Hotfix for ‘saw corpse’ thought

Posted December 29th, 2014 by Tynan Sylvester

The ‘saw corpse’ thought is stacking far too high because of a bug. In cases where there are lots of corpses, it can reach absurd levels and make it nearly impossible to keep colonists sane.

The fix is only one line in a single file. You can do it yourself:

  1. Go to the directory (RimWorldDirectory)/Mods/Core/Defs/ThoughtDefs
  2. Edit the file Thoughts_Memories.xml
  3. Go to the “ObservedLayingCorpse” mood effect (usually line 173 to 189). (Usually it’s easiest to do this by hitting Ctrl+F to search for ObservedLayingCorpse).
  4. Change the line “<stackedEffectMultiplier>1</stackedEffectMultiplier>” to “<stackedEffectMultiplier>0.5</stackedEffectMultiplier>”

I’ve also uploaded a fixed version. So, if you wish, you can also just re-download the game from your existing download link.

Saved games won’t be affected either way.

41 Responses to “Hotfix for ‘saw corpse’ thought”

  1. Emerald Next

    Oh, I thought this had something to do with the Horror Movie, SAW, at first.

  2. James Teale

    How goes the dev and when can we expect an update tynan? looking forward to more content!

    Congrats on your success

  3. lakhnerth

    I thought it was odd that the thought seemed to cap at 3x but the mood hit was still increasing. In the future I’ll be more proactive about reporting oddities I suppose. Thanks for the hard work!

  4. siberianhamster

    @James Teale
    Alpha 8 dropped less than a month ago… I wouldn’t expect 9 for at least another month.

  5. Ben Saunders

    I haven’t played the game personally but, i like the way the games shaping up. Can’t wait to buy it when i have the money to.

  6. James Teale


    That is a shame!

  7. travis

    i really want this game but unless they guarantee me a steam key ill just wait

  8. Sticks

    Thanks so much for these mood changes involving corpses recently.
    Having your few remaining healthy colonists on doctor duty to heal the injured after a fight is hard enough without them going insane over the tons of bodies you can’t spend time to clean up.

  9. Mathias kiær

    Your sales are going faster and faster! It’s amazing!

  10. Baker

    If you didn’t completely destroy the code relating to how power worked before I’d like to see a research option that let’s it work that way again. The tech could be named “AI controlled breakers” or something along those lines, or maybe “Remote controlled breakers” and just have colonists be able to do it remotely. It would be pretty useful either way.

  11. salut

    When Come Alpha 9 ?

  12. Dantronix

  13. Dantronix

    Not sure if my link needs to be approved by Tynan but it didn’t show up using the tag. I posted this:

    Every time I come here for an update!

  14. AmericanTragedy

    Man, I wish there was somewhere on this site, without going to forums, where he kept like little updates, like actual blog posts. Maybe to just let us know where he is on the whole “Alpha ***” updates. I’d really like to know how close or how far he is from releasing an update. And even the forums, it’s just a change log, no real guesstimate. This game is great and I love it, I just would like some more information about it’s evolution and when I can expect some content.

  15. Ted Williams

    I agree, AmTragedy. Tynan doesn’t really connect or update his fans. I mean, what kind of a Dev blog goes untouched for a month? That leads me to assume no work is being done.

    If he is spending these last 30 days coding, then surely typing out a short blurb like “Did x, fixed y, hang in there guys!” would more than suffice. It just makes me feel like I bought a dead game. 🙁

  16. You can actually follow my work pretty much hour by hour.

    As for writing more blog posts, I think players ultimately prefer if I focus on the game itself. I’m a game designer, after all, not a blogger. I doubt you want me to make the game worse, or delay each release a few days just for some blog posts.

