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I'm not sure whats going wrong, there seems to be no way to activate patch related errors or logs of how the patch went through. Ive tried for two days now to try different things and nothing has worked so I give up and here I am. Personally I hate forums for communication, but I am not in any of the discords..

This is the item I am trying to add items to;
Code: [Select]
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

<label>medical supplier</label>
<li Class="StockGenerator_SingleDef">
<li Class="StockGenerator_SingleDef">
<li Class="StockGenerator_SingleDef">
<li Class="StockGenerator_SingleDef">
<li Class="StockGenerator_SingleDef">
<li Class="StockGenerator_SingleDef">
<li Class="StockGenerator_SingleDef">


This is the patch file;
Code: [Select]
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>

<Operation Class="PatchOperationSequence">
<li Class="PatchOperationTest">
<xpath>/Defs/ThingDef[defName = "AntiparasiticalBooster"]</xpath> <!-- Test if this item exists -->
<li Class="PatchOperationAdd"> <!-- If the item above exists, add the below values to my trader's stock -->
<xpath>/Defs/TraderKindDef[defName = "Orbital_MedicalGoods"]/stockGenerators</xpath>
<li Class="StockGenerator_SingleDef">

<Operation Class="PatchOperationSequence">
<li Class="PatchOperationTest">
<xpath>/Defs/ThingDef[defName = "HerbalImmunityBooster"]</xpath> <!-- Test if this item exists -->
<li Class="PatchOperationAdd"> <!-- If the item above exists, add the below values to my trader's stock -->
<xpath>/Defs/TraderKindDef[defName = "Orbital_MedicalGoods"]/stockGenerators</xpath>
<li Class="StockGenerator_SingleDef">

<Operation Class="PatchOperationSequence">
<li Class="PatchOperationTest">
<xpath>/Defs/ThingDef[defName = "ConcentratedImmunityBooster"]</xpath> <!-- Test if this item exists -->
<li Class="PatchOperationAdd"> <!-- If the item above exists, add the below values to my trader's stock -->
<xpath>/Defs/TraderKindDef[defName = "Orbital_MedicalGoods"]/stockGenerators</xpath>
<li Class="StockGenerator_SingleDef">


Essentially, I am trying to make it add those items to the shop list only if that person's mod is detected. The patch system is confusing to me, I'd rather use C# but I don't know how to code.

Ideas / Default drug policy & save drug policies permanently
« on: June 18, 2018, 06:08:26 PM »

I'd like to default my colonists to a drug policy so I don't have to delete all and set one single one to each colonist individually.

I'd also like to be able to save my drug policy outside of the save file so I can have it in -all- saves and not have to set it anymore.  Starting a new game is the most annoying part of the game now because I have to adjust literally everything.  Would be nice to just be able to save a drug policy to game and somewhere in options have that as the default upon starting a new colony.

Ideas / Night Owl Trait on Restrictions Screen
« on: June 18, 2018, 05:59:09 PM »

We should have a visual indicator somewhere for night owls on the restrict screen so we can better set them up instead of clicking each and every single pawn till you find the night owl then go through the list to set them.

I like using the scenario editor to create certain circumstances and stories, but the editor seems to be a little weak at the moment, with a few issues as well.  I'll type up a list of things I think should be edited, then added, then fixed.  I'm not very good with formatting, especially on SMF.  :P

I've somewhat colorized these based on how difficult I think it would be for the devs to implement them.  Green to Red on difficulty scale.  I can't say myself for sure how hard it is, its only how hard I myself think it would be, my educated guess that is.

----- ----- ----- ----- ----- Edit Existing ----- ----- ----- ----- -----

Arrival Method
This currently has two options. Standing, and Drop Pods.
I'd like to see "map edge (direction)", and "Caravan mode (direction)".
Map edge has your chosen start conditions but with you standing on that map edge.  All your start near supplies, near the map edge where you started.
Caravan mode, has your colonists packed with as much of those materials as possible, including animals that can carry weight.  They are set to automatically go towards the center, to unpack.  The player can pause and place a caravan spot to have his caravan unpack there.
Perhaps, a temporary 1 game day bonus can be applied to the carry weight of pawns and animals to support any weight so they can carry -all- to the unpacking location.

