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Ideas / Making smokeleaf more viable
August 29, 2020, 05:54:55 PM
I'm probably not the only one who doesn't like using smokeleaf for recreation, as the penalties are significant when compared to other low-addiction drugs like beer or ambrosia.
Smokeleaf joints have a niche as painkillers but that's about it - and pain is a problem best solved with bionics or implants.

Here's a few suggestions to increase the value of smokeleaf as a recreational drug - feel free to add your own:

  • lower effect on consciousness - this one is obvious, as it causes the most problems. Consciousness is the most important stat, as it governs all other physical stats.
  • Increase artistic by a percentage as a bonus for the duration of the drug
  • Increase chance of creating a higher quality item
  • Remove or reduce direct effect on movement speed - this one is particularly annoying, as smokeleaf can often down pawns because they get hit with movement reduction from both the effect itself, as well as the penalty to consciousness
  • Small chance of scientific breakthrough when researching when high on smokeleaf. Effect could be extra science points or a large bonus to the pawn's research skill
  • Poor man's love enhancer - slightly increased bonus from lovin'
You're probably starting to see the pattern here. Smokeleaf could have an actual purpose as "crafter fuel", giving bonuses to people who don't need high move speed and won't suffer problematic penalties from low manipulation. Basically, you keep your crafting monkeys high on leaf and in return, they have an increased chance to create higher quality items, meaning more potential value from the rescources used.

Obviously all of these effects together would be unbalanced. Either negative effects should be reduced, or the creative effects should be added. I do still think the penalty to move speed is too much. It was fun to see old/heatstricken/sick pawns keel over when they smoked a joint the first few times, but it's gotten old now.
Stories / These guys are just asking for it...
August 10, 2016, 10:20:17 AM

Sure you did guys. You're totally safe now. Nothing bad could possibly happen.

(In case you don't get the joke, I did not choose this name. Permadeath games save under a randomized name. Also, the sentece We made it (Permadeath) makes me giggle).
General Discussion / Ascetic and raw food
July 19, 2016, 08:36:05 PM
So I noticed my ascetic pawn kept grabbing and eating raw food (rice and potatoes) instead of meals. I figured it was just the usual bug, but then I noticed he was not getting a mood debuff (which he should, because it was rice and potatoes, not corn or berries).
Is this intentional? The trait description does not mention this, and I don't recall it working that way before. Or any mention of it in patch notes. It kind of makes sense, but it also wastes food...
Ideas / Chop off limb, get human meat.
June 22, 2016, 02:38:30 PM
So I just had a horrible idea. Well, a great idea but it's kind of horrific. It's pretty simple:

When you remove a limb (not an organ) from a pawn, it drops a small amount of human meat. So you could literaly chop a pawn's arm off and feed it to them. Or to the dogs, if you're the well-adjusted friendly kind of player.

This could be extended to injuries as well, so after a particularly bloody fight, the battlefield would be littered with small piles of human meat that might attract predators or scavengers, making it more dangerous to clean up the area afterwards.
Ideas / Gravel looks too much like soil
June 06, 2016, 09:20:29 AM
So if you're like me you probably don't like having gravel in your crop plots (if it can be avoided).

The problem is that it's very hard to tell gravel from soil, at least when they are close together. I usually have to go through my entire crop field, one square at a time to check I didn't accidentally include a square of gravel.

So I have two suggestions:

1) make gravel squares look less like soil squares. Pretty simple.

2) make the "ground info" available while creating crop zones. Currently you have to make the zone, then find the gravel spots, then back to the zone tool, make corrections, back to normal view to check you got the right ones, back to the zone tool etc. It's very tedious.
Stories / Tynan doesn't get paid enough
April 28, 2016, 04:57:57 PM
Ideas / Let's talk about melee combat
April 24, 2016, 08:35:29 AM
Melee combat has always been in kind of a weird place in this game.

What I mean by this is that melee combat in Rimworld is first and foremost a hard counter to ranged attackers. If you melee a ranged unit, you shut that guy down completely. He might take a few swings at the pawn engaging him, but fists are no match for a longsword or even a club. His ranged friends might take down your melee pawn before he can finish the guy off but they're very likely to hit their buddy in the process.

So the issue I have is that a melee pawn is really best used as ambushers/kamikaze attackers against ranged units. Shields make this more tactical and less suicidal, but it's still the same basic strategy. What I would like to see is more focus on melee vs. melee combat. My suggestion is to make the melee skill more focused around defense than attack. So a high melee skill pawn who engages one or more enemies has a high chance to avoid attacks (or impose a penalty to the attacker, whatever works).
Since the enemy pretty much always has the advantage of numbers, this would make it possible to form a proper melee defense to protect your shooters/turrets. Because melee currently only dictates chance to hit, even a Godlike melee pawn is quickly brought down by numbers. He might take a limb off with every swing, but because he is constantly taking hits he won't be doing it for long.

