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General Discussion / NVM: please lock topic. no new update today.
« on: April 07, 2016, 02:37:59 PM »
as the title says, got a new message from sendowl stating rimworld was updated again. downloaded it. so what was changed fixed from the initial alpha 13 release? really miss the regular changelog updates.

Bugs / [W] 12.914 Some resolution bugs / issues
« on: September 03, 2015, 02:49:49 PM »
At a screen resolution of 720p the tops of certain menus are cut off. IE the aren't scaling properly / at all.

also trying to change in game resolution to a larger one than the desktop is fails to change resolution at all.
Desktop resolution is set to 720p, game launches at 720p, in options set resolution to 900p. resolution doesn't change but window pops up asking if i want to keep my changes. i press yes. window closes, resolution has reset to 720p. only way to make it larger is to change desktop res to 900p then game will allow changing to a higher res.

Ideas / Some ideas for traits, mood, food, zones, etc.
« on: February 08, 2015, 03:01:36 PM »
here's some general ideas for the future. some Tynan might already have planned, idk.

Food variety, Effects mood and health: Currently there's no real reason to grow more than one kind of crop other then visual. My idea is two fold. the first is that nobody enjoys eating the same thing over and over again. so idea would be that colonists would get grouchy having to eat the same thing over and over again. the second part is health. people need to eat a balanced diet to maintain nutrition and health. so if all your people are eating just meat, or just potatoes then their health may degrade a bit.
Related events and traits: mono cropping irl is a bad idea since blights effect certain foods. so my idea would be a change to the current mysterious blight system. instead of it effecting all the crops it would target a certain type. so it could go " a mysterious blight destroyed your potatoes." etc. this would encourage greater variety of food types to be grown to avoid whole harvests wiped out.
as far as traits go i can think of two to tie in: carnivore and vegetarian.
carnivores would prefer eating meat, possibly even raw, and would receive a mood boost. they'd be willing to eat fruits and veggies but might take a slight hit in mood. and the flip side of that for vegetarians. colonist would also purposefully seek out their preferred meals / food when hungry.

rehabilitation: this idea may be to complicated or go counter to the vision of the game but i thought i'd throw it out there. the idea would be to have sessions of some sort between doctors / wardens and colonists that have bad traits, I.E. chemically interested, depressive, etc. over a long period of time the patients could reduce or lose those traits.
traits could remain as recovering chem addict or recovering depressive. events could cause them to regress perhaps.

keep clear zone  and forbidden zone: the keep clear zone would allow you to designate an area to keep clear of trees, bush's etc. colonists with the plant cutting job would cut down what ever is set in the area's bill. so if you only wanted grass to grow in your compound you'd set trees and bushes to be cut. it would exclude automatically growing zones. would be useful for creating fire breaks and keeping firing lanes clear.
forbidden zone, this would be useful for keeping colonist away from certain areas such as keeping non combatants away from a warzone. these two ideas would help to reduce some of the micro management that currently is required.

assignable groups: what i mean by this is the ability select a group of colonists, hit ctrl + somekey and assign them to that key. so whenever i need them i press that key and bam all of them(still alive , functioning) are selected so i can quickly respond to threats.

Research: a new research tree for wood / plant cutting. these task are slow and never improve. how about researchable wood axes, chainsaws for wood and pruning shears for bushes and grass? would fit in with pneumatic picks. sledge hammer for construction/deconstruction, "diamond" hoe for farming(never waste diamonds on hoes... lol)

new ore and more power wire types: new ore would be copper, could be used for weapons, wiring and for making mortar shells.
new wire types in addition to steel would be copper and gold. steel would be the worst wire while gold would be the best with copper as the middle ground. perhaps the new wire types would have less chance of faults or shorts. realistically copper and gold handle power much better as steel has too much resistance. lead can also conduct electricity better than steel. perhaps wire could have efficiency like batteries, so steel would only be 50% efficient, copper 75% and gold 100%. so for better power flow you'd want better wire. would make gold actually useful besides a secondary currency and make it hard to decide between gold statues and better wiring.