Replace this with "Clothing", and add options for clothing: "Naked","Standard","Synthread","Hyperweave","Random".
Standard, would be a set of basic cloth clothing.  Synthread would be what you start with normally.  Random, would be the game generator picking randomized clothing like it does for raiders and visitors.

Starting People
Add an option here, a checkbox next to "chosen from", that enables these pawns to arrive in various ways later in the game.  So the people you left behind, will make it to the planet over the next year of game time and you'll see them either in a raid, a friendly visitor group, or fallen from the sky in a rescue pod.
"It seems that one of the people you left behind, has joined an enemy faction and is in the raid attacking you.  If you capture him, he may be willing to join you.  Killing him may make your colonists unhappy." (the message appended to a raid, like those with a family member in it)
"A group of visitors has arrived, and one of them is someone you left behind.  If you send your warden out to talk to them, they may be convinced to join without hurting relations with the faction." (The message appended to a visiting/trade faction message)

This could allow for some interesting features as well, like having a random message pop up that says "Someone you knew from back on the ship has convinced a faction that you are good people, relations with them have been temporarily set to neutral, and will stay for a period of time.  They wish to meet with you (a peace talk quest), if you do not visit them in the given time, relations will be worse than before."

Game Start Dialog
Move this entry to the top, above "Allowed Age Range", and add a checkbox to it that removes the input box and says "Use Description".

Description +Tags
Disable "Enter" from sending you to the next menu, allow Enter key to be used to insert new lines into the description.  Increase character limit from 1000 to something much greater, possibly even 10,000 and show the character limit and current characters. 

Add special tags here to let you specify conditions instead of auto generating the rule set at the end.  Add a tag limit as well, like 20 tags. Tags contain % on both sides, aka %tag%.
Tags: "PlayerFaction", "StartPawns", "ChoicePawns", "ArrivalMethod", "AgeRange", "CannotDo", "PawnExplode", "ForcedIncidents", "DisabledIncidets", "DisabledBuildings", "DisabledResearch", "HealthConditions", "ForcedTraits", "PawnClothings", "PermanentConditions", "PlanetKill", "NeedLevels", "StartWith", "StartNear", "RandScatter", "StartAnimals", "StartResearch", "StatMultipliers"

Some tags may need some advanced editing and such.  Like say you type "You land on a planet, survey scans indicate that %ForcedIncidents.1% will occur every so often and because of generic reason here, %ForcedIncidents.3% will happen often."
I'm not sure.  The tags was really an after thought, you could simply add an option to hide data from the auto generated description instead so the player won't know what options the scenario has unless he goes in to edit it.

Lets spice this up a little and let us choose a planet killing event.
"Weapon" = Current.

"LargeMeteorite" = A planet wiping meteorite impacts somewhere.  Giving you 2 game days left to escape before the devistation hits you.  All light roofing collapses instantly, 30% heavy rock roof collapses destroying whatever is under it like it normally would.  Then, over the course of 12 game hours, the sky darkens, ash rains down on the colony everywhere, toxic ash buildup starts happening.  Light level after 12 hours is now 40% tops.  After 36 hours, the planet begins to crack, your map will generate a river of red boiling lava that wipes out anything under it.  Impassable tiles.  48 hours, the game ends with details saying that the planet exploded under extreme pressure.

