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Help / help with wall atlas (weird middle part)
May 18, 2017, 02:00:38 PM
i sketched up a wall (WIP, tile clipping coz it's just a sketch)

here's what it looks like (the in-wall electric/pipes is barely distinguishable in vanilla, but can be easily seen with camera plus mod.)

however, as you can see here :

it creates a blackhole-like thingie in the middle.

here's the wall atlas i used :

i filled up all the places where the walls should be, but where should i place the texture that would display for the middle part? (the part that looked like a black hole)

can anyone point out the location where the texture for the middle part should be drawn in?
^title :

i know that there are refrigerator mods and i also know there is a small nutrient paste dispensor mod.

but i'm hoping someone could build a refrigerated hopper than can be connected to a small nutrient paste dispenser.

Help / how to change tint color settings?
May 06, 2017, 06:15:49 PM

how do i change the color of the tint? i want to turn the normal green tint to red or something, then for medical i wanna desaturate the blue a bit, for prisoners i wanna make it more brownish than yellowish.

can this be done in the xml or not?

i'm such a potato. help plez.
Help / question about replacing vanilla wood floor.
April 24, 2017, 10:18:48 PM
is it possible?

i was able to ADD new wooden floors, using this :

<TerrainDef  ParentName="FloorBase">
    <label>wood poverty floor</label>
    <Description>Wood floor with 100% more poverty.</Description>

^which let's me build some really crappy wooden floors, and it seems to work fine.

(WIP. gonna redo the floor coz it's kinda crap.)(edit : changed line colors. this one seem a bit less crap)

problem is i can't seem to replace vanilla wooden floor using this texture path :

<TerrainDef  ParentName="FloorBase">
    <label>wood floor</label>
    <Description>Wood plank flooring. For that warm, homey feeling.</Description>

this is a problem for me coz i don't wanna add more new items (i play with tons of mods that adds new items, and the build menu practically covers my entire screen)

i can add new floors, i can replace textures and masks of vanilla furniture (i tried this awhile ago for hospital bed and it works fine. except for the rescaling issue)

but does vanilla WoodFloor actually have a different texture path? what am i doing wrong?

need help again.. plz.


edit : as for the rescaling issue, some of the images in a16 art source seem to get rescaled when imported into game. (ie : the hospital bed in there is a 256x256 graphic) which gets skewed in-game.

i could use old artsource, which seems to be more accurate, but there are many new items that isn't part of that.

any suggestions how to find out the right dimension in-game for each item? (other than actually testing each of them out)
Help / question about rimworld texture masks.
April 21, 2017, 01:20:43 PM
so i've started with my furniture mods using core art source as a guide, but then i saw that the art assets for RW13 and RW16 have these texture masks :

and i'm not sure what the masks are for and what are the rules for making these masks? (color and alpha scheme? i dunno wat do..)

RW13 and RW16 texture packs also don't have same folder structure as core art source, so i'm not sure what folders each new texture are supposed to go to.

modding sempais, please lend me your guidance.
Outdated / [a16] war orphans
April 20, 2017, 11:01:20 PM

these war orphans claim to be the children of the raiders you killed and turned into leather hats. however, everybody knows there are no kids in rimworld. dundundunnn..

they're actually synth-noids (synth-mechanoid infiltrators) they join to spy on you, then they eat your food and break your hearts. (they only eat human food)

lifestages :
-orphan : 0-4yrs (baby)
-waif/urchin : 5-9yrs (juvenile)
-maid/butler : 10-15yrs (juvenile late)
-lady/lord : 16yrs-above (adult)

they convert what they eat into chemfuel. milking them gives you chemfuel. they excrete it like vomit. (adult lifestage)

their mecha-organoid body sheds plasteel. shearing them gives you plasteel. like peeling tree bark. (adult lifestage)

butchering gives you steel, plasteel, components, meat, and leather. (proof that they are machines disguised as humans)

they produce mechanoid sounds while in combat. (more proof of their mechanoidness)

they are pack animals and can carry your stuffses when joining a caravan, so you can use them to smuggle and trade smokeleaf to neighboring factions or whatever.

download here : war orphans

notes : i thought those monster girl mods was fun, so i wanted to make one of my own. (i'm planning on making more assets for "industrial age" theme. i wanna test if these urban "wildlife" could look good like NPCs in an industrial town.)

changelog :
-fixed most of the weird errors, removed unnecessary stuff (including comments)

todo :
-figure out how to make them clean your base
-figure out how to harvest their organs

disclaimer : you can use these assets for whatevs, as long as it's not for commercial purposes. yadayada.

