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The options to change how much Anomaly content you have in your game gave me an idea:  I would like to have something similar for BioTech in the faction selection.

Since I have Biotech, the majority of raids are Wasters, Yttakin etc. While I like the Xenohumans, I would enjoy them more if they were less prominent. I would like the game to be salted with them, instead them being the main course so to speak.

What I do atm is that I delete most of the Xenohuman factions by hand and replace them with human ones. That is a bit of a chore. I feel like this could be a fantastic place for a slider or options that determines how prominent you want this playthrough to be filled with Xenohumans. That would not only be more intuitive than removing factions by hand, it might also allow for more fine-tuning, maybe you could also change the percentage of Xenos in the normal human factions, so that you could reduce the pure factions of e.g. Yttakins, but make sure you see enough of them since they turn up more often in the human pirate faction.
General Discussion / Re: Relationship culling
November 19, 2022, 12:07:05 PM
I also have that problem from time to time, also made a bug report once that never got a response:
Huh, I didn't even now about the refire delay (or the missing vover issue), but also almost never use turrets. Was it really in there in the version before and now removed in the last update?

Did you report these things as bugs? Because I get the feeling that the dev reads those pretty carefully.

The game is unbalanced RNG by its very nature. You cannot really compare how well you do - your single pawn might just get taken out by a meteorite.

This is because the game isn't mostly about winning, it is about the stories that emerge from the (sometimes unfair) gameplay. I am not saying that this is the objectively better way to play, just explaining what the game focuses on by design.

Additionally, aside from the prepare carefully stuff, I don't think the proposed adjustments make the game much easier overall. It makes the game's start easier - starting with animals to breed, research unlocked und better weapons just give you a head start on what you would aquire anyway after a few years. You will eventually research everything, produce or get via quest the weapons you want and if you really want a tame animal that you haven't encountered by chance, like cows, you can send an otherwise useless colonist to a neutral settlement to buy some. The actual difficulty in the game comes from the Storytellers and the RNG, and for those we already have the difficulty levels.

Another thing: The hardest version of your proposal this already exist as one of the usual starts: Naked brutality. You can also change your starting tech to tribal in this. It doesn't really get much harder than that, so for bragging rights etc. this is already the way to go (and with a decent pawn it is already not super hard, just takes a lot of time).

Just checked prepare carefully: With that, there is already a point system in use. Just use the points of a normal crashlanded start as the "baseline" and take away or add stuff in a way that you don't differ from the original points.
Quote from: RawCode on September 17, 2021, 06:44:39 PM
Muscle parasites
Nanite infection

do not display information about how much tendings required to solve infection.
or probably display it in some non informative way.

Thanks to your comment (and Tynans work), it is in the game now, todays update added "- Display current and required total tend qualities in the tooltip for hediffs with HediffComp_TendDuration comp. (Muscle parasites, athsma, gut worms, etc...)"

Good job!
Quote from: HRuffalo on October 06, 2021, 07:40:58 AM
Hi there, There are several Low and Medium impact memes to select from, but tunneler is not one of them. I could swear I managed to once, but don't know what I did differently. Thank you.

Tunneler is a high impact meme, and they are all unavailable for a fluid start.

The only solutions that I have found by now is
a) choosing something non-impactful like individualistic and change it to the meme I actually wanted to start with at the first chance. That is not ideal because depending on the start, this can take a long time ingame and kinda ruins what I was going for

b) dev mode, which I hate using cause it feels like cheating.

Are the devs ever reading or commenting on these forum threads? I know they don't look at ideas and seem to not have the time to check the forums in general, but I don't really know how to give feedback like this - would feel dishonest to make it a bug report.
Mod bugs / 1.3.3117 Family relation gone after reload
October 06, 2021, 06:22:54 AM
Had this bug before: A raid occurs and I get the notification that one raider is the sister of my colonist. After saving and reloading, the relation between them is gone. From reading on the steam forum, this relationship-vanishing seems to be a kinda common issue.

I am using a few QQL Mods. Loading the savegame without mods didn't change anything. All mods are 1.3 compatible.

The mods are
Auto-Cut Blight
Vanilla Expanded Framework
Common Sense
Colony Manager
Realistic Rooms Rewritten
Smart Speed
Ideas / Re: Losing ideology is weird
October 03, 2021, 11:09:43 AM
Are they constantly losing faith when they are in a bad mood? That indeed wouldn't make sense, but I have never noticed that they get or lose certainty because of how I treat them (except from a crisis, see next paragraph).

