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this is a case of the game reflecting IRL lol
General Discussion / Re: rip predators
August 29, 2018, 07:29:40 PM
I've had i don't know how many armed colonies lost to a single manhunter squirrel. I pity the predators who eat other animals for a living
Quote from: fritzgryphon on August 28, 2018, 02:53:26 PM
So what would be the logic for an ideal primary doctor?

If doctoring is priority 1

if there is a injured pawn in a bed

if there is no other undowned, unoccupied priority 1 doctor with a higher tend quality

if the injury is life threatening (either bleeding or a disease with immunity within 15% of disease progress that has a fully expired tend)

or if the injury can cause an infection

or if the injury can form a scar

the doctor stops current task (sleep, recreation, or eat task that has not yet picked up the meal) and tends that pawn.

The doctor may have to wake up, but there is no mood or rest penalty for waking up, then going back to sleep.  Doctor tends in the middle of the night would be brief (night hunter got bit by squirrel, or whatever), and not effect doctor's rest much.

If after a night battle, and guys bleeding to death, rest is less important than saving colonists.

e. of course, priority 1 doctor self-tend should override absolutely everything.  Do not bleed out on pool table plz.

wounded pawns who are injured and begin patient'ing (are placed in a bed and await medical care) ping all doctors in the settlement.

If no doctors on shift (exclusively work on schedule) are available to reach them, pings doctors who are on free time and conducting non-work activities and if there are some it interupts what they're doing so they can go doctor
Ideas / Re: Generators should cause heat!
August 29, 2018, 07:23:05 PM
chemical generators don't necessarily generate heat IRL. We treat them as if they're diesel engines combusting fuel but that isn't what "chemical generators" are
Ideas / Baby animals inherit tameness
August 29, 2018, 07:21:34 PM
make animals that are easy to tame or whatever pass their tameness to their babies. Pretty simple, IRL a flock of birds will raise their chicks to be used to living in domestication if you adopted their mothers
yeah it's a very specific kind of help -- it's there to stop any attack that's overwhelmed a colony, but do nothing for a colony that has inadequate medical care to save injured colonists.
People who fell to animal attacks or low-tech raids and were beaten down he can save, but people who were shot to pieces and need to be patched back up to prevent them from dying in that very same incapacitation he can't do anything for but make them comfortable
as the title says. If you want to have a doctor move rocks and help cook during certain parts of the day, but drop his horseshoes party to do fix someone if somebody gets hurt, have an option to toggle on specific pawns (or shift+toggle for all) to make priority 1 tasks override free time restrictions.
Quote from: InventorRaccoon on August 24, 2018, 06:34:08 PM
Quote from: 5thHorseman on August 24, 2018, 05:15:53 PM
Quote from: Aszh on August 23, 2018, 09:39:48 PM
I thought Tynan mentioned once upon a time that this issue was supposed to be fixed in this update.  It doesn't seem to have made it in, though.  It's also one of my most desired fixes.
My best doctor does seem to tend to the wounded more aggressively.

In return, he's constantly starving and feeling deprived of rest and recreation. :/
I have the opposite problem, where doctors with priority 1 will play hoopstone and eat rice while a colonist bleeds to death in the infirmary.

I assume you dont have him set with an explicit free time bloc on his schedule?
Ideas / Sequels
August 24, 2018, 04:26:06 PM
I honestly believe the groundwork being set for this game isn't exclusive to a Wilderness Survival game. The work being fleshed out would go great in other games set in the same setting but on different kinds of planets, and I think this has a great oppertunity to take the Assassin's Creed Openworld Game style of serialization where you use the hard work put in to the engine in the first game to make sequels easier and cheaper to make so you can make more and more drastic changes after the initial release

and here's the thing; you could port old saves from previous games.
So, Rimworld is a wilderness survival game where you build a compound to be self-sufficient enough to get you off the planet.

Rimworld 2; Frontierworld. A game where the survivors from the previous game make it to a low-tech world where there is a loose global military alliance confederation and no savages, where instead of Wilderness Survival it's a small bussiness simulator where you're trying to eke out a living in a planet full of other settlements that are mostly just barely riding the poverty line, where you build infrastructure to make your settlement more and more efficient and profitable, buying up other settlements and giving them the same treatment and then connecting them with infrastructure projects until you become powerful enough that you could risk going to war with nearly every settlement at once and then snow-ball to global conquest and become the ruler of the planet and now the woes of capital competition is no longer a factor as all the settlements have been unified in a way that allows them each to specialize and support eachother. The map screen is used infrequently but to switch between sites to manage or monitor your competition

Coreworld; a city management game where you found a planet, and then in Rimworld's engine play a Sim City or Tropico game but without the space constraint, where you're unfettered by the constraints of survival or small bussiness competition and build up an interplanetary empire one planet at a time. The map screen is used occasionally to jump between build sites or to respond to notifications in already-established sites or to jump back to them to build inter-connecting infrastructure between them.

