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General Discussion / More ways to stalk Tynan
June 02, 2016, 10:07:01 AM
I have a bad habit of trying to get as much information from Tynan as I can. I like to hear what the dev has to say about different topics and bugs in the game. As such, I have a daily routine of checking his recent activity on different outlets. Currently, I check his Twitter, Reddit account, Forum posts and I just added Steam posts. I used to follow the changelog until it was discontinued. Are you all familiar with anything else I should be checking on in order to get the latest from the Almighty Tynan?
Bugs / Pet hunting issues
May 10, 2016, 09:11:26 AM
I believe this has been mentioned somewhere and probably addressed. I haven't mentioned it myself because I just figured it will be taken care of, but after scrolling through the bug pages, I am posting it just in case, because it annoys me so much and I really need this to be addressed. My apologies if this doesn't belong in the bug forum.

I love wargs. I tend to breed them any game I can. Either buy or tame a male and a few females and let them multiply. However, since Alpha 13, I rarely end up with any more than I started. The two biggest issues are:

1. Warg puppies hunting things that are bigger than them. They frequently get downed or seriously maimed. If they survive into adulthood (had a few reach teen, but never fully matured), they are missing a few limbs and are covered in scars.

2. Wargs in general hunting boomrats or boomalope. By the time my colonist even gets out of my base to save my downed, burning warg puppy, it burns to death. Adults are better off, but require a lot of healing and usually don't even get to enjoy the meal they risked their life for (it either burns up or the pet goes to be healed after it puts the fire on itself out). They also end up with some hefty scars. You would think my animals of advanced intelligence would learn what to avoid hunting.

Smaller issues:

1. Warg hunts animal, warg starts eating, colonist takes hunted animal corpse to stockpile. Rinse and repeat.
2. Turtles
3. No options for bed-ridden animals. Can't heal 'em. Can't give them new legs. Can't sell them. (had a trading caravan accept any pets BUT the bed-ridden ones. Who wants a warg puppy with only two legs, i guess?)  Can't kill them without pissing off a colonist. Not sure if they even mature while bed-ridden...?
4. Pet corpses get the same treatment as wild animals. Oh, your bonded pet died? Better grab it right away to butcher it for meat. I understand that on a barely surviving colony, meat is meat, but it seems off.
5. Are trip plotting mechanisms (can't remember the technical term) turned on for animals the same as they are for colonists? Because my warg sure tends to travel a long distance to hunt that animal that was on the opposite side of the wall he was on, but was not easily accessible without a very lengthy trip.
6. Do animals follow allowed areas when hunting? Or is it just my warg puppies don't understand allowed and disallowed areas at such a young age?
7. Do animals prefer to eat off the same corpse repeatedly or do they always go for a new kill. I would think animals would prefer corpses to hunting again, as long as they are fresh.
8. Why is my war puppy starving to death, walking all over creation to find an animal to hunt when I have plenty of meat and kibble in my base (the kibble is right next to his bed)?

Possible (hopeful) Solutions:

1. warg puppies only eat meat or kibble. At the adolescent level, they move to rabbits and squirrels.
2. Animals either learn what not to hunt or avoid certain animals altogether. I hunt a turtle a few times and get my butt kicked, I am going to learn to go for easier prey. If i get set fire every time I kill the animals with yellow sacs on them, I am going to avoid them. I understand this is probably too complicated to implement, so I would be ok with total avoidance for now.
3. I realize the choice between forbidding to not forbidding pet prey is not a clear cut decision, but I would go for forbidden with the choice to manually unforbid.
4. Give pets meal preference. Possibly: Kibble, corpses, hunting, meat. The priority is flexible though.   
5. Give butchering a pet allowed option, same with cremating.
6. Allow bed-ridden animals to be sold at the very least. At the very most, give some sort of offset to euthanizing a pet. Possibly a negative buff when a bonded animal is in pain and a short positive buff when a bonded animal is no longer in pain (specifically to euthanizing though. Mercy kill of sorts). Yes, you will be sad when they are killed, but when my own pet was old and dying, I was also just glad she wasn't in pain all the time.

Feel free to move the post if necessary. Also, If this is being addressed, no need to go through each point. I trust you enough and all i really need to know is I can start my warg breeding colony again in alpha 14. Thanks Tynan and Ison!
Bugs / Inconsistency from months to seasons
April 10, 2016, 12:28:38 PM
Not a huge deal, but when exploring a world map, the average temperature is listed by Months instead of seasons. For example, it says average temperature in January, 47 degrees Fahrenheit. I would think it should now say average temperature in winter
"Hello there my little boar, I brought you something to eat and something to think about. This is what happens to those who do not join us. Say hello to your brother. *Hands boarmeat* How do you like my new hat?"

