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Mods / [Mod Request] Smooth floor replacer
« on: May 16, 2019, 03:07:57 PM »
Hi all! I've decided to base my colony in the mountains and I quite like the smooth surfaces feature. The only thing that irks me is the smoothed floor texture. Not the texture itself (though it's not too pretty as well) but those ugly brownish rocks that stick out of them randomly. Could someone, please, remove them from the textures of smoothed floors? Or simply replace the texture of smoothed floors with some of the already existing textures (like simple rock tiles or whatever) or custom ones that you personally like. I just want to get rid of those unaesthetic abominations from my colony. Thank you to anyone responding to the call!

Mods / [mod request?] Edit roof support range
« on: September 20, 2018, 04:08:16 AM »
Hi all! Is there a way I can modify the range at which walls support roofs through simple editing of game files? If not, could someone help me by creating a simple mod for this purpose? As far as I know, the default is 6 tiles and I need exactly 7.
Thank you in advance!

Mods / [MOD IDEA] Rest is important
« on: October 17, 2016, 05:20:19 AM »
Hello, everyone.
I had some bad sleep today so here is my idea: rest should affect pawn's efficiency.
Before we had only exhaustion that affected pawns. Being tired only gave negative moodlet which doesn't seem to do much.
So here is my idea:

1. Tired and Exhausted pawns get special medical conditions which reduce their consciousness, manipulation and sight. This may also give some bonus to hearing (everything is TOO loud when you really want to sleep) and some other functions of the pawn. You get the idea.

2. New threshold of rest should be implemented. Now, the highest amount of sleep should be 70-80% (whichever is justified) without special conditions. Some of which are: a bedroom (better bedroom gives more additional rest%), a bed (same), undisturbed sleep (immediate -5% rest threshold reduction for disturbed sleep), hunger or addiction satisfactions (same?), sleeping in the cold/heat (same) and whatever else one can come up with.
The good thing is that going higher that base threshold would yield additional functional bonuses for the pawn - +consciousness, manipulation, talking, hearing etc. This can be either stable or staged increase (depending on how high the "rest" need is).

I am not a modder myself and I believe it is partially hard to implement but I am looking forward to your comments and ideas. Hope you liked it.
Thank you for your attention!

Mods / [MOD IDEA] Immersive way to give traits
« on: October 17, 2016, 05:06:48 AM »
Hello, everyone!
I have this idea of giving your colonists new traits IMMERSIVELY! So here are some concepts that I find interesting:

1. Permanent traits. Just like any other trait, you gain them forever. This can be done by some (un)lucky incident, special condition or by wearing apparel, consuming special items or installing special body parts.
I will be using some of the custom traits I am using in my play-through as an example (they can be found on the "Releases" sub-forum)
The psychic drone incident starts. BOOM! One of your colonists gains "Cultist" trait (they worship psychic drones).
You have been in the cramped environment for too long. BOOM! Get "Claustrophobia" trait.
You have eaten human meat. BOOM! Get "Cannibal" trait.
Of course, these should have not 100% chance, but something around 0.01%-5% (depending on the trait and circumstances)

2. Temporary traits. Obviously, you get them for some time. The ways to obtain them are the same, except for apparel and body parts, I guess (though if you can come up with the ideas, I'm only for it).
For example, you drink valium (probably new drug one can create) - you get the "psychotic" trait for a couple of hours (not the best name for it here, but the effect suits it very will).
Or someone insulted you - you get the "Abrasive" trait for a day.
These effects can vary as well in their chances. The first example should be 90-100% (you know, some natural resistance to drugs or whatsoever), but the second can be 30-50%. I guess that would be justified.

3. Removing traits (both permanently and temporarily). I can't come up with examples, but I hope someone can help me here.

I am not a modder myself and I believe such a system will take a lot of effort. But I hope that someone will eventually get interested and involved.
Thanks for your attention!

