RimWorld first pre-alpha released!

Posted November 4th, 2013 by Tynan Sylvester

All right! It’s out!

Backers whose payments succeeded in the first day should be getting emails with links to download the first public pre-alpha, build 250.

There is one bug you should know about – sometimes the game starts and the screen is black. To work around this, just move the window a bit.

If your payment was not successful the first time around, you have two options:

  • Give up on Kickstarter and just go to rimworldgame.com and get the game there. You’ll get instant access.
  • Fix your payment with Kickstarter. I’ll send you the link not long after November 14, when Kickstarter gives me the final report.

If you want to read the changelog, find it here. Discussions, suggestions, and bug reports are always welcome at the Ludeon forums. I’m also on Twitter.

24 Responses to “RimWorld first pre-alpha released!”

  1. Corbald

    I’m so glad to see this game getting updates. Especially when I see that there’s a backlog of updates since 232.

  2. Christian

    I was really surprised to get the game yesterday 😀 Thank you so very much. Sadly I only had a hour to play it yesterday, and got killed of rather quickly in 4 rounds 😛 Guess I’ll have to try harder.

    The game is awesome Tynan 😉

  3. Riccardo Quagliarini

    Unluckily, while I received the usual email from Kickstarter confirming my payment (credit card) was successful on the 2nd of November, I didn’t receive any other email with the instructions to download the game.
    I’m not disappointed or anything, I’m just anxious to try out the alpha 😀
    That’s more or less the exciting part of buying from Kickstarter!
    Thanks in advance for any support.

  4. Christian

    Riccardo, you should check your spam filter 🙂 It may show up there. The mail was sent from: [email protected]

  5. Chase

    I have the same problem as Riccardo. I received an email on the 4th that said I would soon receive a code, but it isn’t in my Junk folder, my Inbox, or my ‘Kickstarter’ folder, where my emails from them are forwarded to.

    I’m fine with waiting, but I just want to make sure I’ll get a copy some time soon. 🙂

  6. Chase, you only backed at Colonist level, which doesn’t get the game until January. See the Kickstarter or rimworldgame.com for more info.

    If anyone has backed at Influencer and above and isn’t getting the game, email me at [email protected], please.

  7. Chase

    My apologies, I confused the pre-alpha with the alpha. Thank you for clearing that up.

    Looking forward to getting it in January. 🙂

  8. Mikki

    Love the game, i have now played it for over 5 h. and love it.

    by a Backer.

  9. Dalton

    I bought the influencer pack and haven’t received my pre-alpha, or anything. I know the transaction was successful, it said so in the paypal email that was sent. I am a little worried, because If I just bought the game for $30 I would hope to actually get what I bought. It looks like a great game, and hope to try it. Thanks 😀
    P.S. yay for getting way past the goal in the kickstarter 🙂

  10. Dalton please email me about this from the email you used to buy the game. [email protected]

  11. Yousef

    The link that I got for the update says I have only 3 more times to download the game. How am I supposed to download newer updates after I run out of downloads?

  12. It resets with every update.

  13. Yousef

    It hasn’t reset for me.

  14. pf

    Would it be possible for a colonist-tier backer to ‘pay the difference’ and move up to influencer?

  15. pf – yes, just email me. [email protected].

  16. Anonamoose.

    I don’t really think you should add DRM, as a backer it’s upsetting, I understand indie developers and such have a lot more to lose to pirates, but limiting downloads instead of creating systems is not the way to go. What happens when you take a break or end up in an accident? Slowly but surely people use up their uses and it dies off.

  17. Limiting downloads are not DRM. It’s a sanity measure in the delivery system, intended to stop bandwidth theft and the most casual and easy piracy, like posting your unlimited link on a forum. The game has no DRM, but I don’t want to pay for pirates’ download bandwidth.

    If I die the game will still work perfectly forever and people will be able to pass it around easily.

  18. Bipolarbear

    I think 30 dollars is a bit too much for this game. i would most likely may for 15 or 20 though. Could you Find a way to lower the price abit?

  19. Waleed Hassan

    Hi, What about those people whose country is not supported by Paypal and still want to buy the game?

    Steam is supported here anyway i can have that game on steam?

  20. It’ll be on Steam next year!

  21. Phoenix

    When is there going to be another update

  22. As soon as there’s some new content to make it worth releasing. I’ve been doing some future-investment infrastructure work recently so the surface game hasn’t changed that much. Working hard!

  23. Tracey

    I Got the game and its telling me to download some kind of folder but what do i do after i open the folder?

  24. Tracey, I don’t understand. If you have trouble please email me at [email protected]. All you have to do is download the ZIP file at the provided link and unzip it.