Hotfixed to Alpha 9c (Update: now Alpha9d)

Posted February 20th, 2015 by Tynan Sylvester

I’ve just updated the game to Alpha9c. (UPDATE: Now Alpha9d is up.)

Please delete your old installed game, download the new build from your existing download link, and install it to a clean empty folder.

All save games from Alpha 9 will still be playable and mod compatibility shouldn’t be affected.

Changes in Alpha9c include:

  • Fixed a black-screen-on-startup bug when playing with certain translations.
  • Fixed a bug that caused savegames to become unloadable.
  • Fixed a bug that caused binging people to never eat or sleep, leading to death.
  • Balance: Heaters and coolers are somewhat more powerful to match new heat loss mechanics.
  • Balance: Wind turbines are now much more powerful.
  • Balance: Adjusted frequency of tales so your statues aren’t all of people hunting and vomiting.
  • Updated translation content.

Changes in Alpha9d include:

  • Fixed probability calculations so the game won’t constantly spam insane animals any more.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Graphic_Collections loading mod content.
  • Raiders will no longer eat from players’ nutrient paste dispensers.

45 Responses to “Hotfixed to Alpha 9c (Update: now Alpha9d)”

  1. Colin

    I don’t know if this is a new mechanic or not but I am no longer able to remove bionic limbs from corpses.

  2. Colin – that’s intended behavior; bionics ‘die’ with the person they’re attached to.

  3. Woj

    Tynan thanks for this 9c release :3 it helps a lot 🙂 good work!

  4. Colin

    Thanks for responding to my question, but now I tried to download the game through the link given to my email but for whatever reason chrome didn’t start the download and I spammed the link like 10 or 20 times and now I can’t download again .Can you resent the email to my account?

  5. Please email [email protected] for support, thanks.

  6. 01110001

    Great deal giving some lovin to turbines 😀 and those coolers… i was wondering why i needed 2 on a fridge the size of a closet… LOL

  7. allan

    how do i update rimworld to alpha9c

  8. allan

    or is it atomaticly updated i kinda just got the game

  9. bren

    Allan just redownload the game from the link you were sent 😀

  10. Amy D

    It’s awesome that you’re so responsive to feedback and so quick with the hotfixes. Thanks!

    Quick question – I’m pretty sure I have 9b, where the fertilizer pump has been removed. Have you added any alternative mechanic for dealing with muddy terrain? My first Alpha 9 map has just one steam geyser, and a couple squares of mud mean I can’t get power from it.

  11. I’m afraid that for now you’ll just have to not use steam geysers that are too close to bad terrain. Except perhaps as heat sources for raider cooking 😀

  12. Tea Belly

    Hi Just started playing the new Alpha 9c. one question. when i disconnect my turrets, they seem to take an age to come back online when I give them power again is there a reason for this? Cheers TB.

    p.s. Loving the game btw, keep up the great work 🙂

  13. They should come back online within a few seconds – unless you don’t have enough power.

  14. Tea Belly

    No they are fine and have power, i can upload a short clip if that helps show you. I could very well be doing something wrong tho :). Cheers TB

  15. charlotte nicholls

    Hey just downloaded the alpha 9 update but everytime I go to play I just get a black screen?! Norton seems to be deleting a file that it sees as a risk making the game unplayable. Any suggestions on how I can fix this? Don’t want to have to spam the download because obviously you only get so many! Thanks 🙂

  16. Tea Belly

    you can add an exception in Norton to ignore the file i think. Or you can disable Norton. hope this helps

  17. Yeah, antivirus programs are annoying. Add an exception or turn it off.

  18. Tea Belly

    Hi Tynan I have upload a short clip of the problem it may be just me. cheers TB

  19. Tea: looks like it’s just taking a long time for your colonists to go flick the switch.

    Prioritize up the Controlling work type.