  17. AmericanTragedy

    I appreciate what you’re saying, but i’m a player, and there’s another player agreeing that, even the smallest form of “Hey guys, starting work on —-, hoping it’ll be done in —-.” It doesn’t have to be a set date, just a guideline. And as for the changelog, there’s still no indication when you want to release all those great features. You could keep working and never give an Alpha 9, just go straight to release, and no one would know. I’m not saying, “Oh man I want to know everything about anything you’re doing and when it’s gonna be done.” That’s crazy, and unrealistic. Just a short, Hey guys here’s what I (You the maker of one of the finer games that i’ve played in a long time) think is gonna be included in maybe such and such release. And of that said release, here’s an estimate if everything goes right to when I want to throw it out into the world. Long story short, Changelogs only go so far for a player that likes an update about a great game. But I’m not demanding anything, I was just expressing an opinion. Either way, you’re doing great at making a great game.

  18. Yeah, I understand the desire. But you’re basically asking me to tell you the future. The thing is that I actually don’t know. I don’t know what I’ll be working on more than a few days out, or when the next release will be, or in what format it will come, or what features will be in it.

    I could guess, but that’s all I’d be doing – guessing. And then once I released those guesses, people would interpret them as promises.

    I’d be locked in. If ideas turned out differently, I’d have to modify my guesses. If something came up, I’d have to change release dates. And there’d be anger from people who felt promises had been broken, even if they were just guesses in the first place. It turns into a giant endless low-grade blusterluck.

    And for what? A few days advance warning on features you’re going to see in the flesh within a few weeks? Is it all really worth it to have me spending a chunk of each day managing expectations instead of working to exceed them? How many minutes are lost over the course of a year? How many days? How many weeks of work behind would I ultimately end up?

    It enters madness soon. If I lose 2% of my time, that’s 1 week per year. If I’m making predictions 2 weeks out, that means that within 2 years, you are now getting predictions on features that you would have otherwise been playing that very same day!

    In the end I just want to avoid all the drama and wailing and misunderstanding and PR management work. I love designing games and I want to make the best one I can. That’s the value that will last forever, and that’s where my expertise and passion is. PR hyping and expectations pumping just isn’t my thing. I honestly find it a bit distasteful. I think that when it’s done, it’s generally based on delusion of future knowledge or straight-up dishonesty. Because nobody knows the future.

    So that’s why I don’t release predictions on anything. In the end I hope it builds my credibility in your eyes. Since now, if I say something here, you guys can be damn sure it’s true. I think that’s something that sorely lacking out there and I wish more people would act in ways that make them credible. At least I can try to do it myself.

    If you want to know the future? Your guess is almost as good as mine! And heck. You can change the future. Suggest a feature or give some feedback. I pivot my design direction frequently, often directly in response to feedback.

  19. AmericanTragedy

    Thank you for taking the time to reply, most people wouldn’t do that. I understand what you’re saying. And I also respect your choices. I enjoy the game, so regardless if you update us everyday or never, I still look forward to playing the game with more and more content in it. You’ve already got my respect, and credibility, with just engaging the community. I hope you continue to ask for community feedback in the long run as well. Thank you for taking time out to talk to me.

  20. Delta

    Still loving this game more and more everyday. Keep up the great work!
    I saw alot of re-factoring of the health system in the changelog. Have you considered combining mental and physical health together? Like. Having the mood system affect conversations and work speed. Then integrate mental breaks into the health system. And scaring or traumatic events would be stored there and always have some modifier. When something happens it could be “fresh” having a bigger affect, and after a while it goes away or lessens in affect. And some things could bring up old memories or soft spots causing something that was old and mostly forgotten to resurface and hurt mental health. Just some loose ideas. Again keep up the amazing work Tynan and the rest of Ludeon Studios!

  21. Having mood affect some work stats is a good idea; I’ve written it for reconsideration for A10. Thanks.

  22. Ted Williams

    Tynan: I empasize with your plight, and I both agree and disagree with your well written points above, but I’m very pleased to have heard from you. 🙂

    Keep up the hard work on your fantastic game. Thank you.

  23. Dantronix

    Sorry, I didn’t mean to sound negative or ignorant. I love this game and I follow it very closely. I am well aware of the Google Doc and I check it pretty much daily. I just thought it was funny that on the occasion I come here, lately, my mind turns the “Saw Corpse” post into the image I posted.

