Build 254 released

Posted November 7th, 2013 by Tynan Sylvester

Build 254 is out!

This is a small update on 250, but it has some important fixes. Most importantly, the storytellers are balanced out and fixed. They won’t send advanced raiders with sniper rifles and charged-shot weapons so early any more. I’ve also resolved a bug that caused story events to stop coming in long games.

There’s also a new storyteller called Chill Callie Classic. She runs the same algorithm as her more uptight sister Cassandra, but at a more relaxed pace for players who don’t want the intensity of Cassandra but don’t want to go all the way down to Phoebe.

Here’s the full changelog.

Everyone who has the game should be getting an email update about the new release. Alternatively, you can just re-use the private SendOwl download link you already have.

17 Responses to “Build 254 released”

  1. Dobbs

    This update appears to be targeted at players like me, thanks for supporting the slow people!

  2. Viktor WIman

    What will happend when i run out of sendowl downloads? This will happend as i assume there will be more than 4 updates. Also how do we do with save files when there is an update?

  3. baab

    You’ll get 3 new downloads for each version, Viktor.

  4. We’re going to get the downloads resetting.

  5. SathOm

    This game is a great thank you and you continue.

    A Little french.

  6. BlueheadedPants

    Damn I thought I was just unlucky when I got raiders with laser beam weapons on Cassandra’s setting xD

    Keep up the awesome work man!

  7. Florian

    good game =) i like it … is there anny way that in the end multiplayer would be implentet with maps that are 500×500 ? that would be realy awesome .. 2 groups struggle to survive against each other =P or work together. i know its quite har to do but it would be realy nice

  8. mrdoom434

    if i may i have a idea there should be alien raiders that attack and if you catch one (and they have a good reseach skill if you like) to unlock new tech like shieds and laser guns and maybe space ships,etc also a aother idea you should be aloud to build a space ship and travel throw space and maybe find your home plant to contiue the story like the plant is destoryed by war or something i am not the story teller you are so anyway you can make more colonys and stuff i know this will be hard but i think that this would add more to the game and I LOVE the game its epic really good game and i hope you make it in to the new best thing n the market it needs to be if you want to email me my email is [email protected] send me a email if you want to talk some ideas this is to the developer not anyone else k

  9. Finally made it to 100 days on Cassandra (and it’s on YT! <3)

    A few ideas and questions I have…

    Research – Some kind of mineral detector, something that can be installed inside of a mine and detect metal within a certain radius.

    Research Specialties – I really like the idea of certain kinds of people, with certain traits being able to unlock special. Like how someone said earlier, a special alien if you capture them, can unlock special research tiers. Maybe someone has to have +15 shooting and +10 research to unlock being able to craft weapons in game.

    Weapons – Stun-Gun. I've gotten so over-powered I can't capture anyone! They just die. I suppose they have a chance to passout after taking so much damage of course but after day 50 or so, I didn't catch a single raider and killed just as many.

    Somekind of 'rec' room items like a pool table and a very last check for 'leisure' activities. Though I guess I'm probably just too nice.

    I also think animals should eat the gardens! Which would require walls/fences/sandbags to be built around them.

    I really love the current game balance in both the lower modes, haven't tried the higher one yet.

  10. AddictedSpaceRanger

    “hmmm… maybe I’ll play for a few minutes…” – 6 hours later I’m stiiiiill playing 😀 love this game Ty, keep it up! So good we hearing about it here in South Africa

  11. Jaisson Cordeiro

    Still no slave ships after 60/70 days… since my defenses are a little hardcore, no raiders survives the attack to increase my colony…

    170 days and im still stuck with only 10 people.

    (other ships are working fine deep into late game)

  12. Shaddy

    @ synthia:
    You know, animals do eat crops. It’s sorta random I think, because if you noticed, they do eat grass. I think they treat it like grass and eat it, but I could be wrong. I was watching someone stream this, and one of the people watching it mentioned that they order all squirls to be killed because they ruin the crops. Again, I could be wrong, and maybe we both saw someone picking the crop as the squirl ate grass (I was in the middle of building walls to keep raiders out as they charged towards my facility…). If I am mistaken, I totally agree that it should happen XD.

  13. Kyle

    really fun game Tynan, keep up the good work! i can’t wait to see what the final game looks like.

