[1.3] Miscellaneous w MAI+Robots

Started by Haplo, May 16, 2014, 05:54:01 AM

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so does that make your town pawns authoritarians?


Who knows..  They attacked me and my mortars wanted to have words with em.
This was just a test map using a blueprint of my endgame sea ice base.
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Ok, I've increased the danger for the last five days (time-range for new raids reduced)
and added an AI Core as a building requirement.
So hopefully now it is a bit more late game :)


Gonna play through a colony normally to try it this time around.  The sheer amount of activity did cause my rig to stutter. 
Professional jerk
Want something broken let me know


Extra useful in combination with https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1472131714
put a few targets in talking distance and colonists will sometimes swap tricks of other trades as well while they shoot


Haplo, could you give us an option for the shooting range dummy to forbid some weapons (maybe also modded weapons)?
I don't want my minigunner to use it, because the weapon has a lot of spray. Also modded weapons like the staffs of Rimworld of Magic do damage to the dummy.


Haplo, are you working on MP compatibility for Robots? I really like the mod, and if you're not actively working on that, I'm interested in trying to write a compatibility patch for it. I haven't coded in C# much before or written mods for RimWorld though.


It is planned, that I work on it, but I have yet to start..
Currently I have only an oppinion about what may be the root cause, but not much more.


This is a critical bugfix update for Misc. EndGame:
The calculation for when the Dangerous sequence started was wrong and send you the harder raids much too soon.
Now it also starts with a time of reduced danger. So the sequence is like this: reduced danger --> normal danger --> increased danger --> success.
(Additionally there is now a debug button (in god mode) to reduce the remaining time by 1/2 a day per click.)


Hi, so my hauling bot got his arm burned off and now his manipulation is only 60%, i can kill him and repair but i dont have any robotic components to repair him. So how does one "heal" repair a robot that is damaged?


How do i download this?
There is no option to download a folder as zip or zip-files directly.
See attachments.

[attachment deleted due to age]


Best would be, you got one step back, so you have the "master" overview.
Then use the green "Clone or Download" button to download all at once as zip, then you can seperate them at your harddisk.



can we sell mai? and do mai need to be given weapons? they can use whatever we equip them with?


Can you sell your starting colonist, do you need to be given them weapons ?
Basicly a MAI is full functional pawn like your others. If you want that they want to shoot they need a weapon. Sure they have some better mellee attack the humans, but good mellee weapons can't hurt either.
MAI got better basic protections then human, so they don't need to wear any clothings, so you can't get boni from these anymore.