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Off-Topic / Count to 1 before Tynan post!
January 21, 2019, 01:06:15 PM
Any further thread on that meme is self defeating.
All it do is sully and cheapen the collective achievement that had been recognized and -dare say- consecrated by Tynan.

Therefore it fall to me to remind everyone of the sense of awe from that great achievement and the riveting uncertainty that drove us all in this Rimworld while unplugging the spotlight of a literal copycat.
Ideas / [gameplay] Reworking Manhunter pack
August 28, 2016, 05:07:49 PM

Another attempt to answer the question "how to bring player in the open ?"

Why this idea :
Because the current event is redundant, not very interesting and discourage anybody from building anything but fortress, bunker or killbox at worse (but please don't add sapper-animals !).
"Waiting" though the manhunter pack is no different from a Fallout.
"Fighting" against the manhunter pack was a shot&hide exploit, now it evolved into shot&hide&repairdoor exploit.
Assuming of course you didn't get explosive manhunter destroying the "n00bs" who believed wooden house were legitimate and reasonable solution.

Lastly, it look frigging ridiculous. Predator who only hate human and will fight to the die against turret without any hope for food ? What are they ? Terminator disguised as animals ?

The suggestion :
/!\ don't hesitate to participate, I'm not here to force my playstyle unto others, the goal is to all have fun

- The non-manhunter approach :
The event become just a pack of very hungry animals, more hostiles then usual.
Carnivore will eat anything that live, depriving the player of wildlife and potentially killing traders.
Herbivore will eat any plants up to tree, depriving the players of free pasture.
They leave once they can't access food easily (maybe if their path-finding get them through doors and wall ?)

- Keeping them dangerous :
They move in number, will attack anything getting too close of their food, and they'll flee turret if they can't get food that way. So the only way to get rid of them is to get out and far away from all your turrets and maybe traps. And since most beast will be faster than you, baiting them will be hard.

- Making them exotic :
Pack animals (WARG) would move in separate pack, covering a lot of terrain, attacking one pack don't make the other packs converge (it give you a chance).
Herd animals move in huge herd, never spreading all around your base for easy picking so you'd have an hard time getting surviving it without explosive.
Explosive animals move in spreaded packs, they are easier to kill but you can't get a lot of them at once.
- They avoid FIRE, finally an use for all those cocktail ! Voluntary wall of fire

Expected result :
/!\ the Devs can have less animals since they don't have to match a fortress, only your weapons.
The idea is that if you leave them alone, someone can survive a manhunter without a bunker or a fortress.
In fact you can actually hope to survive if you are caught "in the open", and in fact that's the point. You CAN fight them, but you'll have to do so without your killbox.
You could snipe some beast to bait them to your turrets but the pack/herd will have to be close and not easily predictable.
That's all from me.

Yet you are encouraged to do so as they'll stay very problematic for your survivals.
- If you had lot of crops, say goodbye to them.
- If you needed to hunt, you'll have to hunt the predator first.
- If you used to let your animals eat outside, I hope you stored food inside.
- Traders may survive if they don't get close, but so might Raiders, appreciate two threat at once.
What doesn't change is Hydroponic as a solace, that's high-tech & costly enough.
- Finally, if you know you can hunt them, it might be a race before they make damage.

And hopefully it will become easier to build open colony with distinct building.
Also an attempt to answer the question "how to bring player in the open ?" (or at least not punish them for not building fortress)

The idea :
Right now there's only one wall type, so of course it's an awesome wall, sturdy yet cheap to build. But in result it leave no room to balance the game between social/defense.
So the idea is to have different walls with different characteristic that you won't use as an universal Great-Wall-of-China.
As a side effect it would give much more visual creativity to our base pretty.
/!\ Obviously this change is expected along other balances that I leave to the devs. like say raider preferring to steal and leave than die, cave-in for mountain-base or making Manhunter not like terminator.

The suggestions :
- "Cheap Standard wall" : This is a fragile wall (visually thinner), it does everything the current wall do (heat...etc) but is fragile. (+ bonus to beauty and space of a room)
Balance parameter : cost, beauty, no-research

- "Costly Defensive wall" : this wall (visually as it is now) can also have roof, but it is much more costly and solid (slightly above the current wall), it is also required to support Mountain-roof (it has double heat isolation for better or worse)
Balance parameter : cost, strength, [optional : need research, replace floor]

- (optional)Fence : this is the cheap stuff, it doesn't protect from anything but if you want something to herds non-hostile Pathfinding that's what you would use, it's "deconstructed" by attack as if it didn't exist.

For doors, just apply the same logic + difference of speed.

- (optionall)Strut/Support : cheap, it doesn't block passage but you cannot build here, if (for balance) you wanted to reduce how much space a roof can cover this, would be what you put in place. /!\ Alternatively you could just have defensive wall have a bigger roof reach.

Expected results :
/!\ First of all, more lever to balance the game as new features are introduced.
And as a bonus you get another wall for prettier base

Open-base : defense-wall isn't used to encircle entire farms, you might be tempted to just build all adjacent room in the stuff but remember that cheap-wall have social-bonus and faster-doors. So you'd build only specific structure out of the defensive one.
Instead cheap-wall and their bonus become your standard. They can't resist sapper, so you'll want to intercept them outside or attract them to well protected building.
As a side benefit, cheaper wall could allow more risk-taking when you start the game.