Help / help : optimizing image
April 20, 2017, 04:37:08 PM
how do i optimize the images to avoid artifacts near it's borders? (i use photoshop)

the orphans have ugly white artifacts around it's borders.

they look like this in-game :

problem is that they also get artifacts when zooming out

this one is the actual graphic asset :

for testing.

is there a trick to exporting transparent png from photoshop?

i used : save for web > png 24 > default settings

any recommendations how to get crispier edges without the artifacts while maintaining low filesize?


i was planning on doing art assets for vanilla furniture next after i'm done with this experiment, then vanilla buildings, pawns, apparels, etc..

planning to reskin rimworld, so i'm hoping to fix this issue before delving to the next mod.

can you guys share any tips? shinzy? anyone?
Help / suggestions where to host a mod?
April 20, 2017, 10:43:09 AM
i'm lazy. but i'm thinking of sharing some of my mods and wondering which way is gonna give me the least amount of hassle.

steam workshop?

which option can you guys recommend that would give the least amount of hassle when updating?
so i tried creating a new animal pawn.

i wanted them to spawn as "babies" like cute little puppies around the age range of 4yrs by adjusting the ageGenerationCurve like this :

age generation curve (X,Y) : X = target age, Y = percent chance of it spawning

problem is that doing so bugs the player landing and prevents the game from being started. (no drop pods are generated)

is there a code that is preventing the spawning of animal babies?


edit : inb4 pointing to other bugs :
-nope, when i removed the percent chance of the baby lifestage from spawning, the game works normally.

ie :


this works perfectly fine and spawns all of the animals as juveniles. hmm

help plz.
so i'm having a bit of fun with some mod combos in a16, and i don't wanna upgrade to a17 yet (when it comes) coz it's likely to break my saves.

so i went to properties > updates > automatic updates : and all i got are

-always keep updated
-update when i run the game
-high priority : update before others

and i'm like, where's the option that says something like : only update when i press an update button or something?

any suggestions how i could delay my update until i finish my playthrough?
iirc, rooster graphics is different from hens. where is the xml file to set which graphics is used for each gender of an animal?
Ideas / weapon modifications (like FO4)
April 03, 2017, 06:56:05 PM
i wanna suggest the ability to modify weapons.

ie :
-add a bayonet to a rifle : increase melee damage (equal to a knife)

-add a flash light to a gun : adds a conical flashlight effect that lowers line of sight penalty at night (for realistic darkness + FOW mods)

-add grenade launcher to a rifle : press a button and click on a target to launch a grenade on that location. normal fire just shoots like a normal assault rifle.

-add scope (to some guns) : increases accuracy

General Discussion / list your favourite mod combos!
April 01, 2017, 12:08:40 AM
yeps boyos, list your fave mod combos and why you recommend it (ie : mod synergies that makes them better when combined)

combo 1 : (aka : evil lurks in the darkness beyond sight) this mod combo revolves around making the call of cthulhu mods more "immersive"

-realistic darkness (not the light version) : holy crap it's dark, my immersion level is hyped. (works really well with miningCo. mining helmet, which creates light that your pawns can wear)

-real fog : if you play RTS games like warcraft/starcraft, you already know how it works. black area is invisible until explored, while in gray area you see the terrain but the pawns/items are invisible. (there's a watchtower to increase your line of sight, the surveillance camera breaks "immersion" haha.)

-mj minimap : displays a minimap! enemies appear in the map as red dots so you know where they are, but if you're using real fog, that means they're invisible until you have line of sight so you don't know what equipment they have. hahaha.

-miningCo. mining helmet : as stated above, it works great with realistic darkness.

-immersive human sounds : awesome during battles. it's so fun hearing death screams. especially spooky during night battles.

-call of cthulhu mods : it's a set of cool mods that i think works well with the dark and suspenseful mod combos already written above. imagine cults worshiping eldritch gods, a horde of cosmic horrors lurking in the dark beyond your line of sight. it also has this cool "industrial age" type of furnitures, equipment, etc.. fun times. (also, cool lamp posts, jukebox, candles!)

-dubs bad hygiene : aside from being a cool feature, it's pipeworks also adds to the aesthetic of the industrial age. building bathrooms in houses, creating waste disposal, bedpans for the sick! aw yiss.

-industrial rollers : also adds to the industrial age aesthetic. it's so awesome creating badass well planned factories for mass production.

-bridges : this is awesome when creating your coastline town in a boreal forest. you can build on top of marshes, and build right on top of the water. (great when combined with fishing industry)

-fishing industry : works great with the "bridges" mod. you can assign fishermen wearing those yellow raincoats from the call of cthulhu mod.

-RT's weapons pack : has realistic guns that's great for industrial age setting.