"SmallMeteorite" = A meteorite smashes into the planet, and starts a permanent volcanic winter event.  This is a very soft planet killer.  1 game month in, the light level is now 40% tops.  Plants can no longer grow outdoors exposed to the sky.  Any rooms not fully sealed will be toxic to colonists and ash toxicity starts building up much in the way of radioactive fallout but it will happen in -any- room not 100% roofed. The temperature will start to drop, factions on the map will start being deleted, random bases wiped.  Raids will happen more often, allies will request help more often until they are wiped.  Insects and Mechanoids will happen far more often, having been disturbed from their hybernation.  3 game months in, toxicity will affect anything under a roof, it is no longer safe on the planet, not even inside a base.  You must flee before your colonists die from the toxicity. 1 game year in, game ends, explaining that all remaining colonists have succumb to radiation, ash toxicity, and other various effects of a dying planet, regardless of their enhancements.

(Might think of more later)

----- ----- ----- ----- ----- Add New ----- ----- ----- ----- -----

Disallow Research
Simple, add an option to disable research and anything that requires it.

Add a story teller selection here with a box to check that says "Skip Storyteller Screen".
The first box lets you select who tells the story.  The next box contains no button until the first one is chosen, and then you select the options -that- story teller has.  Skipping, would mean the player can't change this.

This option contains multiple settings.
Seed, Globe Coverage, Rainfall, Temperature.  It also includes a checkbox to skip the world generator screen.
Globe Coverage, will default to 30% every time, no randomization here.  On the scenario's tab, an icon of the planet should appear with a colored status to display if someone forced a scenario to generate with a 100% generated world as a special warning.  Green planet icon for 5%, lime green for 30% default. Yellow for 50%, red for 100%.

Rainfall and Temp settings are simple sliders like in the actual world gen screen. A -3 to 3 slider that defaults at 0.
Seed, lets you type in a specific seed to have the world generate.  Enter the word "random" to leave it randomly generated.  This would let you either specify a specific seed to use, or set random seed while locking rainfall and temp at a specific level.

Lets say, you want to force a completely specified scenario.  This will let you specify where the user begins either a fuzzy select or a direct select.

Fuzzy Select: Scenario author is presented with some buttons below "selection type".  Mountain,Rainfall,Temperature,Growing Period,Faction Distance,Biome

Mountain: You are asked what mountain status the player will start at. Flat, Small Hills, Large Hills, Mountainous
The game will first scan all tiles with this chosen status to generate a list.

Growing Period: Select a growing period type.  Never, 10/60, 20/60, 30/60, 40/60, 50/60, Always.
This will choose from the Mountain list.  If no options are found, it goes to the next nearest value.

Faction Distance: Allows you to specify how close to a faction base you're allowed to be. Directly Next, within 2 cells, within 3 cells, within 4 cells, Further than 5 cells.
This will check all the tiles from the growing period list to see if any fall within the rule set you choose above.  If you select within 4 cells for example, all tiles outside of 4 cells range of a faction base will be deleted from the list.

Biome: List the available biomes in game here to choose from.  If biome is not found, this option will be ignored.

Rainfall: You are asked for a general area of rainfall status. Least, Low, Medium, High, Highest.
The game will choose 25% of the biome list based on the option you pick here, to keep.  This will keep the nearest 10 options of the list as a potential choice.

Temperature:  Same as rainfall.  Will check rainfall's list and pick an option from it.  This is the end of the checks so this option ultimately picks the final start point.  It will take 3 of the options in the last list, and choose one of them, unless you specified least, or highest, then it will pick the lowest or highest.

Direct Select: Scenario author is presented with a single button.  "Pick a spot on a map"
This takes you to a world generator screen, where you'd choose your planet options like globe coverage, seed, rainfall and temp.  Then you pick a spot, and click "choose".  This will trigger the scenario screen to add "WorldSeed" above this to the list with the chosen world gen options, and then this option will show the tile ID in the input box.  Greyed out so you can't manually type a new one in.  A button next to the box that says "pick" to let you pick again from the same world seed.  Changing "worldseed" resets this option.

This option will let you specify 3 things.
How many factions are there.
How many of these factions are tribes.
How many of these factions are pirate. (always enemy)

This option ignores the above, and adds a new faction to the game.  Scenario creator can choose the faction's name, ally enemy status, how many bases the faction will generate.

