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Cybernetic Storm adds late game depth and adaptability to your colony. Build the futuristic cyborg colony of your dreams with advanced prothetics, weapons and armour. Ally with the Cyber Covern for a tremedous ally that will aid you in taking down the hardest of spacer invaders. Grow and create advanced materials to advance your colony or trade for them instead with all new traders specialising in future tech. Take the planet for your own!

Update: 07/01/18 - Beta 18.002 - A new colony and world are required to play if the save is from a previous alpha.
Download: B18.002
MediaFire Download
Steam Upload
Please rate on Steam if you download it from there, thank you!
Download: B18.001
MediaFire Download
Download: Alpha 17 V4
Media Fire Download

Carbon Fibre Prothesis, Limbs, Implants and Brains, Organs and Exoskeletons:

Workbenches & Production:






Research tree:
Click Here for Tech Tree

Mod Team:
- elStrages

Cybernetic Storm Mod Spotlight by Feniks
Blitzkriegsler Plays RimWorld


  •   A whole host of items including:

    • Construction Materials, Advanced Items and Plants
    • More body parts and Carbon fibre limbs
    • Basic Organs, Additional Bionic Limbs and Organs, Nanotech Organs, Cybernetic Limbs, and Exoskeletons
    • A range of skill based implants as well as combat implants
    • Melee and Ranged based Armours, Helmets and Grieves and Worker Suits
    • 3 additional tiers of weapons inclusive of 19 weapons
  • 2x Workbenches
  • Growing advanced plants to make advanced materials
  • Advanced Power systems to power your colony
  • Advanced limb and organ Harvesting
  • Material crafting old and new including medical supplies
  • Traders
  • Full research tree

Version B18+ should be compatible with all other mods.
Off-Topic / This is really starting to p*** me off
February 25, 2015, 04:12:24 PM
I have had this stupid error like 100 times today from here and the wiki. What the hell is it and why do I keep getting it!

[attachment deleted due to age]
General Discussion / Rimworld Logo Font
February 17, 2015, 03:20:24 PM
Rimworld Logo Font:
Does anyone know what it is? Maybe Tynan ;)
Also can I get a copy of it if it's custom? Please
Any help is appreciated :)
Off-Topic / Need Free Animation software
February 17, 2015, 06:52:40 AM
Anyone here know of a nice free piece of animation software. Doesn't have to be all singing and dancing as long as it's fit for purpose.
Any advice would be great :)
Ideas / Assignable workbenches (with poll)
February 11, 2015, 04:19:15 AM
Short point:
The title says it all.

Long point:
Assuming a specific workbench to a certain pawn will make it easier for you to develope your pawns. They could concentrate on a specific skill or no skill this making your colony easier to grow.
Assigning a workbench to a pawn would mean that they alone could use the workbench. Unassigned workbenches can be used by all.
An expansion on this is to have the ability to assign several people.
Overall this would give you the ability to train one person in crafting to gain skill whilst others can do dumb labour. It would also stop clogging of the workbench e.g. The sculpture table with several users with half finished sculptures.

Your thoughts are welcome

Added a poll to see if you think it's a good idea.
Defend That Colony!

Defend That Colony! add a veriaty of defensive postions to the game. This will better enable you to thwart those attacks


Defend That Colony! Preview

Download: v1.2
Defend That Colony! Downloads
MediaFire rar Download
MediaFire 7zip Download

Mod Team:
Coding, Graphics, Odd job manipulation:
- elStrages aka David


o New walls with Embrasures
     - Standard wall and conduit
o Tranches
o Barbed Wire
o Moats
Change Log: v1.2 New Mod
Updated to Alpha 9
Change Log: v1.1 New Mod
- Moat
- Barbed Wire
- Tranches
- Updated Embrasure Sprites

Fully compatible with Alpha 8.
Fully compatible with all mods.
Warning!: this is a subjective post and peoples opinions may be bias to either argument, this is not a post of trolling.

   So I have noticed that over the course of my month here that there are constant demands for the to be some sort of breeding amongst colonists, and although this is a valid idea to be put across it is becoming in my opinion monotonous.  As it stands there are only a few ways to get new colonists, capture and conversion or brought and converted.  I do agree that there needs to be some other ways of gaining colonist to aid you in your aim to leave the plant you so happen to be stuck on.  In the scheme of things, the need to escape by space craft and the life time of the game is it necessary to have breeding.   