  20. Tea Belly

    Cheers I knew it would be something i was doing wrong. I will try that. Thanks for speedy response :). TB

  21. Specialist290

    What’s the full number of the latest version? I downloaded it once earlier today, and then again after I saw the hotfix announcement, but they’re both the same version number (0.9.724 rev25831), so I want to make sure I’m up-to-date before I make a full support request.

  22. Specialist290

    …Gah, nevermind, just noticed the .zip in my archive is named “RimWorldAlpha9cWin,” so I think it’s the latest one.

  23. kaleb smith

    how do i update my rim world with a mac computer? why haven’t the added in any auto updater so it wouldn’t be so hard to update?

  24. Chipote

    how do i download alpha 9 which email do i check for the download

  25. Rock5

    Where do I get 9d? From the email download link? If so how do I know if I just downloaded 9c or 9d? Is 9d 724? Is there anywhere where release numbers and version numbers are listed together? I’ve never been able to find it.

  26. Rhisereld

    Will the fertiliser pumps ever make a return?

  27. er73

    The game says there is a new update 0.9.725 but i keep getting the 0.9.724 version when i download the game

  28. Anthony

    Bought the game yesterday. I thought the downloads were supposed to reset every release? Or,just for every Major release and not just for patches?

  29. Tristan19954

    When i try to load a saved game I just get a black screen…
    It is kinda annoying but thanks for this update anyway 🙂

  30. Dustin

    I sent an email in already, but I can load a game off of a save but the Overview tab is all messed when I get back in, it doesn’t show all my colonists and most of the job squares are missing for instance, only one person was in the overview tab but I only had a box for firefighting. Everyone was still doing their previously assigned jobs.

  31. Hey Dustin, try turning off mods.

  32. Minato

    So, why does the smooth tile order insinde of caves make the best floors with highes beauty? Would it be better to have the carpet tiles or metal tiles to have more? They all have just a value of 2 and the normal floor 4.
    I cant use any other floor than the normal cave one when i want to maximise the beauty of all rooms.

  33. SilverTitch

    same as anthony, recently bought the game and download count hasnt reset with update. is this normal for patch releases? Just wanted to make sure that my link isn’t fualty.


  34. Brainbug

    Hi, I have played all older versions, so I guess I don’t do anyhing wrong – but with 9d I can’t
    – designate bed to be “medical”
    – get my colonists to do cooking/butchering jobs
    – get a roof on my rooms (always “outdoors”)

    Is that due to changed program logic or an error?



  35. Kushala

    Hey, I have the same problem as Dustin, I cant load my save and all the priorities are messed up.. I have no mods installed.
    I have been playing 9d for a while before it stopped working completely

  36. Brainbug

    Update: After reloading, the execution of jobs suddenly works. Also planting (which was not done before, either).


  37. Brainbug

    Reloading = loading a savegame – even roofs are now placed correctly. So I guess this WAS an error after all.


  38. Hey I appreciate the bug reports but… would yall mind posting them in the bugs forum? Thanks.

  39. And if anyone has a broken savegame please zip it with the world file and post it. This is very helpful for bugfixing!

  40. Matt

    I started the game and it loaded on half of the screen and I can’t do anything and then I saw that there was an update, but it still does that.

    Any ideas?

  41. adrian

    Every 5 seconds the game freezes then unfreezes and then freezes again and it only started with the new update

  42. Listen1

    Hey Ty, last night I got a raid right in front of my base, and my potato dummy with a frail back and a peg leg just got near the switch and got headshotted by a sniper raider.

    And then my colony was overtaken and burnt down. And i’m sad.

    10/10 Would play again.

    Thanks for the awesome game!

  43. lassejj

    So when i put down a Stockpile in a room and gonna make it bigger it only creates a new stockpile zone right next to the first stockpile. Is this a bug or a fix/new thing?

  44. lass – nothing changed; if you want to expand the old stockpile click on it to select it first.

  45. lassejj

    Ahhh… was just me that screwed that one up. Scratch that. Thanks