[1.0] EdB Prepare Carefully - v1.0.13 (28 Jul 2019)

Started by EdB, September 21, 2014, 12:30:45 PM

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this will be perfect when paired with the reunion mod. id been waiting for something like this for years, essential mods at this point


Add on: how about an option to sort available pawns per points?


Quote from: alexo on April 29, 2020, 01:59:52 PM
IT is working??
Not for me it aint!

NEW INSTALL, NEW APPDATA folder: I have the latest version (1.1.2624) with only Harmony ( ) then Core then Hugslib (7.2.0) thenEdB Prepare Carefully (1.1.9) loaded. No button. No errors. What now?

Steps to reproduce: run a fresh install (and fresh app data local low folder) on windows 10, load mod order as mentioned above, click New colony, naked brutality, next, click savage & reload anytime, next, 5% coverage, generate, select random site, next. Enjoy your lack of the Prepare Carefully button.

I see no logs to give you. But adding Jecs tools (in case it's a dependency now) doesn't help & breaks the debug actions.


for 1.1.2618 it is working fine.
So either the devs changed something at the newer rimworld version or your installation of the mod is borked.


For me it works fine in 1.1.2624. It might be something specific to win10. But I would firstly suspect something wrong with your installation or downloads, especially mentioning that JecsTools also work incorrectly. Could it be that you have cleared appdata folder after installation rather than before it? Or assumed that loading order is from bottom to top rather than top to bottom? Or it's Steam version tries to still use mods from other location than you think it should? Chances are low, of course, but it won't hurt to check.

And you can find your log in \AppData\LocalLow\Ludeon Studios\RimWorld by Ludeon Studios\Player.log, hopefully it'll help more.
Think about it. Think around it. Perhaps you'll get some new good idea even if it would be completely different from my words.


Is there any chance of having menu for changing pawn hair(maybe clothes and other layers) like in facial stuff?


you can do that in game too with facial stuff just use the furtniter 


Quote from: Monzer on June 03, 2020, 09:08:59 PM
you can do that in game too with facial stuff just use the furtniter

and anyway to play with this and RJW?


So it this compatible with the 1.2 update? Anyone tried it out?



Same, I've been using the 1.1 version in 1.2 without any errors.


Why is there still a link to the outdated version 1.0.13 in the forum and not to version 1.1?

You can only get to 1.1 via Google search:
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Because some modder are lazy and don't support the forum less and less.
And why you don't use RimPy and download it from the workshop (works without steam account) ?


I have the GOG-Version and the Homepage-Version from the Alphatime. I don't use Steam. ;-)

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