I know this is something we already do to prisoners, but for some reason it only stuck out to me now. Guess I haven't entirely embraced my inner-Rimworld.
Off-Topic / Civ 5: Complete Edition for $12.50?
June 16, 2015, 11:38:44 AM
So I made the mistake of going onto Steam's sale and saw that this game is on sale for 75% off. I haven't played any Civilization game in over a decade and I fairly enjoyed it then. I wanted to hear other people's opinions on this particular version (and its expansions) before I buy it. What are your thoughts?
Ideas / Expanded crop control
April 30, 2015, 12:12:38 PM
I know that Tynan added the ability to forbid growing zones, but I suggest something a little robust.

Each growing zone would have three options. The first would be Plant: with two options added. Forbid and Nothing added. Forbid would null the other two dropdowns. If Tynan has just added the forbid button, only adding Nothing would be necessary, this would be the same as plant cutting a whole growing zone.

The next would be When: and the options would be Now and When Harvested. "Now" would do what it currently does while "When Harvested" would only plant when the current plant is harvested. It is frustrating when some plants are grown and some aren't. You plan on switching crops, but you can't yet because you want those certain crop to finish growing. But then your guys waste time reseeding what you plan on digging up anyways.

The third Column would be the priority dropdown. That way if you are low on food, they colonists wouldn't start harvesting the cotton next door until the food is harvested and replanted
Build wall
Set conduit to be built under it
wait for resources to be placed, but before being built
set conduit wall to be built in same location

Expected: Error message: Identical item already exists in location.
Result: Conduit can be placed and built again.
Ideas / Low Priority Stock Re-organization
April 22, 2015, 09:32:26 AM
Since the new stockpile mechanics, the pawns are generally good about filling-up partial stacks before starting another, though it isn't perfect. I recommend that a job withing hauling be created with a lower priority than actually hauling that simply reorganizes the stockpiles to combine any partial stacks and free up room. This mostly has to do with meals, as I generally have several partial stacks of meals.

Also, as a second idea, if pawns could try to choose partial stacks to use up before full stacks that would be great. That pile of 12 squirrel meat in the back corner is taking up precious room that my extra stacks of 75 potatoes could use.

Maybe part of the reorganization of stockpiles could include putting partial stacks towards the edges of the stockpiles, where they would more likely be used.
General Discussion / Thoughts on Alpha 10?
April 15, 2015, 02:31:21 PM
Since I am at work and don't feel like working, I am sitting here refreshing the page waiting for people to start posting their thoughts on the new update, or at least the release notes of it.. Since everyone either doesn't know about it yet or is out playing it, I am not getting a lot yet. Since I am impatient, I will just ask: What do you all think?
Mods / Mod Idea/Request - Slave Trader Changes
April 03, 2015, 07:28:22 PM
Has anyone tried to make a mod that separates the slave trader occurrence from the population caps and make it like any other trader? Would this be simply removing unique code on that trader and ensuring it matches the code of other traders? Or is it more complicated than that. No modding experience, btw.
General Discussion / Botched Surgeries
March 30, 2015, 02:28:06 PM
For those of you that think the surgical errors are unrealistic, check out this story I found online.
According to the changelog, sculptures will have an "uninstalled mode" where (from what I gather) you can deconstruct and move it without actually having to recreate it. This sounds like an excellent idea and seems to have some implications. If you can create a base for a statue and use that as a means of deconstructing with without losing it, could it be possible to apply this to other items? Could you move that research bench without having to scrap it and start over? I hope that either Tynan applies the idea generally or the basic idea opens up more possibilities for modders to fix that annoying problem. Even if bases cost us some extra resources, it would be worth it for those interior decorators of the game  ;)
Ideas / New cooking Option: Keep Between
November 06, 2014, 10:41:20 AM
I wanted to hear opinions on an idea I had. I love the "Do Until You Have X" option, but I have one qualm about it. If I have it set to 100, they will obviously make sure I always have 100 meals in stock. However, I feel the cook's time is wasted because as soon as he hits 100, he runs off to do something, then immediately has to go back because it dropped down to 99. It's good to have 100, but I am only really worried about it getting dangerously low, say 50.

My idea is to have an Option called "Keep Between" that lets us set a minimum and a maximum. If the Keep Between is set to 50-100, They will cook to 100, then do other things letting it get as low as 50. As soon as it hits 50 or less, the cook goes back and cooks another huge batch until he hits the 100 mark.

My questions are these: Do you like the idea? Would you use it? Is it, in your opinion, something that would go good in the vanilla game or is it more of a mod idea? On the coding aspect, is this something that is easy to code or would it be difficult?

Thinking as I type this, a more complicated side to this idea would be to implement this for stock items.

You could designate more trees to cut or ore to mine, but set a "keep between" on these. They would only cut the marked trees when you are below the minimum, therefore keeping your colony wealth low.
Ideas / Personality System Overhaul
October 17, 2014, 11:28:58 AM
So I mentioned this in a different thread yesterday, but I wanted to present it fully in it's own topic and get some feedback on it. My idea would require a rework of how traits work, but would make more dynamic characters, along with more variety.

