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Started by Tynan, May 02, 2017, 02:25:50 PM

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Quote from: Tynan on May 05, 2017, 03:16:11 PM
Quote from: SS4312 on May 05, 2017, 03:14:44 PM

Is it intentional that crafting Stone bricks doesn't give crafting XP anymore? I could've sworn it did previously, so I think it may be a bug that it isnt.

It is intentional.

Thanks for clearing that up! I'm really liking the additions so far to A17!


Quote from: Tynan on May 05, 2017, 03:16:11 PM
Quote from: SS4312 on May 05, 2017, 03:14:44 PM

Is it intentional that crafting Stone bricks doesn't give crafting XP anymore? I could've sworn it did previously, so I think it may be a bug that it isnt.

It is intentional.

Can we agree in a mid term? Like stoneblock crafting giving exp until level 5.


First off, since it's my first post i want to congratulate you on such an amazing game, it's easily been one of the best gaming experiences of my life.

On topic: Early game turned into sort of a hospital management minigame since every cut or scratch my guys acquire eventually evolve into an infection. No matter how clean the hospital is, no matter how young they are or how good my doctor is.

Maybe i'm biased and a bit salty here since the game decided to grace me with malaria at the same time all of my colonists were infected on one playthrough and i kid you not, a doomsday launcher- power armor bearing raider + friends on day 30~ (this is on rough cassandra) with 4 out of 6 of my guys bedridden with infection on the other one. But personally, i think the feature is a bit overtuned as it is now. Needless to say, both colonies failed.

Digging the specular water reflections and new textures, although i find the new rock chunks a bit.... ugly and hard to distinguish.

The new pawn management with skills mattering more is great, it felt kind of cheesy just using my industrious lvl 4 miner to do basically the same job as my 2 flame mining strong expert.

Last but not least: I've seen raiders not fighting back but instead repairing their sandbags non stop. Maybe siegers can spawn with a certain "job" where they prioritize repairing over anything else so these particular guys all probably spawned with the same "job" so to speak ?

All in all great additions, really enjoying the changes.


Quote from: Mihsan on May 05, 2017, 02:54:18 PM
Quote from: Darth Fool on May 05, 2017, 02:36:33 PM
Mihsan and others of you dealing with the changed infection model:  Secondary infections happen later and therefore start after some immunity has already built up.  The secondary infections, therefore, rarely are lethal unless they happen right away.  To deal with the principle infection, you really need to have your infected pawn in a bed (not just a sleeping spot).  The 10% immunity gain is critical, and it only works while they are in the bed.  It is often the difference between immunity at 95% infection and death at 95% immunity.  Damage that diminishes blood filtration combined with an infection is often lethal unless you have shiny glitterworld meds or an ace surgeon with very high medical.

To be clear: my patient died at 62% immunity and he was in the bed (not sleeping spot) all the time.

I'm not having any more trouble than usual with keeping infected pawns alive. Like others have said: keep them in bed the entire time, micro your doctor to treat the infection every time it's available, use the best medicine you can (herbal medicine is everywhere now), and keep your hospital clean.

Yes, infection rates are up drastically from A16, but let's be honest, in A16 they were basically nonexistent. High rates of infection are completely reasonable considering the conditions these guys are living in. I think the new tweaks are fine.


I always thought it was silly that no matter how grievous the wound as long as it was treated it never got infected, even if you used bare hands to treat it with no medicine. I'm glad to see infections got ramped up.


I understand faction members being harmed on your land and losing faction will. But can I at LEAST HAVE something similar to caravan spot so I can protect them? Had a raid with 2 faction caravans on site and they turned hostile to me because they were in the way...

Or maybe I could tell them to leave? It just doesn't make sense they stay there and then suddenly I have to fight 2 factions...


Quote from: kenmtraveller on May 05, 2017, 03:16:58 PM
Not sure if this is intentional -- i thought it was pretty awesome -- but I had an early 'refugee chased by pirates' event that ended up with a pawn wearing a good suit of power armor (w/o helmet) joining my colony.  He did have a military officer type background, and was pretty much only capable  of shooting and making art, so in previous versions of the game I would have regretted letting him join.  I like the idea of gear making up for otherwise useless recruitments.

I had a rescued pawn on Day 4 wearing Power Armor. Weird thing was, he was a Taxidermist pacifist. I imagine he stole it somehow.


