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This is just a simple mod which adds reinforced power conduits to the game. They have higher health value, higher cost, higher work time, and most important they are fireproof. Uses the same graphics as vanilla power conduits but I might edit the texture later to make it thicker and maybe a slightly different color so you can tell the difference between those and the regular ones.

V0.1 - Initial release.
V0.2 - Added research requirement to unlock.

Licensing info: Free to use in any modpack or mod with no restrictions. Just toss a link back to this thread somewhere on the first post if you use it. No need to ask for permission to use this.

[attachment deleted by admin - too old]

Ideas / Work priorities
« on: May 04, 2016, 01:40:40 PM »
I'd like to see a fifth level of work priority. 1-4 just doesn't seem to be enough for me. I like to set the firefighting and doctoring and patient to 1, haul to 2, primary job to 3, and the rest gets set to 4. But I'd prefer to have cleaning higher priority than the other jobs that are only on there to keep colonists from being idle. So if we had a 5th level to it I could set cleaning and maybe research to 4 and then the busy-work duties would be set to 5. It would actually be ideal if we had 10 levels so that I can set the exact order of operations up for each job. But 5 will do if it's too much work to make 10 levels. The 1-4 worked fine on alpha 6 when there weren't quite as many jobs implemented yet but now I have a hard time with setting things up exactly the way I want them.


Adds a few of the new animals into the spawn list on all biomes. Now you can find wild cows and chickens and others. This is a vanilla mod. No new content is added.

This mod is compatible with all mods except ones that alter the biomes.xml file. If you use a mod that alters the biomes.xml file then comment on this thread below and I'll see about making a compatibility patch for it.

[attachment deleted by admin - too old]

Unfinished / [WIP] Plowing Started on March 17, 2015
« on: March 17, 2015, 04:30:41 PM »
I started a project which was meant purely as an edit for an existing mod for my own personal use, but I figured I'd upload it here to get input on how to improve it further. I may end up releasing this once it is at a point that I feel like all the kinks have been worked out.

Basically, I started out modifying the Tilled Soil mod. I wanted to make a sensible replacement for fertilizer pumps which would work to convert all the same terrains that the fert pump did into soil without the OP factor involved with those. I've got it working somewhat, but it feels a bit hacky to me. I had to overwrite the vanilla def for the Mud terrain type so that it can be built on. I've added a fairly high research requirement to be able to build the plowed soil as I'm calling it. I also added in a significant build time for each tile (about 8 or 9 times that of stone floors). And I have it temporarily requiring potatoes as a building material, though I plan on changing that into a new compost item when I get around to making a compost heap (will need some help with the best way to achieve that).

I'm asking for input on this mod of any kind you happen to think of. Please keep in mind that I'm not an expert C# programmer though so some suggestions won't be possible for me to do. If you happen to be willing to contribute a .dll file for inclusion in this mod then I would be grateful of course and would include a credit to you in the About.xml file as well as on the original post when this mod is released officially.

[attachment deleted due to age]

I'm starting this thread as a brainstorming session to discuss what is and isn't possible to do through XML modding alone. The suggestions don't have to be for something that would necessarily make for a good mod on it's own. I'm looking for interesting and innovative new ways to manipulate the XML code to do something different than what can be found in the vanilla game or even just suggestions of where small tweaks can be made to alter the gameplay. All ideas are welcome here, from the really simple things to the really complex things. Things that are already being used in mods are also welcome to be posted here as long as you don't just post the whole mod and say "Look at what I did".

I'll start it out with an example of an interesting little thing I found while wandering around through the files.

In the MapGeneratorDefs folder you can find the MapGenerators.xml file which can be edited to change various things such as the number of steam geysers generated, the amount of resources dropped on the map at the start, the amount of resources dropped with the player upon landing, the number and type of meals dropped on the map and with the player and probably a bunch of other things that I didn't notice. And if you happen to be capable of doing a .dll mod then you can even write your own classes to be used within this file, but I have no experience with that and this is an XML discussion so I'll leave it at that.

