Alpha15b – Tiny fix to early game raid timings

Posted August 29th, 2016 by Tynan Sylvester

A tiny update to Alpha15b has been released that fixes a small bug with Cassandra Classic and Phoebe Chillax.

DRM-free players can update by simply re-downloading from their existing download link. It always carries the latest version. (Don’t worry about running out of downloads, you can always email support for a reset. We just have that limit to stop automated abuse.)

These storytellers were miscounting the days since game start, and so were sometimes incorrectly sending a several raids in the 5-10 day range, making this crucial part of the early game far too hard.

This update is tiny (two lines of code) so it shouldn’t affect compatibility with saves or mods.

However, because it will shift the storyteller’s timer, it may cause some players to get a string of raids in a row, or a long peaceful period. This will only happen once.


10 Responses to “Alpha15b – Tiny fix to early game raid timings”

  1. esotericist

    Thanks for the quick followup.

  2. ghfc

  3. Pike

    So that’s why I had 5 raids in summer on a new colony, and ended up losing 4 out of my 6 people (in Cassandra / Rough)

  4. nccvoyager

    I ended up having only one raid (of a single pirate) for the entire Spring on Cassandra – Rough.

    Other than that, I have this strange bug where the drug plants aren’t named correctly.
    (Joking, joking. Censors, aye?)

    In all seriousness though, the colonists appear much smarter about what food they consume, and the drug system seems pretty balanced so far, though…

    I was thinking that, for certain drugs like stimulants, a “low” after the effects wear off would be pertinent?
    For example, taking the “Go Juice” makes a colonist faster, stronger, and enhances perception…
    But, at the moment, once it wears off, your colonist is either addicted, or not.
    Perhaps adding a period of reduced consciousness after it wears off would cause the drugs to be even more of a strategic option.

    Stimulants help your colonists work longer and faster for a period of time, but they then need to recover once the effects wear off.
    (Or, of course, they could just take another dose…)

    In any case, great work on this most recent update!

  5. Derrick Whittet

    Hah! I was wondering why when I started up my game after that update I got a string of raids very, very quickly. I’d set all my colonists to haul corpses, but it wouldn’t matter; the next raid would come and have to stumble over a sea of the previous raid’s corpses. Was brutal!

  6. nccvoyager

    Oh man, that actually seems pretty awesome.
    Something like…

    “Come on! Let’s take them out!”
    *Pirate group is decimated.*

    *Second pirate group arrives.”
    “No! Our comrades have fallen! Come on boys, use your Go Juice, and let’s slaughter them!”
    *Second group is taken out.”

    *Tribal group arrives, and prepares.*
    “Strong tribe here. Killed pirates. Should test strength against numbers. Attack!”

  7. itsme

    Thanks for this, that conga line raid made my day 🙂

  8. Prince Kaine

    LOVE THAT BUG. Please let us keep this as option, staring with 4 colonists and 6 prisoners is just a lot more funny (and fully justify a highly skilled social guy)

  9. what


  10. Mackinz

    I don’t think that the storyteller bug has been fixed, actually. I started a new colony with Alpha 15C and my 25 day colony has had at least a dozen raids, while only showing maybe 5 raids. My graveyard says otherwise. Small raids, sure, but all these raids ends up screwing over my food productuon…

    It’s either that, or one of my mods has reverted the behavior…