Fortress : If you sacrifice social bonus, you can still circle or make the entire base out of defense-wall, but it will be very costly if you wish to protect crop and stockpile as well. If you planned much ahead you'll certainly get your indoor colony, using cheaper wall for the inside. Despite the name "fortress" you are still encouraged to go in the open as mortar become deadly against cheap-wall (that's by design you know, you shouldn't be invincible against everything or nickname raider "loot delivery")

Mountain-Bunker : I'm really counting on a Nerf versus Mortar, cave-in and the sort. Because those bunker would profit a lot from the arrangement. Alternating cheap-wall and Defense-wall for support and social bonus you get a base that is not utterly invincible, less ugly, get plenty of material and you get strong replacement wall after sappers dig in.

Reason for (optional) fence-physics :
We already have sand-bag for strong, firing position and it take the very important metals. So to not be easily used for exploit as ablative layer of walls, fence do not stop projectile and get destroyed on the path of anythings hostile.
What fence are for is deflecting pathfinding of any creature not attacking your structure to get at you. I'm not sure how hard it would work within AI but I see nothing impossible.

Reason for (optional) Strut-physics :
You want to balance how much area a roof can cover, but you don't want a wall blocking the way ? that would be a way. It would to allow to reduce room size without killing big table. /!\ Alternatively you could just have defensive wall have a bigger roof reach.

Don't hesitate to suggest refinement along the original objective, or just share your opinion of it.

All is really in the title. You get visual hint, and get a wind bonus for building in the right (map-defined) main direction.

Alternatively : Make the Wind turbine autorotate along the map-defined strong wind. (with weather base change of direction)
Of course, it will make harder to use wind turbine so I suggest a buff as well and VISUAL HINT to know the direction of the wind.
This should encourage adapting to our environment and make for more natural cluster of windmill.

Last suggestion for planetary-generation : some biome considered "WINDY"
My reasoning being that you could get to choose whether solar, wind, geothermal or fuel is better before choosing the crash site.
The topic started from another one where we try to find a better solution to prevent easy exploit of sieges than adding wall and heavy fortification.
My personal objective being that we reach the point where we have (in tears) to ask Tynan to REDUCE the raiders manpower until it's 1/1 or less. Thereby also reducing items farming and lessening "infinite raider" syndrome.

Why I think the game should be able to handle it :
The game know where it build its sandbag/mortar, the game know at which distance your colonist are from them, and distinguish between Melee/shooter and mortar operator.
The AI "tactic" is only based on distance from Mortar and attack/defense status. Nothing abstract like players' intent or flanking.

Current metagame : Snipe from beyond shooter range while they do nothing .
First solution : Put their shooter/sniper behind the sandbox, this should encourage player to outflank.

Next :

1) SIEGE PHASE (after installation, when not attack)
Shooter behind sandbox, melee patrolling behind, mortar in use.
Mortar don't shoot at Pawn close to them, only at structure or Pawn far away. (making them more dangerous)

2) PLAYER START SHOOTING (at any raider)
Shooter/sniper stay in position
Mortar stop shooting. Operator are freed to combat, only follow up to a minimal range (roughly shooter range).
Melee fighter goes out, retreat behind if no colonist is within shooter/sniper range (to avoid baiting them from afar).

3) IF PLAYER RETREAT/LOSE (no Colonist alive/conscious closer than X)
Check if a mortar is destroyed.
If not : Raider don't follow, going back to Siege Phase
If destroyed : Raider goes full attack. (only way of baiting them)

ATTACK DOG for Melee Raiders.
Those aren't bound to the "minimal range" described above, this is to allow them to (at least) injure some Pawn.
The idea is to force player to not just have sniper and to move in numbers.
Equivalent to dog can be added for Mechanoid Crashed ship for the same reason.

If the AI is good enough :
ADVANCED IDEAS : (to break monotony and create choice for the player)
- One is the entrenched (but weaker) Mortar team
- One is a mobile (also weaker) force wandering somewhere else. /!\ they don't split further (from my understanding group-movement have been working out by the Devs team when they said raider would protect kidnapper)
If the player attack one, the second force may either regroup (toward the attacked one) or attack the base (kidnapping/thief/pillage), meaning the players also have to choose if he split force.

2) HARASSING TACTIC (can be counted as a new events)
- A mobile force of raiders chose a Colonist/Structure/Items to Kidnap/Attack/steal.
- If there's more Turret/Colonist than Raider in a certain radius : they call off the attack and regroup away, only leaving if out of food or if they go "full raid". (yes, even pacifist colonist count, think of it as a bluff)

Feel free to suggest other tactic ideas, this topic is for everybody.

I'm pretty sure it was discussed before, but I couldn't find back a thread.
Is there any stance or problem with the idea of sharing bills across every equivalent production table ?

For clarification :
The idea mean that if you create a bill on a crafting-table, it will be available from every equivalent table built or new.