Outdated / [A13] Bulk Meals v2.4 updated for A13 May 2, 2016
« on: March 03, 2015, 09:55:59 PM »
Tired of not utilizing all 4 burners on that cook stove? Well, now a sufficiently skilled cook can simultaneously cook 4 meals at the same time. And with a little bit of research and a lot of skill, one might even manage to cook as many as 8 meals at the same time using the professional cook stove.

SAVEGAME COMPATIBLE: no issues were found when loading this up on an existing save game.


V1.0 - First release.

V2.0 - Added recipes to cook 8 of each type of meal at one time. Added professional cook stove. Added research to unlock pro cook stove.

V2.1 - Added longer cook times to the bulk cooking recipes. May need adjusting, so please leave feedback.

V2.2 - Updated for Alpha 10

V2.3 - Added Beany_for_ever's .dll.

V2.4 - Updated for alpha 11, 12, and 13 by Dismar


Credits are due to:

Beany_for_ever: For his .dll contribution.
Dismar: For updating to alpha 11, 12, and 13 while I was busy with real life.

Licensing: Use this mod any way you like with no restrictions at all. Just post a link back to this thread on the original post for whatever mod or mod pack you use it in.

[attachment deleted by admin - too old]

Help / (SOLVED) modded leafless tree images not loading
« on: February 21, 2015, 11:30:52 PM »
I downloaded the 9d hotfix and it did fix the random images loading issue. But leafless tree images still aren't loading correctly.

Help / [Solved] Need help translating this error log output.
« on: January 23, 2015, 01:25:35 AM »
I've got yet another weird bug that I can't track down the source of. First the screenshot of the debug log info then the description of how it happens.

It happens when a colonists eats the new meal item I've made. This one is a Cherry Pie, but it happens with all of my new pies which are just copies of the Banana Pie which I did first to test it. That first test never included eating the pie though. Anyway, the bug message fires off right at the moment when a pawn would finish eating the meal apparently and in the process they stop eating the meal before they actually finish it (if that makes sense) so the meal is never consumed, they stay hungry, they see a nice cherry pie sitting on the table in front of them and start eating it. Bug message fires off again, stops them from eating, and so on till they die of starvation with a cherry pie sitting on the table in front of them. I've successfully made the first food that will kill you of starvation just by eating it.

Here's the code for the pie object def:

Code: [Select]
  <ThingDef ParentName="MealRottable">
    <label>Cherry Pie</label>
    <description>A delicious cherry pie made from scratch and endowed with love.</description>

and here is the code for a fine meal which this is copied and edited from

Code: [Select]
  <ThingDef ParentName="MealRottable">
    <label>fine meal</label>
    <description>A complex dish assembled with care from a wide selection of ingredients.</description>

So to my eyes, it looks like it can't be in the item def for the pie. (Yes, the MealRottable parent def is included at the top of the file along with the mealbase parent def).

The next part involved with the cherry pie is the memory thought which is just a clone of all my other memory thoughts which don't have a problem so I know that's not the issue. And then there is the recipe for it. Here is the code for the recipe.

Code: [Select]
<label>Cook Cherry Pie</label>
<description>Cooks a delicious cherry pie.</description>
<jobString>Cooking Cherry Pie.</jobString>

But if there was a problem there it would have produced a bug message during the cooking process I would think.

I can't think of what else it might be. I might just be too sleepy and not seeing something that's obvious.

Outdated / [A9] Biodiversity v3.0 A9 Don't Bug Out! Mar. 09, 2015
« on: January 22, 2015, 01:18:01 PM »

Adds a variety of new animals to each map type. More diversity!

Some animals are now aggressive to any pawn (colonists, raiders, visitors, even other animals) that get within 3 tiles of them. This makes the animals seem all the more realistic. You can't expect to get too close to a wild animal without it attacking you. Luckily, most of them will leave you alone as soon as your colonist gets far enough away. Some are vicious carnivores who will continue attacking till they or their target is incapacitated. On the plus side, sometimes your colonists can be saved from an enemy raid if the raiders are careless enough to wander into a pack of vicious carnivores. Smaller and more docile creatures tend to have a high mortality rate in the early game, but this levels off as the aggressive creatures clear a nice area around them. This was all made possible by the kind donation of a .dll file and a few .xml files from Haplo, our resident modding genius. (Mini-disclaimer: Some of the animals may need their strength tweaked but I need user feedback for this.)

