Whats the funniest thing you have ever seen in Rimworld?

Started by Sepkan, August 06, 2014, 04:19:33 PM

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The funniest thing I have seen was my R-4 wielding, power armor wearing 16 shooting and melee skill assassin get killed by a squirrel.


I laughed so hard at this that I took a screenshot at the time.

Not long into a new game and my colony was attacked by a small pirate raid. Had no defences yet so the colonists had to defend the base largely with the starting weapons, leading to some injuries. One of the pirates, "Toad", was incapacitated so I ordered him to be captured. He was duly hauled to a prisoner bed where he could sleep and heal up. Fox comes along with a tray of food for the new prisoner, entered the cell, faced Toad ... and just dumped the tray on his still sleeping face ... then walked off not giving a muffalo.

I can only imagine that Fox was still seething about the raid, and having to look after one of the attackers. With the tray on his face Toad probably woke up thinking he was in a casket lol

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- Wave of 45 squirrels. Mowed them down with 6 hardcore, armed-to-the-teeth colonists + 4 turrets. But wait, there's more. Another psychic wave: 30-something boomrats. Hard to tell how many because their corpses burned down afterwards. Needed a reload after that one... Pure insanity and hilarity.

- There's a YouTuber by the name Blitzkriegsler who uploads RimWorld letsplays. Vladimir the Politician the colonist. Blitz had put him to fetch something from an active battlefield. Brave little Vlad dodges and catches bullets like a goddamn action hero, running like Usain Bolt, zigzagging in the midst of the agave plants and bushes. The bullets wear him down to 4 HP. Blitz holds his breath as Vlad runs out of the chaos. Incoming gunfire quiets down as Vlad is getting out of range. Then comes the unexpected sniper shot somewhere off the screen and poor little Vlad plops to the ground, face down in the mud.

- Weirdest character I ever had was a female named Maskinne(?). Once I ordered her to put out a fire by drafting her and placing her next to a fire. What does she do? Nothing. She just stands there and I just stare at her faceless head in shock and it's like she's staring back at me. I'm horrified, as stuff is on fire! A thought occurs to me. "Wait, was she... was she the pyromaniac?" Open character sheet. Indeed she's the pyromaniac I thought I'd seen earlier. I burst into laughter as I thought that's the reason why she just stood there watching stuff burn. Creepy AND funny. However, she was also incapable of violence which was the actual reason why she didn't "attack" the fire. She had no problem putting out fires in civilian mode.

- A few alphas back had an empath go berserk (mental break). "Incapable of violence" my ass. She defeated my best melee fighter. Imagine Deanna Troi raging.

- Tribals decided to pull back from an attack but not before kidnapping my people. One of my incapped colonists got picked up SIX TIMES and every time his would-be snatcher was shot dead. Imagine experiencing sort of treatment. Upsy daisy! OOPH! Here we go! UNGH! You're coming with me! THUD! You look delicious! SPLAT!

- This one time I was placing buildings, got my view zoomed in all the way. To the side is the butcher's table and the animal corpse stockpile. I see in my sideview a colonist drop off a muffalo corpse. "But... no one's hunting... OH GOD!" I had forgotten to turn off the hunting from a fresh recruit, a badass melee specialist. While I was diddlying with wire placement and batteries he had been inserting his fists in a muffalo's face.

- Huge raid. Call for help. Call two factions. Spend thousands on reinforcements and bribes. In a situation like that a person should really check that the assisting factions aren't hostile to each other... *facepalm*


Has to be the time when 50+ tribals visited my colony
they then proceeds to stand in my courtyard and eat most of my food

while after another faction comes for a visit.
They're mortal enemies =P

I lost two colonists in the crossfire.
and I had to wall off the sight to the battlezone to keep my survivors sane


Thank you for this thread, some of these are awesome :)
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Definitely the time a wave of 12 bandits approached my base and ended up walking right into a trio of Sythers. The carnage was glorious. 2 bandits were knocked out in the fighting and promptly sold as slaves :P

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Mine would have to be the time that a conga line of passers by (around 100 or so) casually conga'd past a siege party, not sparing them so much as a glance, and all but six were shot down. The others carried on their merry way to the other edge of the map...


I had a colonist who's primary occupation was "pop star". She was terrible at everything but art.

I made her butcher animals and mine ore.


Another one I really enjoyed was visitors shooting my prisoner to incap 4 times. I would think they would recognize I have it under control.


Quote from: Piata on August 06, 2014, 11:15:07 PM
I had a colonist who's primary occupation was "pop star". She was terrible at everything but art.

I made her butcher animals and mine ore.

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I once created a large hallway through the middle of the map just for use of stone tiles, and then proceeded to wall off a good portion of the ways raiders could come into the map. Whenever a raid came, they wouldn't actually go down the hall, they would just pick random walls and start punching bricks -- never mind that they got pelted into nothingness by turrets.


Quote from: Piata on August 06, 2014, 11:15:07 PM
I had a colonist who's primary occupation was "pop star". She was terrible at everything but art.

I made her butcher animals and mine ore.
Oh jeez yes! I had a pop star once, too. "Sexual deviant" was one of her traits. Couldn't escape the Miley Cyrus mental association. With her Social skill 15 (+double flame), prisoner recruitment was a breeze. At least I THINK it's her Social skill that made all future recruitment easy. Absolutely useless for anything else, though. She played her part until she faced a large bald smelly tribal who was unimpressed by her shenanigans. Hold on, Miley! We'll save you! Quickly! Turn on ALL the turrets! Miley survived the "assistance" but got incapacitated. On top of that, she suffered from starvation and ugly environment. She recovers just enough to get up and soon after decides to "leave". Yeah... no. Nuh uh. Off to rehabilitation you go, Miley! IT TOOK WEEKS to convince her to join back because she was not only my best recruiter but also my ONLY recruiter. All the other colonists were at Social 3 or incapable.

"Oh PLEEEASE, Miley. Won't you PLEEEASE join us again. We WANT you to join us. We NEED you."


The time when two psychotic prisoners got incapped by a single psychotic squirrel. :)
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A squirrel went mad and started attacking an exterior powered door. None of my guys went out that door so it never changed target. Every so often, somebody would stop by and repair the door back to full health. After about two days of nothing but tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap tap the squirrel died of starvation.