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General Discussion / New Applicants, "Why was I denied?"
« on: July 28, 2019, 10:10:38 AM »
Good morning everyone! Your favorite admin/moderator/community thing guy muffalo here to give a quick heads up:


Yes, I know that is nothing new for a lot of you but it has meant that to save the forums from 500000 sleeper accounts and 20-30 spambombs a day I've taken down the application process from open door to needing my/any admin's personal approval. I woke up this morning to 70 pending applications, I wittled those down to what I assume are 4 actual users and 66 spambots who got denied. It took me about 30 minutes to validate as best as I could but I got the accounts settled.

Please keep in mind that I am still human and may screw up from time to time. If you were denied please reapply and message me on Discord so I can accept you. I am Ramsis#6666 on Discord!

"But Ramsi, what sort of things make you deny a person?"
Well Billy I'm glad you asked! There is a rough pattern that I use, and its going to sound terrible but I swear I'm not out for direct blood on this. Accounts being denied have one or more of these things:

Come from a Russian email host (Sorry Russian users but a lot of the botspam over the years has been coming from .ru email hosts so I shoot to kill for safety. Nothing against our wonderful Russian userbase, you just kinda got shotgunned and I apologize for that.

Have a username that is a two-capped name such as "JohnSmith," "ValerieBlack," "JohnCena," etc. We don't get a lot of users like this and I personally check each name coming in like this by validating if their email address registered sounds reasonable.

If your email is any one of these: "[email protected]," "[email protected]," "[email protected]" These fall under the same shotgunning problem as the .ru crowd but again its me trying my best in an ocean of trouble so please understand I apologize profusely!

I hope I haven't accidentally denied too many people but if I have please know its not because I, the community, or Ludeon don't want you to join this wonderful forum it is just me trying to wade through an ocean of spambots and you accidentally got cut. As before please accept my apology and know that I can be personally reached on Discord either at my direct account of Ramsis#6666 or our Discord at!

Mods / MOVED: Request: Non-Steam download for Mass Graves for 1.0
« on: November 11, 2018, 03:52:58 PM »

Bugs / MOVED: Pawns' age is not properly formatted
« on: September 18, 2018, 01:09:49 PM »

Bugs / MOVED: Female sows queued up standing multiple times
« on: July 06, 2018, 10:09:32 AM »

Ideas / MOVED: [1.0] Smoothed walls - mining vs repair
« on: July 03, 2018, 07:37:00 PM »

General Discussion / IRT: LordZarmack
« on: January 31, 2017, 03:49:48 PM »
Hello my wonderful community. Taken any good organs lately?

So unless you've been passed out in your cryptosleep chambers you might have heard about a bit of ruckus regarding one of our Asianic modders and a LordZarmack. Tl;dr: Lord was found to have caused quite a bit of a stir through more than likely ripping off textures from other modders or "redrawing" them and claiming them as his own. When I confronted him about said issue we met in our public RimWorld Discord, with about 20ish witnesses we argued with each other over voice for roughly two hours. This dissolved from a simplistic "hey stop doing that" to death threats, disrespect, misunderstandings, and just general drama that should have never come to pass.

Why am I posting this in General? Well first off I want everyone to know right off the bat: WE CARE ABOUT YOUR RIGHTS TO CREATED CONTENT. We do, Tynan practically bathes in a tub of respect for others on a daily basis and I'm a loud jerk who will run in guns swingin' at the first sign of trouble for our community members. Ask around, I see this great group of players from around the world as my family; doesn't matter what part of life or location you hail from you're always my brother/sister/other.

Second off let me be clear that this behaviour is not acceptable AT ALL. If you make content that could easily be seen as threatening to another user's work, clearly we've got a problem and you should talk to either the original mod maker or even the staff here on the forums to verify if what you made is acceptable.

Honestly this kind of stuff saddens me.. I do management work for plenty of communities and RimWorld has got to be the most tame and respectful community so far, I look forward to seeing all the PM's and posts I get every day, but when I have to deal with idiocy and hate.. well it just makes me a bit of a sad fella you know? This community will always be a great one and I'll do my damnedest to make sure it stays that way.

Keep up the great everything everybody. If you see Zarmack or anyone trying to pull anything shady or wrong do not hesitate to report it to myself or one of my moderator buddies, we're here for you!

General Discussion / RimWorld: Ramsi's Report on Stuffthings
« on: January 25, 2017, 01:28:56 PM »
Howdy folks, your favorite Admin causer of pain and suffering Ramsi here once again from his poorly made slate shelter on an oceanic ice clot! (Last one made it 7 years at negative temps, come at me bro-fallo!)

So lets see lets see... where are we today?

Well, we're on Reddit! it's a pretty swell place to be for information, yammering, and sharing stuff as long as it fits within the Subreddit's rules!

