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Oh, I didnt know that! My bad^^

Sure, I will keep you guys in the loop!
So today I got a Email which tells me, I need to edit my creative reward since my nickname isnt conversational. Which is strange, since this is what people call me as long as I can remember.
I decided to add myself with my first name being Wilhelm (a good old german name) and my nickname being Willi (since this is the normal short version as well as nickname most people who are named Wilhelm have).

Now, is this a mistake? Can we fix this? Because I dont have another nickname and I also quite honestly dont feel like making a nickname up since I want to add myself.

Also and I quote from the guidelines:
QuoteMichael Smith (short: Mike) - Okay.
Mohammed Moghadam (short: Mohammed) - Okay.
Marie-Josée Delacroix (short: Josée) - Okay.
Yu O'Brien (short: Yu) - Okay.
Tim Rothman (short: Jumper) - Okay because this is a believable nickname in real life.
Tim Rothman (short: Butters) - Okay because this is a believable nickname in real life.
Tim Rothman (short: Scoops) - Okay because this is a believable nickname in real life.

I mean if Josée is okay, so should be Willi.

Anyway, thanks already for the help I am about to receive!  ;D
Outdated / Re: [A16] Exotic Armory
February 14, 2017, 02:53:17 PM
How much freedom and what kind of freedom while this lovely drone be able to deliver?
So, I have kind of ignored the forum for a while and only focused on the workshop but erdelf pushed me to update the forum post as well so now I did it!
A lot of fixes and issues are..... fixed and the mod now has a requirement so it can be used with other race mods without getting the short hash error!

Weapons and Armor are now also download-able from Dropbox!

Quote from: lllMWNlll on January 12, 2017, 09:18:40 PM
You got a plenty races to put in the game, i assume you going to include:
Major Races:
Krogans - Turians - Asari - Salarians - Geths - Quarians

Minor Races (or less focused in Mass Effect):
Batarians - Vorcha - Protheans - Hanar - Drell - Elcor

and even Reapers and Collectors to be major threats (I think in something like those vanilla mechanoids non-playable)

I would like to share some ideas:
Asari: have a great bionic powers which make them really fearsome, you may want somehow explore this ability of them.

Krogans: are tough warriors, i imagine them with a lot health in their torsos body parts because of their shell over his torso and/or a % pain reduction (call this "beserk" mode) the most damage they get the more beserker they get attacking even his friends, better use them with melee weapons or bare handed. PLUS: they are not very sociable among them, imagine with other races especially turians and salarians you could use a negative social buff for those races pawns to be implemented observing history of those races using genophage against Krogans.

Turians: long i remember in game, they are mostly-completely envolved in war or militaristic organizations, very few of them are technicians. You could explore them to be great soldiers and less effective in building, farming, sciencing. PLUS due to First Contact War, humans distrust a little the turians, not all humans, some of them with trait "Distrust turians".

Salarians: a fact that call my attention - they live short, some of them can reach 40 years, because of this they do everything fast combining with their curiosity - a Science and Medicine boost for them! I don't see them really good in battle in comparision with the other races (humans, asari, krogan, turians) melee prowess and ranged could be reduced for them due to their most cartillagenous bodies.

Quarians: main and important fact they need to be 24hours in their suits to be able to survive in any world condition their suits could make them work in burning or freezing temperature of RimWorld. Following Mass effect lore they come from their migrant fleet living has nomadic they go star from star scavenging from wreckeges finding repair materials for the fleet and keeping the starships functioning, make them specially good at building and repairing structures. I imagine - they eat a lot to be in a huge fleet, so logically every children is taugh "how to plant - potato", you never know when you can be realocated in a "Farm starship".

Geths they are A.I's, you may want to see Misc. Mods they have A.I pawns mods.

What call my attention: they are all connected, expect those rebels from reapers control you should use those rebels on your mod. Imagine a lone-wolf character "Legion" from Mass Effect. That is the kind you want to see in your RimWorld mod. But from all the other races, to be playable... The Geth are the most OP.
They can do anything efficiently (shooting, meleeing, constructing, farming...). Something must be done to rebalancing them... Well, think in this
"i don't see logic in doing non essential tasks for my own self-preservation" and is that what RimWorld is, a survival game!
- They don't eat. (growing and hunting disabled)
- "Why medicate imperfect machines like those biological units? They will die anyway" (doctoring disabled)
- "I can see logic in trading. But why make prisoners?" (warden disabled)
- Every other race once have fighted Geth, they don't trust them a little. (heavy social penalty to them, especially Quarians for taking their homeworld)
One another problem of them are clothes. For this i may have a solution: there are several models of geths warriors (Primes, grunts, hunters) check link for some references Wiki Geth units.  What matter is their A.I software saved in a rebel large server somewhere else, use this has a valid argument to change their hardware (clothes) to several battle hardwares.

I think this is all i can think right now about "races" right now... A really like the krogans, make them first ;D.
In fact i was just write a 2 lines post about "are you going to release krogans soon?", and ideas just flow it. Looking foward to see your mod complete!