A way to change a crop growth speed, output amount, or disable the crop entirely.  This will let you select a crop, like Rice.  Checkbox to disable it, default unchecked.  2 options below that, growth speed multiplier, and crop output multiplier.  Either an input box or a slider.  Input box would allow advanced control of course.

Victory Conditions
Add a method to set victory conditions.  Such as "Acquire x wealth, survive x days, reach a population of x", or other such.

Enable or disable caravans, or control how many are allowed on the map at once.  Disabling splitting if you're at that number.  Basically, type 0 to disable forming caravans, and 999 to disable max caravans.  -- Proposed by Viperwasp

----- ----- ----- ----- ----- Fixes ----- ----- ----- ----- -----

Replace the float menu with a search feature that shows the top 10 items in the search results as you type.  If you type nothing, show a "float menu" button to pull up "all" in the float menu.  But if you type something, show the top 10 matches, and let the user click one of those 10.

Or perhaps, an input box on float menus that have more than 10 items in them.  At the top of the menu an input box that when you open the menu it is auto selected so you can begin typing without clicking anything.  Say I search for "Medi", it would delete all menu options that don't have "medi" in the name. (case insensitive)

If you do this second thing, please return the float menu to the bigger text size of the normal smaller menus.  Items menu for example that has over 100 results in it is rather tiny, I had to get within 6 inches of my screen to read it.  I spent half an hour trying to find Herbal Medicine in the menu cause I was looking in the wrong spots and for some reason thought it was a different name and I just simply missed it a few times with so very many results.  Its very hard to make a good scenario this way. xD

Create Disabled Events
You can't disable an event, then manually create the event with scenarios.  This prevents a timed event setup that allows you to disable things like early game ship escape or other early game things.

E.G. I disabled the ship escape event, and then created it after exactly 120 days.

Easy Fix: Allow disabled events to manually be triggered.

Duplicate Events
There's also an issue of creating multiple of the same event.  I can't set an event to happen after 2 days, then 4 days, then 7 days, 12 days.  I can only have the event repeat every x days when I check the box.

Perhaps what you can do for this is mark certain events as no duplicate, so they won't allow you to post duplicates of that event.
Easy Fix: Allow certain events to be in the list multiple times.

Or you can enable an input box so you can input comma denominated lists. "2.5632,4.8234,7.8823,12.9112,19.2612" and even a "loop" to allow it to loop that specific list. "2.5632,4.8234,7.8823,12.9112,19.2612,loop" - where loop is, the game starts that list over again.  Others could be "stop", to stop this incident completely. "random5", to pick random from the list prior to this one that many times before going to next item. "loop#", to loop a number of times.  A final example;

[[2, 4, 7, 12, 19, random, random, random], [2, 4, 7, 12, 19, random, random, random], [2, 4, 7, 12, 19, random, random, random], stop]

Ideas / Pack Stockpile To Animals
« on: September 13, 2017, 11:12:19 AM »
I didn't see a suggestion for this in a quick search, I did see some others that I commented on though.

I was playing with a mod that spawns an area of rich resources, and I sent along 35 muffalo to carry hay and other supplies with me to go mine the area of the map.  However I couldn't find a way to quickly load my caravan after.  I made a stockpile on that map and had 30+ piles of steel, several piles of plastel and gold, and I wanted to pack my animals...

However, it required me to right click each and every single item to do it, and I had to keep pausing over and over again and force this action repeatedly, which got old, real fast.  It made me want to stop using the caravan system all together.  Made worse by the fact that when the animals were getting close to full, I had to right click, pack all that stack, only to be told I have to select a portion of the stack, repeatedly for each animal, rather than it running a check to see if the stack can fit amongst all the available space on all the animals.

I think it would be a good idea to allow the player to right click the stockpile, and pack all to animals, rather than right clicking each item individually.  Calculating the space as it goes along till all the animals storage space is used up and the game emits a message in the top (same way it does with pregnant animals) "Caravan's animals are now full".