It would avoid the following problem :
- Only one bill being done if the crafting-table it was made on is already occupied (despite the presence of another equal table)
- Copying bill from one crafting-table to a new one
- Orphan bill after table destruction

I don't know if developers ruled it out because of an incompatibility with game logic or anything else, hence the question.
I think the answer would be worth putting in the "Frequent Suggestions Topic!"

Abstract :
I was thinking about how some suggestion are like "injecting administratium into Rimworld" and I wondered if there wasn't still something useful in the concept.

Description :
You place a spot (like the crafting spot) where you create bills, bills for "jobs" linked to others colonist (ex :helping)
note :
1) the colonist isn't tied to the spot
2) pawn can do different bills of the same spot at the same time
2) some bills activate if some condition are met (status like injured/events/hostile on map)

Example of bills :
- Trader : (assuming we get AI that wish to buy) A selected pawn will be the one contacted by AI-trader who want something. How : if any trader is present, it become its next task to wait at the spot and be contacted. (obviously the idea can be expanded later)
- Assistant : Follow another colonist if he share the skills/jobs and help him out with a major bonus to everything (cooperation between pawns ! assistance for surgery !! research !!! bonus to crafting !!!!)
- Social helper : The pawn help a broken colonist stay safely in his room, those about to break to keep it together or defuse social-fight.
- Leader/Manager : The pawn stand there doing absolutely nothing at all but somehow give a working/social bonus to pawn around him

Basically the idea is for jobs that are based on interaction with other pawn or don't require crafting table.
Don't hesitate to suggest other ideas in the same veins.
Ideas / More Disease that require surgery
April 25, 2016, 04:51:19 PM
For all the surgery-equipment, sterile-room and complex gameplay we have, I'm surprised there's so few reasons to use it.
We keep gaining Infection, Parasite, worms... but the best you can do with that is clean, bandage and take pills...

What about disease that aren't immediately life-threatening but would require an operation under anesthetic with a good doctor ?

- Misshaped bones ("Crack" don't feel incapacitating enough, and DESTROYED LIMB happen too easily)
- Artery clogging (visible by looking at organ not functioning a 100%)
- Organ disease (e.g. liver because of alcohol)
- Skin graft (for burns)
- Obesity
- Parasite removal
- Hernia, Fistula (yes I'm reading wikipedia)
Of course, failure would cause infection.

The idea is to leave the player with two choices :
a) Do nothing, but live with a penalty (health/pain) until you get better doctor/stuff.
b) Take your best Doctor, best room and try to get a 100% of completely solving the problem.

Feel free to give better idea. Or tell me if I missed something already present in the game.
Thank you if I can bother you for a question about the themed Storytellers you said to be considering.

Quote[..]we're considering other AI Storytellers, too. High population storytellers, starvation storytellers, seasonal storytellers, moody storytellers, and anything the community thinks up are all on the table.

A chance remark made be wonder if Events are classified.
By that I mean if Events can appear or never appear with specific storyteller. (or inversely if those digital person are selective on the tropes they uses).
So far the story of Cassandra, Phoebe and Randy seem to indicate they are not.

Do you plan anything like that ? Or did you chose not to ?

Abstract :
We have multiple sort of clothes with different stats for all seasons, temperatures and some combat-oriented clothes.
Colonist will opportunistically try to match various "outfit profile" from clothes lying on the floor, and abandon the previous outfit nearby.

Problematic :
IN SHORT : We can't easily change outfit for combat, events or store clothes.
- Storing a few clothes take a lot of space.
- Auto-change take some time, the colonist must check often and run all around.
- Auto-change is too slow to respond against immediate event.
- But manual-change is a click-festival.
- Keeping combat-clothes can have penalty.
- And setting a stockpile in colonist room require to manually filter it like the outfit profile.

I've read this...
Quote from: Tynan on December 01, 2014, 01:19:47 AM
But anyway, I have ideas on how to handle clothing AI but they'll have to be independent of any object (e.g. wardrobe).

Suggestion :
I'm still going to say "Wardrobe".
Because this one should (hopefully) blend with the "outfit-system".

It's a "stockpile", filled with an outfit-profile, that stack.

How it would work :
- You defined an outfit-profiles.
- You select outfit-profile for the Wardrobe.
/!\ Hauling-job are automatically created to fill it with clothes that match outfit-profile.
- If a colonist check for clothes, the wardrobe come first.
- When you change a colonist outfit-profile, he will check the wardrobe(s) right away.

What the point ?
- a colonist will find everything at a single place & change everything at once.
- if you change profile setting, all wardrobe update, colonist check.
The wardrobe would contain 2 outfits-profiles.
- to automatically store previous outfit in if it match said profile.
- more clothes per case.

detail to solve :
- deconstructing/emptying a Wardrobe is like stripping body.
- the wardrobe will need update as new clothes are available.
- Wardrobe's content might not be able to appear for selling.

