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Suggestions / Colonist Implants
« on: July 14, 2014, 01:55:51 PM »
An idea for anyone doing mods:

You know how colonists are kinda basic, not all that tough, and break easy? Why not add something to help combat this? Introduce a machine called an Implanter that takes, say, 700 power to maintain and a decent amount of metal to build (250 or something around that). You have to research the machine and each implant before using it on your colonists (and the implanter should have a long recharge time, like 10 minutes between implants, and if power goes out during that time it resets or stops). Ideas for implants so far:

Empathy Inhibitor: Reduced/completely negated 'observed corpse' and 'witnessed death' debuffs on mood. Disables doctoring ability.

Nutrient Enhancer: Reduces need for food.

Pleasant Hallucinogens: Completely negates 'very ugly' and 'hideous' environment mood debuffs, but not 'ugly'. Alternatively, if balance isn't too terribly upset, it could grant a permanent 'pleasant environment' buff.

Adrenaline: Negates 'wounded' mood debuff, however, has no effect on physical condition. (Could possibly increase movement speed).

Nanobots: Grants health regeneration outside bedrest.

All I got for now. Someone please make this a thing :D

Suggestions / Room Scanning and Interior Zoning
« on: July 13, 2014, 01:44:05 PM »
Perhaps among our 'Orders' tab, we could have an Inspect tool that allows us to scan areas to see how suitable they are for our colonists. We can already see the brightness of an area, but can't see if it's ugly or pleasant, a big factor on colonist morale. This would be extremely useful since I strive to make everywhere my colonists might go on a standard routine as pretty as possible.

Whiiich brings me to my second point. Cabin fever is another dent on colonist morale, one that makes fortress building somewhat harder since walling areas off automatically puts a roof over them. From what I can tell, making a no-roof zone still makes it count as an interior. If I'm right about that, then can we please get the ability to zone areas we actually want to be interiors, whilst everything else counts as part of the environment?

Suggestions / Turret Event Suggestion
« on: July 12, 2014, 05:40:41 PM »
Just a suggestion for an additional event. The turrets (the vanilla ones anyhow) aren't top notch and are easily faulty. Because of this, an event could be a single turret goes rogue as it can't identify friend from foe. Whether or not it has to be destroyed or eventually wears off is up to whoever decides to do this, be it in mod form or by Tynan.

General Discussion / Operation Weasel Stomper
« on: July 12, 2014, 01:02:05 PM »
Today I have a mission for all you Rimworlders out there. Rimworlders? Eh, it works. You see those squirrels and boomrats wandering around like they own the place, nibbling gently on shrubbery and occasionally your thousands upon thousands of potatoes? They squeak and squeal when you end their miserable lives, the ingrates. I challenge you all to make a colony on the largest map type (ludeonicrous? I forget) and coat every piece of arable land with flooring to prevent anything from growing. Defend your storehouses and watch as they all starve, and then post the screenshots here. That is all I request of you, carry on your extermination of boomrats, and remember, overkill is the best kind of kill.

General Discussion / Rock Chunks vs. Sandbags
« on: July 11, 2014, 08:17:00 AM »
From what I've noticed, raiders and colonists can use rock chunks as cover, making less industrious colonies ripe for the picking by sharpshooting pirates or tribals. Sandbags have this same cover mechanic, except they can be destroyed, whereas rock chunks can only be broken down via stonecutting table. This made me wonder, do rock chunks provide less cover than sandbags, or are they both the same?

Suggestions / Guard Mode
« on: July 10, 2014, 07:01:45 PM »
You ever get those somewhat useless characters that can do nothing but shoot at stuff, but then you realize you've already exterminated the local wildlife with frag grenades and miniguns? Your only move from there is using them as soldiers, right?

So you hit that draft button and post them up at a checkpoint, waiting for any baddies to drop in so they can get a face full of T-9 incendiary bolts. Soon enough, however, that guy gets hungry! You have to undraft him manually and let him do his thing, before posting him up again. Lot of manual labor for a task that is only situationally handy.

My request here is that we get a 'guard mode' set up for our colonists. To enable guard mode, you hit a hotkey/click a button next to the draft button and their current weapon, and then you click somewhere else to designate an area to guard. The colonist ordered to do this won't be kept under strict control like the drafted units are (unless the target is in their guard area), but will go back to eat and sleep every now and then, and will patrol a small area instead of staying still. Yes? No? Maybe?

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