We'd also need a global storage button to check all the animals, rather than needing to click each one individually.  So I can find which one has useless items or items I'd rather drop in exchange for adding what I have left in my stockpile and remotely click drop from there rather than clicking every single animal to find it.

General Discussion / Rimworld 2! Random thought just because.
« on: November 20, 2016, 01:58:10 PM »
I know I know, its too early to think about Rimworld 2.  Perhaps don't think about this as Rimworld 2, but Rimworld Story/Multiplayer.

This is just a random thought I had while editing a video on youtube totally unrelated to the game.  ( )  This being a team play game I was editing may be what gave me the idea.

A first person Rimworld, where you play as a single character from your crashed crew.  Same Rimworld planet, style, everything except, in a first person environment.  Maybe 3D models and such instead but yea.  Essentially, the same storyline, random events, buildings, in first person mode.  Each of you controls only a single character that you can set up before launching the game.  Your own backstory, age, skills, etc.  If you play alone, you have AI that you can send orders to, while if you play with friends, they join your server and the admin/server owner creates the parameters while they create their character.  Once ready, everyone falls to the planet and starts playing.  Players can join and take over an AI or fall as an injured colonist.

Now in this game mode, events do still happen as they do in Rimworld, but it takes you into the game deeper so you see things from a single colonist's view.  You can run around and do your own things first hand instead, you'll have to manage your own stress levels or you'll lose control of yourself and go on a mental break.

Anyhow, this was just a random idea/thought I had, I wasn't sure where it would go good on the forum since I doubt it'll ever happen.  I felt compelled to share the thought/idea though, and hope Tynan gets around to seeing too!  Could be a good future game, but its probably something that'd require a bigger developer team/model artists and such, who knows.

On an unrelated note, I'll be 27 in two days, woo.
During my break from Rimworld, I've been doing a lot of Ark Survival.  I with Ark devs were as intelligent as Tynan.  These Ark devs just don't know jack squat about maintaining a good community.  Tynan is a far better developer than I've seen in many many games.  Rimworld has an amazing community, woo!

Alright, my random post of randomness is done, enjoy all.  :P

Off-Topic / Bad Game Developers? Corrupt / Unethical Game Developers?
« on: April 05, 2016, 12:18:48 AM »
Now I've been around a long time, and I know it takes a lot to develop a game having spoken with a few developers, some I even have talked to directly via skype or steam but when you start banning people who rate your game bad and deleting their ratings and claiming everyone's out to get you, its time for you to stop being a developer and leave the gaming industry.

It seems to me that he developer of Gratuitous Space Battles 2 turned into an unethical and bad developer after he made a great game the first time.  He started banning people for asking him to fix a bug that crashes the game 50% of the time.

Mind you, this wasn't me, because I don't own the game, and I refuse to buy the game now that I've seen the large amount of bad reviews, and the blog post of the developer admitting to abandoning the game.

I haven't even heard of the damn thing and I own the entire first one with all the DLC and everything and was even a modder of it.  This indicates that the developer has done very badly at marketing the game.  If even the people who own the first one didn't hear of it, he didn't market it correctly.  I just now heard of it when it went on sale and at its 80% off sale, I say its not worth it because it crashes 50% of the time according to everyone who owns it that I've asked.

There is another developer as well, one who made Star Drive, and Star Drive 2.  He appears to have stolen some of the same "ideas" from other games and made his game in pretty much the same way as other popular space games, and refuses to fix issues or bugs with his game.  He bans anyone who even mentions a bug in the game from his forum and somehow pays people to rate his game good just before a sale which is what caused me to buy his piece of shit of a game, because the reviews looked great till legitimate reviews started gaining popularity again.

I wish Valve would ban developers from steam who do things like this.  Valve needs to put something in to protect users better.  The game refund thing is currently bullshit.  2 hours of gameplay and then you can't return the game anymore?  How are you supposed to tell if its unfinishable?  Some games 2 hours is fine, but, they should really be looking into the reviews of a game, and then prohibit more sales should the reviews be bad enough and demand the developer fix it before sales happen again, or something.