Opinions ? Did I missed a critical details ? Failed to cover a problem ?
Ideas / "Haul to" job order
May 07, 2015, 05:32:04 PM
We have already this "Haul" order :

We could have an additional "haul to"

(10 hour in photoshop)

How it would work :
> [you already selected an item/stack]
> Order -> click "Haul to" (shift + "haul to" = select a quantity)
> Select destination
(edit:)> a custom hauling-job is created, a colonist will do so sometime.
Once dropped the item is forbidden. (or left in the state if was in the first place)

/!\ Note : This is not an oldschool direct-ordering-pawn-to-haul-stuff thing, nor meant to do the job of Stockpile.
It is meant to move specific items to place outside stockpile and/or items without a stockpile that accept them.

Complementary :
- could be made to work with sculpture (to automatically uninstall/reinstall somewhere else)
- could be made to work with furniture (so a lamp/heater can be moved)
- could be fitted (along normal Hauling) with an optional prioritizing system.

Warning : might be followed by wave of shell-based minefield.
Question : What is the most minimal tool-system we can imagine ?

To be clear : I don't really care about having tools.
But we keep hearing it suggested, and near every time it promise one hell of micromanagement or to clutter the bases with dozens more degrading items.
So the idea is to discuss only the simplest tool-system one can imagine and make the most of it in gameplay.

Why do we wanted tools/toolbox ?
- quest for consistency, it feel a little odds to shape steel and micro-circuit bare hand.
- So it add something to improve upon.

My take on the most minimal & non-intrusive toolbox system ever.
Area of effect + One easily movable item = 1 items

Consider the following :
- it would usually alway sit in your base and explain 'construction'.
- one click "haul to" order, originating from it.
- mining/deconstructing wouldn't need it, or you could build sub-toolbox.
- it is sufficiently awesome for raider to attempt stealing (and for you to sell sub-toolbox if found)
- Eventually it could be upgraded/powered or else...
- we might stop horrible tools suggestion.

The con :
- Might need some way to allow automatic transportation of the thing(s) if you really really want a workflow/mining flow that can't wait one hauling order.
- Single point failure if destroyed.

Please feel encouraged to find something even simpler.
This suggestion isn't new, but so far I haven't seen a topic with this specific line of though.

We all want to recruit amongst visitor without capturing.
The problem is that unless you capture the visitor will just depart away, and why not ? They are only visiting, entirely free, at no point they specified they would stay.

The idea would be to fill the blank in this (self-made) relation (inter-faction) table.

                  [Not-staying]        [Staying]
Friendly        Friendly        Colonist
Neutral        Visitor        <GUEST>
Enemy        Hostile        Prisoner

I know it doesn't feel right to equal the two, but we already have a "Prisoner class" who stay (against their will though) long enough for you to recruit them (or become food, but that's not considered normal practice, right ?). So the idea would be for all intent and purpose to consider the guest like a prisoners that won't leave (the colony) unless some conditions are satisfied.

The modus operandi is obvious, you would invite visitor(s) to be guest with direct order (using your most social pawn) and he would occupy a colonist room (I don't see a need for guest-bed for now).

The unknown is when/why would he leave. I'm hoping we could discuss it.
- We need the guest to stay a few days
- But no flaw to exploit to keep him indefinitely
Do we appeal to his mood ? joy ? comfort ? Myself I think one would get suspicious being served Lavish meal in a gigantic double-bed Royal room with flower and statue everywhere.
Could guests be impressed by our colony itself ? (the mood of our colonist, I wouldn't put the health)
Alternatively the time he stay could be fixed/arbitrary and difficulty to recruit equivalent to prisoner, again.

Later this feature would follow up for diplomacy : You could have visitors asking to become guest to be under your care/protection. If something bad happen to a "guest" it would be different than for visitors. And what if a faction enemy's to your guest come to visit ? (Dun dun duunn !)

So, what'dyou think ?
Ideas / [Story] Imagine a Storyteller !
April 23, 2015, 06:01:38 AM

MAJOR REWORDING, due to Alpha 14 and the Scenario System.
While the feature definitely change the way this topic was originally written, the general idea is still fully relevant and I'll be explaining why Themed Storyteller would go perfectly well along.

In short :
If the Scenario System set definite rules and force or forbid events. It's the storyteller which determine which events are preferred, how many of them are allowed by time, and it can modify rules that players haven't access to or can't modify as a programmer would know.
The appeal is also to be able to be to change a story direction on the spot rather than through big menu or game files.

Abstract :
As its Developer Tynan describe it himself "Rimworld is a sci fi colony sim driven by an intelligent AI storyteller".
As such the storytelling and event are the most important parts of its dynamics.
The website also indicated(prior to Alpha11) : "we're considering other AI Storytellers, too. High population storytellers, starvation storytellers, seasonal storytellers, moody storytellers, and anything the community thinks up are all on the table."
Which will likely be a wonderful addition if Rimworld get enough events to make themed Storyteller viable.

/!\ NOTE /!\
Don't hesitate to participate.
The (revisited) objective of this topic is to determine GLOBAL THEMES that can offer as many (yet coherent) game experience as possible, without require all players to modify the game files.
The secondary goal being to make Storytellers that are also compatible with themed mods

My own suggestions assume that we will get multiple ending aside 'Spaceship Escape'.
And that we can still change storyteller during game.