Did you know we have a VOIP~Discord and an IRC? It's true! (fair warning our general channel gets a bit... spammy...)

Our old but newly stickied Art thread is still running around full of color and ideas over at turn on Paint.exe and make silly pictures for our amusement; Tynan looooooves new artwork!

Steam users already know this but we also have a fully loaded Community Hub over at

So that's where all we're located... lets see what else to talk about...

Well our moderators have been working around the clock to clean up the place, spiff it up all nice like with all the cuts and gubbin' they can manage. Tynan is working to the wee hours day in and day out to make one of your favorite games even better...erererer... and don't even get me started on just how crazy our mod makers have been goin' at it trying to bring you the best their creative minds can offer! Seriously, a round of applause to all the great people making our community even greater! You guys are great!

All in all it's 2017, life is looking up for many of us, and at the end of the day the only thing I ever want to do is sit down with a nice cup of tea and watch as my colonist gets her arm ripped off by a manhunter turtle.

Keep up the healthy pace and keep being amazing community, this game just wouldn't be as great without all of you!

Some quick sidenote stuff:

  • I am always around for a quick yammering on the forums or on Discord! If anyone needs to have a good ol' sit and talk please don't hesitate to drop me a PM on here or on Discord. I love to talk and will get to you when I have free time. Tell me about your cat doing a backflip; want to throw me an Awoo~ well you just go ahead and do it; heck I'll even critique your art and mods! Ramsis#7610 friend me up!
  • We uh... had a bit of an issue with topic OP's deleting their threads when things went south... so yeah from this point forward all users are no longer capable of deleting entire threads due to the hassle it causes all of us. Please PM myself or a moderator for all thread wipe needs from this point forward! Sorry everyone!

Topic is stickied for 2 weeks!

General Discussion / RimWorld Discord/IRC.. pick your poison!
« on: December 12, 2016, 05:37:35 PM »
Hey there folks; friendly neighborhood admin guy Ramsi here once again to say words about the goings on in our community!

So, did you know we have both a Discord and an IRC? The IRC is the older and more established of the bunch but the Discord recently came out and both are doing pretty swell on population.

Community Discord server:
Admins: Ramsis + I is a Monkey Mods: A lot of them and we add an extra one every so often.
1.) Keep chat topics to their respective channels, a little cross chat is expected in a focused server, so this isn't enforced strictly.
2.) Be respectful to everyone, this is a friendly server and we intend to keep it that way, if a moderator tells you you're going too far, respect that and stop. 
3.) Don't post things that are NSFW/NSFL
4.) No discussion about politics
5.) Respect the admins and mods.
6.) Don't be annoying!

Official development discord server:
About: This one is run by the Ludeon developers to help test the game, test unstable builds, and gather feedback. Not a general community server, please join if you want to help test the game and give play feedback or bug reports.

Channel: #rimworld
Direct link: irc://
Web interface:
Rules: Same as forum rules.

"Remember that IRC is not a regular instant-messaging protocol, a lot of people stay in channels even though they're not monitoring what is said."

Sidenote: The Discord tends to be about 60 percent RimWorld and 40 percent silly/happy/fun talk; we have dedicated channels for different types of chatter. Fair warning I practically live in General.

Off-Topic / Happy Birthday Dante!
« on: November 20, 2016, 07:51:37 PM »
We sadly do not have a birthday blotter on here like most forums but I wanted to throw out a happy birthday shoutout to a homie of mine! Dante King is old, like obscenely old and I'm poorly celebrating it on the forums!

He has made some railgun.... thing..

I made you a cake friend!

Nah but tl;dr Dante had a really shitty birthday and I figured "hey what's a funny way to hopefully make his special day suck a little less than to half-ass a celebration?" Sorry your bday didn't go so well homie, but your other family is here for ya!

General Discussion / Pets and Combat, what are your thoughts?
« on: October 24, 2016, 07:16:29 PM »
Hey everybody! Your friendly neighborhood admin coming to bother you all with a question of curiosity!

I come to you all today with some personal interest on a matter Tynan posted on Twitter about:

Pets and combat... two things I shudder at the thought of. I'm the player who personally will keep a few dogs around the base for breeding and joy reasons. The message of "has given birth" when talking about my dogs gives me a smile on my face. We have a newly born hauler, medical mutt, and just overall benefit to the colony. Sure the little bugger will dirty the colony a bit with dust and the occasional nuzzle in the middle of important work, but all in all my colony benefits from a furry friend... or twelve...

... but then Combat. Oh no, the red siren... there are pirates on the horizon! Ladies, Gentlemen, Others, to your battle stations! Ricky grab your Sniper Rifle and duck behind the bags! Lucille pop your bubble shield on and stand in front of Ricky, you're on protective shield duty! Mordheim you've still got that Charge Rifle? Good, hide behind that rock and shoot anyone too stupid to duck!