In an example, Planet Explorers while a great game, has a bug in one of the missions currently that prevents you from getting past and continuing the story.  The game can not be completed, and it takes at least 3 hours to get to that point if you are working fast.  I take my time and prepare of course.  That game is still good so, don't go thinking I'm ranting on it, they are good developers from what I've seen thus far.  I was just using an example of a game you can't find out how good it is within 2 hours.

Ideas / More Planning!
« on: March 01, 2016, 07:11:46 AM »
I would like there to be a category of colors for more planning colors to be available in the game as I am a planing type of person.  As soon as my colony starts, I find a place on the map I like, and then plan, before my colonists even land I have an entire base setup and planned out.

Click image for zoom.

There's a mod that does this already in a way, adding only one new color.  I altered that mod a bit to add new colors but my version is not functional without DLL changes.  I was hoping that this may end up in the core game though.

Also, there is another way I thought of doing this without adding a new category (my uploaded post to this forum uses a new category), but have no clue how.  It would be like the Stuff system where you select what material a wall is going to be made out of.  Except instead of stuff, it's a color selector that doesn't require you having some sort of material first.  Even though I hate that context menu, it would be a good way to combine it all into one item instead of making a new category.

I would like some of these colors to be specific though.  Like one color is specific to walls and doors, and will not automatically remove its self until a wall or a door is placed/built there.  Would also be nice if there were a button to toggle all red into a mining location.  So you can place a designate mine everywhere a red plan is set.  But those are just some advanced ideas involving planning.  My main concern is more colors.

[attachment deleted by admin - too old]

Off-Topic / Really Big Sky - Free Game Giveaway
« on: February 28, 2016, 06:19:05 AM »
I have a steam key for this sitting around, I don't know if it works or not.

Post here if you want to enter the giveaway.  I will pick a random name to give the key to using this script; (THE CODE BELOW IS JUST PROOF OF RANDOMNESS)
Code: [Select]
## Script by Artex Drake

from random import randint

FILENAME = "names.txt"

namelist = []
for line in open(FILENAME, "r").read().split("\n"):
 line_clean = line.strip()
 if line_clean != "":
  namelist += [line_clean]

# Analysis
nameCount = len(namelist)
numWinner = randint(0, nameCount - 1)

winner = namelist[numWinner]

# Display
print "Selected name %d/%d: %s" % (numWinner + 1, nameCount, winner)

print "Press ENTER when done"

Name will be chosen March 31st.  I may not reply or notice the topic until then, I've set a link to the topic on my calendar to alert me on that day.  If a moderator would like to pin this until then, that'd be great.

A minimum of 10 names must be below before I'll do the game giveaway.
Entered names:
Ouan <- Winner

Ideas / Allergic reactions
« on: February 26, 2016, 04:12:08 PM »
first off, I am typing this on a phone.
Secondly, I am still semi sedated from MInor surgery.

So I'll be more details when I get home.

Allergic reactions could be a good thing to add to the game.

Ideas / Modable Time
« on: February 26, 2016, 12:49:02 AM »
I would like to be able to mod time easily.  To change how long the game days are in ticks, to change how long the game months are individually including adding a leap year.  The idea is that Tynan rewrite the GenDate.cs file to something similar to what you see in Version 3 below, and then the game reads the XML file (not exactly like the 3 I provided, I know there should be more stuff there but I only provided bare minimum examples) to figure out what the months will be in the game and how long each month is with other changeable stuff.

In this C# & XML, you can;
  • Change starting year.
  • Change hours per day.
  • Change ticks per hour.
  • Add or remove months.
  • Specify a specific amount of days in each individual month.
  • Rename months.
  • Enable leap years.
  • Specify which months have a leap day.
  • Specify how often a leap year occurs.

EDIT: Updated with better examples.
With Haplo's help and someone who doesn't even know what the game is telling me what things mean in C# and providing other help as well, I've been able to put together a few things.  Some won't work, but I will show anyway to show the progress of the idea as it was being made.  I really hope that this can become a part of Alpha 13.