Trapping / traps: build-able traps such as bear traps and snares. for hunting purposes they'd have to be baited, they'd have a storage slot much like weapon racks but for bait. for defensive purposes they's just need to be built. against enemies they'd only do minor damage to the legs, slowing them down. a colonist with a clumsy trait could have a chance to set off traps and hurt themselves. clumsy trait would slow all work by a small amount.

Mulch pile zone: the ability to zone an area as a mulch / compost site. all rotten food and animal corpses get hauled there and slowly over time turn the soil underneath to rich soil. only available on surfaces that can already host plants. rich soil could become extremely fertile but take a very long time to improve. any rotten items place in this zone would be auto marked as forbidden. they would remain till their durability is gone then they'd disappear leaving a small patch of rich soil. it could serve as a good solution to disposing of rotting food.

sand / gravel and sand bag / concrete changes: currently sand bags / concrete are made from steel... ok. my thought is any rock you mine that doesn't produce ore  or a stone chunk should produce gravel or sand. these together would make concrete(not realistic but better than steel) and gravel / sand and cloth could make sand bags.

new Maintenance job: walls, conduits and production tables and power generators could slowly degrade over time and need maintenance.

Oil and gasoline generators: would need pipes i guess but basically you could pump oil to a generator for producing alot of power. colonist wouldn't like them much though do to noise and pollution but could be handy for a temporary source of power.

well that's it for now. if i think of more i'll add them or if anything is unclear i'll try to reword it.

well like the subject says...
anyways i decided to play through the newish alpha 8 since i hadn't yet. decided to play on phoebe friendly and on base builder mode, but now i'm bored and want more raids. i've looked at the save file but all i saw was greek(xml)  and i don't speak greek(xml). i'm assuming there's a section i can edit to up the difficulty a bit. any body know what that would be?

General Discussion / Alpha 7: what happened to wooden walls?
« on: October 02, 2014, 01:13:49 AM »
hi all, just fired up alpha 7 and noticed that i can't build wooden walls. i can build wooden floors. not sure why that is. also i can't seem to be able to build anything outta wood(except floors).

Stories / Good bye alpha 6 colony, i hardly knew ye...
« on: August 18, 2014, 03:43:28 PM »
the colony started off fine (base builder, casual difficulty), a few small raids. we grew and prospered. there was mayor, phd, dead eye, green thumb, miner, preacher. preacher was the first to die. caught a stray bullet in a raid. he had no business being near there since he refused to fire a weapon. he was a good medic could've used him later when both phd and the mayor got their legs shot off. once i realized they would never get out of bed again i had to do what was best for the colony and put both of them outta their misery. then came a fateful day when an ai core dropped from the sky, finally we could finish our ship and get of this planet we called altair, but it wasn't to be. inside the core we found 3 mechanoids armed with heavy charge cannons, we killed two but the third barely still working wiped us all out in one blast. what a sad day. nearly a year on this rock and almost off of it. only to bleed out with my friends in the scrub brush at the end of a mechanoid cannon.

PS. i think tynan needs to take another pass on the ai core event. seems to be way overpowered. my guys barely had any skill with weapons and weak armor and weapons and still the game sent three mechanoids at them. was fun though. :D

Video / Sacriel plays rimworld?!? sweet.
« on: August 18, 2014, 03:21:03 PM »
Here's a link to the video on twitch.

Kinda suprised he plays this but he does enjoy tactical gameplay. so any of you heard of sacriel aka chris before? he does a lot of dayZ and arma 2 & 3 stuff.

Mods / [Help] Followed getting started tutorial, mod doesn't work
« on: June 06, 2014, 05:30:04 PM »
Hi, decided to finally try my hand at modding rimworld. i followed the getting started the basics tutorial. wrote all the code, followed it's file structure, made some graphics, but according to the console it has parsing errors related to verse?  it also says it can't load the texture files or has some sorta unity 2d texture issue. not sure why, they are power of two and png format.

here's the code:
Code: [Select]
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

<ThingDef Name="BuildingBase" Abstract="True">
<ThingDef ParentName="BuildingBase">

<label>Simple Block</label>
<description>An ugly thing.</description>



i also made the about file too.
Here's the mod

[attachment deleted by admin: too old]

I got a rather rude surprise tonight when a fire near my base jumped through a double thick wall, with a stone wall on the out side and metal on the inside. It also just passes through single thickness stone walls as well.