My thoughts:
   At it stands I don't feel the game should have any sort of breeding for a few standard reasons.  The first of these and the most obvious is the time frame. Second to this is the need for care and cost.
   The overall time frame of the game as it stands is 15 days to every month, this means that people birthdays come round quicker, even so there is still at least 12 years of growth needed to make use of this pawn . At which point you could enslave them as child labour at that age (with research into slavery).  Unless you have the child grow two years for every year in which can you can have them in 6, but remember everyone has a birthday now every year. So unless you are popping out 16 year old colonists at birth then I don't see this as a viable option.
   The care and cost side is simple, children need looking after, that means more work for your pawns, that means less time for colony to be made and defended, research completed, space ships made and escape possible. If I was playing this game and had a choice I wouldn't bother a as it would have to be a later game exploration for when I have a few more colonists.

   I'm not one to point out a problem that I feel need fixing without a possible solution in mind so here are my solutions.
1: First point of call the modding community:
   As it stands there is a great modding community here and I am sure if you got some of the c#/c++ programmers to gether then such things could be achieved. And they would most likely enjoy the challenge.  This would mean that the breeding side would be an added option made for the players who actually wanted it.
2: Increasing the ways to gather colonists:
   Additional systems could be made quite easily my Tynan in the form of say a recruiting system, or more random events for colonists to join.  Even a simple Mercenary faction that will offer you colonists for a small price is easily achieved with factions and events.  This might be a better solution to the problem.
3: As stated above, more event may be the key, especially form small colonies and lower tech colonies, leaving to join you in order to gain a better life and leave this planet they have been constricted too.

  So I have put forward to thought and I hope you and a good opinion too.  I would like to hear it so we can discuss what you think.  I would genuinely like a good opinion on this and ways you think to should be solved if it is not introduced. Or you feel its a vital missing game mechanic. 
  I have placed a Poll too so those who don't feel like expressing can just have a vote.  I'm sure that members of the forum, testers and Tynan himself would like to know what the general consensus on this is as it would help him better develop his game for the community that support him. 
Thanks for ready. Happy Gaming.
Video / Rim-Cartels Mod Video
January 16, 2015, 10:32:20 AM
Released a mod, and started at dabbling in vide making, have a look
Rim-Cartels Preview - Click Here!
let me know what you think!

Rim-Cartels adds a whole new level of exploration and depth to RimWorld. It adds in the ability to build up a drugs based empire to your new colony. It gives you the ability to manufacture new drugs which can be used to boost your colony's mood and or sell on for large profits.

19/01/15 - Black market traders, I reworked the traders and made a whole new one for the sole purpose of shifting your good, so make sure when they pass you get your gear offloaded!

Download: v1.0
MODDB download will be active once the mod is accepted. for now download direct link :)


Mod Team:
Coding, Graphics, Odd job manipulation:
- elStrages aka David

Rim-Cartels Preview


�   3 Types of Plant
   o   Salvia
   o   Fabaceae
   o   Hamamelis
�   2 Types of Drug
   o   RimSpice
   o   RimDust
�   1 Type of Chemical
   o   Acidic Extract
�   3 Laced Meals
   o   Drugged Lavish, Fine and Simple Meals
�   2 Workbenches:
   o   Chemists Lab
   o   Acid Extractor
�   3 Traits
   o   Drug Fuelled, Druggy, Heavy Drug Abuser
�   New thoughts

Fully compatible with Alpha 8.
Fully compatible with other MODs (Should Be)

Change Log: v1.1 The Black Market
- Added the Black Market Trader
- Fixed bugs across the board
- Tweaked the growing process
- Spelling mistakes corrected