You see, while I would love to add all of them, I always need someone to make the textures for them first! And that is either expensive or not do-able (I dont like to ask people to make them for free since I am really picky and I feel bad when I ask someone to redo it quite a lot of times). Since carnov isnt around right now(anymore) yeah, I am kind of grounded! Next in line and currently WIP are Argonians from Skyrim! After that Quarians and after that Khajiit.
But I do appriciate your suggestions and will go through them in detail soon!
Let me just say that I love this idea and the mod! I always wanted to make multiple colonies and factions on one planet!

Just a simple idea for the future, since you want to implement that buildings turn into ruins over time, when starting a new game with an exisitng world, let us choose how much time has passed since the last colony. for example 2 days will make no changes, but say 100 years and the colony is abandoned and when say, the player chooses, 1000 years, the base is just a ruin.
Quote from: Bodog999 on January 07, 2017, 12:55:56 PM
Personally I enjoyed C&C 4, yes it wasnt the greatest C&C (Most people will say its the worst probably) but I quite liked having a mobile HQ and some of the units were amazing *cough*Mastodon*cough*. C&C 4 could've been better and a good ending to the C&C series if a certain company didnt fuck it up so hard.

The concept of C&C 4 was a nice idea, just the execution was done horrible!
Quote from: Seeker89 on January 07, 2017, 12:49:12 AM
could be a really cool battery...

What? I dont get that...
Quote from: abbelsap on January 06, 2017, 05:47:50 PM
Cool! Where can I find the download link? :)

It is already on Steam, but I am to tired to add it here today, so I will do that tomorrow.

Quote from: Hydromancerx on January 06, 2017, 05:48:51 PM

So your not adding the stargate? Why not?

I am not a programmer, so I cant update the code or make it do anything useful. Also I would need far better looking textures to be happy with it. Both stuff I do not have^^
Outdated / [A16] RimGate - Jaffa, Kree! 4.0
January 06, 2017, 05:27:52 PM

When I was young, one of my favorite TV Show was Stargate! Now, after so many years I still feel the same nostalgia and I am not the only one. Back in A8, Carnov made a mod which brought the Jaffa with weapons and armor into Rimworld. And now with A16, I once again bring them back! They are not lore friendly and I wont even make an excuss for why they may be. If you are a Stargate fan like myself, you will love the mod! Enjoy!


  • Custom head texture! Fully working with all vanilla and modded hairstyles!
  • Custom Jaffa Armor and helmets!
  • Three new, hidden Factions! Each with a unique helmet! (Anubis, Ra and Apophis)
  • Custom names! Each Jaffa has a chance to spawn with a custom name!
  • New Weapons! The Ma'Tok Staff and the Zat'nik'tel! Each with custom sounds!
  • Longer Lifespan than normal humans!

TThis mod does NOT aim to convert RimWorld into Stargate! That said, the lore of the Stargate Universe does only matter to a certain degree for me!
To use this mod with an existing save, use Faction Discovery by Orion!

A16 / Dropbox

How to install:

  • Download and unzip the mod into your rimworld "Mods" folder.
  • Launch RimWorld and activate the mod.
  • Now simply start a now colony and enjoy!

A16 / 4.0 / 07.01.2017:
- Updated the mod to A16.
- Rebuild the mod form the ground up!
- Added the Humanoid Alien Races Framework!

What is RimEffect?
Yet another little pet project of mine which aims to add some stuff from Stargate into Rimworld! (Of course in a vanilla friendly, this time however maybe not so immersive way). Originally this mod was made by carnov back in A8. I took it over with A12 and will maintain it hopefully until Rimworld gets a final version and Tynan stops changing stuff with every update.The content of this mod is going to be modular (like everything I make), so you guys can again choose which stuff you want inside your game.
All future mods of mine that are Stargate related will be found in this topic from now on!

Content that is WIP right now:

  • [Race] Jaffa, Kree! Reborn
  • [Race] The Unas Tribes
  • [Misc] Patches for EPOE and CR


Nothing yet

[Q] Can I add your mods to a modpack?
[A] Yes!
[Q] Can I re-upload your mod somewhere else?
[A] No.
[Q] Will you add a stargate?
[A] No!
[Q] Do I need anything else to use your mod?
[A] Nope!

Carnov (Textures)
CPT.OHU (Humanoid Alien Races)
Erdelf (Humanoid Alien Races modifications)

Legal & Permission:
The contents of this mod pack are the intellectual property of the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc.. This is simply a fan-made mod made, to show our love for this amazing franchise. No copyright infringement intended!
Quote from: Dryerlint on January 06, 2017, 04:07:58 PM
Cool. I have noticed one thing; it seems that people from Asari factions who join your colony are always human.

wait.... what? How, please explain more! HOW are they human?
Quote from: Dryerlint on January 06, 2017, 03:04:32 PM
What new in 2.2?

Not really any new content. Just cleaner, better made than the old one. Far less bugs, works better and thats it. New content will come once carnov has time to make some textures for me again. Until then, I will just mentain the mod. What will come this weekend however is the Weapons and Armors.