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Started by Viceroy, February 11, 2015, 12:54:42 PM

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Ambience Mod

This is a simple mod that changes the light levels during the nights. It makes nights much darker, sometimes completely dark (in storms) and is done mostly for aesthetic reasons. It helps create spooky atmospheres for more horror themed mods.

Author/Mod Team

DropBox: Darkness Alpha 11
DropBox: Darkness Alpha 11 (Slightly Brighter Overcast)

How to install:
- Unzip the contents and place them in your RimWorld/Mods folder.
- Activate the mod in the mod menu in the game.

Currently it does not affect weapon accuracies beyond what is normal, if anyone can point me towards changing those values I would be very appreciative.

Also any help regarding changing eclipse light levels would also be awesome.

Oh and doesn't require a new colony. Should be safe to add/remove any time.

Working on getting caves permadark.


Alpha 11 (06/23/2015)
* Fixed for Alpha 11
* Tweaked saturation a little during fog

Update 2 for Alpha 9 (03/03/2015)
* Adjusted Dawn and Dusk colours.
* Added version with 0.05 night illumination in overcast weather instead of 0.01 (half the clear night darkness instead of one tenth)

Update 1 for Alpha 9 (20/02/2015)
* Eclipses are currently disabled by default, inside incidentdefs there are instructions to reactivate them if you so choose.
* Alpha 9 compatibility ensured.
* Added a banner to the mod menu for it.
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Now this adds immersion! I love it.
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This makes me want to speed up dev on my spotlight mod.....
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oh my god this one I have to try!
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i've got to try this with kenny's spotlight in turret collection


Nice going to try this out myself, i was actually thinking today why there wasn't an all night mod so their would be no sun. Then again im not sure if that would actually be possible.


I love it. I just played about an hour with this mod. It really made me rush my research toward outdoor lighting (from my Advanced Lamps mod) a lot sooner than I usually would. And let me just say that with Rikiki's Caveworld Flora (glowing shrooms) mod activated along with this it just looks awesome. Sometimes it's just a small bit too dark for my personal tastes, but it sure makes things scarier. Especially with my Biodiversity mod that has aggressive critters running around. I almost lost a colonist to a Rimwolf that I couldn't see because of the darkness. This whole concept just adds a whole new layer of danger and realism to the game. Now if only you figure out how to make the eclipse darker too this would be just about perfect. It is a bit strange when an eclipse ends in the middle of the night and all of a sudden it's even darker than it was during the eclipse. I'm definitely going to be keeping this one on my active mods list.

[edit to add] Oh yeah, and the greatest part was on the very first night. It was dark when they landed so they set up a ring of 3 camp fires. Had to stand watch until the sun came up to be sure none of the aforementioned aggressive critters snuck up and bit someone in the butt.


Skullywag modded to death.
I'd never met an iterator I liked....until Zhentar saved me.
Why Unity5, WHY do you forsake me?


Quote from: skullywag on February 11, 2015, 04:13:48 PM
now we need torches....

No problem, some crazy dude with a weird name already did them Simple Torches. :-p


i meant the handheld kind....-.-
Skullywag modded to death.
I'd never met an iterator I liked....until Zhentar saved me.
Why Unity5, WHY do you forsake me?



Quote from: skullywag on February 11, 2015, 04:16:45 PM
i meant the handheld kind....-.-

Ah, well Rikiki already did the base work to make one with the Mining Helmet mod. I was already playing around the idea of making a flashlight/torch object before this mod came along. It might be a good idea to pursue that idea now. Just gotta find the spare time to do it. Lots of preparations for an upcoming move to Atlanta, Georgia this summer which is keeping me from doing any modding.

[edit to add] If some other modder were to go ahead and make that flashlight/torch mod that would be totally cool. I'm probably not going to get to it till after alpha 9.


Thanks so much guys for all the positive feedback. I'm looking into the eclipses but they aren't handled by the weather defs. To be honest I am a bit stumped at the moment.

Regarding darkness I have been thinking about making clear nights a tad brighter and shifting overcast nights into about the level of darkness clear nights are at present in the mod.

I must say it takes a little getting used to (even for me) but after a while I found it difficult to return to the vanilla light levels.

Again thank you all for the constructive feedback it means a lot to me. :)
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I haven't tried this (yet) but seems to be creepy/fun.

Just a thought: Is walking affected in the dark? Or maybe they'd trip on a random tree root sticking on the ground? ;)