Mods / Tidy your goddamn room!
« on: April 14, 2016, 12:57:36 PM »
Have your mother ever told you "You can't leave your room until it's clean!"? Well, I guess, that's what we should tell our colonists to do. The idea is that:
1. Colonists clean their rooms at will. Like, when the room becomes dirty enough (can be either configurable in-game for everyone/every individual colonist or be dependent on some traits/prefs) they just use their spare time for cleaning. They can even get a mood status like "Cleaned my room +5" or "Had to do the cleaning myself -5".
2. This feature should not be obligatory, as some colonists are too important to do the cleaning, so setting a cleaner to each bedroom is an option. Also, time of cleaning can be configured as well.
3. Adding traits to regulate this like "Germaphobe" (will clean his room more often, better boost for clean room and cleaning it himself, but more bad mood for dirty room), "Dirty Pig" (will seldom clean his room, gets no mood stats from room cleanliness) and so on.
4. Maybe some new actions like "Washing hands" (boosts immunity - because why not?), "Cleaning boots on rug" (reduces/nullifies the amount of dirt colonist spreads afterwards - I remember there was a mod that added rugs for cleaning dirty feet but it seams to be not updated yet), "Using room spray" (or whatever this is called - gives a positive mood boost to those who are in the room - maybe an item can be added for this as well)

I know that adding traits when the limit of them is 3 may be just a waste but still!..
Also, I am in a half-comatose state right now, therefore some things may be expressed in a way different from what I wanted. Feel free to demand explanation for everything that seams strange to you.

Mods / [Mod Idea] Reaction to weather
« on: March 11, 2016, 03:05:13 PM »
Have you or one of your friends ever suffered headache due to the change of atmospheric preassure before the rain? Well, if not, then you must be a lucky one, because at least a quarter of my friends has that on regular basis. So I came up with an idea - why can't we make the weather influence some pawns?
So here are my ideas:
1. Allow weather to influence pawns' "Pain" stat. Some will feel more pain, some less - thus activating different negative mood effects (in small/moderate pain - it should never apply the ammount of pain that will incapacitate the pawn alone by itself but it may black them out in combination with other pain sources).
2. Allow weather to influence pawns' mood directly. The difference is that it won't apply any pain or something, but a mood effect (either positive or negative) like "Hates/Loves rain" or "Too sunny/Likes sunny weather".
Both of these should be individual and random(or configurable through EdB Prepare Carefully - if the author will support both the idea and a hypothetical mod)
Maybe for the first time the preferances will be in their "traits" section but I dream of it becoming a separate category that is independent from other traits in order not to overclutter this section and adding some variety and individuality to the pawns.
So this is basically it. If you have any question, suggestion or a ready mod (wow) - I am eager to answer everyone.

Mods / [idea/mod request] Dismemberment >:3
« on: October 13, 2015, 02:02:08 PM »
In DF there's a possibility for parts of the body to be cut off of the body and either remain on the floor or fly some blocks away and then remain there. The point is: why can't I see the raiders' arms being torn off by my mighty colonists? (and vice versa, I'm a cruel man)

Mods / Animal Taming
« on: February 12, 2015, 12:39:33 AM »
There was this mod that allowed you to tame animals so they would breed. But that was all the mod did. And I'm not sure the the author still keeps it up to date.
Than an idea came to me: what if you could tame animals and use them for fighting purposes? Just imagine: you tame an animal and can rush it right into a fight to die for you (mwahaha!). Or you could use it to haul valuable resources from one point to another. It could be controlled either manually or through their tamer (the last is prefered for better immersion).
Then you could add some equipment for animals - armors, packs and even weapons (monkey with a grenade would seem ridiculously fun xP). And then there's MORE - you could make them augmentable - give them some prostetics or bionics if they lose some vital organs or you would want to make them better fighters/haulers.
BTW, fighting and hauling must be their only tasks 'cuz muffalo making a surgery would look dumb :P
What do you, guys, think about it?

Mods / Adding new levels to buildings
« on: January 19, 2015, 07:28:29 AM »
So here's my idea basicly: adding more layers to the world so that you can use them for whatever you want. It would be nice to have at least the 1st 2nd layer (which would be the ground floor and the first floor) and the 0th layer (which would be underground). 0 level should be mostly rocky - you would find different stones and ores there which you could mine (yay, dwarfs xP)
Naturally, there should be some ways to climb on or descend from these layers. These can be ladders, stairs, elevators, ropes, and even teleport. They would have different times of climbing/descending (with teleport being instant).
There are much more ideas to add here, but this would be the base of it all.
So, is there even a smallest possibility to code it?

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