Already present storyteller :
- Cassandra Classic (aims for a rising curve of challenge)
- Phoebe BasebuilderChillax (same rising challenge, but with longer calm period)
Suggestion : make her Phoebe Friendly with no bad event !
- Randy Random (chaotic, everything can happen the best or the worse)


  • CODENAME : Edison Endless
    Defining attribute : Endless game
    Description : Edison copy the style of another storyteller and have it carry on forever, rather than pushing you to leave or die.
    Options : Difficulty & Storyteller influence

  • CODENAME : Robert Robinson (reference to the author of the 'Mars' Trilogy, a family from "2001:nights stories", plus a Mars-colonization activist on the go)
    Defining attribute : High population
    Description : This storyteller will prefer events that increase population and influence a much larger numbers of colonists, it also increase the number of animals and others resources to go along.
    The Robinson are a large family, so his story tend to include a lot more colonist.

    Options : Difficulty & nominal population cap & Storyteller influence

  • CODENAME : Claire Climatic (alternative : Henry Hotel)
    Defining attribute : Climatic Apocalypse
    Description : This storyteller allow you to not only select a type of Climatic catastrophe, it will modify the (non-event) weathers setting (like duration of rains, storms and brutal temperature change).
    It would also simulating animals migrating as the temperature change.
    If events about factions asking for foods/clothes appear, it will increase their probability to fit with the context.
    (Include Fallout as well)

    Options : Type of climatic apocalypse (climate warming/cooling/alternating widely/more fallout) & max temperature change from normal

  • CODENAME : Kagunda Kikuyu reference to Kirinyaga
    Defining attribute : Low-tech Event
    Description : Regardless if you have chosen the "Lost Tribe" scenario, this storyteller will prefer non-technological Event over things like Solar Flare or Psychic drones.
    As such you can use it to create a technological colony with less Solar-Flare/drones/others without having to forbid those completely.

    Options : Difficulty

  • CODENAME : Genghis Game
    Defining attribute : Military nuts
    Description : Favor combat oriented events and 'diplomacy at barrel length' over alternatives, this storyteller will purposefully stage balanced or more challenging battle, longer fight, and prevent the generation of colonist inapt for combat.
    It will also occasionally neglect usual "event cooldown" and (for example) generate more siege than allowed normally.

    Options : Difficulty

  • CODENAME : Moody Maddox
    Defining attribute : Mood & psychic
    Description : This storyteller will gravitate more toward moods changes for your colonists. Health, relationship and psychic related events will happen more often. Interaction with visitor and other factions will be emphasized.
    Options : Difficulty

  • CODENAME : Helen Hunger
    Defining attribute : Starvation
    Description : This storyteller will aim to make food production as important/difficult as possible without straight up blighting your cultures into oblivion, crops will take longer to grow, raider and tribal will attempt to steal food, animals might also be tempted(done).
    Options : Difficulty.

  • CODENAME : Doctor Drake
    Defining attribute : Health
    Description : With him a plague is really a plague, those become (or get more) contagious and you have to set up 'Allowed Area' to prevent epidemic, the Medicine skills also take longer to increase.
    Switching to this Storyteller is ideal to simulate a sudden deadly plagues in your previously healthy colony

    Options : Difficulty

  • CODENAME : Desolate Daniel Original suggestion by mumblemumble
    Defining attribute : You versus Nature
    Description : Daniel is into being one with the land, survival, and having the grit to survive. Raids, mechanoids, traders, visitors,  and other social interactions become less preeminent, while wilderness and weather based events (and non-events) gain in importance. Daniel will force you to fear the caprice of Mother Nature more than anything else.
    Options : Difficulty

    Declination of (~Helen + Maddox + Drake)
    • CODENAME : Gothic Gwen Inspired by Vaperius
      Defining attribute : Death happen, a lot
      Description : "Life is ephemeral, everything that live is bound to die".
      In short you'll be going through pawns and animals a lot more faster than usual, trying to keep a particular one alive will be a constant race against The Grim Reaper.

      Options : Difficulty & whether or not a Grim Reaper appear aside characters near-death

    • CODENAME : Null Nero
      Defining attribute : Nothing ever happen
      Description : The only event that happen will do so in a purely inconsequential self-defeating manner, Nothing ever happen.
      Options : Difficulty Nothing ever happen

    • CODENAME : Tony Troller (Inspired from som "smartbombradio", shared by b0rsuk here)
      Defining attribute : Want you to rage quit
      Description : Tony's story elevate Trolling to the level of Art. But simply killing colonist or destroying your colony is no Art, neither is spamming bad event. No, no.
      Instead he will even be generous, for there is no rage if there was no Hope. He will watch you prosper... only to have your costliest stuff burn in a suspiciously precise fire accident. He will send you visitors... hundred of them with enough beast to eat everything you left (un)checked. He will send you easy raid, only for you to lose power at the most inopportune moment. You will be able to rescue extremely talented colonist... armless. You will loot a lot... during a rainy storm FALLOUT. You will see trader... just before a Raid or berserk animals kill and rob them. He will watch you accommodate to a frozen tundra... just as it become a burning desert.

      ""whenever you find a cheap behavior, a terrible idea, something that player's DESPISE but you as the dev love, give it to charlie.""