The C# stuff: Version 1 of GenDate.cs (excluding other data) (File expires in 1 month) (Possibly functional, but inefficient) Version 2 of GenDate.cs (excluding other data) (File expires in 1 month) (Also non-functional) Version 3 of GenDate.cs (excluding other data) (Does not expire)

The XML stuff: (all of these work off Version 3)
Earth Time: (1 month expiry)
A12 Time: (1 month expiry)
New Planet: (1 month expiry)

Mods / [Mod Request] C-RAN (CKAN for Rimworld) {A Mod Management System}
« on: February 21, 2016, 06:05:08 AM »
The system source code already exists right there.  It just needs some tweaking to work with Rimworld, with a portability system so that it doesn't need to lock it's self to a specific directory.  Its already quite the success with KSP even and I know for a fact it works great and is easy to use.

It allows the creation of mod packs too, where you check box all the mods you want to install, then create a "pack" file which is a file that contains the list of things to download and you give that file to someone else, they load it in their CKAN and it downloads all the same mods from the official source.

Mods / I can't seem to find a mod I am looking for.
« on: January 27, 2016, 06:58:35 AM »
I want to get a mod that adds more planning tiles to the game of different and more visible colors.  Just a single white planning tile doesn't help me very much when I'm pausing the game to plan out my entire base prior to letting my colonists land on the planet.  I'm pretty sure I saw one somewhere but I examined every page of the released mods and it isn't listed in the title of any of the 12 pages.

If the mod doesn't exist, I guess I can figure out a way to make it myself.  :P  I'm also hoping that the planning in it lets you keep those plans placed even after you mine the rock they were set on.

Ideas / Multiplayer! Suggestions on how it could work.
« on: January 26, 2016, 02:32:38 AM »
I know that I'm going to get a lot of troll posts here because of me suggesting multiplayer so I will report any of them that show up.  That includes stupid shit like "How about Z levels too?" as I've seen in other posts, just general sarcasm.  Be constructive, not a nuisance.

I've had several ideas for multiplayer that I wanted to share.  I went through my history of all posts and found out WOW, I've been around since Alpha1/2!  Holy crap! xP What I wouldn't give to play Alpha 1 and 2 again to remember the good old days! :P  Anyway, I know that many people have suggested multiplayer and want it however it just doesn't fit in Tynan's goal for the game.  People like competitive play and some like coop like me or at least friendly competitive.  So, I'm going to list a few methods of multiplayer here, that I hope may be considered eventually.

Method 1: Co-op Multi-Map
Alright, I know this is a survival game.  So what about a co-op survival game where two colonies land on the planet on two different parts of the world file so each has a different map basically.  Like one can land in a desert, and one can land in a forest.
Anyway, the way this would work is both colonies are able to send supplies to each other using the trade beacons as the available tradable supply list and they open an interface that lets you send supplies or offer a trade.  The trade offer is received on their end and they can accept, edit, or reject the trade.  If you don't request anything, it instead of sending an accept or reject thing, sends a notice that "A gift was delivered by player x".
You would also be able to aid them in a dire situation like their colony is under attack.  You can do this by clicking request aid, and the other player accepts or rejects, during this time the game is paused on both sides and you specify who you want to send to help them, and depending on your distance it takes that long to get there and you arrive at the appropriate side of the map too from where you came.  Now you are both looking at the same map and your colonists are in full on military mode and your choices of buildings are limited and such where you can't make anything but sand bags or mortars, maybe a turret or such.  When you leave, you can leave the buildings or deconstruct them to take back as much of your material with you as you can.  The other player will have to "claim" the structures to take them down for you.  You return to your map, and your colonists return later on when they walk back (takes 40% more time than it took to get there).
When you both start to get to the late game point, and are ready to build a ship to get out, you can invite the other player to join you on your ship, assuming you have enough pods available.  It will tell them on the invite how many pods are available and they can click a button saying "need more pods" or even just chat to you saying it's not enough pods yet.  Then they can send you resources you need to make more or whatnot if they want.  You work together on two different parts of the map to accomplish the same goal.
As for the speed of the game, to increase the speed you must both vote to increase the speed, but speed can be reduced by either player without a vote and auto decreases for both in the event of raids or other game speed reducing things.  Both players get a speed cross out line like normal.  Otherwise both or all players must consent to a speed increase (in the event of more than 2).
In the event of a modded game, all players must have the same mods.  Can be verified by making an MD5 hash of all the files, who knows.