WAIT A MINUTE. WHO LET THE DOGS OUT (WHO WHO WHO!) Put those suckers back in the base! The battlefield is no place for our furry friends! The question though is why isn't the battlefield a place for our furry friends? Is it the fact that all animals are strangely allergic to bullets? Maybe the fact that they don't know how to dodge to save their lives and seem to actually attract bullets? It could be that me myself, the actual person behind Ramsi, is the kind of guy who will have his own literal mental break down at the thought of any of his actual dogs taking a bullet or deity forbid die.

I'm a sap for RimWorld <3 every colony, every story, every colonist.. well they matter to me. I don't risk skin when I don't have to! Doesn't matter if that skin has fur on it or not I'm a very safe Turtle player and always have been, even since the earliest days of my RTS times.

So while Tynan asked the question "In RimWorld, are trained animals useful in combat? If not, how do we make them so?" I must admit I'm also curious on if I'm the crazy illogical player or if other people are too attached to the animal element to risk losing a few.

Speak up my fellow players, what do you think about your animal buddies and the wild RimWorlds. Are you the kind of person keeping a small puppy society behind Slate doors or do you have a wild flock of battle-chickens ready to distract the enemy at every turn? Tell me your thoughts and stories; I'd love to hear them

Mods / [Mod Request] Insect Queen Overhaul
« on: October 19, 2016, 01:31:52 PM »
Okay so this is more being posted as a place to store my thoughts but anyone is free to make a mod from said ideas.

Tl;dr: I want a mod where you can be one of the Megaspider queens.

Mod should be pretty straightforward. You solo spawn on a planet (probably include a basic scenario with the mod) as a Megaspider queen. She has crazy high mining and melee ability but sucks at literally everything else, and she's slow as molasses movement speed wise.

She burrows into a mountain side somewhere, can spawn (build) an egg. The egg hatches a day or so later as a basic labor spider. Great for cleaning, building, hauling. From there she or the labor spider can run around grabbing food either vegetation or meat from hunting.

Labor spiders are great for building a floor type, probably just an overlay for basic ground that just looks webbed up. I know they are supposedly not actually spider based but meh!

With some more food and probably some wood/minerals she can hatch another egg that will give you a soldier. Basic, straightforward, it's a soldier. It can haul, it can kill, it can probably rescue.

This is the basic premise. It'll still be RimWorld, but you'll have no allies. The idea is to build a large army and colonize your area of the RimWorld itself. The mod doesn't have to be friendly to weaker computers, I'd personally laugh at the idea of having 50+ little bugs running around doing tasks.

For the more adventurous modders here are some fun requests:

1. Add branching types of spiders. Worker spiders that can evolve into specialized branches of labor like growing and cutting, building, mining, speedy hauling ones, soldiers that are tanky with minimal attack ability, sniping soldiers, etc.

2. Buildings! Go nuts. Adds walls of glued together stones! Labor buildings that you can park bugs at like the mining drill in Vanilla? Of course that would be awesome!

3. Larvae form. Bugs actually have to be cultivated properly!

4. Brain bug, getting to the darker side of things. Got a prisoner that was unlucky enough to survive? A quick bit of brain surgery and you now have a suicide colonist to play with who has no complaints or feelings.

Mods / [Mod Request] Cryptocurrency Systems
« on: September 07, 2016, 01:06:13 PM »
Okay so I know it's a bit odd to post a mod request for something so silly but I am in need of a modder who wants to take a crack at making fully functional cryptocurrency systems to RimWorld.

Now what I mean by this is adding in the hardware, the currency generation, scaling upgrades and tech, research, whole 9 yards.

We can build advanced machinary after basic research done by sitting at a table for a week, I'm pretty sure being able to craft a really low grade computer to slowly mine for Bitcoins isn't too out of the scope of RW lore and slapping some steel and components early on seems rather doable.

So some side ideas:

This mod should expand as the player plays for longer. A colony should be able to upgrade slowly over time to keep up with needs, meaning if I start with a potatoe computer shortly after crashing, by the time I'm five years in having a dedicated cooled server building shouldn't be that surprising.

If you have a rough idea of making something in game modular why not sit down and make a bunch of computer options? Take a basic computer, spend time upgrading it with new parts, eventually throw that out for a nicer and newer computer.

Feel free to sneak in varying cryptocurrencies. Want to mine basic bitcoins that take forever but have a high payout? Having fun with a bunch of low end computers? Why not mine some Dogecoin? You'll have thousands of Dogecoin worth a total of four silver in a day if you're lucky! Etc etc.

Heating, mining is a hot process with PC and server based operations; do your research and you'll see what I mean. If you have one computer mining that's okay, should be fine. You suddenly have a small room with seven or eight computers mining at the same time expect hell to break loose heating and electric wise.

