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General Discussion / Re: Cleaning job
March 13, 2019, 07:35:18 PM
Also make sure that the cleaning jobs are in the home area or the colonists won't do them.
I learned that the hard way ;-)
Ideas / Re: Deadzone on "Do until you have X" bills
September 20, 2018, 01:56:23 PM
That is actually already in the game, if I understand correctly what you want.

In the details section of the bill beneath "do until x" there is a checkbox for "pause when satisfied". Click it and then you can fine tune at which point they unpause the task.
Ideas / Re: Power Information is Lacking - EVERYWHERE!!
September 20, 2018, 02:58:21 AM
Definitely +1
Ideas / Re: Ship part crashes containing space soldiers
September 20, 2018, 02:46:16 AM
I like the idea, diversity is always good :)

That'd be really nice! Had the same thought when I last played.
Quote from: Jan2607 on September 11, 2018, 04:07:19 PM
Or is there a coded survival chance for enemies that was lowered in B19?

Yes, that's exactly the case.
Or, to be more correct:
There is a coded death at down chance that was raised.
Ideas / Re: Your Cheapest Ideas
September 11, 2018, 06:53:37 PM
Quote from: seubtobi on September 10, 2018, 03:31:54 PM

Different Zones for fire fighting, cleaning and repair
For example I don't care if my fields are dirty... but well I care if they are on fire.
At best with prioritys (I don't know about you, but a clean kitchen is much more important to me than a clean hallway)

So much this :)
Ideas / Re: Copy all bills option on workstations
September 04, 2018, 06:17:32 PM
Ideas / Re: Set Work Station Importance
September 03, 2018, 01:48:02 PM
+1 for the integration of this mod or a similar function!

Please don't give the crafting skill even more jobs. In my opinion they could get split in several skills already ;) it doesn't make sense that you can tailor masterwork pants because you trained by crafting a lot of bows for example..

The suggestion with the art skill on the other hand could be interesting..
Maybe an artist could carve some decorations into constructed furniture  :)
But that's probably too much to ask for..
And it'd make the construction skill meaningless unless it'd stack in some way and then it just gets more complicated to add  ;D
Ideas / Re: Add "Unskilled Labor" in Work Tab
September 03, 2018, 01:23:19 PM
Yes, please!
In my last game I had to set a non-crafter to crafting to do this jobs and assign her to any of these bills and then assign my main crafter to every other crafting bill.. Microing hell ;-)
And pretty unintuitive.

Long story short:
+1 :-)
There is no music and no instrument of any kind. How are you going to enjoy all the beer and drugs this way ;-)

"I haven't heard a single beat for the last 6 years, let's escape this hell!"

Seriously, I have a hard time to find a reason for leaving every time I played a colony that long, because of all the reasons you mentioned, absolute freedom being the first on my list.
And living for 9 years on this world changes the view on life and even let you forget some old friends I guess so I don't see the point really..
I usually build the ship if I run out of meaningful things to do with a colony and skip the RP-thinking for that part..

But maybe being always at the risk of losing another finger/toe/ear/eye/arm... is more threatening IRL than it looks from behind the desktop and is worth getting away asap ;D
I totally agree!

Cudos to Ludeon studios and Tynan for being so responsive and open for feedback and suggestions and actively asking for it!
I love the way you consider a lot and implement what fits your vision. Always caring for the balance between your vision and the visions of the players, which I imagine is a really hard task sometimes.

Its always a joy for me to read new posts in the 1.0 thread and then see the changelog where so many things that players have mentioned before have been adapted/reworked/repaired.
I really appreciate that so much.
It actually is what made me being more active in the forums now, after the unstable release. Because I have the feeling that its meaningful to suggest or mention things that I stumble upon while playing.
And also because of your responsiveness and because I love your game so much I feel kind of responsible to try to help making this game even greater in the process of finishing..not that one opinion matters that much in the great scheme of things but it really feels like it does sometimes :-)

Huge thanks for this great game and this great development process that I really enjoy being part of!

Also, of course thanks to all the modders out there! I really appreciate your work!
And to the community as a whole.

Quote from: viperwasp on July 25, 2018, 03:24:31 PM
In reality when was the last time you wanted to mod a game that you hated? Never right?

Hahaha, you nailed it  ;D
Quote from: Ruisuki on July 26, 2018, 03:25:29 AM
guys is it true that 1.0 has mood debuffs for living under mountains and for using bionics without prostophile trait? Please tell me the guy was exaggerating..

It has. IMO they are not that crucial. Outdoors need has been nerfed during the different builds and really mostly affects researchers and cooks.
I think the most extreme is -12 but it needs a few days to get there.
I had a mountain base and I dealt with it by drafting the pawn outside for some time once in a while.
I suggested that people who want to go outdoors more often decide to actually do it when recreating, not sure if something in this direction has changed yet but it's really not that bad.
BTW, I like the name change to 'undergrounder' because it's gender neutral.

For bionics debuff:
Can't have a look right now so the numbers could be slightly wrong but I had a woman with 5 artificial body parts and it was a merely -3, if I remember correctly.
IMO it adds character to the pawns if they ask themselves: "What have I become, am I still human?"
And it made me think: "Damn, maybe I shouldn't have given her an arm for two missing fingers, poor soul."
Adds to the RP-factor IMO but doesn't really change the game that much..

But I think cochlear implants shouldn't count in that regard, nobody would exchange a functioning ear. I mostly installed them to get rid of the 'disfigured'-thoughts of other colonists, yeah maybe I exaggerated and the debuff is alright then ;-)

But maybe an option for plastic surgery with glitterworld meds that doesn't get rid of the scar itself but makes people become pleasing to look at again..
Or make friends just ignore disfigured things..
I just really don't like that these people are so superficial that they suddenly like someone less with whom they spent the last years building a new home just because this person got a scar on his ear so I'm looking for ways to fix that in a balanced way..