    Tynan, you are a bad ass and this game is the best. Keep up the good hard work and thank you for pouring so much into this game. It was awesome when I bought it long ago and each release adds so much more to it.


  24. Ted Williams

    Additionally, I was also unaware of the Google Docs changelog, and if I had been, I would have not have written my initial post. It is exactly what I was after. My apologies.

  25. Dantronix

    Another thought, having actually read the comments between this one and my last…

    At first I thought Ted Williams and AmericanTragedy were being sarcastic as a result of my post but now I realize they were serious. The main reasoning behind my thinking was that I’ve always been amazed by how responsive Tynan is and how frequently he updates, especially considering how much he gets done. The Google Doc is amazing!

    I follow quite a few dev blogs and it is rare for most of them to be as involved with their community as Tynan is. I wholeheartedly agree with you, Tynan. Keep it up!

  26. salut

    alpha 9 come ?

  27. Artist

    Would love to see that settlers engage in relationships and want to live in the same room! And might freak out if their partner gets hurt or even dies!

  28. DustBust

    It would be nice to see a weekly or biweekly devblog, just a suggestion. Great game though, many friends on Steam recommended this game and now its the only game I play at the moment other than testing latest StoneHearth builds.

  29. Reese

    I hope Alpha nine comes out before my birthday. XD

  30. RimBoss

    It’d be nice if you had little snapshot releases every now and then, instead of full blown releases, so we can get a feel on some of the upcoming features. The upcoming alcohol system looks like it could completely ruin a colony. Love it!

  31. Koquan

    The thing I love about RimWorld is waiting for the new update to come. When you come to this page, and you see a new post, and you start freaking out because it says “Alpha Release”, and then continue to wast your entire weekend playing the game because its so fun, is the reason why I love this game so much.

    I Love this game, and I’ve been following it since Alpha 3. Love each and every update that you do, and play it non-stop. Literally.

    Wake Up, go to school, go home, play RimWorld, sleep, and repeat.

    (Most of the time at least)

    Keep up the good work!!!

  32. Woj

    Hello dear Tynan Sylvester,

    You are doing great job with this game, when i play it i feel like i allways wanted game like Rimworld <3. Anyway my reason why i am writting this is about hmmm any ETA when next alpha release? i am already checking changelog on google doc and it is very impresive since alpha 8 to today 🙂

    P.S: I like very much 2D concept 🙂 it brings back memories from childchood when i used to play 2D games :).

    Sugestion if i can make here for Rimworld is that when player get more colonists then when u open map in-game and click on any colony there should be option to attack/raid or visit/trade them (on hostile town it will be only attack/raid).

    Thanks for time, great job with passion that You put into
    Rimworld 🙂

  33. Mathias Kiær

    Woj, the next Rimworld update will come out very soon.

    as you can see in the changelog, Tynan mostly do bug fixes, and people are asked to beta test.

  34. Reese

    Like I check to see if it updates every day to it updates, and it would be cool if there where like villages up people when you land and you can ally with them or kill them off.

  35. Eronos

    I was wondering if you’ll add some layer to work with, like digging tunnels (underground bases maybe) or working on the roof. Don’t know if this has already been discussed in the forums though (sorry if)

    And thanks for the beautiful game, it’s really addicting.

  36. Diogo

    I was wondering the same as Eronos.
    Or if the layer system is too much maybe you could give another property to the tiles, making them have slope and height.
    Affecting the colonists’ moving speed and the range of ranged weapons. And colonists take a bit longer to construct because they need to dig or get more material for the floor to get the same height. And the lower ground could get flooded in heavy rain.
    Ideas just keep coming up :p

    Thanks for this awesome game!!

  37. MrSurvivor

    I agree that the layer system should be there, but how will you navigate to your lower bases Eronos if it is implemented?

    Will you have to do a floor technique like Dwarf fortress? Or what? The slope system seems like a good idea, and people should be able to build trenches and stuff and then make…


  38. Eronos

    Not with the mouse wheel but something like page up, page down.. dont think it would be complicated to navigate it (maybe to build this improvement yes..!)