Instead of having a trait like prostophobe or sanguine, you would have a whole page of different scenarios that could happen in-game, along with a reaction factor for your colonist. That way more complicated scenarios could be separated. It would look something like this:

Overall Happiness: Positive
Sold Prisoner: Neutral
Sold Colonist: Negative
Removed Body Part: Neutral
Removed Body Part From Prisoner: Negative
Received Prosthetic: Positive
Wearing Pants: Positive
Wearing Jacket: Negative
Using Melee: Negative
Using Ranged Weapon: Positive

The list could go on for a long time. This would make you get to know your characters a lot more to make sure they are happy. It would also make for more dynamic choices to find a balance between different colonists. Sam gets sad when we sell prisoners, but gets happy when we remove body parts from prisoners, so lets remove the kidney before we sell him. John dislikes both, so we will need to take off his jacket until he gets over it. Lisa enjoys killing people and is awesome at melee, but hates power armor, so we have to risk sending her out there. Imagining backround stories as to why Lisa or another colonist is like this could really enhance the story driven gameplay.

Since there are so many, the positive and negative hits could be less severe, since they are way more likely to add up. Also, to make it more dynamic and to differentiate between Sanguine and Iron willed, We could have several levels within Positive and Negative. This could be the difference between disliking jackets and hating them. 

What are your thoughts? What about the idea would you tweak and what situations should be on the list? Feedback is greatly appreciated.
Mods / Ungrateful mod-user rant/mod-maker hype
October 10, 2014, 03:44:02 PM
So as I read through mod releases I frequently see posts from someone who has downloaded the mod and it goes something like this.

OH EM GEE I used your mod and this part totally sucked/was too OP/was too weak...etc and I won't use your mod until you fix it....

Oh yeah? I am so sorry that this incredible mod that you probably can't even begin to understand what it took to buid which took you five seconds to download for free is not up to your satisfaction. Please tell me how you are going to withhold your highly valued opinion until I make it to your specifications.

I don't make mods, but I understand they aren't always easy and are usually time consuming to make. I personally appreciate the time you modders take to make this game better for the rest of us. So on behalf of myself and others who have manners above that of an eight year old, I say thank you! Hopefully the good things we say to you makes it worth it.

For the complainers,  I get that sometimes mods aren't exaclty how we want them, but it seems our options should be some small recommendations that the modders might listen to or make them ourselves.

Oh, and if you complain and have less than ten posts on the forums, (at least one of which has to be positive), I pretty much dismiss whatever you have to say.
on a scale of 1 to Tynan, I am probably a 5 or a 6 in general computer awareness. I have never gotten into programming or computer software, but I know my way around a computer and if something is broke on a family/friend/coworker's electronic device, they feel comfortable in coming to me. Playing this game and being part of this community has inspired me to not only learn more of the programming aspect, but to maybe go into it as a career. The one problem I have is I don't know where to start. So for those who are largely closer to the Tynan side of the scale, can can someone direct me to an awesome website or something that would be good to get started at. Personal experience is preferred, but a simple google search from some experienced eyes helps too.
General Discussion / A Silence came upon the Land
September 15, 2014, 11:52:48 AM
I haven't been in the community for very long. I joined about a month ago, but is it normal for Tynan to disappear for a few days? He has only posted one thing in four days. Should we send out a search party?
Support / Blinking UI?
September 06, 2014, 02:09:39 AM
I was playing my game and all of a sudden all the in game menus disappeared. I saved and closed out of it, but when I opened the game up, they were back, but blinking rapidly. Even in the main menu before you start the game the little pop-ups that appear when you hover over buttons are blinking. I deleted the Rimworld folder and searched my computer for everything with the name Rimworld, hoping a new download would get rid of the problem. However, it brought all my old saves back. My two questions are, does anyone know why the UI is blinking? If not, does anyone know where all the save files are? Maybe if I completely wipe the computer clean and start from scratch, that would help. Thanks!
Mods / Mod Idea/Request Secret Doors
September 05, 2014, 01:40:52 PM
I would like a mod that allows you to create a secret door. My current issue with doors (and future lockable doors) is that they are still targeted by enemies first. Most bases have a single entrance set-up that allows you to defend your base form one point. Sometimes, though, there are items on the map that would bea easier to get if you had doors on multiple sides. This would ruin a base set-up do no one does it. The purpose of a secret door would be that it functions as a regular door for your colonists, but enemies (and maybe visitors) would recognize it as any other wall and would not use or target it as a door.

I do not know much about modding. Does the AI differ item perception of enemies and colonists? Could you make such a door? Would anyone besides me use this kind of door? Thoughts and feedback from modders and players would be awesome!
I was just wondering what most people use? What situations do you use what?

I personally use "Do until you have X" the most and "Do forever" on certain things like cremating corpses or butchering animals. I hardly ever use "Do X times." I wonder if the default should be "Do Until you have X" if that is what is most used. Thoughts?