I'll type more later, I need a break cause my wrists hurt and fingertips are numb.  Carpal tunnel sucks don't it? :P  I'll copy and paste something here for me to remember later though;

Code: [Select]
12:40 AM - Vas: I had this idea for multiplayer though, what do you think? ;;  Two people join on te same map.  On map spawn, instead of the standard story of crashing, you have a story about how you were in a debate over how to rule over a territory with some fellow ship mates when the ship came under attack and you both ejected to seperate escape pods.  You now have to decide, whether you are going to work together, shared control over all the land, or if you are going to control half the land but still be at peace with each other, or whether you are going to defend your land as if they are hostiles.  After that, the game appropriately selects an "area" and restricts your colonists to it, and theirs to their land.  People who are always stressed in your colony can choose to leave your colony and join theirs.  "Dave has decided to leave your colony because of the conditions here.", also depends on how much better stuff the other colony has.  So basically whoever loses all their colonists, loses.  They can choose to stay in the game and wait to see if a wanderer joins, or their colony has people leave to return to yours, or they can simply exit and give the victory to the other guy.  And if working together, you simply play the game normally while colonists are marked Colony 1/Colony 2 and they control number 2 and you can't but you both get shared control of the map and can designate whether you help mine and such.
12:50 AM - Vas: We're running out of link flags in this game! D:
12:57 AM - Vas: What did you think of the multiplayer idea?
1:07 AM - Itchy Flea: It's good. Post it in the suggestions forum if you haven't already.
1:07 AM - Vas: Oh I've posted things like that before.  I know it won't happen.  :P
1:10 AM - Vas: I really don't like using SMF to post all my stuff, I had hoped the forum would have been upgraded by now to XenForo but Tynan canceled that in favor of keeping all the current posts in the community (I think).  When he could have made instead and prohibited posting on it, and created a XenForo forum and active users would start moving their stuff over.
1:11 AM - Vas: SMF is absolutely horrid for this game and it's current setup and stuff and the community's preferences.

I intend to re-type my idea with more details and such and separate the methods out and think about every aspect I can, I jut need a break in typing right now.

Ideas / Cryosleep Changes? Blue Line & Sleep Timer
« on: July 31, 2015, 06:58:26 AM »
First off, I think this should be default in the game, is the blue line.
You know how a downed colonist has a red line through their name in the overview?  I think colonists in crysleep should have a blue line instead.  Showing you what colonists can't do anything because they are frozen.
(Possibly even a green line for those "resting" from sickness, but that's another topic)

Second, I'd like to see cryosleep chambers with timers.  The ship sleep chambers let you eject sleepers without anyone outside them to eject them, which is semi unrealistic however it's fine I guess.  But it would be nice if you could put a sleeper into cryosleep for 3 days, or specify he'll come out in 3 months, 1 game year, 5 game years.  Then, if you put everyone into cryosleep for a duration, none can come out till that duration has passed, or a wanderer joins and you use him to eject them.  This could be used for an issue where suddenly you have a food crisis and need to wait for stuff to grow.  Or during a toxic fallout, you can put everyone to sleep safely during the toxic fallout.  Or winters when you live in a cold region so cold you can't even heat your base where it's -200 outside.

Maybe a timer cryosleep pod should require small amounts of power.  I think they should all take small amounts of power to keep someone frozen but yea, anyway.

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