If you know how to make the value of something change please feel free to introduce varying values for the coins themselves. Maybe Bitcoin will rise today in value, oops nope it dropped! Well I'll sell them later!

If you really want to be fancy about it maybe introduce an option for ordering with coins; would open a shop tab and you'll get a delivery of whatever option as long as you pay for it with your currency. Could easily tie this into a trading system for the coins to silver as well.

Just some thoughts, I'd personally love to see a nice geeky mod to work with as a side distraction while my colonists are off doing their thing. Mining is mostly automated once it gets started up so place and forget... until your computer bursts into flames...

If you need an artist or two just let me know, I have a few who owe me favors.

General Discussion / Mod Report: Attack of the Moonspeakers!
« on: August 13, 2016, 10:44:05 AM »
Shalom friends! Moderator Ramsi here o/

So, as I'm sure the early to late forum users have noticed we've been under attack by bots posting things along the lines of "耶稣基督帮我你个狗娘养的SHOPBESTVIAGRAMAGAZINE.NOPE" and then a long line of that being spammed for about 100 times in a topic, then that topic gets cloned as many times as the user can before they get banned. It goes without saying but these are bots and they deserve death. Before anyone throws a huff or a puff by the way the term Moonspeak has been culturally accepted by most Asian territories so relax... <3

Sometimes the bots spam in Chinese, we had three bots spamming in Japanese, and a large number of them seem to post in Korean dialects. We really can't do too much to counter it just short of closing down registration and personally that's not something I'm comfortable with as the influx of new users daily is a marvelous thing and I don't feel one apple spoils the bunch. Now there are some options we can follow but most of them take time and resources that just aren't worth expending but I assure you all there is a fix for the problem coming down the pipe, it'll just take a bit so sit tight folks! Oh, and before anyone just screams "CAPTCHA THE HELL OUT OF IT!" Yeah we're almost 5000% sure that the bots are having accounts made for them then told to run rampant so captcha only goes so far these days.

"So, what is actually being done about the spammers?"
WELL I'M GLAD YOU ASKED. We have, to date, 9 global moderators who have total access to every inch of the boards for cleaning up messes. Believe it or not we get maybe 1-2 reports every few days anymore because for the most part you lot police yourselves, which is amazing by the way DON'T TAKE THAT AS A CHALLENGE, but as I'm sure some of you can assume that means problems are generally first come ~ first serve for the mods so when these spammers come out of the wood works at a normal time it's not uncommon to see 3-5 moderators light up on the active lists. We hit like piranhas most of the time trying to dismantle and solve problems, it's why we're here. With a spammer we try our best to go into overdrive as they tend to crank out topics ASAP. Mass deletions, tracking, banning of bots, etc.

"So what can I do to help?"
REPORT. HOLY CRAP IF YOU SEE A SPAMMER REPORT ASAP! Don't think "oh well I'm sure everyone else is reporting them too so I won't bother." No, to hell with that friendo! Report them as soon as you see them! I'd rather clean up 20 duplication reports but hit the spammer almost as soon as they start than have seven users at three in the morning not report a spammer; suddenly we wake up to 500 topics because of people questioning if they should report.


Did you see what I did there? It's obnoxious and orange and it makes me want to harvest all of my prisoner's organs out of pure rage. Seriously though, we're here for you guys and to keep Tynan from having to do anything other than responding to posts and working on his sassy little game. If we have a problem with serial reportists we will talk to that person but other than a moderator telling you to stop please report to your heart's content.

Tl;dr: Mods killing spammers, report harder nerds!

Alright well go on with your day folks, I'm going to GO for a bit.

The thread will be unstickied after a week or two, just making sure the word gets out ;)

Ideas / RimDrugs. Recommendations for 15!
« on: August 11, 2016, 03:13:15 PM »
I'm open to ideas for other drugs, for sure.

Okay, well if the big guy wants ideas I say this thread from this point forward be used to share ideas, critique ideas from other users, and possible even talk about issues we have with current ingame drugs!

Immuno boosters to replace malaria pill for general boosting of diseases; I never honestly get malaria...

EMP-Pills for removing the mechanoid diseases or ending them early and keeping the benefits maybe.

Vita-boost a beverage made up of heal root and a few other veggies and it functions like a healthy but time costing supplement. So the idea is your colonists take it and working, movement, and maybe vision takes a good increase for a while. Obviously it's not going to be too op or outshine the drugs but we need lighter buff options. Add a debuff so its -3 because it tastes like ass. Recipe could be heal root, haygrass, maybe potato or corn for "taste" and price.

Mega-milk could be milk plus heal root and it lowers chance of bone based damage as long as one gets consumed every few days.

Could save time and introduce a new crop called vitaroot and then just make like 2 to 3 different types of pills and drinks that boost different functions.

Coffee, because duh Tynan :v
Teas of different variety would be nice too..

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