Randy Random’s portrait

Posted January 8th, 2014 by Tynan Sylvester

Here’s the second portrait of the lineup, Randy Random!


21 Responses to “Randy Random’s portrait”

  1. Osleff

    Looks pretty interesting.

  2. Untrustedlife

    I like it

  3. fla_hotrod

    Represents the storyteller perfectly, IMHO. Nice! 😀

  4. king komodo

    I was expecting something more along the lines of a court jester look but this does look nice

  5. Murhe

    I don’t like smiley in Randy’s head, but even with it picture is really good one and fits well next to Cassandra. If rest of them share same coherent style, it would be superb!!!

  6. Miles

    Awesome! So excited for the next build.

  7. Pixelated

    I think one of the smileys should be a frowny face.

  8. Pixelated – that’s actually a really good idea.

  9. Charlie C

    Nice style possibly could do with a bit more randomness for Randy? Hair in several styles at once? one blue and one green eye? Smileys are a bit 2000AD / Jamie Hewitt. Random characters better? Face / clothes different each side or front /back. Face split and each side painted differently.

  10. JKTD1919

    Reminds me a lot of a DC Comics villain.

  11. 123nick

    you should make the smile on the jacket a frown. because its random not phoeby friendly, sometimes it will be raiders immediatly with tons of M24s or sometimes tons and tons of food and metal.

  12. Rickswan


  13. brandon honrath

    the smiley face on his jacket should be a unsmiley face like the common symbol seen for drama or acting clubs

  14. mr nice

    the style reminds me a lot at heavy metal which happens to be canadian. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heavy_Metal_(film)

    i like it a lot.

  15. Armin Denal

    Great, your named parameterized random number generators now have pictures stuck to them. That will surely help more clueless sods beleive in “The fairytales about the Sorry-tellers”.

    Could we have a wee bit more of a game now ?

    To some of us, gameplay, lot of things to do, myriads of items, lot of meaningful things to research and how well your random number generators are parameterized/tuned means just about everything.

    OTOH, what name and picture you stick on a pile of bytes means just about nothing. Basically the only really important thing about the story-generators is how well they will be tuned, not what pretend personality you make for them.

    Me, I can see myself forming an attachment to my colony, colonists but not to a “select game type/difficulty combobox”.

    Please stop wasting time on the least important pseudo-feature, your marketing trick already did what it was supposed to. In the end it’s much more important how the game will be playable (UI, balance, …), whether there will be enough things to do and whether you won’t lose interest of potential customers beacause you spent too much time on unimportant things.

    And the game has potential to be great (it’s quite good already, there’s just not enough of it), for me it doesnt even need better graphics – 254 was good enough. For me the priorities would be:

    1) Content
    2) Content
    3) Content
    4) You catch my drift ?
    5) Content
    6) In-game immersion related things: character backstories, relations, non-battle non-catastrophic events, map-changing events / possibilities (be recued only to crash on another world; your colony falls into caverns during earthquake, you went to explore another part of the planet; you built a spaceport and went to explore another worlds, what-ever ….)
    7) Content
    8) Better graphics & other polish
    9) Content
    10) Pimped up storyteller images and other smoke-and-mirrors that don’t really have anything to do with gamplay or immersion …

  16. Just to clarify (since I didn’t write it in this post), the portrait isn’t by me, it’s by Ricardo Tomé, like the previous portrait of Cassandra.

    If you’re wondering what I’ve been doing, read the changelog.

  17. Animar

    I’m totally agree with Armin Denal and I hope you will change your course to more contentheavy development.

    So don’t get me wrong while new graphics are nice to have the time to work on these is just badly choosen.

    Even though we will get an new release in the end of this month I probably play it not more than an hour and put it back becaus all I can expect to play around with is a Stockpile … REALY !
    As far as I’m concerned, I would be satisfied by storing goods in numbers on screen for ne next early releases. Even its not a super realistic way to do it, it just works fine enough for now to focus some other things.

    So at this point I’m pretty disappointed to have to wait at least another whole month where we maybe get more stuff into the game.

    I beg you in the name of all the people who think the same way, please take that content demand more seriously or it will end up like Minecraft where the mods are more important that the game itself because it sucks to play it plain.

    So hate me for that comment or not I just had to say it at least once with my own words.

  18. Be patient

    Some people seem to forget that this is a pre-alpha version.
    Do you want some new gameplay elements if you get a load of bugs and performance issues with ’em?
    Well, I don’t! Stay calm and drink a cup of tee. Jesus…

    Tynan, take your time!

  19. Sakiel

    ITT: An unfounded sense of entitlement. You knew this game was pre-alpha when you bought it. You made an investment, if you expect an instant return you’re gonna have a bad time.

  20. Jesse G

    Good Job on the portraits! By the way, glad you are making sure the game works fluidly rather than rushing in with the content. I imagine there is a lot of work to do in a game like this, especially since you are doing the brunt of the work. Pretty sure people won’t leave this game because of what some consider to be slow updates. The majority of the people who already bought this game likely knew that since it was pre-alpha it would be super early in development. Keep up the good work 🙂

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