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I'd rather caravans not feed meals to pack animals, especially if you've taken hay, veggies or kibble for the animals. Animals are supposed to graze while on caravan which means they should eat grass while on caravan first, then any kibble, veggies or hay you brought along. Meals should be the last thing animals are fed on caravan. I get so tired of sending enough meals for the pawn(s) to eat for the round trip, to find out all the meals are gone when they arrive at the destination trade city.
General Discussion / Psychite Addiction
March 08, 2023, 06:42:58 AM
Wasn't this a 30 day recovery in the past? I swore it was which is why I despised addictions so much. I just noticed it's only 15 day recovery while playing earlier. Was it a change when 1.4 and Biotech came out?
Ideas / Butcher corpse recipe
May 05, 2022, 05:53:37 PM
The one thing I really wish was in the game, is that the butcher corpse recipe was able to check a specific stockpile like most other recipes in the game currently. Kibble has this option, why doesn't butcher corpse? It would be so much better so that each bill would only check a stockpile associate to the meat type (human, insect or animal). Even in Oskar's VE Cooking - Sushi, the human surimi recipe can find a specific stockpile.

Sorry if this has been mentioned before, but it's one of the things I find really lacking.
General Discussion / Reinforced Barrels
December 20, 2021, 05:46:00 PM
I'm looking for an answer from the Dev Team on this question.

What was the reasoning behind requiring the barrel in the initial crafting of a mortar when not using the "Classic Mortars" option?

I understand it helps with the accuracy and is needed for the rearming. If you happen to not get sieged or able to do an off-tile combat mission to acquire some "free" mortars, this means you have to craft them for defense. However, the barrels are only available on Exotic Traders and hampers the building of any on your own if you don't happen to get any traders or rewards. I would think the mortars could still be built without the barrels, and them added once you acquired some just as if you are rearming it.
Ok.. you might be right. I checked and it may have been TD Enhancement Pack mod. I guess I got so used to having it active that I didn't realize it wasn't on the current map.
I noticed this issue this morning. I can make and alter zones, but can't change the order they show up in schedule/animal GUIs or prioritize which it belongs on. I have a slightly modded with vanilla and Royalty, but they are only QoL mods, nothing game changing.

Previously I had the ability to reorder the zones and decide if they were for colonists or animals. I didn't read anything about this being changed.

Save file:
Can someone explain this to me? See the attached images and explain to me how the actions are as they are. He can prioritize hauling the corpse, but can not pick up because of too heavy??? It's not because of the items already being carried (see second image), as the pawn in question being asked to do it is one of the cooks and had just dropped meals off in the dining room.

The corpse on the table came from another pawn's Corpse Obsession not a few seconds before.

*edit* for more info, all my own colonists get that same thing "can not pick up: too heavy" but all the refugees don't have it.

*edit 2* adding burial options, same greyed option appears.

*edit 3* this is a lightly modded game but can't see it causing this. only 25 mods and nothing other than QoL mods.
Utility items are in the list of items in the Manage Outfits. This does allow for them to be assigned as possible outfit items to put on, instead of force wearing.

I know I've put certain Utility items in my "Outfits" assignments just so I didn't have to force wear every time I purchased a new one from traders. For example, my Melee outfit will be the group that gets Shield Belts as part of their outfit, Shooters get Lances. As better quality can determine better defensive ratings for each pawn, I can see the reasoning for wanting to move the minimum worn up as the game goes on. This point does hinder those utility items purchased from traders like Lances that don't have a listed quality. Shield Belts from traders usually do come with a quality rating.
The only thing I could see he's complaining about is that fact that the herbal meds don't have expiration dates in the caravan window. But as I mentioned before, I would guess there is a limit to the number of days it will list and since herbals have a lifespan of 2+ years before rotting. It's kinda a moot point, unless it is a separation of expiration dates between the two lines.
You have the "slaughter" checked on both Pregnant and Bonded. This means that any of the pregnants are a viable slaughter options as well as the non-pregnants. Game just picks any viable options that meets the adult age minimum requirement for slaughter. Since you're saying you want 32 total, it counts the male adults, female non-preg and the female preg and any that met the requirement over that total are candidates for slaughter. If you don't want your pregnants as option, don't have it checked, same with any that are bonded.

Instead, change the infinite sign on adult males or non-pregnant females to a set limit. This will cull the herd in the same way without the pregnants being options.
I can only guess it's because of a variance in the days until rots time. I guessing the "days to rot" isn't visible on the medicine is because the code doesn't show anything over a set value perhaps like 35 days. I would say you have two stacks in your storage and they have different days to rot, if not in a frozen state. This happens with meals and raw food all the time if they are left outside of a freezer.

As you see in this pic added, I have 3 stacks of meals with varying "day to rot". 32 of them are in the dining room outside of the freezer, the 7 at 2.7 days is in the freezer. All the raw food is no split lines because it's never been outside of freezing enough to split the "rot status". This might change if a long enough power outage let the freezer warm enough, to change the status between old stacks and new stacks brought in during the outage.

*edit* Didn't realize the pic didn't get attached, for explaination of my point.
Green number is nutrition, which medicines have none of, so that won't appear. The yellow is the days it will last, herbal medicine has like a 2.4yrs before it rots so there's no point in it being either.
I forgot about hunting being the average of shooting and animals skills. So even though the Space Squire is incapable, it could still have the skill. However the double passion in it could be questionable. Empath should have the "-" for animals because of the double incapable effecting the skill.
Definitely shouldn't happen, as Star Squire "child backstory" is the one giving the "incapable of Animals". The adult backstory, doesn't show any Animals plus to it either. Possibly just an oversight in the childhood backstory code.
Bugs / Re: Quest message bug
November 21, 2021, 09:30:49 PM
When you're on the title screen, what is the version number in the upper left corner?