  39. Baker

    Yeah I basically just read the changelog whenever I want to know what’s going on. I think if anything needs to be done differently regarding the blog is that maybe the changelog should be made prominently linked on the main site.

    For anyone wondering, we are getting pretty close to a release because we have had nothing but adjustments and bug fixes for awhile now. That is usually a good sign, I would estimate a new release within the next couple weeks or so.

  40. Zenke

    Can’t wait for the next update. This is a great game, keep up the great work Tynan.

  41. Shards

    Hello Tynan, before I start suggesting items or saying things, I would like to start off telling you THAT THIS IS AN AMAZING GAME! I can’t say anything else or explain enough to bring this game it’s proper justice.

    Anyway, I had a few questions and thoughts that I would like to share that I was thinking about while looking at the change-log (It has been forever since early alpha and Alpha 2). I hope you do not mind if I go into rapid fire mode… I will just apologize in advanced for any long or boring topics.

    I won’t ask questions about personal shields (Awesome, just awesome…)

    Do you ever plan or think about making a island geographical location in the ocean? It may need to be restricted to larger sized maps, but I like to think of the different views and paths of gameplay that would provide, along with it’s own geographical unique tech trees having to do maybe with transversing difficult water and what not.

    A problem I have it that I try to portion out my larger colonies into little subsections of 4 or five, in their own little habitats I have organized, from their food sources to beds, along with what I like them to specialize ( I have a subsection devoted to food, which provides “lumberjack” group, which provides materials to a craftsmen group, who are skilled enough to make bank by selling a few coats and legendary long swords in day or two. Now what I cannot do is limit them to their areas. For example, another game named Prison Architect has these three main groups out people , and you can decide their limitations to interactions and movement, like how Jackie the low risk inmate cannot fraternize with the high risk inmates in a neighboring cell block. I would like to do similar, plotting out that an individual colonist may go here and here, but may never step upon squares X: -406, Y:4 or anything like that. As an industrial colonist, this always burns at my mind while playing.

    I have seen this discussed somewhat in other forums, but I would like to flesh this concept out. I have though a bit on the probability/possibility of inter-colony trade, embassy like options, travel to other “Settled or claimed sectors, such as that annoying group of pirates, or maybe the outlander townsfolk. At a processing and event based on coding view, I see how this could be a bit much. The logistics of having separate colonies interacting and growing or just existing whilst you are already trying to have enough processing power to play your own colony can be a bit of a hurdle in many ways. I have thought of the possibility of having missions that occurs on event timers, but is along the lines of
    “The Brio of OrangeWater, who are currently at 18 Goodwill with your colony, have requested your assistance in (This is where it can be anything from journeying and suppressing a mechanoid hive, or bullying a randomly generated colony, so on, so on,) and in return for your services, (They offer payment, like weapons, missiles, shiny stuff, you know your game, )

    Quick observation while loading game, colonies for my Mac have been loading in most cases four to seven minutes longer. It that an optimization issue specific to this release? I can assure you no other variables are adding to the long load time on my computer’s end.

    Vehicles: Will they ever be a thing or should I save that for a future modding project? Could have weapons attached, could not. The larger maps would be a bit easier late game with a nice semi-souped, semi-likely-to-explode golf cart made with the rotors, tracks, and silver linings torn from the always cold dead bodies of the mechs…

    Ill stop here for the moment with one suggestion: Animal husbandry, livestock keeping, etc. The costly, risky, yet alluring ability to capture and breed livestock. There would be certain requirements, like having a colonist be given the task to herd the animals, take them out to graze, such on. Make it with your own twists. Make it lethal, likely to kill a colonist or two the first go around. Out of all of my many ill-fated ideas, being able to maintain a group of animals would be very fun. I would like to see all of the disaster scenarios play out, besides just watching every living creature on the face of the planet hunting down your last colonist after a raid or what not.

    Thank you for making this amazing game, and even more thanks if you read anything I said on the game. I will have to find a dedicated thread on the forums to bounce ideas off of people. You rock, and never let your creativity stop!