This also opens up for more variety in melee weapons. There are niche uses for clubs (incap without killing) and gladii (faster attacks) and possibly the spear but the longsword is essentially the sniper rifle of melee weapons because of its high damage, which translates to a higher chance of chopping something off and one-hit downing/killing the enemy. But if gladii had a higher chance of parrying or whatever, you might consider it over a longsword for a more dug-in defense situation.
Ideas / More Joy activities & Joy preferences
October 03, 2015, 06:09:22 AM
First of all, more joy items would be great. There's a decent amount already, but some joy types like "passive" only seem to have a single activity connected to them (television).

Secondly, I think colonists should have joy preferences. Slothful colonists could like sitting in front of the TV, colonists with high research might enjoy the telescope more, a good cook might have a preference for gluttonous joy and so on. The current system assumes that diverse activities makes your colonists happier, but most people are not really like that. They'll sit for hours on end playing the same videogame about space colonies or whatever. ::)
Ideas / Make Backgrounds and traits more coherent
September 17, 2015, 08:50:01 PM
First off: This only applies to randomly generated colonists, not the backer ones.

Something that's bugged me since I started playing is how often a randomly generated colonist seems completely incoherent as a character, because their childhood/adulthood background and/or their traits don't match up somehow. Stuff like Bloodlust empaths or scientists who have resarch disabled because of their childhood background. And I know the planets in the Rimworld universe have different technology levels, but that doesn't explain how a slave who didn't learn to read until age nine somehow became a middle manager on a hubworld.

So what I would like see is a bit more controlled backgrounds that make more coherent sense and don't clash too much with traits. I know this will also mean more standardized pawns. The solution obviously is to add more backgrounds. Maybe some sort of community contest. Extra work, I know, but it's not a critcal feature, so it doesn't have to be anytime soon. However, I hope steps towards this will be taken eventually, because in a game where you are supposed to attach emotion to a little blob with no legs, it doesn't help that I'm having trouble buying their story because it feels randomly generated without much concern for coherence.
Translations / Danish translation
August 12, 2015, 08:23:02 AM

I would like to contribute to the Danish translation, but nothing seems to have been updated for about 8 months. Are the project initiaters still active? If not, how do I go about getting involved?
Ideas / Human Leather
May 17, 2015, 01:30:38 PM
Butchering humans and making clothing from the leather is a quick and simple way of making cash. It's kind of balanced out by the butcher getting a mood penalty, but I think the system could do with a bit more complexity, so here's a few suggestions concerning murdering fellow humans and turning them into jackets:

- wearing human leather clothing causes a mood penalty unless the colonist is a psychopath (maybe bloodlust too).
- only slave traders will buy human leather clothing and human meat - reputable traders won't deal in these rather shady items.
- larger beauty penalty for human meat and leather (need to store it somewhere colonists don't see it too often).

There's room for some positive additions too, but I'm not really sure how they could be worked into the current game - for example, fighting a colony all wearing human skin oufits should break raider's morale pretty quickly in real life, but I'm not sure if it's possible to work into the current mechanics of the game - something for future updates perhaps.
Ideas / Social interaction between colonists
February 28, 2015, 02:11:07 PM
The current system for colonists interacting with each other is basically this: There's Abrasive colonists and then there's everyone else.

I find that very limiting, especially because there is no positive side to Abrasive, so you'll likely avoid colonists with this trait unless you're choosing them specifically to increase the challenge of the game.

It doesn't have to be overly complex. Perhaps the Abrasive trait should give a small skill boost of some sort. Abrasive colonists could have double the normal negative effect on Depressive colonists (meaning you have to keep them apart as much as possible). Abrasive colonists chatting to each other could boost each other's moods instead of lowering them. Abrasive colonists could have a small chance of pushing Volatile colonists into a mental break even if they're not close to breaking.

These are all ideas just relating to the Abrasive trait. You could do the same with all the mental traits. Create some sort of interaction between them. This would be a small step towards making colonists feel more human.

I realize the game is more about big drama than everyday hum-drum, but I often feel that apart from their various skill levels and trait quirks, my colonists are like clones with no real personality, because of the extremely simplistic way in which they interact with each other.
Ideas / Combat medics
February 24, 2015, 02:45:37 PM
I think some sort of instant treatment option could be nice.
For example, it could be an item that replaces a weapon (making the colonist defenseless), which could then be used to heal wounded/incapped colonists, possibly bringing them back in the fight or at least keeping them alive while the fight plays out.
It should probably carry a penalty as well, such as reducing healing power by 50%, increasing the risk of scars and such.
This would give non-violent colonists like empaths a purpose in fights. Mine mostly just wait it out in a safe place, drafted, so they don't wander around and get killed by accident.