[A17] Enhanced Development - Poll About Steam A18

Started by Jaxxa, April 16, 2016, 02:44:51 AM

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Should Steam Workshop Mods have a separate entries for each Alpha Release or a single entry that gets updated?

After the Official Release update the existing Entry of mods to the new release
47 (59.5%)
Create a new Mod Entry for each Alpha
32 (40.5%)

Total Members Voted: 79


How would people prefer I handle the New Alphas on Steam?

After the Official Release update the existing Entry of mods to the new release as I have been doing previously.
Or Create a new Mod Entry for each Alpha.

I thought about it and I dont have a strong preference right now, so I figured I would put up the poll and see what everyone prefers.
So feel free to comment and vote in the Poll.


Since it is on steam i don't care.
But from some other thread i know you should create a new mod entry at the workshop.
Because when you update the A17 mod to A18 at the same entry, people which still play A17 currently geting a corrupt safegame, and can't even go back to the old mod version.


Since steam allows for separate tagging for each version, I'd think it'd be best to create a separate mod for each version, allowing you to tag each one for the target version (allowing for players who prefer an earlier version to search for version specific mods), and also would make it less likely that the mod would be mis-tagged.

So, I ended up having an issue in my game that explosions were passing through my embrasures and blowing up my SIF shields.  I ended up editing my Shields xml file and adding this tag to the ShieldBase.

Makes the Shields more expensive, but I can now make them out of other materials like Plasteel (or in my case, Alpha Poly!), rather than just Steel.  This did require me to use the Debug mode to delete the existing shields, as the colonists could not deconstruct the shields created before I made the change.

Anyway, thank you for these mods!


Hello, I don't want to be rude, but have you had a chance to look at updating for B18? I saw your poll, but didn't know if you'd made a decision!


I don't use Steam myself so I can't really vote.
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I have started updating some of my mods and are getting the first few ready for release.
For steam I am planning to stick to updateding the same entry as I have in the past.
Also I am planning to create a new release thread for the B18 versions of the mods, so I will get this thread moved to outdated and and throw a link to the new one at the end here when the new one is up.



Thing is, since Steam will auto update games to the newest update unless you choose not to, there's no reason not to have workshop items be the same


You can choose not to autoupdate the maingame, even even use older version.
But so far i know you don't have these option for mods.
If you still like to play A17 (like many do) and the mod get updated to B18 you might don't be able to keep playing.


Any news on ED's updates for A18?  Most important one to me is shields but I use almost all of his mods.


Thanks kavern, its good to be back.

@asquirrel I have been working on updated for a number of the mods and plan on uploading what I have done tomorrow. I have not finished with Shields yet but hopefully I can finish that up and include it with the ones i put up Tomorrow.


Wow Jaxxa, that's really great news.  I'll tell ya without your shields or embrasures mod the game is just horrific in terms of the injuries my team suffers.  So glad you made those mods.  They're all good but those are indispensable.  Not even going to try A18 until those mods are ready and installed. :)


I have made the new thread and released the first of the mods here:


Please continue any discussion over there as I am now locking this thread.