  14. Jeroen

    Very fun, very addictive!

    Strong foundation for a great game. It has this addictive feel to it, that “I’m going to stop right after this”, but keep on playing for another hour.

    Suggestions for the long run:

    -zoning system for tasks:
    With a big base (and thus big home region), people are just running around everywhere doing small chores. I think assigning work areas (for different tasks, especially for cleaning) would be a great addition.

    I’m sure in time you will add a lot more features to the game that, for a pre-alpha, has a very strong foundation! Well, you just made a fan.

    Keep up the great work!

  15. Foster

    First of all, Thank you for an awesome game! Since it is still very early in the making of them game i would like to make suggestions for a few things that i believe may help the game out. The ability to change narrators or modify how they operate once the game has begun would be awesome. If someone could build up their colony how they desire and then on command drop a shit storm of raiders on it to see how it fairs in a sizeable attack i believe it would add a great deal of value to the game. it could be an option unlock-able on every narrator and mark the game as cheating, or an option only available with one specific narrator, you could even have an option for people with low social skill, or any social skill level to insult passing pirate ships to provoke an attack. however it is implemented it will add alot of value to the game. Most games do not allow you to change the difficulty or other variables once you have already embarked, Someone who likes to start slow and peaceful, eg, phoebe, and end up with ridiculous craziness doesn’t have that option at the moment. This new range of options can extend farther than simply dropping raiding parties on demand. the ability to turn off solar flares mid game, or make a group of squirrels go crazy on demand would be phenomenal.

    I read about your feelings on adding multiple z levels to the game, however that is another thing that will make the game much more indepth aswell, even if it just 3 z levels, 1 underground 1 on ground and 1 above ground, it will make linking buildings via more indirect means possible, and open up a humongous array of new defensive options, sentry towers, catwalks, bonus’s for attacking at a higher angle, it will increase the squares that the game must keep track of by 3, however you can make an option upon world creation to modify the z levels that the game will have, 1 z level only will be an option then for people who desire it, while people with more powerful machines can have more z levels. with the current mountainsides and other z+1 level blemishes that the world creates they can simply be raised straight up, so no need to worry about what the next level consists of. or how every single tile links to another on a different z level. the only path across z levels that the game will need to keep track of can then be only those that are player created. I realize this may cause major problems with cave ins and the like. however this is a feature that i feel the game would be lacking in a completed state without.

    I am a major dwarf fortress fan, 2000+ hours, and an idea that i had *well toady had it* is to put a donate button on your site and just write a tidly bit about what you worked on during the day/week, any interesting things you came across, like bugs or features you are trying to implement and just do tiny updates. I have been persuaded to donate many a time after reading about something awesome toady is working on, Multi tile tree’s? *throws wallet at screen* Necromancers? *throws wallet* Vampire lizard demigods ruling the elven race? *wallet* It will help bring in some more income. toady has been living entirely off of donations while working on the game and writing small blog posts. He is averaging something like 3000$ a month just from talking about the free game he is making.

    Just wanted to give you some food for thought. I love this game, and i wanted to give you my input while it was still young enough in the development process that something like what i spoke of to be implemented and cause less hassles than if it were to be down the line. it was a HUGE project when toady switched from 2d to 3d, starting sooner would have been easier, and later would have been much much harder. Consider what i said, and take the game any direction you want it to. Even if you disregard every single thing i said you are still making and awesome game!

  16. Foster

    Something like this view of z levels may work, where the lower ones are simply a darker version of the current

    I think i may have potentially figured out a solution to the spikes of rock shooting indefinitely into the sky problem you may run across aswell. if you mine from bottom level, then it caves in and rock/metal whatever is replaced by normal useless stone, but if you mine from the top level there is no cave in and then mining the level below doesn’t lead to a cave in

    If you would like me to elaborate any more on any of the suggestions i have made let me know on here and i will be checking back from time to time:)


    Hey i just wanted to say that i love this game and that i can guarantee it will become increasingly successful as it is updated. Also i was hoping to bring up the concept of debris, specifically metal debris. I think it would be a good idea to maybe introduce a machine that melts down the debris and turns it into metal or a small amount of metal(so as not to make it overpowered). Thanks for the brilliant game and well done.