Events suggestion here
Game Ending suggestion here[/list]
Ideas / Item left ouside muddying/looking dirty
March 26, 2015, 10:26:06 AM

An hopefully simple idea.
It would be a visual effect only making item left on specific soil outside 'muddy', as in texture similar to dirt (or blood) is superposed to those items as time pass.

It would be for ambiance, making them harder to see.
But maybe it's not worth the frustration or retrieving that "damned thing you wanted to haul".

Aside that, retrieving the item would instantaneously clean it. No other game mechanic is necessary, this is purely visual.
In the Changelog Tynan said :
QuoteColonists now attempt to optimize their own apparel by automatically switching to apparel which has greater health, is higher quality, or is more suited to the season, within the parameters of their assigned outfit.
If the player manually assigns apparel, the colonist will never remove it until the manual assignment is cleared.
Which should address nicely a whole deal of micro-management we got ever since clothes fell prey to entropy.

But I see a non-addressed problem : We are also encouraged to switch clothes for combat.
As of Alpha8 switching all clothes asked for a lot of click to switch every clothes, pause to make sure clothes/armor aren't hauled away... and no control over where the clothes falls (not in a stockpile).

What I would like is a furniture that can contain a clothes set and allow a colonist switch all at once in one single pause without littering the floor with hauling task for others if I dare not draft everyone immediately.

How I suggest it : A [1x2] furniture to fit in a bedroom
- To fill the locker/wardrobe :
A "deposit hat/shirt/pant" order (excluding what can't be worn simultaneously)
Alternatively : using a "hauling order" originating from the locker with the locker for destination.
- To use it (including during pause) :
A "wear hat/shirt/pant" order, what the colonist was wearing will be exchanged with what was inside
- To empty it :
An "empty order" equivalent to "strip".
The way I imagine it you could nearly consider this locker a person as in look at what it contain the same way.

Of course to balance how useful this locker would be, it would require 1years of research, 1000 plasteel 500 gold & silver an AI-core, and a build time of 5000.

Ps : I also suggest the equipment rack to work on this principle.

Question : WHO ELSE want something of the like ?
Ideas / [discussion] Roof & the mortar paradigm
March 10, 2015, 05:20:37 AM
Hello everybody,
If I asked it make no doubt many would just say "yes" to being able to build (Solid) roof.
But it have a good part in gameplay

I haven't been there since the first versions of Rimworld but in term of gameplay it seem (solid) roof were just unnecessary until the addition of Mortar.
And mortar themselves were meant to get the players out of their mountain fortress, something I don't think is really working, mortar inaccuracy isn't worrying either when fighting a lot of raider.

However, even if we never get multi-level gameplay (which is fine), I think solid roof or the lack of could become annoying/frustrating, as in "no reason you shouldn't be able to protect some zone"

Myself I would be suggesting the following :
- Adding (solid)Roof in with Floor in the Architect
- Solid Roof would ask for closer support wall,
- not be subject to "no-roof zone" as a trade-of,
- give a beauty bonus (as it must feel reassuring to feel protected by more than thin metal),
- Adding a button allowing to see all roofed area in half-transparency (for support wall and good screenshot), you would be able to deconstruct them from this view.

Mortar (because it's linked)
- Would be more accurate
- Would still pierce a little(explosive)/go through(EMP)

Aside... you could have "windy event" that blow off any roof that isn't a (solid) one.

Opinion ?
Ideas / [Story] Write an ending ! (endless included)
March 07, 2015, 05:41:34 PM
As we know Rimworld have for now only two sort of ending :
- The spaceship escape
- Death (in numerous variation)

So this topic would be to suggest and discuss different ending or lack thereof.

/!\ NOTE /!\
"Requirement :" is to avoid confusion with any similar ending and describe the hook for any game/story.
"Triggered by :" is to make sure the game know when you want it triggered.

If your suggestion rely on not(yet?)existing feature, I suggest [descriptive name], different poster using the same item/feature increase the chance of us getting them.

Some ideas :

Epilogue End

  • Ending : Diplomatic End
    As you've always believed the key to embark on true civilization wasn't in outgrowing other faction or act as if they didn't exist. The key was to convince them all march together toward a greater world.
    No faction is a world unto itself. You've shown through diplomacy, arts, trading and hospitality that violence and isolation solved nothing.

    Triggered by : Making a wonderful radio-call for global unification.
    Requirement : All other faction not only support you but not being hostile with each other.

  • Ending : Cybernetic Transcendence
    After years of research in a particular branch of the tech-tree you and your fellow friend have finally managed to make it : a brain-implant that will increase significantly your intellect, merging with an AI-Core.
    Once you manage to painstakingly craft/buy and install those implants you are persuaded you will enter the next stage in human's evolution !

    Triggered by : Merging with an AI-core
    Requirement : All colonist having some [special implants]

  • Ending : Psychic Exaltation
    Fools they were ! Fools they were to believe that psychic sensitivity was a burden to mankind.
    After year of research in that particular branch you've finally come to develop a formidable machine that will upon activation slowly bring human's mind to their full potential.
    No matter if it take day at full power for each gender, you will all transcend !

