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General Discussion / Use for pacifists in combat
April 17, 2017, 04:30:33 PM
I just noticed today that if you give your pacifist colonist a personal shield, they can actually do a pretty good job at repairing turrets mid-combat.

I simply felt you should know that.
1. Circumstances:
I formed a caravan of 2 people, some food and some silver, and sent it to a nearby (friendly) faction base, with the intention of trading

2. Said trading seemed to be impossible. either it actually was, or I'm just too dumb to find the button for it.

3. Well, duh, being able to trade with said base.

4. I have absolutely no idea what is causing this, so I can't really help with recreation. I'm using quite a few mods, but none that mess with the caravan system, so they shouldn't break anything in that regard.

5. see attachments

6. see attachments

like I said, I have no idea what is causing this, and it might just be me being blind, but I still felt I should put this here.

[attachment deleted by admin due to age]
Ideas / Map modes
August 30, 2016, 03:22:14 PM
Long story short, map overlays informing you of stats like temperature and soil fertility. (and maybe one that shows predator density?)
Mods / [mod request] realistic movement speed
May 23, 2016, 02:45:51 AM
can somebody please change movement speed to realistic levels to see what would happen? I'm kind of sick of having colonists move 20m/h, and I'd like to find a solution to that.
Ideas / Expansion on body status
May 09, 2016, 08:06:34 AM
Currently, we have 2 different kinds of stats in the game: skills (cooking, growing, crafting, etc.), and the status of the body (manipulation, movement, aso.). I believe the game could benefit from expanding upon the second concept, which could be a bit more detailed in my opinion. for example, manipulation could be anything from hitting something with a sword (in conjunction with the meelee skill), requiring control of the movement of your entire arm, without fine control of, say, the fingers being important, over crafting a gun or something (in conjunction with the crafting skill), requiring said fine control of finger movement for assembling parts, to, I think, hauling capacity, which requires more brute strength than anything else. This leads to events affecting pawn abilities in ways they clearly shouldn't, for example, while having the right hand replaced with a power claw will of course make building a gun or cook stove harder, it should not decrease meelee hit chance (which I think it does, correct me if I'm wrong).

my suggestion, summed up, is to keep that from happening, by differentiating between raw strength and fine control, arms and hands, etc. etc.
So a couple of my colonists got sick of sensory mechanites recently, and I would like to get rid of them. I do not, however, know how to do it. The tooltip in the health tab seems to indicate that they cannot be removed, only kept in check, and I didn't find anything on the wiki about it, so I'm asking here.

Every minute without an answer means a minute my colonists have to endure under intense pain, so better be quick about it XD
yes, I do not, in fact, know a better way to name it. basically what I would really like to have is the ability to tell a pawn to do research first, but at most 20% or so of the day, and then do other stuff - or do both construction and mining in equal quantities, or split some time of for hauling and cleaning, etc. etc.

I think this would improve the game greatly, especially because it would cause quite a reduction in micromanaging, so if some modder feels like doing it, it'll be greatly appreciated.
Ideas / A small suggestion for the fighting system
November 21, 2015, 06:37:34 AM
So, I am kind of annoyed by the fact that in tricky fights, you have to constantly pause the game, then unpause for a fraction of a second. So I suggest a new game speed which, basically, pauses the game every second automatically, then runs the next second after the player presses space(or any other key, really) again. basically, make combat turn-based, because when you are trying to coordinate a number of pawns, there isn't really any other way to do it.

(btw, I checked the frequent suggestions thread via ctrl+f, but I didn't bother to check more than the first page of the subforum)
Ideas / Suggestion - Prioritization System
September 01, 2015, 02:02:06 AM
Rework of the Prioritization System
- Prioritization of bills globally, not on a per table basis
- possibility of prioritizing single jobs, instead of different kinds of work
- possibility of making a bill depending on the amount of one(or more) INPUTS for the bill(not that useful in vanilla, but if you play superior
   crafting, for example, it is very useful)
- making jobs depending upon quantity of certain resources the same way bills are
- splitting the home zone up in individual zones for the jobs that come with it - aka telling my pawns to extinguish fire all over my base, but only
   cleaning inside, and repairing all my machines without cleaning the outside.
- allowing both bills and jobs to be prioritized equally, and thus pawn work time being split up inbetween them.(for example, I want my crafter to
   equally make stone blocks and smelt metal from slag, as both are bills which are done indefinitely and have a gigantic supply of raw resources)

(I might add more when I think of it, for now, that is the suggestion)

Oh, and one other thing, that has nothing to do with the above suggestion, make animals that are trained to 6 in rescue/8 in hauling just do their job most of the day.(and maybe give them joy, and needs to, so they might go mad when they are treated badly, and if their joy is low, they'll just stop doing their job and go play)

(this is probably quite unfinished, but I've really got to go to school right now, so I'll just leave it here, and edit it later)
Ideas / Suggestion - More realistic time and chunks
August 31, 2015, 01:59:54 AM
So, I'm always annoyed that having breakfast takes almost as long as disassembling a mechanoid, especially for pawns whose movement is impaired, so I propose a rearrangement of time accelleration, making walking much, much quicker, and adding chunks. Basically, one would now have 4 steps of time accelleration(okay, there are four already, kinda, though it seems to me that isn't quite intended), real time - one day in game is one day in RL, idk, 10x accelleration, 100x accelleration, and 10000x accelleration(can be 1000x, too). 1x is for fighting, so it is at all controllable when people actually move with a reasonable speed, the others are for building and such. now, you may ask, why chunks? well, with people actually walking at sane speeds, the map needs to be a "bit" bigger. As Rimworld currently caps mapsize at 500x500 cells or something like that, and that only works with beefy computers, the only way I see to make the map, like, actually big is the way minecraft does it - with chunks. This could tie in neatly with the frequent fog of war suggestions, as you can simply show less chunks than you load, which will probably be required for random raider encounters when travelling or similiar things, anyway.