New build is going up.

Please continue to report your experiences and bugs! It's super helpful.

Recent changes (raw git log):


Reduce water contrast further.
Reduce water contrast.
Remove lake water visual distinction.
Various readjustments to pawn group spawning to improve pawn kind selection. Readjusted the pawn points limit per total raid points so that advanced pawns don't show up until later. Some refinements to debug output. Outlanders can now spawn elite mercenaries.
Reduce wave quantity on lakes; fix water blending, both height and terrain.
Removed unnecessary "int" suffix from fireAtWill.
Allow firing -> Fire at will
Fix bug in pawn group spawning debug tool.
Moved a few Def folders into /Misc
Mining yield now applies smoothly, not with a yield-waste die roll.
Reduced mining yield waste chances.
Typo lastTakeCombatEnancingDrugTick -> lastTakeCombatEnhancingDrugTick
Fix: Graphic_Shadow can cause errors if the shadow is drawn off map.
Exploit fix: You can cancel mortars cooldown by uninstalling and installing the mortar.
Fix: Enemy base generation can place turrets in water.
Fix: Bug in GenStep_Animals can cause an infinite loop.
Fix: It's possible to run out of numerical names which causes errors.
Fix: Shift/Ctrl don't always work in trade dialogs.
Better PawnColumnWorker_WorkPriority shift click behavior (removed wrap-around behavior).
Fix: Loading transport pods sometimes fails.
Exploit fit: It's possible to affect the TryFindRandomSpotJustOutsideColony() results easily by placing many free spots somewhere, e.g. crafting spots.
Fix 2974: Merging caravans fails
Fix: Errors when a pawn is downed during map init.
Fix: Rivers on the world map sometimes end up in the wrong tile.
Add a little extra texture to water at dusk and dawn.
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Dude, you are working overtime on this one! Thanks for the quick replies and fixes. Can't wait to test it out.


Hey, it's not just me. Thank Zorba and ison as well.

I'm going to push a language update in a few minutes, but the code won't change.
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Here I am, tinkering on my mods and looking a bit inside the forum.. Hmm a new update, ok, I'll look through it later on.. What a language update also shortly afterwards??? *Start of a flurry of activity* Changes here.. there.. hmm, that's not needed.. argh, and that half asleep... Ok.. done... *crawling into my bed* Zzzzzzz...

By the way.. I think the changes to the water got a bit too much grey.. Personally I liked the sparkling water in 1528 much better.
But that is just my personal oppinion 8)


Quote from: Tynan on May 05, 2017, 01:04:46 PM
Thanks for the info everyone. Read and understood.

Could someone post a savegame of a midgame base around day 30-60? I'd like to look into this issue with enemies arriving with powerful gear too early.

I've got a day 26 save handy (game was started a few versions back, hopefully it still helps for investigation)

[attachment deleted by admin due to age]


Thanks Zhen.

I did change this a bunch in the latest version, so it'd be good if people could update on whether they're still seeing weirdly early power armor. And also, please look at the wearer and say what kind they are. "Pirate"? "Mercenary elite"?
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Quote from: Tynan on May 05, 2017, 03:16:11 PM
Quote from: SS4312 on May 05, 2017, 03:14:44 PM

Is it intentional that crafting Stone bricks doesn't give crafting XP anymore? I could've sworn it did previously, so I think it may be a bug that it isnt.

It is intentional.
Can we let it give a boost to mining instead? I mean, you're basically breaking up rocks either way... making those arms stronger and swings more precise. Same skill set.


Quote from: Tynan on May 04, 2017, 02:28:27 PM
But, the whole idea was to line that up. So in the game, if you start in the southern hemisphere, Decembary is summer... just like December is summer in reality.

We can't use seasons as a calendar because they're different per-region. Tropical and polar regions don't have the four seasons, they have wet/dry or no seasons at all. And of course other planets may have no seasons. Etc.

I think it is very confusing.  How about an in-game weather "app" based on simple stacked bar chart e.g. yellow (sun) for average temperature and blue (water) for average precipitation.  One stacked bar for each of the four 15 day quadrums.  You could model any basic climate in any hemisphere without needing to define a season or name it.  A quick glance of the app could indicate where I am today in the RimWorld climate pattern timeline and plan accordingly.
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