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Thanks for all your hard work on this mod! :)
Yaaaay! :) My favorite modder! I'm installing this for my stream now. Just loaded up the new version of the game for the first time and knew I couldn't play without this mod. <3
Thank you so much for updating this! Absolutely my favorite mod by concept. You are the best. <3
Thank you, this mod looks fantastic. I'm going to try it out. :) Good work!
Wow, Harsh Elona. I'm also looking forward to this mod being updated. :> I don't mind the current haul mechanics, but I always spawn with 10 guys and train several animals to haul. But having even just a double or triple haul capacity with the use of an item would be amazing.
Thank you thank you thank you! I'm going to be using nearly everyone of your mods. During my livestreams, a ton of people kept mentioning several of these to me. Thank you for updating them so promptly to A13 as well!
Thanks again. :3 Still my favorite mod so far.

Concerning the appearance of plow-soil, I think if we want to imply it is 'rich' it should simply be darker. Being I'm an avid IRL gardener and master composer for my city (there's a program you go thru), darker soil usually means richer soil. I think the tiled lines does look nice too---but not everyone practices row gardening.
Mods / Re: When will any modpack come out ?
April 23, 2016, 09:59:36 AM
This forum is full of mods, and many of these mods are actually very robust. If you are talking like the SK Hardcore, that will take awhile as not many mods are updated yet---it takes the people who made them time to update them and the new version of Rimworld hasn't been out that long. I'm sure they have lives, school, jobs, what not to keep up with too. :)

Removed advertisement. We have sections for these kinds of things.
Yaaaay! I was just looking for this mod. Glad to hear you will be updating it!
Releases / Re: [A13] Glitter Tech v1.0
April 17, 2016, 09:24:24 PM
Is there anyway to fix a spine with this modpack?
Thank you for coming by and chilling with me!

I think Zederikus has a nice idea. I think breaking it down into a few smaller options might appeal to some folks. Not sure how much work that'd be on your part though.
Oh this is really cute.  A friend just recommended this mod to me. I'll be livestreaming/showing it off in a couple of hours ( Thank you so much for updating it so quickly!
Absolutely love this mod! Keep up the great work. It works perfectly on the newest version. I've not found any issues. :)
Releases / Re: [A13] Glitter Tech v1.0
April 16, 2016, 10:13:46 AM
I created an account on here just to tell you how much me and several members of my community love this mod! For your first mod, I think you did absolutely fantastic. Thank you for keeping it up to date with the latest version of Rimworld as well. I'll be live streaming your mod in a few hours and showing it off on my twitch channel :) I'm not sure if it is appropriate to link to such things, but just shout at me if it is and I'll remove the link. <3

I did have a question! I've not played around with growth rates much, but these walls do provide enough light to grow with at 60% brightness right? Would it be possible (or is it already) to have some kind of 'plant growth' walls? Maybe that cost extra, require additional resources or components to construct to make them more balanced, but something that outputs 100% brightness? That would be amazing. It might already be a feature and I just missed it, haha.