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Started by SargBjornson, November 06, 2018, 06:12:02 AM

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I also haven't seen any trader's in-game that will trade for bee items either(ie bees, honey combs)? Maybe this can be added?


First question that comes to mind is:  is the mod compatible with Genetic Rim?
My mod pack: {A13} Mod Mega Pack


Not a major issue or anything, but I think the centrifuge really needs a "process any comb" option, looking for the correct comb to process is kinda annoying, I mean its manageable for now, but in the future when you add more bees, it'll be really messy.

and as most people already mentioned, its impossible to queue up different orders on different hives, so everything needs to be done one by one, it gets pretty tedious when more hives come into play.

So far I have not seen any major issues, (although a warning that the bees left outside will get ruined by temperature would be good, i panicked when I lost half my queen population waiting for drones during a cold snap)

This is just a suggestion, but I think there should be an advanced hive that allows multiple combs to accumulate if colonists don't extract it in time, or some sort of automated system that spits out completed combs, the work needed for colonists to interact with them gets pretty high since they are ordered to stockpile the stuff they took out, it kinda wastes a lot of the pawns time, I would get a specialized pawn to beekeep but I have no idea what Job its assigned to.

Sorry for the long post, as always I look forward to your work

EDIT: okay, so regarding the first issue I mentioned, there are more recipes to process the different combs than the max amount of work orders on the centrifuge, so its either micromanagement or multiple centrifuges (If anyone is wondering why I have that many different hives, you'll understand once you reach a certain stage of producing hybrids. Drones are really rare considering the only method to produce them can also produce queens)


Hi, any idea why this pops up?  I'm trying to narrow this down as I have a silly amount of mods in my game.  Thanks.

QuoteException ticking RB_HybridizationChamber1342816 (at (203, 0, 119)): System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
at RimBees.Building_HybridizationChamber.TickRare () <0x00039>
at (wrapper dynamic-method) Verse.TickList.Tick_Patch2 (object) <0x004d3>

Verse.Log:Error(String, Boolean)

Edit: nvm, it's because the chamber has to be adjacent to the LEFT of the Beehouse


The game shouldn't have even let you build it unless it was to the left!


My base is in ice sheet mountain and we have 85% snow weather. My bee workshop become useless because of this. May i suggest anti weather beehouse on late stage?

EDIT: it took me 2 - 3 years to get swamp bee, it helped alot. but dang, 3 years, only summer time i have time to crossbred some bees.


Quote from: DiamondBorne on November 10, 2018, 01:17:19 AM
Please resurrect the Apini and integrate with this mod too, I missed all the beeings in Rimworld.  :'(

Someone has done this already. Sorry I can't remember exactly where I got it. I think it's in the Alien Race Mod discord.


v2.0: HUGE update, almost all the mod has been rewritten and remade:

Major changes:

    New Beekeeping work type, separate from Hauling and Crafting, and asigned to all Beehouses and Workbenches.
    Bee insertion jobs can now be queued using RimWorld's job system. Queens and Drones can also be queued separately. The mod no longer forces a colonist to abandon its job to insert bees. That was rude.
    Bee research workbench: this new building allows you to expend bee honeys and waxes to discover new bee combinations of the highest bee tiers.
    Added a "extract from any comb" recipe to the honey centrifuge (the advanced centrifuge is still manual to balance the op-ness of bulk recipes)
    Pollination: with this new mechanic every crop in a 6 tiles radius of a working beehouse has a 25% chance to be instantly replanted with bonus growth when harvested. This requires the beehouse to be working at the time of the harvest (I did this instead of a bonus to growth to avoid lagging the game).
    8 new bees providing vanilla resources that the original mod hadn't covered.

