesing is the only way to play this game.

That "jump" is caused by the fact that the first waves of raids have hardcoded limitations on how much stuff they can field. So they actually don't scale with the stuff you have all that much, which means that if you've build up like mad.... you are going to have a bad time when the storyteller is finally unchained, especially on higher difficulties.

Also to Gremdavel your feedback is invalid. If I were to increase melee damage to 3000% with the vanilla editor I'm not allowed to complain that melee does too much damage(because I modified the game to a point of inbalance rather than the base game being unbalanced), the same is true for the weight calculation of wealth when you modify the game to start you with boat loads of items(because you are creating the imbalance yourself rather than there being an imbalance in the game).

The scenario editor should be seen as a basic modding tool within rimworld and not like an always balanced vanilla enhancer. You can seriously screw yourself with that scenario editor, try starting on ice sheets with a scenario that forbids hunting and taming, and doesn't give you any starting food. There is no way to balance the potential of those kind of scenarios being made(aside from making any non-balls to the wall challenge scenario a cakewalk).

I however fully agree with the fact that raiders should raid the place leaving with whatever they can rather than trying to wreck the place and then leave empty handed. But from my own experience they seem to do that already. I currently have a colony with an open stockpile(basically just an area with pillars and a roof) and if I don't seriously harm the raiders(like killing one or two) before they get somewhere in the vicinity of the stockpile they will just snatch whatever valuables I have and leave. Which due to the set up of my base can happen from time to time depending on which direction the raid comes.
Ideas / Re: Age vs. skills vs. mental problems
September 17, 2016, 04:27:12 AM
Anything that adds an incentive to take in old colonists(without nerfing young ones) is a good thing in my opinion. I think I share the reaction of many people when a potential colonist is plopped into view(raid, drop pod, chase event) and you look at their age and are like "never mind, don't need a soon to be blind, senile and cripple colonist." And honestly I would like that to be changed in some way that I'd actually welcome those people for reasons other than "I don't really have a choice, I need more people for the colony to survive".
Thirite, don't ever react to this guy. He just spews out random nonsense out all the time. So it's either the ramblings of an insane person off his meds or just a troll. I somehow still end up clicking the threads he makes anyways though.
Outdated / Re: [A14] Community Core Library v0.14.3.1
September 05, 2016, 05:13:11 AM
Until then it's a lot of trial and error, and in this case even the best educated guesswork is literally shooting in the dark and hoping you hit the deer without hitting the crowd of people standing around it.
Outdated / Re: [A14] Community Core Library v0.14.3.1
September 04, 2016, 06:08:18 AM
Whine to Tynan to make his friggin source code public, that's about the extend a player can do to help the CCL team. It's not gonna happen, because it's been asked so many times and he still hasn't done it.
Ideas / Re: Make sappers only attack your colony
September 01, 2016, 08:21:20 AM
Most effective sapper wave ever?

Anyways, I don't think they should just attack your colony, since that would make mountain forts much more sapper proof if they don't dig through the surrounding stone. Having them not open up ancient danger locations however I would agree on.
I'd like to mention to people that we may be approaching the comparison to the real world in a bit of a skewed manner, usually in the real world there wasn't a sustainable food supply within the defensive walls of any defensive structure, which is a very big difference from the usual rimworld colony we are comparing it against. It was and very much still is extremely impractical to defend an area large enough to contain enough food production to sustain the workers and the defensive force needed to defend the area. A city wall contained the core of the city, but most (if not all) of the area supplying the city with food was beyond the defensive structures. There is a reason why a siege was(and still is) the best method of bringing a city, castle or any defensive structure to it's knees, because almost all the things needed to sustain that defensive position are outside of the defensive position, while you can still bring in supplies for the besieging force.

As you might guess my particular stick isn't so much with the idea of perimeter walls, because they are the functional basis of every defensive position ever(from the beginning of civilization to the modern world) and will probably be until the only thing that can protect you from certain annihilation is not being detected at all. My stick is with that self sustained colony within the perimeter walls that can easily manage defending that entire perimeter with a handful of dudes.
You know how a village or a couple of farms clumped together(which is the approximatie size of a typical rimworld colony) defended against raiders and thieves? A bit like that redneck with the shotgun that comes after you yelling at you to get the hell off his property or by using the buildings they have as cover while attacking the intruders. Not by building a defensive wall around all their farmlands.

@darth, nice to see that you've been able to hold together an open colony. Looks pretty nice actually. But using an exploit(the whole shoot through door, run back inside, repair door till they lose interest and repeat cycle is very much exploiting the ai) against the manhunters to survive them is also something that's not desirable, since well it's an exploit and beyond the fact that there is a reasonable chance for exploits to be removed it's not fun to have to rely on exploits to deal with unfairly balanced events.