[b][color=green]Change Log: v1.0 Rim Cartel[/color][/b]
- Salvia - bud producing plant
- Fabaceae - powerder producing plant
- Hamamelis - acid producing plant
- Raw Salvia
- Raw Fabaceae
- Raw Hamamelis
- Acid Extract - from raw Hamamelis
- RimSpice - form salvia
- RimDust - from Fabaceae
- Chemists Lab - Create drugs from faw materials
- Chemical Extractor - make acid extract from Hamamelis
- Narcotics - unlocks workbench's for making drug, raw materials available straight away.
- Ate raw illicit substance
- Ate illicit substance
- Ate acidic plant
- Ate Drugged meals (Simple, Fine, Lavish)
- Drug Fuelled - work speed +5%
- Druggy - work speed -10%
- Heavy Drug Abuser - work speed -25%
- Substances: (all start deactivated)
- Raw Illicit
- Illicit
- Chemical Plants
- Chemicals
December 25, 2014, 02:42:32 AM
Merry Christmas Rimworld-ers from London England

(Tag your next. Where are you wishing. A merry Christmas from?)
Ideas / Research tags: Research, items and recipes
December 21, 2014, 05:52:57 AM
1: I have noticed from Modding that something that would be really useful is the requires research tags used for building would highly useful for advanced research systems.
For instance. I would like 1 medical workbench.
Three researches. Basic, medium, and advice medicine.
And say 6 items used at the medical workbench
But only two unlocked at a time instead of all at once.
I have entered the tags in the items and although the compile doesn't have a problem with it and still runs. They don't do anything.
This is a minor thing from a modding point of view and may possibly help you later on.

2: limiting research tags. This is basically if I have one research open up two queues I would like a tag so that if I research one stem it deactivates the other. This would give a dynamic experience to each player and individual games by allow only certain things researchable

Just a couple of ideas for you Tynan. I hope I explained them well enough.

High ladies and gentlemen this is a small mod made to make Rimworld a Christmas wonderland. I have started to add in things and they are all constructed with 1 wood.  Everything so far I have added was a quick thing.
If you want anything added to the mod let me know!

Decoration Buildings:
- Christmas Tree - 1 wood - 100 beauty - needs power
- Red Present - 1 wood - 50 beauty
- Blur Present  - 1 wood - 50 beauty
- Green Present - 1 wood - 50 beauty
- Snowman - 1 wood - 25 beauty
- Candy Cane  - 1 wood - 50 beauty

See Attachment.

[attachment deleted due to age]
Off-Topic / Embedded Videos
December 16, 2014, 10:55:34 PM
Simple question, does anyone know why the forums disabled or in turn did not enable the function?
Gods Lubricant

I have fully reworked this mod starting at a new base.
You now start with a well, and have to craft buckets to gather water from the well.
Water gathered into a bucket can be used to make meals with, then you will receive the meal and a returned empty bucket.
You don't have to continue to make buckets, inly if they are needed.
10 colonists eat 10 meals a day that's ten buckets of water needed.

I will work back in all old features once I have had a deeper look into the process, but I feel this is a better way to have water in the game.
I will leave the older version in here just in case anyone wants to look.

WARNING!: This mod edits pre-existing files that edit the creation of meals. other mods that edit these folders will not be compatible
WARNING!: older versions are not compatible with new version.

Mod Team:
elStrages - David

All files included add a water system to the Game.
Any problems please let me know!
Change Log: v1.4 Complete change  14/12/14
Stack Issue:
       - Deleted obsolete code
       - Lowered stacks to 10 for buckets and full buckets (tested and working with mod on its own)

[b][color=green]Change Log: v1.3 Complete change  14/12/14[/color][/b]
Production Buildings:
- Woodwork Bench
- Well
- Bucket
- Water
- Empty bucket
- Full Bucket
- Well
- Woodwork Bench
- Create bucket at woodwork bench
- use bucket at well to gather water
- Food Recipes updated to reflect needing water

[b][color=green]Change Log: v1.2 Water System  14/12/14[/color][/b]
Research Projects:
- Basic Water Systems
Production Buildings:
- Rain Catcher
- Evaporation Chamber
- Water
- Water
- Rain Catcher
- Evaporation Chamber
- Food Recipes updated to reflect needing water

GodsLubricant v1.4 - rar file
GodsLubricant v1.3 - rar file
GodsLubricant v1.2 - rar file

[attachment deleted due to age]

Cybernetic Storm adapts and improves on the limb system in the current version of Rimworld, Alpha 9.  This MOD adds a vast amount of additional limbs and adaptations for the body, as well as a new power system, weapons, turrets and armours that will turn your lonely colonist into s cybernetic army. Also added a research tree link so you can se whats going to get you where!