This mod is not compatible in it's current form with Xtra Plants or any other mod that alters the Biomes.xml file. There are compatibility patches available for some mods and others will be done if requested. All compatibility patches are available in the Download Links section below in this post.

Compatibility patches exist for the following mods:

Xtra Plants by Igabod
Harsher Tundra by MarvinKosh

For those of you who use the Alpha Muffalo mod by Kirid, it is now integrated into this mod as of V1.2. Kirid will maintain that mod separately still if you just want to use that though. Just make sure you de-activate Alpha Muffalo if you plan to use this mod.

None of the textures in this mod except the Quadhog were done by me. The Rimdog and Rimwolf textures came from the old Project K9 mod and are used with permission. The Furx, Lacosdile, Megaslug, Rim Ram, Snork and Spindlecrib. are all creations of Shinzy and are used with his permission.

Shinzy has now created a mod which allows you to craft hats using some of the new animals in this mod. You should check out the Wildhunt mod.

I am currently taking contributions to this mod in the form of textures for new animals. If you have any new animals you can either post them on here or send me a link to a download in a private message. You will be fully credited for your work along with the other artists who contributed. I'm also taking contributions in the form of XML or C# code to enhance the mod. You would be credited for this work as well.

This mod is still currently in very early stages. Some oddness may be found, such as wolves that sound an awful lot like squirrels. And animals with bodyparts they shouldn't have (like hooves maybe?). These small details will be ironed out with future releases as I make custom bodytypes for each of the new animals and find some sounds that might match the animals a little better.

I do not own the artwork (except the Quadhog) used in this mod and as such cannot give you permission to use it in mods or modpacks. You are free to use the XML in your own mods and supply your own textures, or you could ask the respective artists (or the person who represents that artist in some cases) for permission to use their work. The Quadhog texture is free for you to use in your own mods as long as you post a link to that mod when it is finished on a comment in this thread. Yeah, that's not the usual request, but it seems like a good idea to me. No need to link back to this mod if you don't want. But it would be nice to be mentioned as the artist for the Quadhog in the credits somewhere, but that isn't required.

Shinzy: For the textures for Crashbug, Furx, Lacosdile, Megaslug, Rim Ram, Snork and Spindlecrib.
Pidggit: For the textures for Rimdog and Rimwolf.
Haplo: For the .dll and XML to make certain animals aggressive.
Kirid: For allowing me to include Alpha Muffalo and the fly, mosquito, and tarantula.
Giraffe: For suggesting the Quadhog and my friend Ellie for naming it.

V1.0 First Release containing 7 new animals. Furx, Lacosdile, Megaslug, Rimdog, Rim Ram, Rimwolf, and Snork.

V1.1 Added code to make some animals aggressive. Thanks to Haplo for that.

V1.2 Added new Snork body parts and integrated Kirid's Alpha Muffalo mod.

V2.0 Lots of balance changes regarding animal stats and spawn rates etc. Minor description fixes. Minor mistakes fixed. Added Quadhog and Spindlecrib.

V2.1 Updated for A9.

V3.0 Added 4 new bugs. Crashbug, Fly, Mosquito, and Tarantula. Adjusted description for Alphalo. Adjusted spawn rate for Alphalo.

Previous Versions

v1.0 Dropbox Download
v1.1 Dropbox Download
v1.2 Dropbox Download
v2.0 Dropbox Download

Compatibility Patches
Just replace the Biodiversity_Biomes.xml file located in the Biodiversity/Defs/BiomeDefs/ folder with the compatibility patch and make sure the respective mods are loaded before this one in the mod order.

For the Harsher Tundra patch, just activate that mod after you activate Harsher Tundra and Biodiversity.