-buckshot shotgun : the most awesomest shotgun. makes you feel like evil dead.

-hospitality : because it's fun to build a tavern in your industrial town (jukebox baby!). might as well have visitors join in on the fun.

-prison enhanced : let's you create more realistic prison and asylum. (my insane pawns go here and i just slap them with a straight jacket so they behave. lel)

-vegetable garden : doesn't have much "synergy" with the others, but adds more realism and diversity. (i get tired watching my pawns eat "luxurious meal" all day. i want to have more variety) plus it makes the "hospitality" tavern look more lively.

-fertile fields : let's you create tilled soil and use fertilizer and stuff.

-glass+lights : create windows that let's sunlight in. good for creating more realistic houses.

-dubs skylight : good for creating a more realistic greenhouse (works well with glass+lights mod). greenhouse + vegetable garden mod + fertile fields

-barbed wire : more industrial aesthetic and defense.

-fences and floors : more industrial aesthetic stuff

-dapper muffalo : a muffalo wearing a top hat. this is my industrial town's mascot. hahaha.

-aside from these, you should also avoid using technologically advanced stuff, stick to industrial age technology to increase immersion.


that's it for now.

feel free to add your own combos or suggest mods that you think might work well with other combos.

i'm looking for more mods i could add to my list that's gonna make this combo better.
sup dudes,

is it possible to add more tags to the workshop to filter out different types of mods?

ie : i was looking for mainly aesthetic mods like more hair, faces, better textures for wildlife, mechanoids, furnitures, buildings, etc..
General Discussion / question about range and accuracy
December 15, 2016, 05:58:09 PM
is range accuracy calculated calculated when aiming is initiated, or is it calculated when gun is fired?

ie : if pawn aims at target at X range, but the target approaches pawn and the pawn shoots at it at range Y. does the shot calculate hit chance based on X range or Y range?
Ideas / request for more options in scenario editor
December 08, 2016, 02:56:43 PM
here's a quick wishlist of stuff i hope gets added in scenario editor : these are mostly options that tweaks world generation

-choose number of factions and faction types : like choosing to have 5 or more factions and choosing to have min-max value per faction type. ie : pirate faction min (1) max (5) <--- something like this, so i can have a scenario where all are tribal faction (no guns)

-choose stone types available : i wanna be able to toggle what rocks are available for my scenario.

-choose biome types available : yea, i wanna recreate arrakis from dune if want to.

-choose max-min temperatures : global average temperature. which affects the temps modified by altitude.

-change ratio of landmass to ocean : because arrakis.

-be able to allow to add incompatible forced traits : like add 100% brawler, 100% careful shooter, 100% triggerhappy : and then the game will remove any incompatible traits one at a time until incompatibilities are gone. so at the above scenario, characters can randomly have either a brawler, or careful shooter, or triggerhappy. but not all of the above.

-etc.. some stuff i might have forgotten.
-if first aid kit is in pawn inventory and they have sufficient doctor skill, they can perform first aid on the spot. this allows them to dispense medicine to the sick or stop bleeding during combat.

-IEDs/traps/grenades/turrets can be crafted and placed in pawn inventory. there would be a button that can be pressed to deploy/throw items in pawn's inventory.

-pawn can only carry one of each type. ie : pawn can only carry a first aid kit or an IED/trap or a grenade/molotov/EMP or a rocket launcher/psychic lance or a shield (energy/physical), they can't have one of each. but number of items of carried is limited by pawn's carrying capacity. (maybe there will be backpacks in the future?)

-all of these are consumable items (except shields), and in some cases like traps/turrets, those can be deployed/undeployed when necessary.

-this gives much more tactical flexibility for pawns
General Discussion / it's raining spam
August 14, 2016, 10:37:51 PM
i guess fame/success attracts greedy/jealous sabotage..
Ideas / raiders calling for reinforcements
August 08, 2016, 12:49:40 PM
new raid event.

i wanna suggest that when raiders lose 50% of their troops, they'll retreat to the edge of the map and start calling for reinforcements and then attack again when reinforcements arrive. but when raiders drop to 25% of their troops, that's when they actually decide to exit the map completely.

this will create a raid event that forces the player to be both defensive and aggressive, because the raid will never end unless the player can actually force the raiders to flee from the map.
are the animals still refusing to make sexytimes with their wincest?

a bit of googling got me here : (fluffy is my new hero btw, half of my mods i installed and liked the most are made by fluffy)


anyways, even though we gots the mod to deal with this, i'm still curious if the no-animal-wincest would be a permanent thing? coz i miss my delicious fried chicken-geddon auto-factory and i'm not sure if i should start keeping track of "breeders" to ensure nonstop sexytimes..