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Ideas / Re: Major raid
December 12, 2016, 08:35:46 AM
Quote from: Respones on December 12, 2016, 07:40:36 AM
My english is bad that's why I can't understand... It's what you want to happen or it's happen to you?

QuoteHow about a way to terraform Mars? Genetical engineered plants and stuff to slowly turn Mars at least survivable to humans without suits (would take a REALLY long time... 20+ years at least)
Seriously? 1-20 ppl colony terraforming Mars in 20 years?
Even our whole civilization can't do that- it took us like 150 years (since industrial revolution) to increase temperature by around 1 degree. And we are working really hard on this.
Not this scale. It could be done in Civilisation like game, but not in survival sim
Ideas / Re: Your Cheapest Ideas
September 25, 2016, 11:32:53 AM
Why even care? Ppl playiung permadeath just chose to not have alt saves. If they cheat, they cheat themselves. There is no online ranking or something. THey cheat? THeir business.
Can't use any of dropbox links, they don't work.
Could you possibly think about adding infestations as another option for Ancient Danger locations.
I.e. during map generation game could spawn Mechanoids, cryptosleep chamber, or Insect nest.
Insect nest would be spawned in random place in the  mountain (generate simple cave), and it owuld be invisibile at the begining. But it would be possible that at some point of the game, drones can dig their way to outside world, and then FUN would start.
For long time Raids were main challenges in-game. Raids and very similar kind of accident- Manhunter Pack.

But I believe that it is time when this could and should be changed. Instead of infinitely increasing strenght of raids this game should receive event update. Raids are fun if they come from time to time. But not if they happen constantly.

Maybe it is good time to start thinking about few events, or some event chains that could change game from tower defense, to real colony sim.

I would say that Tynan should start from changing how wealth of colony is measured.
Expand it. Currently we have wealth measuring all stuff colony owns.
What if game measured diffrent parameters? Let's imagine measuring:
-medical supplies
-food supplies
-weapon power
-health of pawns
-mental condition
(potentially something else)
Now game would throw three types of events minor, major and scenario events.

Minor events:
Happen quite often, can be from any type of events. Event is rather irritating than really important. (Mad animal, eclipse, etc.)

Major Events:
Happening less frequently than minor events. Those would use  parameters introduced previously. Your colony is well secured and have tons of medicine? It would be pitty if event dameaged your food supplies. You have open-spaced farming colony with almost no defense? Maybe pirates would enjoy visiting you?

Scenario events- this one would be "hidden event" i.e. player would not get information that scenario started. This would be chain of events leading us to some important situation. I.e.
The Food Problem.  This scenario would start from toxic fallout, then throw some following events that could potentially further damage your food supply. For example Blight to destroy your farms, short circut to stop your hydrophonics, or somehow destroy your already harvested food, or meals. When event starts it would decide that scenario should remain for like 10 days, and it would contain 5 events during this time, where every of them would supplement each other. From Game design perpective you would just define scenario events like this:
-opening event
-list of events fitting for this scenarion
-parameters like duration of scenario, frequency of in-scenario-events

If we had set of scenarios, and increased number of diffrent events I believe we could easily skip idea of constant raids, and instead focus on fighting from other things.
Ideas / Re: Let insects capture colonists
August 31, 2016, 05:51:40 AM
I like your conception FIsherEx, however I have one problem with bugss gathering food outside. They should mostly eat meat to be dangerous for colony. However if we follow this idea on some maps (desert ones or ice ones) they won't find any food, and will probably starve really quickly, unless they lead full asslaut to our colony.

Ideas / Re: Priorities List
August 30, 2016, 09:21:06 AM
Waiting to try this mod since A11 :) And still believe it will be worth it :)
This is only my guess. But It looks like Tynan can generate unlimited keys, and probably he will do it. However what I understood, if he tells us that everybody will get key when game hits Steam, he is effectively selling Steam keys when game isn't on Steam, so Valve can make problems. You won't get confirmation from Tynan because of this, but this is just because of regulations.

If this post can cause some problems for Tynan, and release on Steam, feel free to delete it.
Ideas / Ability to cancel all "Tame" actions at once?
August 27, 2015, 02:05:46 PM
Usually when I want to tame animals I double click on animal with unzoomed map as far as possible. Thanks to this, tamer will do for example 10 attempts to tame animal instead of lets say 2 if I chose only them. But when I have like 8 boars, i do not want more. But with my method I'll have to check every animal in the map. And if I leave tame orders, my tamer will use my food really fast to tame animals  I can easily breed now.
I know I can just remove "handle" job. But  I'd like to keep my tamer to train my tamed animals.

Could it be possibile to add order "remove all tame designators"? If you order to cut too much trees, you know where are those trees, they dont run like animals can.
Stories / Boomalope story
August 24, 2015, 07:29:54 AM
Started new colony. Decided to play with new Animal taming. Hares could be good as a meat for winter, couldn't they?
So I've created barn. Tamed few of them, everything went good. Then suddenly Boomalope self tamed. No. I won't risk holding them together.
So let's create restricted zone for boomalope far away from base. Just for boomalope. She had grass to eat, my base was secure, everybody was happy. Untill raid happened. Some raiders attached my base, one or two attacked boomalope. Good. She will die, right? Wrong. Raiders hurt boomalope, but then they started to flee. I have assigned some orders, then I see that  my vet is carrying boomalope to base. Animal sleeping spots there. He put boomalope there, started to threat her, but it was too late. Boomalope died. Kaboom. That's how Rimworld Baked Hares have been created.
Why would you refuse self tamed animals? We can discuss later, when you get 3 boomalopas, and 2 more boomrats self tamed.
Ideas / Re: Your Cheapest Ideas
August 20, 2015, 11:24:47 AM
Quote from: b0rsuk on August 18, 2015, 03:16:11 PM
* A mode where map expands as time passes. Every 6 months (or every year?) the map size goes up by one notch. New areas become available. It would be a half-assed substitute for exploration, but better this than nothing.