[attachment deleted due to age]

Mods / [Mod List] Igabod's Mod List
« on: January 14, 2015, 08:33:25 PM »
This is just a list of all of the mods done by me gathered together in one spot to make them easier to find.

Advanced Lamps
Adds several new lamps for different uses and some new research topics.

Biodiversity On hold for now
Adds a variety of new animals to each map type and makes some of them aggressive while some remain just as docile as vanilla animals.

Biome Spawn Tweak
Adds a few of the new animals into the spawn list on all biomes. Now you can find wild cows and chickens and even a Thrumbo if you look hard enough. This is a vanilla mod. No new content is added.

Bulk Meals
Adds 3 new recipes to the cook stove, allowing you to cook 4 meals at a time.

Fast Floors
Tweaks the vanilla floors to add speed boosts to most flooring types.

Reinforced Conduits
Adds reinforced conduits that are fireproof and have more health than the regular ones.

Temperature Control
Adds several options for better controlling the temperature of your colony.

Xtra Plants On hold for now
Adds new plants, foods, work tables, and recipes related to plants.

Mods / [Mod Idea] Trash and Recycling
« on: January 08, 2015, 12:21:30 PM »
I was just sitting here eating some chips and had an idea for a mod that I don't have the skill to do. So I figured I'd put it on here to maybe inspire someone else who might have the skill to pull it off.

The idea is that every time your colonists eat any prepared meal there should be some trash left behind. This trash would either need to be cleaned up and put into a trash can which can fill up and must be burned in the crematorium to dispose of it. Or it could be put into a recycling bin which could fill up and must be brought to some futuristic all-in-one recycling machine that turns all trash into super dense building blocks that are stronger than any of the other building materials but can only be used to make walls and it is only fire resistant rather than fire proof.

The only part I would be unable to do in this is making trash spawn when a pawn finishes eating a prepared meal. The rest of it would be simple for anybody who has the ability to do that first part. I hope someone is looking for an idea and can use this. The idea could easily be expanded upon to include more than just prepared meals producing trash too.

Help / connects to power but does not add to map mesh
« on: January 03, 2015, 07:00:48 PM »
I'm working on an update for my advanced lamps mod and this warning pops up in the debug window. Can someone please tell me what is causing this?

UVHeatLamp connects to power but does not add to map mesh. Will not create wire meshes.

Here is the relevant XML code:

Code: [Select]
  <ThingDef ParentName="BuildingBase">
    <label>UV Heat Lamp</label>
    <description>Lights an area brightly enough to grow crops while also providing a small amount of warmth to the room.</description>

And if someone could point out any other odd things they see with this code if there is anything that would help me learn how to do things better.

Help / Glowing plants
« on: December 31, 2014, 07:14:32 PM »
I was considering doing a plant that has a slight bio-luminescent glow. Unfortunately the compGlower thing doesn't seem to work on a plant object. I was wondering if one of the C# wizards running around these forums could find a way to make plants glow. It might be a fun little project to do and it would make my day. Plus I could put glowing plants in my Xtra Plants mod for all of you folks to play with.

Help / (Solved) error when trees spawn on the map (I think)
« on: December 23, 2014, 03:13:35 PM »
I've got an error that keeps popping up periodically during game play in the newest version of my Xtra Plants mod that I'm working on. I can't seem to track down the actual cause of the problem, but Skullywag thinks it has to do with the seedShoot of the trees. I didn't have this problem in version 3.0 which is currently available, and the only trees I've added since then are exact copies of a tree that was in 3.0. Skully and I are unable to figure this out ourselves so I was hoping someone else might be able to help us. Here's a screenshot the error message.

Download the bugged version of it here
If there is any other info I need to provide to help diagnose the problem then let me know.

Mods / Tynan please grant this humble request from a modder
« on: December 21, 2014, 03:36:25 AM »
I would really love the ability to control the temperatures at which plants grow from within the XML defs for each individual plant. I was wanting this in particular to add some flowers which thrive during the winter to my Xtra Plants mod. I would probably also then change some of my trees to die at higher or lower temperatures than others based upon real life data.

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