New trailer!

Posted April 13th, 2016 by Tynan Sylvester

I’ve just uploaded a new cut of our trailer showing some of the newer features added since the last trailer. Now you get to see animal taming and training, infestations, marriages, and more!

28 Responses to “New trailer!”

  1. Cool!, I think that ill be enjoying this update very much!

  2. Nice work on the trailer! Addicted to the game love it! Keep up the good work

  3. JuGGaNoX

    GJ M8!!

  4. Comrade


  5. Willi67

    When is the steam release ?

  6. Johan

    this game, it looks so fucking awesome man! please pleas please tynan, do your best to realease it on steam. i want to buy it so badly. its just torture to see the game making such progress without playing it :(. so please tynan, get it to steam when you have some time for it!! thank you.

  7. Hothor

    joham why not just buy it directly from him so he gets all the money so he can make a better game

  8. Johan

    hello hothor,

    first of all, my name is johaN, with a n. πŸ™‚

    i can buy it from him but there is 1 problem. im 15 years old.
    and i cannot pay with paysafecard so the only other option is of course a v3 voucher. its like a limited credit card. the only thing is: they only come like this: 20 euro, 50 euro, 100 euro, 200 euro and 250 euro. so i either need to spend 40 euro and have 10 euro that is useless or wait for him to release it on steam and pay with 30 euro instead of 40 having 10 euro left for nothing. that is the reason i wont buy it right now. of course, if he managed to get paysafecard as a pay method i think steam is useless. so its just because i cant pay it without spending 40 euro.

  9. asd

    Steam? No? K

  10. milon

    Nice, awesome new trailer Tynan! πŸ™‚

    And guys, the game WILL be on Steam. Just not yet. Tynan has been greenlighted, so it’s only a matter of time.

  11. Adrian

    Will EDB Interface mod be released for alpha 13? Does somebody know?

  12. Yes

    The music is awesome haha. Great trailer

  13. Yes

    I love how theres just that one drunk in the back sleeping at the wedding.

  14. Can you add being able to see a dead persons records?

  15. *people’s.
    Or is there a way to check but I haven’t looked good enough?
    Btw great game Tynan!!!

  16. BjΓΆrn

    I already know that this game is great, no need for the trailer πŸ˜‰ Im just waiting for the steam release, so I can buy it. =)

  17. A PERSON

    Hey, nice Ass!
    I mean, the name of the guy at the trailer starting haha πŸ™‚ .
    well, i really enjoyed the alpha 13, could you add Mechanoid building for next alpha, this would be easier to program now that there’s Components in the game

  18. Read

    I love this game , i am tottaly addicted to him only one thing and i will die in the front of pc if you can make this: attack another colonies and raid them ! try and see if you can !

  19. Hartschteiler

    I really like the new version, but sadly i have something to complain about and i think the system should be reworked asap :

    “Instant death-sentence from newly spawned-in wild animals!”

    I don’t mind if the game is hard (i usually play on hard maps with rough conditions) but getting my hunters killed in an instant from “hungy animals” isn’t hard ; It just sucks. >:(
    Usually my hunter gets knocked out with first attack or instantly killed, and since the animal won’t stop attacking until the colonist is dead leaves next to no chance to get out of the situation, even if you check for dangerous animals, they randomly spawn in next to my colonists and start attacking.
    Why not give us a massage (wild animal spotted) just like ancient ruines so we have a chance to keep our hunters alive. πŸ˜‰

  20. SneakyGunz

    In case you guys are looking and can’t find this:

  21. Red

    hey i forgot what email i used to download this game and now i cant get the update because my dad deleted the email rimworld sent and we cant find out which email we got rimworld under so i cant update my game and its really annoying

  22. Red

    if a dev reads my last comment plz help me i bought the game but i dont know whcih email i bought the game under or i might have already type in the email and got it right and it could be a problem with the game PLEASE HELP

  23. Red

    sorry for the spelling mistakes

  24. To get your email resent, go to

    For support, please email [email protected]

  25. Shardas

    Oh my goodness. Tynan, for me at least, you nailed the Firefly feeling with the entirety of that trailer! I cannot wait to try out Alpha 13!

  26. Jacob

    May the 4th be with you, Tynan. Always.

  27. Jacob

    Well where I am it’s still the 4th XD

  28. Trevor

    Hi I am loving the game so far it is just that idk how to downgrad my version and the fourms aren’t that helpful and i want use a mode that is for a12