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General Discussion / Re: Version 1.0 is content-complete
« on: October 03, 2018, 09:31:12 AM »
Thank you Tynan for the great work!
I still havent figured out  all B19 changes for mods :D

Tynan I would pay my Rimworld copy two or three times if this would help you to never stop developing this game.
I suppose many others agree with me.

I bought RimWorld 5 times on steam. 4 as a gift to friends.

Well, to be honest, mods don't have a place in the phase of finetuning the vanilla game. If you cannot play without mods, stick to the latest stable update and don't join a regularly updated beta product. Those who create and use mods for these updates should either accept a larger workload of staying up to date or find some patience and wait for the final release.
A developer should not have to keep mods in mind besides creating a solid base for modders to work with.

Cheers :)

This is not quite the usual for modders, some of us do RimWorld mods for 3y+ already. Players request to update mods, but can't while game in constantly changes. So, yep, we get used to the new realities.
I rather see that main developer harried with the release notification and the game is not yet ready.

Yeah I know most people are having a great time, but it's worth paying attention when someone seems unhappy. At least to the point of being able to understand the complaint. I don't agree with every piece of feedback but I like to at least understand them.

Please take into account the fact that most of all modder community can't work on mods. Changes negatively affect on the work of mods, that simply dont work after the next update. And who has already updated regret about it. Like, recompiling and add changes to mods every week...

Releases / Re: [B18] [PROJECT] Hardcore SK project v7: Sunrise
« on: July 17, 2018, 03:41:21 PM »
Yep u are right, missing getfood need. Thank you.

About Zeon. Don't fight on outdoor. You will be able to find a solution ;)

its not correct to compare AAA projects with RimWorld. AAA projects developing as a rule with a large team of developers and the costs are much higher. RimWorld most of the time developing for a 2-3 people. RimWorld was sold already more then with 1 million copies, some of it with a special packs for more then 1000$ each. In addition RimWorld received from kickstarter and has already been sold for several years before steam release  + some income from other sources.. So, if iam not mistaken, according to approximate estimates the RimWorld could bring about ~40-50 million dollars to its creators. Don't forget that the game developing with a 2-3 people. This is not enough to start make not-free DLCs? Its certainly a joke about DLS, bcs do not know how Ludeon going to make a soon release when a game really not ready. Declared opportunities still not resolved. The game optimization is terrible.. iam not talking about multithreading. The game even unable to use the opportunities of a single core. In 2018 year still in 32bit. Soon mobile phones will only work on 64 bit  :-\ What a DLC? Please, make the game first. Modders already have run into modding limitations, bcs of game optimization. Z-levels are possible in Rimworld, the game already using Vector3 graphic. Some mods like Combat Extended using 3D for shooting mechanic. All of this is impossible only because of game optimization. We have reached the moment, when modders started to make mods with game optimization(!!!), while the developers write "its so long and hard to make multithreading... we sold 1 million copies of the game and can't hire an additional developer for optimization".

This looks pretty impressive; can it help translate the base game? I'd love to know more about it, and if you're still working on it.

it works really good, saves a lot of time. Program create ready templates and all you need is only to translate text. Iam using this program almost from the start and can say for sure the missed translation became much much less.

Does it work on Linux?

Does it include Catalan language? (it does'nt apear in the pictures)

It doesnt matter what a language you choose, this program just create a folder with language name. Select an any language and then just copy templates to your specific language folder. For example, if you select 5 lanuages, this program create 5 folders and copy the same template for a each.

You should add +z layers now, just do transparent overlays, and only allow going to a plus z layer via stairs, and building over +z layers on top of buildings, and diminishing +z layers on mountains.

While we're at it let's get 64 bit support, multi-core support, and multiplayer.

O   M   G

Yes Please i would litterally die if this became 64 bit

L I T T E R A L L Y   D I E

By the way. Rimworld 64 bit already exist. Just use search  ;)
plz, not die.

Outdated / Re: [B18] Hyena!
« on: May 06, 2018, 07:56:23 PM »
ohh, so cute *_*

Releases / Re: [B18] [PROJECT] Hardcore SK project v7: Sunrise
« on: May 01, 2018, 05:55:05 PM »
It is the best rimworld mod I ever played! I hope the locks mod ( will be included in hardcore SK. It is compatible with it?

Hardcore SK has already another locks. But for future compatibility with Prison Labor we switch to Avius Locks.

Is it still not possible to turn off CE mod? One of the most annoying mods ever.

what are annoying? If ammo, you can disable it in mod settings.
By the way, Combat Realism was the first mod from which Hardcore SK starts in 2015 year ;)

Outdated / Re: [A17] PeteTimesSix's QOL tweaks pack (1.0.2)
« on: January 04, 2018, 08:26:22 AM »
Test update to b18.

YES!!! Thank you so much, sir. I can't wait to try out New Orders, it can be frustrating trying to move just 1 specific item to a certain spot. Also, Walk Off Bruises looks fantastic. I'm still confused what the difference is between guessing and estimating with Surgery Estimates. What makes the doctor estimate over guess? Is it based on their medicine level?

Still need work, not all features works. Yup, for example Surgery estimating.

Releases / Re: [B18] [PROJECT] Hardcore SK project v7: Sunrise
« on: January 02, 2018, 04:52:35 AM »
Thank's the update. :)
Did you delete the Industrial Rollers from mod pack?

yup. will be added later.

Outdated / Re: [A16-B18][MODLIST] Performance mods and other smaller mods
« on: December 30, 2017, 03:56:38 PM »
Hey Blas88, do you still have A17 versions of your performance mods? I am still playing A17 with HCSK modpack and would love to give your mods a go.

TickMultiThread not compatible, it would break skip and palletes. I hope author move mods to harmony, to make it more compatible.

Releases / Re: [B18] [PROJECT] Hardcore SK project v7: Sunrise
« on: December 30, 2017, 04:48:25 AM »
Hello all!
Master branch updated to beta 18.

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