Minor changes:

    Almost nothing is hardcoded anymore, allowing anyone to change XMLs to create new bees, combs and even beehouses! It works, it just works!
    Added compatibility with Alpha Biomes, Nature is Pretty Sweet, Advanced Biomes and the LOTR Mallorn Forest
    New Advanced Climatized Beehouse, which works in any biome without a speed penalty.
    New Advanced Climatization research
    Most merchants now sell Mild and Temperate drones and queens, to kickstart your bee adventures if your biome sucks!
    Colonists are now eating the Honey pop normally
    Brood chamber now produces around 5 times more Drones than Queens
    Comb centrifuge recipes no longer need Animals skill, but Crafting
    Electric beehouses now properly stop if not powered
    Advanced beehouse provides a 25% speed boost, up from 10%
    Climatized beehouse works at 40% of base speed, up from 30%
    Added new categories for Honeys and Waxes
    Added white honey, tasty honey and psychotropic honey
    Added Heavywax, Steelwax and Blue beeswax
    Added floors for these new waxes
    Added refinery recipe to turn excess wax into chemfuel
    Many buildings in the mod are now stuffed, so you can build a beehouse out of Mycotic Jungle mushroom stalks!
    Properly rotated the workbench and the centrifuges' graphics
    Fixed the error where brood and hybridization chambers would pop errors if their beehouse was destroyed
    Removed waxes from always beeing shown at the reseource readout
    Chef bees now produce fine honey meals instead of regular ones
    Typos in waxes fixed


hello Sarg

one issue;
in early version if you place the hive to indoors and adjust the temperature to 20degree if the out side temperature is too hot or cold hive does not produce honey.

did you get the chance to fix this?

I always make greenhouses with vagetable garden project and I want to use the bees at the same location

it can also be a good thing to give small extra bonus on plant grow ratio with the hive near to crop field if possible...


It's not a bug, it's a feature!

No, really :) The bees HAVE to go outside, so they need the map temperature to be adequate. This is to force you to use the climatized (and with the update, advanced climatized) beehouses to progress in "hard" biomes. Also, as far as I know, you can't have honey bees easily pollinate in a greenhouse!

As for plant pollination, bonus to plant growth would be laggy with many beehouses, so the way I coded it is that any crop harvested in a 6 tiles radius of a working beehouse has a 25% chance to be automatically replanted at 0.25 growth, thus increasing total crop yield in the medium term. Much more CPU friendly!


Ofocuse bee and bumblebee's can and be used at greenhouses.

That was one thing that disturb my at my rimbee used too.
You allready add some check's for resources for some kind of bee's.
Maybe add a check for plant's then the bee's stay at the room and have the temp. check for the room. Otherwhile they try to fly outside with the outdoor temp. check.


Hi Sarg

as Canute offers you can make this kind of checks also you can add a certain amount of active bees inside a specific area of indoors this feature can also balance the game. if player place more hives than it should be than there can be some kind of penalty or slowing down the production.

I dont know if you fix it (I will try the new version today) if your biome is harsh like ice sheet or very hot desert you cant start production with temperate or mild bees. you cant cross breed the advance bee types and you cant make a climatized hives since you dont have the advanced ingredients.

you cant use the beekeeping in early stages and if you survive long enough to make those types you already build up the food and shelter problems.

offcourse I`m just giving recomendations. in my opinion after this updat you alreadu solved the other miner issues if you can solve this early game harsh environment problems this mode can be placed into top 10 must have mods...


Bee greenhouse pollination can be done, but it is not the norm. On the other hand I removed the specific material cost from climatized beehouses, they only cost wood and steel now so they can be used from the beginning until you get Desert or Arctic bees! They also now work at 40% speed instead of 30%.

What I absolutely need to fix is beehives deteriorating so quickly on VERY low climates, since that makes starting with the mod impossible.


Love the mod, but getting researched done, while getting pummelled by Centipedes isn't easy, so i made a Spreadsheet!

Spoiler Warning and its Google Sheet, you might want to open in Private Tab.

I have added all Bee Breeding Combinations and what each Bee Needs and Produces.

Though i added some notes to where i am not sure how it works. Mainly Product amounts, are they divided by 10? And what Counts as "Tier 4" and "Tier 5" Bee, though not a necessary thing to know.

Feel free to Copy and Modify the Sheet :)