19/03/15 - This update has a more balances to the point where I am definitely a lot happier with the way the mod performs.  There are tweaks to weapons and armour across the board. In addition to this there are a lot of changes to creation times to make them more realistic in game play terms.  Nanoponics saw big changes with a change in construction cost demand, lowered energy usage and sped up growth times.  The Cybernetic Coven are back in the mod with lots of tweaks making them a little less dangerous to you.  They no longer hold the extreme rocket launcher they once did and other such things. Hopefully they become game friendly and a worthwhile ally. A new colony and world are required to play

Download: v3.5
Cybernetic Storm Downloads
A new colony and world are required to play

Implants, Limbs and Organs: (there is one image for each item ;) )

Workbenches & Production:






Research tree:
Click Here for Tech Tree

Mod Team:
Coding, Graphics, Odd job manipulation:
- elStrages aka David
- Vas - Modular Hydroponics Code

Cybernetic Storm Mod Spotlight by Feniks
Workbench, Bionics Constriction
Blitzkriegsler Plays RimWorld


•   7x Workbenches offering progression in implants, weaponry and medical supply.
•   Growing advanced plants to make advanced materials
•   Advanced Power systems to power your colony
•   Cybernetic Faction
•   A whole host of items including:
   o   Construction Materials, Advanced Items and Plants
   o   More body parts and Carbon fibre limbs
   o   Bionic, Nanotech, Cybernetic Limbs, Organs, Exoskeletons and Skins
   o   Melee, Skill at Arms, Visual and Audio Implant
   o   Nanotech and Cybernetic: Armours Helmets and grieves
   o   Nanotech and Cybernetic Weapons and Turrets
•   Advanced limb and organ Harvesting
•   Weapon crafting vanilla and new
•   Material crafting old and new including medical supplies
•   New Traders
•   Research progression throughout the systems

|========Bug reports: (fixing for patch 3.5)========|
Problem Unresolvable | Current Problem | Problem Resolved | Problem Unfound / May have fixed by accident
3.45.a: Nanothread not growing correct
Lifespan of plant put up to 60 days, growth in 8.8 should sort it out
3.45.b: Turret still in traders
Added "<tradeability>Never</tradeability>" to turrets should resolve.
3.45.c: What's up with "Rifling Technology" and "Bionic Aids"? They're research topics that don't seem to do anything and don't have a description..
This was my screw up, rifling tech no unlocks rifling bench and bionic aid tech will unlock the Implants production bench once it is complete.
3.45.d: I think the resource costs for weapons are okay (it doesn't take much steel to make a weapon) but the times should be cranked way up.
This has been stated several times so I have upped all times for creating weapons and armour. please test in the update and I will adjust
3.45.e: Nano brain and advance nano brain description
They were around thewrong way, been fixed
3.45.f: just noticed, that default file has <loc>(60,30)</loc> and your fixed has <loc>(60,50)</loc>.
Fixed to correct number.
3.45.g: Nanoponics too cheap in cost and build time.
Nanoponics: As a way of balancing I have added the ability to build them with half the materials from any resource base and the the other half plasteel also added cloth of 10. so it can be 45 stone/wood/metal 40 plasteel and 10 cloth  also takes longer to build.
Advanced Nanoponics: increase to 80 Nanosteel and added 10 Nanohread. it halves Nanothread growth time.  Also takes longer to build
Test and adjust with feed back
3.45.h: Create Nanotech exoskeleton bill appears on the bionics workbench, rather than the nano workbench.
Moved to right bench
3.45.i: Nanotech apparel has two listings on the stockpile configuration menu, although only the first contains any items.
removed second listing, it was a duplication mistake
3.45.j:Traders are heavily unbalanced. Cybernetic and nano weapon are ridiculously cheap.
they were based off of vanilla prices of weapons and are more expensive. I will up the price of Nano by 20% and Cyber by 30% to see if this makes it more compatible. As per test and adjust on feedback
3.45.j:Return of the Cyber Coven
cyber faction back in the mod with a lot of tweeks and changes so they aren't as brutal :)

Non-compatible with Alpha 8 and bellow mods.
-- Extended Surgery
-- Zombie Apocalypse
-- Expanded Prosthetics and Organ Engineering