Bugs / [W | 0.3.413] generated stone walls can't be deconstructed
« on: April 18, 2014, 07:41:09 PM »
I'm fairly certain now that this is intended, but i'll post it any ways.

What i expected to happen: i figured i should be able to deconstruct or at least mine existing map gen structures for the stone bricks.

What Actually happened: Can't designate the walls to be deconstructed, they can be mined but drop nothing.

Interesting side note: you can deconstruct them in a round about way by simply building simple doors on them. when the colonist goes to do this they first deconstruct the wall, dropping the stone bricks, then build the door. simple way to get the bricks.

Support / [SOLVED] sendowl hasn't updated the file to alpha3f
« on: April 16, 2014, 02:30:12 AM »
i noticed on the blog on that it's been updated to an f release. but when i downloaded it from sendowl it was still the e version. any ideas?

General Discussion / Post your system specs & average fps in Rimworld
« on: April 15, 2014, 11:02:46 PM »
Hello, the purpose of this topic is to have folks post their system specs and average fps in Rimworld to give others and Tynan an idea of what hardware is capable of running Rimworld at a playable frame rate. 

Also please update your average fps when you switch to newer versions of Rimworld and/or your hardware changes. This will help Tynan get a better idea of how the updates/changes effect framerates and give a better base line for potential system requirements (Min, Recommended, Etc.).

This isn't a pc/mac peen comparing contest, nor is it meant to be a tech support topic, so let's keep on subject shall we?

I'll start it off
[UPDATED] new version of Rimworld and different screen and resolution. added additional info such as map size and resolution.

System: PC (Desktop)
OS: Windows XP Professional SP3 (32bit)
CPU: Pentium 4 @ 3.6 Ghz (Single core with hyper threading)
RAM: 2Gb of DDR2 Ram
GPU: AMD Radeon Sapphire HD 5450 1Gb @ 600 Mhz
Directx Ver(if applicable): DX 9.0c
SOUND: Realtex HD Audio
Rimworld Ver: 0.3.413
Average FPS: 60 in normal graphics Zoomed in, 26 zoomed out | 30 in High Graphics zoomed in, 28 zoomed out
Additional info: This is on a new map with 3 colonists, no mods with a map size 250 X 250.
also game resolution set to 1600 X 900.

Ideas / [Suggestion] Visible weapon stats
« on: March 03, 2014, 12:38:25 PM »
Currently in the game the only way to see a weapon's stats is thru the buy sell window in the comms array. it'd be nice if we could click on it and get basic info on it's item pane, then we could click a tab above it and get deeper info like you get when you click the info button in the comms array.

thanks for reading

General Discussion / has any body noticed the wasteland 2 logo?
« on: March 03, 2014, 12:25:35 PM »
hi, just noticed that wasteland 2's logo has a sheriff's star that looks a lot like rimworld's icon. only difference being color.
pretty weird. hopefully this won't cause Ty any problems.

Mods / [REQUEST] Auto miner and weapons smith
« on: March 02, 2014, 04:39:03 PM »
While playing for a few hours the other day, I had an idea for two new mods.

1. The Auto miner.
works kinda like the beacon except it pops out both rocks and sometimes metal. it would be about the size of the geothermal generator. it would be expensive to build, require a lot of power, take damage over time so it would need maintenance and it'd have to be researched. it would also only run so long. an upgrade to it would be The Deep Auto Miner. this would add a way to get renewable metal and rock.

2. Weapon Smith Bench.

a new work table to convert metal into weapons. new weapons would have to be researched as would the table it's self. damaged weapons could be repaired here as well.

between these two mods it would give players new ways to earn money by trading with merchant ships.

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