I am only aware of the "changed ideo because crisis of faith" when they are in an extremely low mood and that makes sense imho. There is nothing rational in it, when you are on the egde of breaking for too long you might lose faith into anything and start believing anything just for the world to make sense again.
Ideas / Re: Your Cheapest Ideas
September 27, 2021, 08:33:19 AM
Give your pawn a medium mood boost when they met a long lost relative in a visiting caravan, something like +10 for a few days.

Seeing a relative that lives in another colony is a rare event on the Rim and could be acknowledged by the game somehow.
I agree on a lot of things that you wrote, especially the "tribals hack terminals but cannot fire a gun" stuff is inconsistent. But also since the beginning it never made much sense that tribals never use guns they would surely find on the Rim. I think a rework in the way you proposed would be way to much work for a system that im principle works and is fun, I'd rather see Ludeons time spend on something else.

That said: Ideology has missed an opportunity to make the gameplay of the tribals more consistent with the lore in a rather easy way.

You could have a core meme called "Tribal mindset", that makes pawns dislike all modern weapons/technology and give it to every NPC-Tribe. Problem solved, suddenly you have an ingame reason for them to not scavenge better tech and stay in their tribal ways indefinitely.

It could also be fun to start the tribal start with this meme and see if you can escape your old ways somehow and get a new Ideo from recruits or prisoners.
In a lot of ways, killing and eating animals in the Animal Personhood meme are treated like killing and eating humans for non-cannibals. That makes sense.

If animals on your map are killed by other animals, e.g. your pet cats, your colonists can just grab the corpses, butcher them and make cook with them without getting a debuff. This is in stark contrast to "I butchered humanlike" for non.cannibals with its hefty -12 mood debuff. Animal Personhood believers would definitely be uncomfortable in a similar way to butcher animals than non-cannibals are if they butcher humans, because they believe the animal to be an actual person.

It also seems a bit exploity and immersion breaking to have a vegan animal personhood colony that butchers any animal corpse left on the map and makes meals to sell them from it.
This seems strange - why isn't it allowed to start a fluid Ideology session with the heavy impact memes? I had in mind to start naked brutality with the nudist meme and a tribal start with only animal personhood, but both options are not viable with this restriction.
Seems like an arbitrary restriction and I cannot wrap my head around why it would be in place. Is it about the difficulty of these memes? Because I can already choose to take only the one meme with a custom start when the Ideo is fixed, which is then overall a harder game than the fluid ideology because you can never opt out.
Is it because it is immersion-breaking because it seems unlikely that someone has as their believe only one strong meme and nothing else? You can also already choose to play like that in the custom ideology option since release.

Is there an angle or a reason I am not seeing for this restriction to make sense?
Ideas / Re: Tribals with guns.
August 27, 2021, 11:20:34 AM
I felt like Ideology would have been a good opportunity to explain why Tribals are not technically advancing or using modern weapons (both things you can achieve in a tribal start in a few ingame years or faster).

Just add the meme "Tribal mindset" (or so), which condems modern weapons and research. This is my headcanon anyway to explain why the tribals are sill... tribals. Having it as an actual meme could be a fun extra challenge if you start as a tribal.
- I started Naked Brutality and got the quest to rescue my colonist's brother (a brother wasn't known before)

- After rescuing said pawn, turns out isn't related to my colonist after all. The new colonist's name is the same from the quest, here is a screenshot from the Social Tab and the quest text:

I am using a few QQL Mods. Loading the savegame without mods didn't change anything. All mods are 1.3 compatible.

The mods are
Auto-Cut Blight
Vanilla Expanded Framework
Common Sense
Colony Manager
Realistic Rooms Rewritten
Smart Speed

Savegame cannot be attached, if I post with an attachment, the page does not load properly and I am back to an empty "Start a new topic" page.
Or it just takes a while until the post shows up, in that case I apologize for the double post.
Just want to add that for each faction, many memes are blocked in the editor to keep the faction true to itself (you cannot make peaceful nudist raiders). So it probably has to be a safe/load function for every faction separately (so you cannot load your nudist tribe ideology into the raider one).