[A18] Phi - Multiplayer interactions between colonies

Started by Longwelwind, July 24, 2016, 02:45:18 PM

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I play without mods. Alpha version of the game the last 15, phiclient By enabling the latest version.
I do not see the server. Your server may not work. Show how to properly install the on video. Please.


hello - i need the version for A14. is there anywhere a file ? pls help. thx


no one have a answer? pls... i want to try it out :) and a15 dont work so well on my pc. thx



Quote from: Lappen on November 03, 2016, 12:33:35 PM
Feel free to use my server to trade until the main server is back online.


Its hosted 24/7 on a low dedicated server in Germany.
how does one join your server???
deal with it...


Quote from: Lappen on November 04, 2016, 09:30:37 AM
You can connect by the bottom menu ingame. Server -> Configuration -> in the top field you replace "longwelwind.net" (the main server) with ""

When the main server comes back online you just change the IP back to "longwelwind.net"

But the server is really quiet atm. I suggest to use it mostly if you want to trade with your friends.
thx bud!
deal with it...


Can we get ignore option or admins on main server? Because idiots like him (see the picture) are spamming the chat with very big words


Quote from: sma342 on November 15, 2016, 04:47:12 PM
Can we get ignore option or admins on main server? Because idiots like him (see the picture) are spamming the chat with very big words
A limit on text size might be nice too.


I second these requests mod maker, Phi is a stable mod that I feel many more people should use as it opens up the door for inter-game communication and leads to some great works of teamwork being done through trading and assistance.

At the same time, sadly Phi is getting to the point where it reminds me of Starcraft 2 Arcade chat where everyone is screaming at each other, yelling about racial slur that, etc etc. Doesn't happen all the time on Phi but it's only a matter of time. Possibly looking at vote systems for muting people in the system for a day, personal mutes, etc etc?
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please help to establish phimod/phi server
Launching server for on port 16180 how to change the ip.


Great mod, but it would be nice if you could somehow control where things drop. Not terribly fun to haul stuff from across a large map when everything's covered in thick snow.


how dose this mod work with other mods ? could i send say a zombie form the apoclips mod to my friend if we had the same mods installed ?



How does A15 Phi need CCL when CCL is still A14? Just wondering.
More importantly, will A16 Phi need CCL?
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CCL dependancy has been removed in the last update, in order to make the mod compatible for A15.

I'm currently trying to make the mod compatible for A16, I don't have any ETA for an update atm.