Glitterworld; a war game, where the interplanetary empire you've built invades fully built-up glitterworlds. The game functions mostly on the planet-map screen, with a on-site AI robust enough to be, once set up by the player and then let go, run on its own while the player pays attention elsewhere. The game runs on FOBs to be built up, enemy emplacements the enemy has built up and needs to entrench against you and the warzones between them, and has an autonomous AI that's mostly guided in a big-picture way reminiscent of Hearts of Iron 4, where you build forts or bases, fill them with pawns, set them up standing orders and design their defenses to man and then you leave the Site back to the map to do other things or order your army from the map screen, or oversee battles directly by micromanaging pawns when they defend bases, invade enemy settlements or fight in open warzones.
Ideas / Re: Your Cheapest Ideas
August 24, 2018, 03:26:42 PM
when a pawn goes to construct something and another pawn is in the way, instead of cancelling the job it should merely be forbidden (or paused or whatever), an invisible script is dropped on that tile that queries every _ cycles "has that job been cancelled, and if not is this tile still blocked?" and if the former it un-forbids the job and then in either case deletes itself.
Quote from: RawCode on August 21, 2018, 12:27:16 PM
IRL you won't get plague or "lethal flue" 3 times per year.

fun fact IRL the houseless cost the US, per person, an average of one million dollars of un-paid medical bills that the state foots every year bc people with inadequate shelter absolutely are sick nonstop.
If you asked me how many times my chronically homeless mother-in-law has had pneumonia this year my answer would literally be "every time my fiance tells me she has it again my response it literally "and the sun sets and the rain falls downward and..."".
She likes to give hospitals our address when she gets driven in by an ambulance and our house is fucking plastered with the woman's medical bills. I don't know why my SO keeps them because she's never paid a medical bill in her life, but by god I am a personal, living/breathing testament to the fact that, this aspect of the game is absolutely truth in television. Shelter is a human -need-. Without shelter OR medical care, you die. The human body does not, in fact, fare the outdoors well.
kills you.

edit: PS if that dollar figure on the annual cost to the state sounds weird to you bc it's vastly less than how much it'd cost fpr every city to just buy every homeless an apartment, even on the high-end of rental costs and assuming that they'd need constant supervision for the mental illnesses that keeps them homeless and the constant upkeep the buildings would require... yeah, you're right. There shouldn't be any homeless, our societies are -spending- (in the net cost sense) money to keep people homeless on the medical costs alone and it's utterly moronic.
if a pawn goes to build a building and another pawn is blocking it, forbid the construction and spawn an invisible script that keeps querying if the pawn is still there, and once they've moved un-forbids the construction and deletes itself. Easy fix.

Pawn walks up to build a door, sees another pawn on that spot working on the door frame (wall), pawn in the way goes "oh sorry I'll let you know when I'm done" and does, is effectively all this is.
Ideas / Re: Vehicles
August 24, 2018, 03:09:44 PM
Quote from: Bolgfred on August 13, 2018, 05:35:02 AM
Anyway, I find it rather interesting that you think about fueling a tank with wood or batteries, while you also have rocket fuel as an option ;-)

totally sensible, I live in AK where there are a lot of survivalist weirdos and there's a guy that buys trucks on the cheap on CL and kits them out with a thing right behind the cab in the bed of the truck that you stick wood into that powers the truck without (needing to) use gas. If you've seen the ads for this dude's trucks, like I have, you can start spotting them around Anchorage; trucks driving around the city with a bed-full of logs and what looks like a vertically-stacked generator behind the cab going from side to side of the bed about as wide as a gas can would be, that they are feeding logs every time they park in a parking lot.

The only reason thats not a common thing is bc we have trillions invested in oil infrastructure IRL but if that weren't the case and you were in a forest... not a bad idea. Inefficient, hard to automate like oil extraction is and heavy on sweat-cost (there's a reason you can create an automate self-feeding oil-powered plant in Factorio but there's no way to automate a wood-burning plant), but if you're facing 0 infrastructure, no reason not to.
Ideas / Ships!
August 24, 2018, 03:02:47 PM
we have interstellar traders, and I know that that's more of a convenience thing to give players access to items, it's been increasingly sensible for there to be whole ships that just, you know, land and become part of the levels.
They wouldn't have to be landing on the player's settlement levels, and you could get around the way they would affect the mechanics of the game as-is by having a pilot remain at the helm with a self-destruct button to -explicitly- prevent savages (such as the crash-landed players) from hijacking the ship, deadman switch and direct comms to the ship's security personel, but I think it'd be integratable.
Or at least, since it doesn't mesh well with Rimworld's survival-based gameplay loop, would probably work in a non-wilderness survival themed sequel that takes place in the non-Rim.
i've always felt it's a missed oppertunity for a game where you build a spaceship to escape to not have fully-built spaceships in the game. I get that it doesn't fit with Rimworld's Escape The Wilderness theme, but, the more Tynan fleshes out the world with interstellar trade, the more it seems it'd fit more than the Survival thing does.