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.... rimworld has more than enough "features" to justify the 1.0 tag ....BUT it does NOT have enough content, which i hope tynan is gonna add with the 1.0 release.

before the fanboy-hellbrigade comes let me iterate.

i love rimworld, one of my most played games on steam and in some degrees i even think it actually has surpassed its spiritual father dwarf fortress in terms of feature, graphics, UI and overall possibilities thanks to modding.

the ladder is what was keeping rimworld successful over the years and kept me started playing. it is the same with mount  & blade warband, also a sandbox game with a huge modding community which turned an "ok" game into a "masterpiece".

compare the amount of weapons or clothes in vanilla vs just like RT weapon pack + Rimsenal + Apparello. lategame content like glitterworld and EPOE .... we basically only have tribal enemies (people with bows, shivs and spears), pirates (people with varying degrees of guns) and TWO mechanoids. in terms of enemy variety and equipment not much. if rimworld would lose mod compatibility or many of the mods would not get updated anymore then the game would basically lose most of its content.

yes i know, tynan 1 guy vs hundreds of people ..... but he should think of maybe incorporating some mods (or mod elements) into the game IF the modders are ok with it. this way when the game gets updated a) the mods won't break and b) the game would get some more content.

on the other hand he should just sit down and create some more content (animals, weapons, clothes, etc.) on his own to incorporate them into the game.

... bottom line is that without mods i wouldn't even continued playing this game because it runs out of content quite soon.

just my 2 cents.
one request, can you also add the two other new factions from shinzy? as far as i know you have already implemented the norbal vikings. or doesn't it interfere with the modpack by simply adding the two factions to the modpack?

thx :)
good things ahead, great job modders....making a good game to something awesome :D.
Quote from: Tynan on July 01, 2015, 06:14:02 PM
Quote from: TLHeart on July 01, 2015, 06:06:59 PM
there is so little actual content.

Lots of people play dozens of hours of RimWorld. How much 'actual content' would be considered a normal amount in your mind? I hate to be frank but I think you're kind of being unreasonable here. Demanding I hit Dwarf Fortress-level content volumes just isn't reasonable. Calling a game where players regularly do 15-100 hours of play "so little content" just isn't reasonable. "So little content" would more accurately describe how the game was back around Alpha 1, where you could do everything in like 3-4 hours.

i hate to burst your bubble but people play so much hours of the game WITH mods, rarely i see a vanilla gameplay video of this game. they don't just play a modded version because they want a purple unicorn in their game. they play the modded version because they fill the game with content (more factions, more apparell, more weapons, better UI, more features, etc.). rimworld is a "ok" game and a GREAT game engine in terms of modding support. but the mods make the game great. the vanilla version lacks content, not features but items, polish (UI and game progress) etc.

just look at a recent post about "Technological standstill", there u even recommended mods. ur game is great combined with mods...but if one or some more mod makers stop doing their work it will fall hard.
Quote from: Matthiasagreen on July 01, 2015, 05:06:53 PM
he mentioned it in the comments. "Just to follow up, based on a bunch of feedback I think I probably will just release it 1.0. It's ready for that. Nothing of substance about what I wrote originally would have changed - it's purely a labeling issue."

oh boy, lets hope this 1.0 release isn't this month...content, progression and UI improvements still needed. i don't wanna sound salty buy selling a game which has the greatness you see on youtube videos consists 80-85% of mods and 10-15% of the vanilla game content-wise is kinda risky.
i just hope that if the game is feature-wise now called "done" that we get some more content for the game. to be honest up till now the game was called alpha and in all intend & purposes is an alpha version. till now the dev developed more & more features for the game, almost entirely focusing on the feature aspect and the mods have filled the game with content. if you compare the amount of CONTENT (not features) compared to the mods all together (for example in the ultimate overhaul modpack) then the vanilla game has about 10-15% content compared to the mods. the problem there is that mods are great and so on, but they can / might get abandoned and are often conflicting with other mods and need some adjustments, that's why some modpacks modify some of them drastically.

one major point of the game was that in vanilla most of the games progression / content was unlocked from the start, i only played back then with the TTM mod and now with the overhaul modpack which includes superior crafting which cuts of the progression in more diverse techs. the game gets some real sense of progression with that. again, content and improved game design coming from the modding community which might or might not be abandoned at some point and most likely have some conflicts with other mods...cause mods are always based of the vanilla game.

i feel like that feature-wise the game might have a good enough amount of content, but it needs more content in terms of animals, factions, weapons (only 7 or 9 i think depending on the wiki) and it REALLY needs a better progression system.

i wish the dev best of luck with his decision and he deserves some rest but at this point i - personally - wouldn't call the game done with the current release.

EDIT: Also the game needs some heavy UI improvements, take a look at the EdB mods, they are practially essentiell to this game. call it beta and add some more content (art really, weapons, animals, etc.) or make a deal with some vanilla-friendly mod makers and intigrate their work into the game. i as a custome just want a well rounded game.....rimworld right now is a great sci-fi simulation game ENGINE, the mods make a well rounded game out of it. its more like mount & blade, just that M&B was more cohesive and well-rounded. don't get me wrong, the game doesn't need a bunch of new features, it has more than enough bones on it...just some more flesh and some ironing out of some smaller holes (progression & UI).
fyi new superior crafting release with some added stuff. give me da hardcore modpack pls <3
Quote from: skyarkhangel on July 01, 2015, 09:56:34 AM
Quote from: Uglyr on July 01, 2015, 06:29:25 AM
Depleted uranium coffee machine? Sounds tasty!

Hope there will be descriptions for all new stuff. I still don't know what Onion router for.

And it looks that there will be so much production tables that maybe it's possible to make additional 1-2 category instead of just "Production"?

Yes, yes already done, all production tables graded by level of development by new designation cat. Hitech.
3 new resources: Depleted uranium (metallic), Carbon Alloy (stony-metallic), Kevlar (fabric), reinforced concrete (stony) with new production chains.
And new types of stuffcategories for buildings.

nice, can't wait for next version :D.
Outdated / Re: [A11] Superior Crafting v0625
June 29, 2015, 10:24:09 AM
thx for this great mod :)
the weapons, hairstyles and new equipment overall looks awesome, does anyone know if it works with rimsearch?
question: can i also include other mods like rimsenal in your modpack? :)
nice, can't wait to see more of this :).
wow those graphics look awesome, hope you're here for the long run :).
holy moly, i can't wait to see the alpha 8 TTM version...its gonna be epic :D.

plös minami, multitasking :D.
ah ok, well i just got the message with prepare carefully 1.3.1, with 1.2.3 i didn'T get them. weird o.O.