    Triggered by : Using [Psychic Probe] one last time to give all colonist the "mind-reader" trait
    Requirement : Building a [Psychic Probe] + No psychically dull colonist

  • Ending : Psychic deafening
    Through perseverance you have freed yourself from this burden of mankind. You are no longer affected by the psychic wave terrorizing the weak willed.
    You only see one other thing left to be done : free the rest of the world or let the weak willed perish.

    Triggered by : Letting a [built Psychic Probe] or a ancient ship part reach maximum intensity and survive until all colonist have the Psychically-deaf trait
    Requirement : Ancient ship or [Psychic Probe] on map

  • Ending : Religious
    Even you didn't understood at first, but it called for you. You and your fellow acolyte didn't carved its <insert metal> sculpture accidentally. He had always been there calling for you.
    But now you know. Your group is still young but soon, soon they will all know.
    ALL GLORY TO PASTA ! All glory to the Giant Flying Spaghetti god !

    Triggered by : Having declared yourself as a temple on Comm console.
    Requirement : Large sculpture in its own room, toggled into "idol"

  • Ending : Artistic Transcendence
    Mere word cannot describe the work you have done here. You've created the most legendary work of art that will ever be known.
    Triggered by : (?) making it known by Comms console.
    Requirement : A beauty score of more than X over some zone, more than Y over the map.

  • Ending : Attractive colony (couldn't think of better)
    The best way of founding a colony you ask ? Well, making other come to you of course. Your colony is just so much better than any others.
    Triggered by : Activating the Comms Console as a beacon
    Requirement : Wealth above X + Joy above X + Minimal Beauty

  • Ending : Cannibalism
    This is not that the time were hard, you've simply overcome an old dogma and stopped wasting food. Plus, with synthetic-meat grown by hydroponic it's not like you have to hunt people out of necessity.
    Still got to keep the prisoner well fed though, they do have a plus-value now.

    Triggered by : (???) Serving human meat to [guest]/prisoner.
    Requirement : all colonists having/[gaining the cannibal trait]

  • Ending : Clone Factory
    Child ? What for ? As if we had the time to raise one of those pest for years. No, no, I create perfect colonist you see, our equation say "vat-grow backstory" are best childhood, so be it.
    Triggered by : Cloning your second colonist.
    Requirement : researched and built [special casket]+ special research

  • Ending : Near-Immortality
    You are surprised by how little time it took you to obtain a way to live forever, but you did it and its all you expect to remember in a thousand year.
    Oh indeed it still have some little problems, for starter you cannot move the machine, then there's how it literally reconstruct you cells by cells, including your brain and your very memory.
    You just have to remember to fix that next cycle.

    Triggered by : Using [special casket] with all colonist.
    Requirement : researched and built [special casket] + special research

  • Ending : New Cryptosleep casket
    "meh... we might as well wait for a rescue team or some civilization to develop here, how long could it take ?"
    Triggered by : All colonist getting into cryptosleep casket
    Requirement : Using New cryptosleep casket

  • Ending : One with Nature
    Thinking back about it technology never really improved your lives, it kept on making it more complex than it needed to be. If someone ask, this is why you've never researched electricity.
    Not because all of you happened to be incapable of science, no no...

    Triggered by : Not using electricity for a year.
    Requirement : Only a solar panel/air turbine, battery and a Comm console allowed

  • Ending : What is bioethics ?
    At least ! No stupid rules to keep you from improving on the human design !
    Triggered by : All colonists have a Bionic or a particular change to their body.
    Requirement : [special casket] + All colonist 'modified'

  • Ending : Trader route
    Becoming a trader is where wealth and comfort reallyis . Every faction on this planet are just desperate to get the right equipment at the right moment, so you've just built a mean to carry a lot of cargo all over the planet and to scavenge droppod on the way.
    <Choose a company name>

    Triggered by : Telling every faction by Radio-comms that you are starting business.
    Requirement : [Pod Launcher/vehicle]

  • Ending : Pharaoh
    You have reflected long enough over the question and came to the conclusion that some men are just more equal than other.
    Triggered by : Declaring yourself [Technopriests] by Comms Console
    Requirement : More than X Slave, they are 2 time more numerous than colonist.

  • Ending : Caver / Isolation
    It was not safe outside, all those unknow organic, and that bright thingy moving in the sky emitting radiation and all...
    Triggered by : Spending around ~1 years without any colonist getting "outside" for more than a day.
    Requirement : Switching off Comms console

  • Ending : Paranoia
    They were all there to get me ! And I know you are here in the sky trying to control me !
    Know what ? I won't let you !

    Triggered by : The last colonist rebel against YOU.
    Requirement : Anybody who have joined the colony arrested + only one colonist left.

  • Ending : No weakness here
    We are not elitist, your standard are just lower than dirt.
    Triggered by : ??(Console Comms badass boast?)
    Requirement : All colonists have a certain amount of level.

Climatic Event end
Note : Appear after a 'player-triggered event'.
"Last action :" <player-triggered event leading to the ending>

  • Ending : Pirate group
    You've all finally realized that in this world the strong reigned over the weak. To survive asked more than will and courage, more than pity, it asked for guile and violence to make your what isn't.
    You have just crossed that one last line there is no return possible, no remorse to be had.

