Cassandra Classic’s Portrait

Posted January 3rd, 2014 by Tynan Sylvester

Portuguese digital painter Ricardo Tomé has been working on key art for RimWorld. Here’s his portrait of Cassandra Classic (click to expand).


These portraits will appear in the menus. We’re also looking at having them pop up in-game when the storyteller takes certain actions, to remind players just who they’re dealing with. I’ll post Randy Random later.

18 Responses to “Cassandra Classic’s Portrait”

  1. Tim Boehm

    Wow, this is amazing work!
    Looking forward to seeing the other storytellers come to life.

  2. thetrav

    good imagery

  3. mrdoom434

    it looks great i really love the work you are putting into this is game will be epic with you working on it man

  4. mrdoom434

    and i will follow all the way! 😀

  5. Excellent – reminds me of Dune by David Lynch, which is great.

  6. Murhe

    Fits really well in mood of the game. Not too fancy or hot. You expect storyteller to be little auntie like.

  7. Midgetman

    Now that is awesome! Keep up the good work!

  8. Vandrovec

    This is some hot artwork. Can’t wait to see more!

  9. Davidou

    Perfect! can’t wait for the others

  10. Quinto

    Looks great except the floating orb should be the moon/planet you are playing on

  11. Northernberry

    As an adept of dwarf fortress, believe me when I say I already find this game fanciful, any clue about content adding maybe? (art-content excluded i mean)

  12. Omceg

    Really superb artwork. I am in awe!

  13. Shamoon

    When is the next patch?

  14. Shamoon – this month.

  15. I must say, you’ve been moving pretty slowly in your upgrades.

  16. There was a lot of non-content-adding infrastructure work to do. And I don’t want to skip infrastructure – it’s not a good idea in the long term.

    I’m back to adding features now; it won’t be too long.

    Remember how slow Valve and Blizzard are with games? It takes time to do it well.

    Anyway, let’s keep this on topic. If someone has a personal message to me my email is [email protected].

  17. Untrustedlife

    The storytellers fit the game..PERFECTLY.

  18. Good answer! I agree very much. Good coding takes time!
    Keep up the good work.