    Triggered by : Declaring yourself pirate on Comms console.
    (W.I.P) "Last action :" Using [Diplomacy] and betraying the last faction
    Requirement : [Pod launcher] + hostile relation with every faction

  • Ending : The only way to be sure
    It had to be done, it was the only way to be sure...
    Triggered by : No other faction is left
    (W.I.P) "Last action :" Fighting retaliation raid wave from everybody.
    Requirement : [Pod Launcher] + [Nuke]

  • Ending : Apocalypse Canceled (with guess-words like that I fear I cover everything)
    "That's it, after what we've done I don't think anybody will remember anything else of us. We might as well leave, die and pass into posterity"
    Triggered by : [having solved some out-colony event]
    (W.I.P) "Last action :" [solving some out-colony event]
    Requirement : [Starting some out-colony event]

Death End

  • Ending : Mechanoid End
    "How dared you rebel against your master !"
    Triggered by : activate armed Mechanoid and get killed by them
    Requirement : AI-Core + [mechanoid stuff]

  • Ending : Spaceship Failed launch
    The starship was ready to go, all colonist were onboard, the AI said all-green, engines nearly finished their pre-cooling... it was so close ! WHY !?
    Triggered by : Spaceship becoming un-spaceworthy
    Requirement : Starting spaceship [launching sequence]

  • Ending : Force of nature
    "Help !! <animal> is eating maaarrrrggghh!"
    Triggered by : The last colonist is killed by an animal.

  • Ending : Please kill me before I finish reading this.
    There is no words for the cruelty you've committed, I, the narrator just shudder uncontrollably at the though of describing it. The developers, Tynan, is calling his lawyer to never be associated in anyway with what you've done, regretting to have ever coded this specific ending.
    How could you...

    Triggered by : Other faction launching into space out of pure fear.
    Requirement : No hope for redemption.

  • Ending : Ancient Cryptosleep casket
    You used ancient cryptosleep casket more than 100 years old, of course you died !
    Triggered by : All colonist getting into ancients cryptosleep casket
    Requirement : none


  • Ending : Void god worship
    All glory to the Void god !
    Triggered by : Psychic Wave at maximum intensity, Crashed ship in its own room, toggled as 'idol'.
    Requirement : Crashed ship on map

I don't know for you, but I think "Endless play" could be suited simply by another Storyteller.
Storyteller like Cassandra Classic are made to increase pressure progressively and the research tree can eventually be maxed out. Yet many of us like this balance and wouldn't appreciate being forced to play 20hours or more to achieve a meaningful game.

But another storytellers could be balanced independently to match play of indefinite length. Such game would have access to any other ending, if you don't want your game to end simply click keep playing if you reach an ending or another, or change storyteller mid-game.

Events suggestion here
Storyteller suggestion here
I just posted on a topic about making "low tech settlement" easier, or how to live without electricity, or cooler.

One of the first thing noted is the inability to cook without electricity.
So I'm suggesting Campfire.
It could be a "Bill" thing, or colonist taking raw food and eating at the camp fire.
Then, without cooler available, I don't see a good way of storing big amount of food long before winter (though huge harvest right before it freeze should work).

This above made me remember :
The Nutrient Paste Dispenser.
It doesn't store food does it ? It only convert what's on the hopper.
Because of that I find it have all the flaw of non-refrigerated food source with no advantage except easiness to use.
Suggestion : making it able to convert directly and store the paste indefinitely as long as there is power.

All I could think of.
Don't hesitate if you have food-related idea for low-tech settlement (say : no electricity & no-cooler before the first winter)
I have to say the new features definitely add more depth to our survival.
But the micro-management become unbearable quite fast. I'll even say that it go too far by moment, many items don't really need to degrade over time. And other wouldn't need more than 3/4 states (no-suffix, (very)damaged, unusable).

So far a few thing bother me with the new system.
- Damaged items don't seem to stack
- Hard to tell a weapon efficiency from its damage over its quality (Is a 99% (poor) better than a 30%(normal ?))
- It is damn hard to keep anything in good shape (to store or sell)
- You hardly know how much anything degrade over time or if left outside
- It is distracting to worry about any single damaged item.
- You can't guess how long something will last.
- It is overwhelming to have health-bar on everything, plus a quality.
- MORE items shouldn't degrade at all, especially over the few years colony usually live/survive.
All Worsened in that you can't repair items.

So I wondered if there was a way to keep the best of the new and earlier version.
Something SIMPLE yet that can still break if used too long.

Could a modified rotting mechanic work ?
It seem to me that the rotting mechanic basically ensure already that food/dead never stay in the same state forever without forbidding to stack and allowing different rate of usury through time.
And even/especially for item that don't stack, I would myself appreciate a less gradual damaging process so I don't need to compare amongst dozen items.
Lastly I reiterate my wish for some kind of wardrobe & swap-macro to change more easily clothes and armor.

What do you think of the new feature ? What change would you like ?
Somewhere I seem to remember Tynan saying he wasn't entirely satisfied by the system (and also that colonist would ultimately pick up clothes themselves of something)